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How do you come to terms with knowing you'll never have

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How do you come to terms with knowing you'll never have a partner? All the rest of my life is perfect and I know that means I shouldn't need one but if still kills me inside.
I know the feeling. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a human. Just so there wouldn't be an emptiness due to lack of relations.
I have friends, family and loved ones. Just nobody to kiss or anyone I could ever consider being able to have enjoyable sexual relations with.

I'm the type of a person who needs a soulmate, 3 confirmed blood sacrifices and the head of the deer god to get off. I can't even masturbate because I don't like myself.
By setting about building a life where you can be happy without one. Build a diverse base of interests. Get a real-life social circle going. See a therapist about your loneliness. Work on getting your own place, if you don't have one.
I already have that. I have interests, I have friends, I'm still awaiting a letter from the mental clinic (the letter the doctor sent was weirdly worded but I refuse to believe they'd just decide that they don't feel like helping me), and I'm trying to negotiate my family to letting me use the third car for work so I can focus on getting an apartment. Mom doesn't want to let me go but I don't know anything about buying a car and I'm scared I'll be scammed.
How old are you anon?
22. I already moved out once for three years to do this stupid pointless art degree. I spent most of that time writing a book, going through a complete disaster of a relationship, and growing up enough to realise that I'll never feed myself with art.

I've moved back home a few months ago and I'm now working at this dairy plant. It's really boring and constantly changing shift work keeps me from having any kinds of normal human routines, but the pay is good.

I should be getting into school but don't know what kind of job I should study into - I don't have financially profitable illnesses. Mom keeps referring to my 7-month work contract as a "summer job" and keeps pestering me to go to university to study into some fancy white collar job. She never says it out loud but she's not ok with me being more comfortable with working class stuff. She wants me to be a language therapist or a book translator or something.

If you really want to do blue collar work, then you need to find blue collar work that is more secure and lucrative.

The problem with working at a fairy plant is that it doesn't give you much transferable experience that you can put on a resume unless you're a specialist (maintaining industrial equipment) or some kind of manager.
By actually building a life for yourself and finding that a woman will only detract and attempt to sway you from the course.

Truly I say to you fine women are the death of a man's ambition
I move stacks of boxes from shelves to trolleys and pallets. An ape could do it as well as I do, and the robots who can do it better are already in development.

I don't want to work at all. I want to get drunk and blow soap bubbles.
In Eastern religions, they generally tell you that you should let go of desire. Desire is some kind of idea you have, of something that would make you feel happy, or complete.

I know this is abstract but stay with me, because it's really just a question of psychology.

If you feel like you can't be complete without X, you can't, because you're constantly displacing yourself from where you are, by thinking about what is missing. If however, you don't believe that anything is missing, you are complete, right here and now. Fully in this moment, enjoying yourself.

Desire, that X is missing, is a thorn in your side that has no real legitimacy. Go read about relationships and marriages somewhere, and see if those people seem happy to you.

tl;dr nothing is missing, it's just in your head.

If she's really a "fine woman" she won't interfere, just support.

I'm gay and I don't have any ambitions. I just want some kind of peace and solace and a life free of labour is not about to happen. At least not before I can gather the courage to stick my thumbs in my eyes, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to exchange my eyesight for a disability pension yet.

So happiness was never an option at all?

What keeps everyone else from walking in front of trains?
Hmm, either I was unclear or you totally misunderstood my point. Happiness is the easiest thing in the world. Look at little children or animals, they are never bored, and they are happy 90% of the time as long as nothing hurts.

Happiness is your default state, it is the state you are in when you are just where you are. Society teaches you to want things, to desire X Y Z, and teaches you that until you get them, you can't be happy. But this isn't true, because nothing outside of you can make you happy.

Happiness is not about the things you have, it's about how you live. There are miserable rich people and there are happy poor people (and the reverse).

A good cook can make a feast out of very few ingredients, a bad one can turn a plethora of ingredients into inedible muck.

Let go of your desires, not only do they make you unhappy, but often they lower your chance of getting them by making you obsessed with them.
I was not happy as a child. I've known a lot of unhappy animals. My sister's dog is always sad.

I don't desire anything, I just want to do nothing but I have to buy food and pay rent like everyone else.
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