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So, I've been sitting on this for a long ass time and I've

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So, I've been sitting on this for a long ass time and I've mentioned it briefly to one person. I'm hesitant to bring it up here because it seems other people need the help way more than I do but whatever.

When I was about 12 or 13. I was forced as part of my 'education' to watch a child birth video as part of my science class. I personally feel that's way too young for that sort of thing and it's slightly traumatised me in a sense.

I'm bi and I'll watch whatever but the whole female genital area freaks me out.

What do? Has anybody had some sort of similar experience where a female or girlfriend or whatever has sort of gone through it with you slowly?
Stop being such a little bitch about it. Children younger than you have helped delivered babies. Also watched much worse shit when I was that age. Autopsies/execution style videos. One video is not going to fuck you up.
By the time I was 12 I'd been downloading porn for three years with a dialup connection and was privy to the knowledge of most common fetishes.

Stop whining.
I've seen my fair share of gore and such but that was pretty gruesome.
Trips of Truth!
It's good to see there's so many helpful people on this board and I get the dregs.
Are you underage? At 18 child birth videos shouldnt even be remembered let alone cared about.
"bi" my ass your a cocksucking faggot. It's completely obvious, btw.
I'm not underage.
I've never sucked a cock or engaged in any kind of intercourse.
Do you think this trauma made you "bi"

So how many women have you slept with and made feel like shit? Women can tell this kind of thing, btw.

Of course, if some faggot told me this was why he didn't want to go down on me I'd leave immediately.
You're "bi" and never sucked a cock?

WTF is wrong with your generation? God, you're fucked up.
Care to explain?
how do you know you are bi if you havent tried?
Porn. Lots and lots of porn.
Sorry you have to read through the other posters, OP. I don't know why they're bothering to talk when all they seem to do is reject your premise.

I saw a birthing video, too, in 8th grade. I definitely was grossed out. Even earlier, in 4th, my friend found a transsexual porn mag on the playground (good lookin' out, maintenance staff), and I was thoroughly confused by a lot of the details of female genitalia.

Since then, I've seen many thousands of vulvae and vaginas, and the thing is that they aren't consistently attractive even within the domain of a single specimen, much less across the range of samples. They look different depending on the angle, the lighting, the bloodflow, the context of exposure, and you just sort of project the sense of permanence onto it because you have to make sense of it.

So, don't worry if when you see a vagina it triggers you to that moment; just try to focus on the person it's attached to and see it as something that brings them pleasure. Maybe that was the source of the trauma, actually - the introduction of an exposed vaginal cavity in association with pain and screaming, and it just made a link you are drawn back to due to visual analogic memory... hmm. So maybe >>17102373 has a point with that, and you can begin to create more positive associations with it by watching masturbation videos or spending some time with cam girls who wouldn't mind talking about how great their genitals are...

Anyway, hope this makes you feel better.
It's nice to get some feedback. I know this is 4chan but I did hope for some sort of decent post.

Yeah, I'm not in a relationship, obviously but I was curious as to whether you'd think some females would go slow, in that sense.
Of course - people are usually a lot more reserved than we expect IRL. It's not about the destination, but the journey (corny, I know, but true). Just focus on the person and what makes them feel good, and communicate about what you're comfortable and uncomfortable with. They'll appreciate the honesty, and that will make the sex that much better.
Not op, but I still remember the child birth video I watched in high school. It was horrifying. Like a blood bubble being blown out of a ball of hair. I've been through labor and I'm still disgusted by that video. Childbirth is grotesque.

>I saw something once and it made me feel weird and now I can't like anything ever again because I hung onto that trauma every single day of my life

C'mon, really? Are the psyches of people this fragile these days?
It's called "trying to understand yourself." Very useful thing to do. It's not like OP is saying that have a nervous breakdown every time they see pussy, FFS; they just have a negative emotional association that they want to understand better.

Maybe you should explore your negative emotional association with trying to understand yourself.

Sorry, my tone's a little harsh there. But it's just not okay to call it being "fragile."
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>trying to understand yourself
>I saw a video and it grossed me out for the last five to seven years
>you, anonymous poster, have negative emotion association with people trying to understand their own feelings, how dare you call someone fragile
Yeah, see, doing greentext works best when your conclusion stems directly from obvious premises. So, I'm not sure what you're saying.

I guess I was triggered. I just thought that the idea of people responding to and dealing with their own human emotions being a sign of weakness was roundly accepted as a backwards concept.

You basically chided OP for asking for help about understanding something about themselves. On an anonymous message board. On the advice board. And you thought you were making a clever little comment about people taking things too seriously so you could continue whatever improbable charade it is you perform to prevent yourself from introspection. And you want other people to chime in and go "yeah, bruh, fuck them weaklings" so you feel all strong and impervious. And I'm specifically trying to break that cycle by telling you directly that you're not doing yourself any favors by thinking that way, and you're actually taking the time to insult people for having the audacity to care why they feel the way they feel.

You should stop doing that.
>You basically chided OP for asking for help about understanding something about themselves.
Because he was being completely pathetic, and you're being a pathetic projectionist trying to cut someone down... for cutting someone down.

The advice OP needed was a wake up call to stop being a queer, and he got it. There is no differing interpretation or argument here, this is a flat fact, and no one else here cares whether you accept that or not.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 2

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