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This is gross, but I'm broke.

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Around six months ago I broke up with my weird shit gf. I moved into my own place with a great sigh of relief, and then got made redundant from work three months later. I've gotten to the point where I can't afford the rent for the place I'm in now so I need to downsize and raise cash.

As I said, my ex was fucking weird, turns out she is into hardcore BDSM and when we first got together, she was convinced she'd make the perfect 'sub' out of me, I just needed to be trained. Completely without any form of consent or even knowledge of it. On my side of the equation, I didn't realise that the pink fuzzy handcuffs were the beginning of a BDSM relationship I never signed on for. Eventually I got jack of it and left. Kinky's good on occasion, but I'm not into the lifestyle, and there was no way in hell I was signing a 'sub' contract that involved me handing over my entire wage (I made twice as much as she did) and being 'punished' when I didn't make the bed properly of a morning.

I grabbed all my shit, including some boxes stashed away that I thought were mine and didn't check. And that's why I've just discovered a pile of Bad Dragon slongs that I've never seen before. I was curious about how much they cost, and it turns out that I've around $600 in custom sex toys. I also discovered that there are a lot of people who buy these second hand.

Selling./buying second hand sex toys gives me the raging creeps. From hygiene, to some random stranger wanting something that another random stranger had in their body, to the issue of giving your name and address to the buyer. But on the other hand, I'm broke. Savings are gone, redundancy money is gone, I need to get some cash in hand.

So. Should I sell the dragon slongs and just hope that I don't end up with some deviant tracking me down? Or should I just dump the creepy things in the bin, never mind the money?
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I can relieve you, you escaped before she pegged you, made you eat your own cum, drink her piss and be cucked. I am into femdom too but with such a lack of communications you can't really have a relationship, especially if that's not your thing.
Just sell them as second hand again, i am sure you will find an idiot who is willing to pay atleast half the price.

You can sell things anonymously, just google guides.

However didn't you pretty much steal them? Maybe you should give them back to her.
you can ask here
but I don't really think there's much of a market for second hand sex toys, you certainly shouldn't expect to get anywhere near full price for them

also selling your ex gf's shit is immoral, even if she was a creep

I'm a lesbian, but yeah, it was only a matter of time before she tried to sodomise me. The problem with the local lessie culture is that there's this bizarre SJW vein of shit that runs through it, saying that women can't be abusers, that it's only guys who do that, toxic patriarchy whatever. I've watched lesbians defend some terrifyingly abusive relationships that their friends are in, saying that you have to understand and accept "other states of being" or similar pseudo new age babbling. I've watched those same lesbians telling their straight friends to head towards their nearest women's shelter if their male partners try to pull even a fraction of the same frightening shit that goes on in the local lesbian culture. When we broke up, my gf started howling about how her father molested her and that me telling her that no, she can't put pegs on my fucking nipples made her feel rejected and alone the way she did as a child when she was abused. Apparently, our 'relationship' was supposed to help her work through her emotional issues and come to grips with her abuse. Consent? Her father never asked for her consent! Yes, but why does that mean she didn't have to ask for MINE? Cue her having a breakdown and me calling an odd jobs man to come over asap to help get my shit out of the house before she tried to burn it down. And that, children, is why you should follow your own instincts if you think you're in a an abusive relationship even if your 'friends' tell you that there's no such thing if you're a female dating another female.

Anyway, the week after I legged it, she sold everything I left behind and moved to the other side of the country because she couldn't bear to be in the same place as I was. Apparently, me telling her that no, I wasn't going to get a clit piercing just to prove that I loved her was the most traumatisng thing she'd experienced since leaving home.

Lesson, ladies and gents: never lick a clit that's crazy.

She sold a bunch of my shit. And I was paying two thirds of the rent too, so...
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And that makes it right?

All things in this world are finite. What one man gains, another has lost. Those who steal from their brothers and sisters do harm to their livelihood and to their peace of mind.

Question: what is a god botherer doing on 4chan?
you're the only one who mentioned god

I merely pointed out the amorality of selling another's property, and your hypocritical justification that its somehow ok to do this because they did it to you, and because you were a sap who signed on to an unfavorable rent agreement you now regret.

As it happened I was making twice as much as she was, and I wanted to live in a decent area, so I was okay with paying a bit more rent than she did. The work I was doing was one of the reasons it took me so long to catch onto what was going on. Long hours, ridiculous stress, I put down a lot of the crazy shit she said and did down to me doing twelve or fourteen hour shifts and her feeling lonely because of it. Strangely enough, she never once told me that she wanted me to find a job with less stress and hours. She presented me with a 'sub' contract that said every single cent I made I was to give straight to her instead.

Seriously mate, I was in a fucked up, abusive relationship with a crazy woman who wanted to beat and torture me and had a huge, dramatic mental breakdown when I said "enough" and left.

Selling some silicon dicks to help pay for removalist fees isn't a shocking breach of moral and ethical conduct. I just think it's gross.
I think you have two options, anonette.

Option 1 - Sell those. They won't go for full price but I guess if you're desperate for cash, every little is going to make a difference, right?

Option 2 - Don't sell them.... That would imply getting in contact with your ex, who moved to the other side of the country, then you'd either have to drive/cycle/walk/teleport to where she is to give them back or she'd come and get them from you.

I don't think she's crazy, she just wanted a slave relationship. What IS crazy, is that she did not ask for your permission or remotely had a talk to you about it. In my opinion, that's what makes it so hot, that the other person trusts you (dom) enough and gives entire control over the body and that there's the explicit knowledge that anytime "the game" can be stopped with a word.

If you're not into it, you're not into it and people should respect that
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>>Lesson, ladies and gents: never lick a clit that's crazy.
She sounds like a cunt. Sell her shit.
>make twice as much as anybody
>fired a couple months ago
>having to sell used dildos for like 200
learn how to save some money Jesus Christ
Sell it, she sold our shit, it's only fair
two wrongs don't make a right, didn't your mother ever teach you that?
What, that's retarded
> a 'sub' contract that involved me handing over my entire wage
I'm sorry, what?
Without saying anything to the perspective sub.
She liked the fuzzy handcuffs, she's a perfect sub!
It's like she lives in a 50 shades of grey fantasy land!

Anyway, she sounds unstable and weak, so even if OP was a good sub, that crazy lezzy wouldn't be a good dom!
>got made redundant from work

I've never understood what this means. They hired someone else and then fired you? Or bought a machine that could do your job? What were you doing?
They fired her, that just sounds uhh friendlier? It means the same.
>moved to the other side of the country because she couldn't bear to be in the same place as I was
Holy shit, well thank your lucky stars that she's not the breed of crazy to follow you around for the rest of your life.
Also tell all your friends to go fuck themselves, dear god.
>to the issue of giving your name and address to the buyer
You could probably open a PO box for a month or two just while you sell them off.

You should 100% sell them, it's silly to waste that kind of money and while I'm no expert in selling second hand dragon dildos I'd wager your fears aren't anything to actually worry about.
Sell that shit, she didn't ask for permission so why should you?
There's some really fucking weird people out there, who will probley buy this stuff for maybe a higher price. So look around, hut up some weirdos and make money, fuck NORMAL bitches.
>I don't think she's crazy
dude, did you read the same thread I read? that bitch thought that having been abused by her dad allowed her to not ask for anonette's consent. The bitch was first rate crazy.
Can we sticky this for all the autists who can't understand why someone would enjoy being single?
Boil them in order to sanitize them, sell them on the BD forums or on tumblr or furaffinity or some shit.
Well that was eye opening. I'm glad you came out of it okay, Anon. I also dated a molestation victim who also had a problem with control and consent. Never again.

As for the dildos, go ahead and sell them. The second best thing you can get from that shitty relationship is cold, hard cash.
first of all, yeah, sell that shit. ship it over the internet.
second, congrats on getting the fuck out of that crazy bullshit. I been there.
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Thread images: 4

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