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Have you been cheated on? How did you feel? How did you cope

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Have you been cheated on?

How did you feel? How did you cope with the aftermath? What did you do?
Yeah. Twice in fact. It sucks, but the first time is the worst. Just work out a bunch, find a hobby, and keep on keepin on. Someone better will come along. IMO It's one of those things where every person should go through it at least once in their life. People can be sleazebags, and the more experienced you are with them, the better off you'll be.
just found out 2 months ago this give i've been with for a year cheated on me with a guy (was a close friend) i've known for 10 years.

it's the most devastating thing someone has ever done to me. i've been beat up, called racists shit, ostracized, etc.. but never a betrayal like this.

i lost my shit when i found out, went into a deep depression and got completely wasted on a substance binge for 2 weeks

where am I now??

well my friend group/relationship is kinda fucked. i'm better and sober, but i'm still depressed.

I've literally only been going out just to get drunk and fuck girls I meet off of OKC. However, I don't want to do this anymore. it feels sad. I don't want to invest myself in anything that intimate right now. i don't want to hurt anyone. It's too painful and I just need a friend.

meanwhile, this girl is begging me to stay, telling me she wants to start over and shit. claims i'm her soul mate and she's realized where her heart lies and what's important to her... She even says she wants us to move somewhere and maybe get married. She wants to marry me lol.. idk

i just graduated from college and i'm trying to figure my shit out.

overall, i'm anxious and depressed on a daily basis. i'm still hurting and am trying to heal. it sucks
my current situation
I've been cheated on in the five relationships I've had in my life.

I don't know why. I have deeply considered that it was my choice in men, but all of my exs were so completely different that I wouldn't have seen it coming...

Bf 1: Did not physically cheat, but I found messages in his social media in which he was trying to meet up with an old friend and fuck. She seemed to be avoiding that notion, so good for her... but I dumped him when I found out. We didn't speak at all. Now I see him on the side of the freeway asking for spare change because he is an addict.

Guy 2: I didn't know I was a rebound. Four months into relationship, he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend. Then he chose her over me. He apologized to me 1000 times and just kept saying "me and her have history" and yadda fucking yadda.

Guy 3: Was so insanely romantic and we were so similar. We fucked like rabbits and were very deeply in love (infatuated). About a year into this relationship, he seemed to be getting bored. My sex drive lowered to practically a stand still after I had a miscarriage with him... Then he started looking elsewhere and during a sex-related argument, he told me he had been cheating since the beginning. We broke up, I never spoke to him again.

Guy 4: After Guy 3, I was in a bad place... Extremely low self esteem, started poppin mollys. Met a fellow e-tard through the internet. We dated for about three months, then he told me he was leaving me for a 16 year old after they had a one night stand. I was devastated at the time, but now, I just act like this never happened since no one I know knew him.


Guy 5: I thought this guy was the one. We were in a relationship for several years when his ex from high school came over completely out of the blue. We were supposed to hang that day and he wouldn't pick up his phone. I was going stir-crazy and thought something bad happened. I knew his facebook password, but never checked it until that day. When I looked, I saw a message from his ex's profile saying "Are you home? I need to come over right now." I went insane. I was sending him texts over and over saying I knew she was there. I somehow got in contact with her current bf and we met up. We both sobbed together like pathetic retards. It was like an episode of cheaters. They had been together several years as well. We drove to her house first to confirm she was not there. Then we went to my bf's house. I screamed at him demanding to see her. He wouldn't let me inside.

He dragged me to his car. Mind you, her boyfriend was waiting in his car, seeing the whole thing. And we drove off. We had the most emotional argument I've ever had with a person. He was crying and begging me to hit him because he deserved it. I was a wreck and clinged to him like I couldn't comprehend what was going on. He picked me up and dropped me out of his car onto the curb and drove back to his house.

In the meantime. the girl's boyfriend caused a ruckus at my boyfriend's house. This was my bf's family house, so his family members were there when her boyfriend stormed in, and literally dragged her out of his bedroom, down the stairs and out of the house. He said she was only wearing a t-shirt and nothing else.

I talked to him briefly on the phone, and I heard him scream "Fucking tell her you slept with her boyfriend! You fucked him!" and I heard the phone muffle, I said "Hello?" and she just said "Yea, I did it."

And I was so depressed by this that I voluntarily checked myself into a mental institution for nine days. I still occasionally cry about this one. I still love him.
As for a bit more of the aftermath. He broke up with me and said he was going to get back with her...

But, she chose to stay with her boyfriend.
You people are fucked
what did i do?
There's your problem right there?
I said, "that's cool. You can be with whoever you want." and left
I know I acted terribly that day. But that behavior did not continue past that day...

As far as being a girlfriend, are you suggesting that I did something that caused me to be cheated on? If so, please let me hear it.
Nobody deserves to be cheated on.

My point is I just insulted you and you asked me what YOU did wrong. Youre weak. Weather it's on a conscious level people can pick up on that kind of shit and use you.

Grow a backbone and maybe you'll attract better men.
>You people are fucked

>you asked me what YOU did wrong

Because you suggested I did something wrong and didn't explain. So I asked to clarify?

Would you prefer I just say "FUCK YOU YOU DONT KNOW ME."

> Be 16 years old
> Second gf, madly in love with each other
> Move out of state from my dads job senior year of hs
> Keep LDR going for 2 years
> Fly to see her 4 times a year
> Start getting a little distant.
> Breaks up with me without reason
> I demand to know and harass her until she talks to me
> Tells me she got drunk at a party and gave some guy a bj.
> Literally collapse in writhing screaming agony
> A few days pass of dark depression, call my best friend from back home, tell him we need to talk.
> He asks if she told me the truth.
> I say yes
> He tells me how sorry he was and that he was black out drunk and wasn't thinking straight
> ... wut?
> OMG she didn't tell you it was me did she?!
> Strangely at peace with it.
> Go on a rebound with a slut at work that has been sweating my balls for a while
> We fuck constantly until her step dad beats the shit out of me and I end up in a hospital on pain killers
> Get addicted and before you know it I am on heroin
> Don't care about living or dying
> Eventually quit and turn my life around.
> Never been cheated on again.
He was just back peddling or doing some stupid pseudo psychoanalysis. But Jesus Christ number 5 was brutal plus there were 4 before. Good on ya for staying sane.
Yeah, two times, maybe more. I no longer care, just dump the hag and move on.
Not sure if this is worse than cheating, or if it technically is.

Had a Gf I fucking loved, I though she was perfect. Guy I was ok friends with liked her too and acted friendly towards her a lot. I got uncomfortable and told her that he made me feel that way. She was like lol ok don't worry babe.

Fast forward a few weeks and out of the blue she seems awkward around me and doesn't want to talk much. She told me she just didn't want a relationship now and wasn't feeling it. Two weeks later they started dating.
I got so mad at him since I thought he was a friend that I almost broke my wrist hitting a wall. Hated him for about a year.

Coped with it by talking to some other chick who I hooked up with for a while.

A year passed and me and the guy became friends again when she broke up with him the same way she did with me. Realized that I did the same thing to some other guy without realizing it.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 1

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