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I have really bad acne, eye bags, and pale skin. I know I'd

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I have really bad acne, eye bags, and pale skin. I know I'd be much more attractive and have less anxiety if I didn't have all these things.

What do I do? Pic is pretty similar to what my skin looks like at the moment.
gain 20 pounds
What? Shouldn't losing 20 lbs be a much better idea? I have love handles.
oh really? got any pics
the fuck? no..
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this is me before and after tretinoin. i still got pimples here and there, but erythromicin helped stop them in their tracks.

>tretinoin in the morning
>salicylic acid wash in the shower
>moisturizer as needed
>erythromicin gel at night

tretinoin is vitamin A applied directly to the face, causes skin to peel and takes acne off with it. dries you out. prescription but you can buy tubes of it in bulk.

salicylic acid wash is generic face wash you can get anywhere, i get mine at rite aid.

moisturizer should have some sunblock and not be smelly, non condomogenic is what its called when its not perfumed i think. if you find one specifically for people with acne its a safe bet.

erythromicin gel is anti biotics applied directly to the face. kills the bacteria that causes acne.

unfortunately your face will still be sensitive as fuck, you cant touch it, you will trigger a bad zit once in awhile, and if you forget to use any of these once you could be paying the price for awhole week.

because of this is switched to accutane. im in the beginning of month 3 out of 5. its amazing. i can touch my face. i can eat whatever the fuck i want. I CAN SLEEP FACE DOWN havent done that in years and it feels amazing. with accutane you take your pills in the morning and night, and apply moisturizer as needed. thats it. before the first month is over your face should be clear. after 5 months of treating you should never have acne again. its way less maintenance then all those things i listed above and i feel like a normal person for the first time in years.
I've been using hydrogen peroxide on my jawline/chin acne and beta carotene pills and have noticed some improvement.
You make accutane sound simple.

I've heard some bad things about it. Bad side effects, makes acne worse at first, etc...

I've been on Tret and a topical antibiotic for almost 2 years now and I'm still getting breakouts every 2 weeks. it's an uphill battle, I can treat the acne just fine but if it just keeps coming back what the fuck is the point.

I'm thinking about going back to the Doctor to see what else I can do. Maybe I'll push for accutane

>you make accutane sound simple

for the most part it is. its way more simple than balancing 4 different treatments on my face.
>take a pill in the morning
>dont drink alcohol
>apply moisturizer as needed
>take pill at night

thats literally it.

>bad side effects

other than dry ass everything, side effects are really rare. if you get them, you quit, and your life is the same as before. i was worried about those side effects too, so anxiously avoided accutane for 2 years hoping it'd get better. it got worse.


that is the dumbest shit i have ever heard. its true. mostly because you stop doing your other treatments so your acne goes crazy before this one kicks in. but who cares? you are having bad acne for two weeks in exchange for no acne for the rest of your fucking life.

push for accutane. its amazing feeling human
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>dont drink alcohol


its 5 months. you can abstain from alcohol for 5 months, or you can have acne forever, ur call. its not as bad as you think.
It actually "cures" acne forever? Damn.

Yeah I might try it out. I'll see what my doctor says.

Did you try any other oral medication before accutane?
I'm not sure if I even have acne.

I get bumps on my skin after I shave and I get the occasional pimple/cyst on my face but that's it. Anyone else?

i did, an oral anti biotic. didnt do shit but make my stomach hurt. antio biotic applied to the face worked great though.


kinda. what it does is it practically kiills your oil glands in your face, making it hard for acne to return. they do heal. and it varies for everyone. most peoples oil glands weaken as they get older so even if you have bad acne in adulthood by the time your oil glands have healed they naturally startedshutting down production anyway. for some people they have to take this treatment every 5 to 10 years.

other than the alcohol its not bad though. its just a pill in the morning, a pill at night. my body even adjusted to thedryness so well (at first its hella moisturizer, but now not nearly as bad).

if i had to take accutane for the rest of my life, id heavily consider it. but knowing you only need to do it 5 months every 10 years at most isnt a bad trade. but for most people, they never have to take it again.

some people have acne so severe they take it for 5 months, take 5 months off, then on again for 5 months, but THEN never again. it all depends.
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 3

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