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'Person of Interest' in a potential criminal case.

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Hey /adv/,

So I've been contacted once by a detective from the 'Family Crimes Unit' about speaking to me about an alleged incident of sending threatening/harassing e-mails to an ex-girlfriend; these allegedly include threats of harming her, her family, her pets and releasing naked/nude/sexual pictures of her.

He seized my computer back in January and I assume they're looking for any of said e-mails or pictures.

Now here's where it gets kinda interesting: Two months before they seized it I was using the 'Professional Version' of CCleaner to wipe my PC clean multiple times a day (out of force of habit), reformatted both SSD 2-3 times and then installed PC games to the brim on both drives so I assume even if there 'was' any pictures, they'd be long gone.

As for the e-mails, she's claiming they were sent from 3-4 different Gmail 'burner' accounts from August to November and then those accounts were immediately closed.

I P2P and am paranoid so I would constantly get new IPs and reboot my cable modem and router; well I've moved to a new house since December and the PC they seized has been connected to a new modem, router and assigned a new IP.

Ultimately, if they find no pictures and all they have are a single or multiple IP addresses linked to my computer (that was used by multiple people; including her) is that enough evidence to actually file a case?

I assume they subpoenaed Gmail for information for those burner accounts but who knows if they'll give it.

This 'investigation' has been going on since January so is it possible the evidence just so weak that detective just looking for a confession to submit to the prosecutor to file formal charges?

Oh and the detective hasn't talked to me yet but I have called him and asked him when I get my PC back and he said he'd need to talk to me soon.

What do you guys think?
You will never get your pc back again.

I believe there are some form you can fill out to get reimbursed after the case is closed.
You need a competent criminal defense attorney. The only reason he wants to talk to you is that he's close to a charge but needs some piece of data from you. Any conversation you have will be designed to elicit that date. He will lie, he will cajole, he might threaten. Paranoid as you might be and careful as you are, he will likely be better than you. People who know they are under investigation and talk to the police without an attorney are either incredibly naive, incredibly stupid, or both.

Retain a lawyer or shut the fuck up and wait for a charge.

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>Ultimately, if they find no pictures and all they have are a single or multiple IP addresses linked to my computer (that was used by multiple people; including her) is that enough evidence to actually file a case?

i don't know the law on u.s, but for what you say, you're gonna be alright.
Heres the way they're hoping it works
>get OP in for voluntary interview
>have him sign some "routine forms" stating that he doesn't have/demand an attorney
>"make him aware of his rights" but imply that if OP leaves now or doesn't answer questions to their satisfaction that he'll be arrested
>OP sits for four to six hours in questioning
>OP is lead to the answers they want
>OP is offered leniency
>OP is threatened
>OP is perhaps confronted with the evidence they have
>Whether it is enough to charge or not they tell OP it is
>OP ends up either cracking or accidentally saying something foolish
>OP is arrested and significantly overcharged
>Assault, harassment, terroristic threats, destroying evidence, impeding a police investigation, felony stalking, extortion, threat to refer him to the feds for possible child pornography prosecution if any porn that might maybe be suspect was found on computer or at sites attached to his MAC/IP
>OP discovers he's facing time in real, butt fucked for cigarettes prison
>OP gets a lawyer too late
>OP ends up pleading down
>Big fine, probation, maybe the prosecutor takes first time offender status into account and offers to have the charge expunged if he completes supervision

He's not even close to alright, and talking to the cops just takes him further.
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It's not a case yet and I was told by the person in charge of the computer forensics team that I will get my computer back if they find nothing.

Could be a lie but who knows.


Oh I've been in legal trouble before; he's already trying the intimidation tactics; he said "I'mjust waiting for some more information on his end before we can talk."

I'll be respectful when he calls/comes out but inform him that I would prefer having legal consul present for any and all questioning.


Yeah, I figure that as well; if anything, he knows he has a weak case and that if he submits it to a prosecutor that they'll take a look at it and refuse to file charges.

Especially since the case is too weak to get a conviction based on entirely on easily forged evidence.

Plus, if it was really serious I assume it'd be the 'Sex Crimes Unit' that would be handling it.

Oh and the statue of limitations is up in December so he knows his time to get me is running out.
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Holy Nigger Shit.

OP you better be hiring a good defense attorne, you'll be regretting this shit the rest of your life, BUT DO SOMETHING YOU NIGGER
>Oh I've been in legal trouble before;

And theres your problem. I hope it wasn't more trouble with girls, because if this is starting to look like a pattern to them you'll have a whole different level of shit to deal with. How'd they get your computer?

The cops told my probation team about the alleged threats, etc. and so my probation team did a "Random routine" search; this saved the police from attempting to obtain a search warrant since if you're on probation, they can take whatever they want and give it back later.


Oh and she was 22, FYI.

So no Party Van.

Like I said before, if it was a 'open-and-shut' case then they would have charged me months ago.

Why wait until the statue of limitations is almost up before they start actually making moves?
You keep talking about the statute of limitations, but (aside from December being quite a ways off) there are at least two ways they can fuck you.

The first is that they can just go to court and violate you even if the statute is up. The fact that you're on probation puts you in an extremely precarious position, especially if whatever you're on probation for looks like this when the POLICE frame it to a judge.

The second is that the statute of limitations you're depending on might not matter here. Your state might well freeze the statute of evidence has been destroyed or there has been some other obstruction (and thats exactly what CCleaner will be presented as evidence of). They could well be looking to charge you with a crime other than the one you're expecting. There are any number of ways your December idea might go tits up.

Get a lawyer.

Either way:

If they end up charging me, it'll be a weak case with weak evidence and I'm taking it to trail.

Hard to believe a girls honesty and character when you see e-mails with pictures of her spread pooper and putting fingers in her asshole but none of me or my cock in there at all.

Plus their "Computer expert" will legally have to explain what 'IP spoofing' is to the jury which will establish doubt for those not tech savvy during cross-examination.
anon you should take advice, this man >>17561811 sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

don't be too cofident it could ruin your life.
You are a fool, get an attorney
I think your not correctly estimating how people view accusations of harassment and possession of nudes. It isn't evidence you need on your side, its the general opinion/attitude of those involed that will dictate that outcome in this type.of situation.
I'll get an attorney if it comes to that but like I said before, I get the feeling that he knows this case is weak, he'll need a confession from me to submit it to the prosecutor and if he doesn't get one then the prosecutor will see how weak of a case it is and most likely toss it.

If not it'll have to pass a grand jury, go to trial.

I'm not afraid guys; I've been in a legal situation where I was fucked in less than a month and they had SOLID as diamonds evidence.
Anyways, thanks guys.

Remember: In order to convict they have to convince a jury have to all agree beyond a 'reasonable doubt' that it was me who did it and based on what possible evidence they may be able to dig up will be as holey as swiss cheese.

Any lawyer worth his salt will crush these allegations.
You are not going to follow our advice. You will be convicted and life ruined. You will one day, years later realize you were an idiot. :(
it sure sounds to me like you're guilty
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hope you're lucky and shit works like you said.
Don't ignore the advice, you can get money but not time.

I'll be getting an attorney guys; no worries.

I was just curious as to what your thoughts were on the 'alleged' allegations, possible evidence, details and why they took so long to get the ball rolling.

Thanks guys.
I once worked with a kid who got caught with a gun. He spent six hours in interrogation. Five hours in they ask him, for the dozenth time, where he got the gun. He said he found it. Just a dumb, impulsive comment when he'd been grilled for hours on an empty stomach without being allowed to piss.

Thing is, that added "theft of lost or mislaid property" to the misdemeanor gun charge. That charge made the gun a stolen gun, which made the gun charge a Class 4 felony. The way the statute is written, the cops filed eight counts: one for the gun and one for each round in the magazine.

He got picked up for a misdemeanor gun charge, ended up looking at eight felonies totaling up to 144 months. So when the DA came strolling in and offered the kid a deal, he jumped at it. Turns out they were interested in a series of hold ups, thats why he was stopped in the first place, and the kid ended up confessing to the lot of them in exchange for 36 months (which would get knocked down to just under 22 with good behavior). The DA neglected to mention that the 144 months for the gun charges he "let go" would have been served concurrently instead of consecutively or that the kid would have gone through juvenile court and ended up with a suspended sentence and an expungement if he kept his nose clean. The kid thought getting caught with a gun was big trouble, so he took two years in big boy prison rather than eighteen months of court supervision because he didn't talk to a lawyer at the right time and wasn't quite smart enough to know what trap was being set.
I can't speak to any of those specifics, but my advice to you is do not under any circumstances talk to the police without a lawyer present.
not naming the pic "is that sexist"?
if you have the money, get a lawyer, and a good one.

make sure he knows what he is doing, and has done cases like this before. you don't want to blow some 2k on a lawyer who doesn't know shit(that happened to me). seriously, do your research and get a good one.

also, I don't know if you have ever been questioned by the cops or detectives or anyone, but for the love of god, just don't fucking talk. I can speak from personal experience on that one too.

finally, and probably most importantly, realize that the judge, jury, anyone on the fed side of things, can do just about anything they want without respect for the law.
within reason of course, but don't think that just because a law exists, or you have "rights", that you are completely immune.

now I will say that my experience with the law was when I was a juvenile, and not too long ago, so the court system could do more under less scrutiny, which makes it a little different than your case.

i.e. my brother was locked up for three months off of a false allegation with ZERO evidence even suggesting he did the crime.
fast forward to the trial: the victim blatantly lied on stand, it was implicitly recognized by the judge that his story was bullshit, my brother was cleared and I was put on probation. of course, nothing happens in regard to the "victim's" false testimony, and in the end my brother spent 3 months in jail for something he didn't do, and during the duration of the case I had a felony charge hanging over my head for the entirety of my senior year in highshool, all over a fist fight.

point is, don't expect things to go your way. if you think you can win, fight it. if they don't have evidence, they're not going to be able to do anything when it comes to the trial.
Jury only get brought into court room in capital offense cases this is not one of those you need a lawyer to counter sue the chick for false allegations, time fucking your work up bc no computer etc etc
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