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SO is hearing voices, ignoring stimulus, can't sleep until

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My SO (of over a decade) and I had a bit of a rough patch a few weeks ago. We agreed to stay level-headed and discuss it like grown-ups, if for no other reason than the kids.

We agreed to give each other space but to also at least make an attempt at fixing whatever was broken every day.

She has chronic insomnia, always has, but lately (about a month ago) she discovered ZzzQuil and it seemed to change her life. She was getting 6+ hours a night (solid) when her previous average was maybe 3 (total) on weekdays.

The ZzzQuil started waning in efficacy and she upped the dosage a little. Still she was waking at 2-4am and couldn't get back to sleep.

She then tried 5 htp, which has worked wonders for me, it worked (sorta) but again, lost effectiveness.

A few nights back she had 400mg of 5 htp and 2Tbsp of ZzzQuil. She's a small girl, and has recently lost weight (summer body maint. time)

It's been a few days now and she's been talking to the air, making exaggerated hand gestures and staring off into space for hours on end. Worst of all, she's ignoring everyone. Me, the kids, everything.

She told me yesterday a voice is telling her lies and taunting her. She also told me it's been going on for about 3 weeks or so (I now recall seeing her laughing at nothing randomly for the pass week or so, but just thought it was the rough-patch affecting her) the voice isn't telling her to do anything violent, just lies and other things.

She is normally very rational, non-religious and non-superstitious, but she believes 100% that some "energy" is attacking her, constantly, and if she loses focus it'll hurt us all. I've shown her info on diphenhydramine overdose and overuse as well as possible seratonin-related side-effects from taking too much 5 htp. She just says I don't believe her and I'm not supportive.



It's gotten to where it's affecting my work. I'm the sole earner in the household, she's a stay-at-home mom (it's been our arrangement since about year 4) I've had to rush home to her and call-in as well and I don't know how long it'll continue because she simply refuses to go to the Dr. (I'm not being supportive, I don't believe her, etc.)

We have zero family or friends as we're in an area thousands of miles away from all family and we're both pretty much homebodies.

Thankfully my boss is understanding, but I absolutely have to go in tomorrow and Monday and I'm afraid my wife won't even be capable of taking kids to school or feeding them. She'll just hole-up in our room and call me and ask me to make the 1hr drive to do something that's down the road from her.

How long is this going to last? What the hell can I do? She absolutely will not listen to reason.
Take her to get medical help. Call a psychologist, or if she's that unresponsive a hospital maybe so they can be sure she doesn't hurt herself or anyone else.
All my rules for how much I trust someone are going out the door if they're experiencing some sort of psychosis.
I'm sure you have some more, but man, this sounds like a serious case of needing to pursue professional medical advice directly from a medical professional. No matter what advice you get from here, keep in mind that it may help symptomatically, but not address what is actually happening to her.

Medical.Fucking. Help.
if she has anticholinergic poisoning, she'll need NaHCO3

take her to the ER.
that or she has schizophrenia now
If she refuses to go to the doctor call the ambulance. they can try to stabilize her on the way.
she is not in her right mind if she is hearing voices. she needs to go to the ER. maybe psych ER.
She's finally sleeping (it's been about 3 days with almost none whatsoever) so I'm going to let her sleep then insist we go to urgent care.

>schizophrenia now
We're in our thirties. She's had no symptoms ever before this.
argh, I just read that it can be higher in women over 30.

i'm so fucking worried. I love her so much. :(
oh, woopsie daisy, that's for TCAs
pardon my nonsense.
She's definitely having a psychosis, could be triggered my the medication, could be something else. Denying that anything's wrong and believing you're not really sick is a very common part of psychoses.
It's probably not schizophrenia, which is good. She NEEDS to see a doctor though. Not a psychologist - a psychiatrist.
large amounts of DPH (active ingredient in zzquil) can cause severe delirium which may mimic the amounts of schizophrenia. She needs to get off that shit. Get on erwoid or bluelight.. See if the reports match up with her symptoms
Mimic the symptoms*
Letting her sleep is up to you, but sudden onset hearing voices sounds like a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, esp if it's an OD. If she refuses to go, don't nudge her on the forearm, CALL 911 or whatever the emergency hotline is in your country and get her to the hospital immediately.
Hearing voices and not sleeping for days can be a hundred other things as well.
go to a real doctor instead of self medicating
Fuck sake take her to a doctor.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 1

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