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my ex suddenly added me on Battle.net. We've been broke

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my ex suddenly added me on Battle.net. We've been broken up for a year but I think she's been trying to warm up to me on instagram. She broke up with me.

I'm kind of freaked out. What do I say? Why would she add me on such an obscure platform? Seems so weird. She didn't like, just get overwatch or anything it seems. What's going on? Is she gonna drop some big news on me like she's getting married or some shit? I'm kinda scared.
Unfriend and get on with your life.
She wants to group with you in competitive so she can pick Widow and Hanzo while you're on attack and tracer while you're on def.
it took me awhile to understand what you're saying but I get it.




She dumped you. She didn't suddenly change as person. She DUMPED. YOU. And now, when she's finished fucking random men to validate herself, suddenly she's realized that HEY there's more to life than riding the cock carousel.

Please for the love of god don't be a beta bitch and go back.

>When the past calls, let it go to voicemail; it has nothing new to say.
why should I do this?
>add her back
>play overwatch
>be mei
>wall her in the spawn every fucking round
who's laughing now
We've had like 2 friendly convos on instagram before this. The last one was 2 weeks ago. I was fucked up, still beaten up over shit, since it was a 6 year long relationship, so I started reading tons of "get your ex back" bullshit and tried to apply it.

Honestly I already was a beta bitch hambeast loser with no job, which is why she left me. I just now got my life back together but I still feel fucking pissed she left me before then.

Am I really in the right to just write her out of my life for good?
Doesn't seem to have an OW profile... Doesn't seem to be active on any Bnet games (and yes, I checked every blizzgame profile I could.)
> I just now got my life back together but I still feel fucking pissed she left me before then.
EXACTLY. Hold on to that feeling because you will need when she tries to sleep with you. Always remember: You were down, and she kicked you farther down. She didn't say, "Hey Anon, I want to be with you but you're a fucking ham beast. Are you willing to come to the gym with me and make some effort for me... or should I just fuck off?"

Women are parasitic in nature - they don't want to teach you how to fuck, they don't want to teach you how to be better, they don't want to help you achieve... they just want you to already be fit, awesome, and be on your way to great achievements so they can parasitically hitch a free ride.

Your woman wasn't there for you. Don't be there now for her. And certainly don't let her get back with you now that you've found some sort of backbone and started helping yourself.

Think about that dude. She just fucked off and rode a bunch of cock and now that you're pulling yourself back up, now she wants to hitch a free ride on your dick. Come on man, THINK. Please.

>Am I really in the right to just write her out of my life for good?
Yes. For a great many reasons. First, she's obviously not done riding around on the cock carousel. Second, she's obviously a manipulator. She knows how to weasel her way back in to your life. Third, you're obviously still asshurt about what happened (and I don't blame you).

For all these reasons and more, please go find a better bitch. They're out there. Keep getting fit, keep improving, and find a better girl.

I went from 150 pounds to 195 shredded pounds. You have no idea of what you're missing out on by wasting your time on a girl I probably wouldn't look twice at my friend. Improve yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually and watch how hot the women suddenly become. Don't do it for women - do it for yourself. The bitches are a bonus.
Maybe.. Just maybe, she tried during 6 fucking years to support him and make him stop being a whiny lazy slob, but got tired at the end, and the only thing that motivated him to change is the break-up, you never know.
And where did the six years come from?

Women don't actually try things for six years dude unless she's already got kids with you.
it's... vastly more complicated than that, but obviously the breakup is partly my fault too. And I wasn't that fucking hambeast.. It's very complicated and she did try to "encourage" me which was really just her trying to instill insecurity in me and kinda play games with my feelings. She was young though. I'm 30 now and she'll be 26 in some months.

I can forgive all of that and accept my faults too, but for some reason I just can't get over knowing she probably fucked around and played her cards out there to try to find a better man. Just the way it ended too where I asked if we could just have a break and not date other people while I get my shit straight (which I was already starting to do) and she told me "no, I'm GOING to date other people, you're not going to control me during this period of my life" And that really hurt me. Like, getting talked to like that made me feel like dirt and I don't know if I'll ever stop resenting that. It was a basic attack on my identity, my masculinity, and it hit me right in my greatest fears. I just wish she had something she could say or show me that would make all of that go away but I seriously doubt it.

Even saying that, I don't think she's in the wrong, but I feel like I'll never be able to trust her is all, so maybe it's best just to move on even though I do still really care. Not a day went by that I wasn't thinking about pretty much my only pal who I loved so much.
You've posted in /adv/ before with the same angry message because I notice the phrase "riding the cock carousel."

Did your ex hurt you bad?
Keep living in fantasy land. OP confirmed that she rode the cock carousel here:
>"no, I'm GOING to date other people, you're not going to control me during this period of my life"
Tadaaaa. Welcome to women.

But please keep dismissing good advice because it's too "angry" for you lol. More pussy for me!
So OP, I've been where you are before which is why I'm going ham in this thread on you. I've been there. It will not end well if you go back because of the reasons already stated and confirmed by your response.

See, you have to accept that life works a certain way naturally. That doesn't mean things are predetermined, but it does mean that people generally act along certain principles. When you pull your head out of your ass, i.e. not like this fool >>17393467, you'll see that your girl can't possibly care for you the way you care for her because look what she did to you. And you'll have fuck nuggets like the aforementioned Anon playing mind games with your fresh perspective.
>not all girls are like that yo
etc. etc. What you have to realize is that people have confirmation bias. They don't want to see the truth.

Here's the truth, take it or leave it. Girls use men just like men use women. It's a constantly shifting game of power and resources like Starcraft, except everyone wants to pretend it's actually like Disney movies. Can your life be a Disney movie? Actually, yes it can. My life is fucking fantastic.

But my life didn't become fucking fantastic until I took the RedPill and realized how life actually WORKS, not how I think it SHOULD WORK.

Your girl doesn't care for you. She's seflish; proof - the quote I quoted from your post. That doesn't mean she's *wrong* though - people should get what they want right?

my issue with your girl is that she made her decision. She decided to go fuck "better men" (yes, she went out and fucked other men ... probably a lot) instead of stick with you improving. Dems the facts.
Some more facts for you:
>She only care about you now because she got fucked by other dudes and realized she's not actually hot shit.
But really. This girl you're pining over? I metaphorically fucked her in the bathroom of a bar (or insert equally degrading thing here) on a whim. She "loved" it. Girls lie all the time but who cares if I'm getting what I want? It's like yeah, keep telling me I'm the best you've ever had, I couldn't give less of a shit either way because you're bent over a toilet seat. then, when she wanted to go home with me so she didn't feel like a slut, I laughed at her and left with a hotter girl.

You do that to a girl enough and of course she'll run back to her fat, nerdy ex who would never dream of treating her that way.

She made her choice. She needs to live with the consequences now.

Also, when you ignore her, don't give her validation, etc. she'll try harder, you watch. You'll get more messages, dirtier messages, etc. until it's finally, "oh i miss you so much."

I guarantee you she wasn't talking about how much she missed you when I was fucking her in the bathroom after meeting her 5 minutes before.

Every time I fuck a girl out in those types of situations, I take a moment of silence because I know that somewhere, there's an Anon like OP crying over this girl I just used... this girl who liked getting used.

You really need to move on. Please just trust.
I kinda appreciate you taking all this time to tell me oyur cynical redpill view, and quite honestly I have similar distrust of people (and women sadly), but I should say that my ex ISN'T actually a girl. I just said that to avoid whatever baggage that comes with putting that out there.

I've had some people tell me it doesn't matter and that effeminately gay males are basically just women anyway in how they think. I don't know and maybe that's true, but I don't think it's 100% accurate to go all redpill on this one.

I've got alot of shit to think about, and honestly it has more to do with what he says to me from here than what happened back then. I got really really hurt back then and if he has no way of understanding that or trying to help ease my mind for that and understand what she did then I think we shouldn't ever talk to each other again. But then again maybe next week I'll have a different perspective so who knows..

But anyway, yeah I understand your distrust of women Anon. I've been there, and I've also been a scumbag who cheated when I was 19, and did it to a good girl who cared alot about me. We're all monsters sometimes and if the shoe was on the other foot we'd be just as much of a selfish, self-preserving animal as any sociopathic girl raised as a princess by her parents. I'm just trying not to be like that, hope you aren't either. I'm barely awake and should stop ranting
Hahahaha. If you want to be an edgelord autist, follow this faggot's advice and deepthroat that red pill OP. Comparing social interactions with Starcraft, making autistic blanket statements about huge populations because "life is le video game", concentrated new age autism.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 1

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