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I'm turning 30 soon. I look young for my age, and dress

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I'm turning 30 soon. I look young for my age, and dress and act a little younger. I generally like dating girls in their early 20s but I feel like 30 is an arbitrary line girls have set in their heads that is "too old."

I'm not concerned about this in real life, since no one has to immediately say how old they are, but on like, a dating site, would it be a terrible idea to drop my age from 30 to 28 or 29? Am I way overthinking this?

If any femanons are on, would a guy being in his 30s be a deal breaker if you were 21-24?

I just made this thread a million times more creepy than intended by missing that dude's hand in this girl's hair. Oops.

why do you go for such young girls? aren't you over the "testing the water, having some fun"-phase yet?
and no, i don't think it's too big of a deal. girls usually don't care too much if a guy is a bit older. i dated a guy who was 27 when i was 17 and when i was 21, i had a relationship with a a 37 y.o.
however, i wouldn't recommend that to my daughter. it's pretty stupid and reeks of issues. i would give you the same advice, date closer to your own age if you want a working and healthy relationship with a future.

Honestly, no I'm not out of that phase, and I have a really hard time seeing myself getting out of it anytime soon. Girls at that age still seem to have life and vitality in them, a sense of adventure. Most of the women close to my age seem to have given up on fun in life, and the single ones are callous career women whose social life consists of coming home, making a sensible dinner with a glass of white wine, and settling down with their cat or tiny dog for some Netflix before bed. That lifestyle makes me want to forcibly throw myself out a window. I'm generalizing, of course, but purely from my own research, I'd say 7/10 women I'd try to date around my age would be like that, and 2/10 women around the ages of 21-24 would be like that.

For the sake of transparency, younger women are generally more attractive too, but that's just me being shallow, I'll admit that.
It's a little creepy for you to keep "preying" on their youth so to speak. The older you get, the more creepy it will be. Not to mention that by the time you're like 35, only girls with daddy issues will be interested in you.
Well thats disheartening, im not OP but im 28 atm and im tempted to lie about my age to get dates
Women who are 25+ are pickier than younger girls who are more open to suggestion
Its the only way to have a happy relationship really, go younger
Older women are pickier because they need to start thinking of settling down I guess. Younger ones are either looking for adventure or think an older guy will pay for their lives.

Also, I wouldn't go too low when lying cause it will only make you look bad. A 30-year-old looking dude who puts his age as 25 will just look like someone with a shitty lifestyle and who aged terribly.
Don't know if that's what you want to hear but you should try to start dating people your age and getting used to the idea or you'll fuck yourself up and turn the creepy old uncle who's lusting after 20-year-olds at family gatherings.
Im looking to have a serious relationship and if you try to date women around 27-30+ they are very not-into the whole relationship thing
younger girls however seem much more into the whole having a bf or having sex idea which is great

Sucks ass that i wont be done with school and working until im 30+...thats gonna make it much, much harder
oh well, challenge accepted

Thanks, OP here... I definitely wouldn't lie by some crazy amount. Just a year or two - everyone I work with is under the assumption I'm just out of college, but I wouldn't want to push it that far.

My dad has aged really well and deep into his 40s was able to get much younger girls (not that he did anything as far as I know). Also, dating girls my age is in no way a dealbreaker, I'd be happy to, as long as they were still entertaining. Most of the girls my friends are with are complete anchors on their social lives and I can't handle that.
Just curious, what do you mean by adventurous?

Likes to travel, likes to try new foods in different places of the city, thinks that doing something we've never tried before sounds interesting and fun. Someone who will hang out with my friends and laugh with us instead of complaining she's bored or wants me all to herself (bonus if she has friends that I can do the same with). Someone with creative passion and energy, and a sense of humor. Someone whose life isn't set in stone or following some kind of pre-prescribed path to "success."

I'm aware not all of these things are possible and are a little "manic pixie dream girl"ish, but I'm just talking about the ideal person here. Mostly, I just want someone who doesn't want to sit and cuddle all night and watch TV in our comfy home. That shit makes my skin crawl. I tried it with my last girlfriend and lost my mind.
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>Said I was 21
>"I thought you were seventeen"
Thread posts: 12
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