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Starting with the tl;dr first. >gf doesn't satisfy me

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Starting with the tl;dr first.

>gf doesn't satisfy me as a gf, she can't cook, she sucks at sex nor does she pursue me for it, and my best friend and sister dislike her, but she works almost perfectly as a friend
>she's one of the most dependable people I have
>problem is that I'm very emotionally dependent on her, even though being with her is causing me severe emotional turmoil
>every time I try steeling myself to leave, she gets all wonderful like she can read my mind or something, but two weeks later it starts to suck again
>supposed to break up with her when we meet in a few days but I'm scared of the possibility that I'm just going to let her convince me to try making things work... Again.

How do I man up

Pic somewhat related
Further explanation below
Full problem

How do you fully resolve yourself to a break-up? It seems like every time I get close to deciding that I don't want to be with her anymore, she starts getting closer to me, almost as if she can read my mind and it makes me feel massively guilty that I even want to leave her. She comes along with this mission in mind to be as happy and beautiful as possible, trying to bring the spark back. And I can never tell if it does come back or if I'm just with her because I can't summon the strength to end it before something really bad happens. I even tried writing down a list of the reasons why I need to get out, which are as follows

>emotional co-dependence to an unhealthy degree in my part
>sex life is shit, I honestly don't feel needed at all physically, and she doesn't make much of an effort in the bedroom
>I really don't fucking like myself and I don't know what I want in life or relationships
>my inability to decide whether I want to be in this or not is turning me into a toxic person and driving me emotionally unstable
>she's my first for everything ever. We've been dating since we were freshmen in college and I graduate next year. I don't know if I want to be with her after that and that bothers me incessantly
>I'm also very broke, as broke as a college student can be, like I have $200 to my name, with $840 of rent to pay coming up, and a hopefully soon, a car to take care of. The idea of her always wanting to go out to different towns and amusement parks and cool shit scares me, because I don't know if I can afford to do any of that while being able to drive and not starve to death on $8/hr.
>things are very off and on, sometimes she'll be a bitch, sometimes she'll be extremely peppy and pleasant
>she likes being passive aggressive and that makes me very aggressive
>when we meet in a few days

So you don't live with her, and you don't see her all that often? This is easy as fuck. Stop dragging your heels. Just break up with her. If you're clinging to some noble idea that you have to break up in person, get the fuck over it. You're in the 1% of people who actually do that anymore. You don't owe it to anyone. Call her up and break up, now. The more you keep scheduling this kind of shit, the more you contemplate and second guess yourself. Rip the bandaid off and start getting on with life. If she's the most dependable person in your life, you need to get some better friends. Stop bargaining your happiness because you think you can't do better in one tiny area of her good qualities. Plenty of people are dependable. You apparently surround yourself with really shitty people who aren't. So change that shit and reinvent yourself in such a way that you attract reliable, good friends and partners.
Have you talked to her about any of these issues?

If she wants to stay with you I'm sure she's be willing to help fix things. That is, if you want to as well.
You're right, anon, but it doesn't fit my moralfaggot code to dump her over the phone, especially with exams tomorrow. It sucks too because it would have been significantly easier had I done this immediately upon talking it over with my father and my other actually dependable friend.

I've talked before, but a combination of my inability to express myself like a normal person and her ability to shut me down by crying and straw manning everything I say makes it difficult. But I don't think that I should fix it, while I'm sure she'd be willing to. Like the above anon said, I need to figure out how to become a better human being, and that's gonna be hard while carrying her baggage.
Fair enough anon. Seems like, rationally, you know what to do. As the other guy said, just do it. There's no need to make it harder by opening yourself up to being manipulated emotionally.

If you want to be a nice guy or something, maybe you could explain it all in person AFTER you've broken up.
Thread posts: 6
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