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>at random college party >lots of people there >start

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>at random college party
>lots of people there
>start chatting with random girl
>we dance
>we make out
>go to her apartment
>start having sex
>coming closer and closer to climax
>suddenly she freaks the fuck out like she's possessed
>starts biting and scratching me while screaming and trying to push me off
>what the fuck
>try to get off of her
>she claws at my face
>reflexively punch her in the eye
>grab my clothes and flee as she cries in the corner

I'm gonna be fine, right?
Oh shit
Well she as she became sober and she felt overcamed with sex, she regreted decision to hook up and one night stand. She saw you as a agressor and did explosive retarded thing.

Now the thing is, if she feel like she has been raped (I know that's retarded) and she might pursue legal actions. Since you go to same college and I guess it would be easy to find you, you should buy her something a little present and go to her.

Now, it's not (NOT) relationship advice. It's advice of how best to avoid being called rapist (it might not happen, I don't know how crazy bitch is). So now you buy her a little gift. Chocolate, flower go to her and apologise for you behaviour (shit's retarded, I know). Say you want to go on date with her, if that's cool with her (you should be as little agressive and "alpha" as possible, unless you want her batshit crazy mind to see you as abuser). TBC
Well, chances are she is just normal girl, that was little overwhelmed by alcohol and sex with stranger. That can happen. You will see it in person. Might be, you will want to her to be your girlfriend. Even if it's short term, make sure, you have some evidence, whole relationship was consensual.

If she is batshit crazy kind, you need as many people on your side as you can. Dates with her, might make her think that you are in relationship and "defuse" her "rapey" accusations but you still should be prepared for it later, when you dump her (you should dump batshit crazy people). You need people that will defend you against accusations and say it was all consensual. Maybe some videos of you being happy, merry together, photos, letter, facebook chats.

Wish you the best.
>normal girl
>flips out randomly during sex

i dunno man

i dunno man

Dunno man i
Ah, to hell with it. Since I have time and haven't done my writing practice yet, I might humor you. Just remember that english is not my native language, nor do I write in it.

>Be normal, shy girl, pretty fresh to the college.
I see college as a chance to start new, enjoy myself, have fun, be popular one. I want to expierience as much as I can. Parties, alcohol, fun, boys! I want to have boyfriend that will love me and treat me nice, I want to travel, I want to have pack of friends, I want to see the world and am willing to do what it takes.

I won't be shy anymore I will flirt and dance. This party is nice. People are friendly, music is cool and alcohol flows steadly. I had maybe just a little too much of booze but this guys pretty cute. I feel so alive when we dance together. I feel so lovely when he holds me tender. I feel afraid a little but I can't resist the kiss. It's so sweet and it fills me with bliss. I feel like I'm floating to the celling, I don't want to ever stop this feeling. Come with me and we might have fun! Who knows this might've been story of how dad met mom (don't be afraid though I'm not the clingy type, just humor me a little I'm a romantinc at heart).
Now we are in my room and I want to get intimate. Everything so exaciting and your touch is great. All is electric, but isn't your hand on my breast a little too much? Oh, hell with it I'm not a little girl, I can do such and such. Now everything going a little crazy down there. In one hand I'm feeling so horny, it's hard to stay. You are so forward, I'm afraid for you to stop, I feel so vulnerable and so easy to pop. I'm not frightened girl I can be agressive too! I can take iniciative! What is that in my room? You take more of me and I don't know if this right. But it feels so good and so bright.

Oh god, oh god, oh lord! It's so overwhelming and so bold! Oh, what are we doing?! It's not what I want! I'm not some whore, who are you taking me for? God, no! What have I done, everyone will think now I'm the easy one. Noone will want to love me anymore. I will need to fight against, I will need to crawl. My reputation is ruined, I'm not of that kind. Get of me, I hate you, you made me this fucking bitch!
Shy girls aren't like that :\ Shy girls don't just fuck anything with a phallus shaped object protruding from them. Shy girls put their heads down during college, hoping that they will meet 'the one' soon - so they have someone they can be genuine and intimate with who will accept them.

What you meant to say was 'obnoxious' girls who were probably really popular in high school and lost their virginity when they were like 14. Those are the kinds who get into sororities and land themselves in rapey situations usually.
What I meant was, it might be shy, inexpierienced girl that wanted to end with it and be confident and forthcoming from now on, because she felt she was loosing on too much in life. But due to her inexpierience shit go crazy, too crazy for her. Now, I'm now saying this is this girl, I'm just saying it might be.
Thread posts: 11
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