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Introverts which have gf or had a long-term relationship, What's

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Introverts which have gf or had a long-term relationship,

What's your story?
Nice trips

Been married for 20 years, should have stayed single & watched porn

Have to watch porn 9 times out of 10 now anyway
Would have been cheaper & had more time for myself & hobbies

The end
>glued to girl I liked
>friend of that girl did her best to help me get her
>get her
>have a great time with her, love her and have great sex
>lasts 1 year
>she becomes pregnant
>my son is born
>she doesnt feel like playing mom
>becomes a super whore that wants to party and suck random dick in clubs while I work my ass off for our little family
I left her and our son lives with my exgfs sister now.
Got married to a young woman who didn't know any better. Lasted for 5 years, then she realized she could pull out of the top 20% of men who I am not. It was nice to be loved for a couple months, definitely worth the crippling financial losses. I'm lucky though.
That's awful. Are you not able to get custody of your son?
>met introvert girl online
>we both rebounding off from extroverts
>meet up
>Introvert bubble are compatible and we can freely pass through eachothers/
>still alpha despite being introvert
>get job
>make money
>visit often
>move closer
>get new job
>move in together
>knock her up
>get married
>move to bigger place
>have more kids
>its 10 years after we first met
>introvert bubble feels lonely when we are not together despite all the time that has passed.
>still in love.
I was about to take care of him, but it looks like I'm losing my job so I've to take care of that first.

Doesn't help that I was just 15 when she gave birth to my son.

I had to finish school first and had a nice job now but they fired my cause they had to reduce staff and I was the last one to join the company.

You lucky fuck.
I've only dated 2 girls and they were both extraverts. I was an anxiety inducing nightmare.
Here is how I met my fiance

>grow up as a shy, awkward, nerdy girl who likes anime
>invisible in high school, a "weird kid"
>go to small college far enough away from hometown so nobody knows me
>fresh start, force self out of comfort zone and actually make some friends
>tag along with said friends for party
>get shitfaced drunk
>piss off all those friends I had (lost contact years ago)
>throw self at some random guy I thought was cute
>we make out, I give him my number
>next day get text from that guy
>hang out a couple days later
>he's not so bad
>second date
>third date
>5 years later we're engaged and own a home together

Turns out we're both introverted nerds who like to stay home and watch shows or play video games. He's also my best friend. I think it was fate.
You lucky motherfucker.

That's a beautiful story though.
we need more threads like this. I don't know why but I really enjoy listening about other peoples stories. I have no love story besides sad ones so I won't bore you with them.
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>throw yourself at a random guy

Women aren't sluts they said
Oh boy I have some sad stories about my life but no one wants to hear them so I don't tell.

But blaming the past or other people for not enjoying your life is wrong so man up and change your destiny you little bitch.

I did it once, it broke down and I'm currently working for my life to become good again.
I can, you can.
Yeah, I agree that there should be more. Though, if you want there to be more, you should be the one to initiate it. :)
Yeah, it was crazy out of character for me. I was never a partier and was a virgin. He's my first and only.
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I wouldn't want to date someone that only killed one person
Honestly dude I wouldn't mind hearing some stories tonight whether or not they're sad or happy. Feel free to post I'll listen!

There was a really good thread a few days ago... Had lots of good pickup stories and many many sad ones. Oh I love these kind of threads!
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Met my husband and his ex-girlfriend over an online game when I was a teen. She did bad shit to him, he had to break up with her, and then I swooped in when he was heartbroken. I waited 2 years for the right moment. Been together for about 12 years now and it's amazing. He's like a weird mix of best friend/father figure/lover. We're both a little codependent/clingy, but it works well.
>nearly 14 years
>online game
What online game was that old, fuck.
Everquest or Ultima

prolly ultima

I miss 2000s
Final Fantasy XI. They finally shut down the PS2 servers, but I think you can still play on PC.
>be introvert
>not socially retarded just dealt with a lot of shit so i'm very closed off
>meet a girl, literally checks all my boxes, couldn't hurt me if she tried
>want her, so i take her
>combination of her issues and my issues drive me insane. need to break it off, stick it out 5 years

So now I'm pretty confident I want to be forever alone out of choice. No one will ever be good enough if you're a picky person and finding happiness in even the best news the world can provide is difficult.
Will tell how my father wanted to kill my family and how it ended tomorrow if I feel like it, to busy currently.
>socially inept
>have weird but charismatic friend so hes socially acceptable with normies
>charismatic friend is friends with this goth girl
>shes very annoying in a lolsorandumXD invader zim referencing surprise hug you without consent sort of way
>shes obviously interested in me but i cant handle her demeanor
>to my disdain i become friends with her as she agrees to help set me up with this girl i like since shes friends with her
>try inviting girl i like to amusement park with some other friends of mine
>says no
>go with goth girl, charismatic friend and my other friend instead
>other friend knows about goth girl. keeps telling me i should just go for it
>after a while i break down some and start talking to her more at school
>shes not too bad and after a while i end up developing a crush
>she kisses me on the cheek a few times, but wont let me kiss her back
>invite her to hang out at the park by the local card shop
>we are sitting out on the bench talking some and eventually end up kissing then making out
>started dating a week or two later
>never officially said we were dating and ended up cucking my charismatic friend at homecoming cause she was supposed to be his date
>its okay because he turned out to be gay anyways

We're still together six years later now. Went through me being homeless and really depressed for a while. Her bad habits went away after some time and im a little less socially inept. Now we live in a house I bought with the money from an illegitimate business she runs with me.

Console pleb jesus christ

>be internet absorbed quiet guy throughout teens
>no real desire to pursue relationship
>know girl online for several years through anime forum
>we get close, eventually she asks me if we want to see each other
>we start a LDR
>eventually go see her
>I'm a quiet, nerdy, weird guy with absolutely no life experience (living with my parents at the time) or relationship experience
>she's a sometimes anxious, sometimes boisterous nerdy girl who swears like a sailor, hasn't lived with her parents since she was 17, has had to live on her own and be an adult for some time
>we meet and connect
>I go home and the strain is too difficult
>make a completely uncharacteristic brash and sudden decision to just up and stay there the second time I came to visit (we lived across the country from each other)
>we go through a lot of bullshit together
>parents won't talk to me for like a year
>deal with crazy roommates, being poor, car troubles, interests and just generally living life together, and bond strongly

It ended about six months ago. I really wouldn't change what I did, given the chance, because I've made some of my best memories with her, and I still love her and care for her deeply, but none of that really makes it any more bearable. And all of this is just confirmation that she was a fluke and that I'm not really that great at or interested in relationships with most people.
>have circle of friends in highschool
>we're a bunch of nerds
>even though we're all introverts we like hosting events and reaching out to people
>have a club that has mtg tournaments and smash bros stuff
>gets pretty popular and lots of different kind of people come, some staying
>one particular person who stayed was this lonely girl who usually sat by herself
>I felt bad for her and talked to her a whole bunch and she was pretty weird but had really good tastes in music
>I asked her out one day and she awkwardly said yes
>Hit it off pretty well, we are dating for a while
>She's pretty insecure so we don't really kiss or have sex until about 5 months later, but I was cool with that.
>She's having issues with her depression, getting angry at me about trivial things, ends up ignoring me for a week and a half at a time
>Eventually I tell her I can't do this any more and that we're incompatible

Introverted girls can be very slow paced relationships. I really don't know what kind of girl to look out for next, to be honest.
I didn't play on PS2, I played on PC--PS2 version didn't come out until quite some time after.
Thats what I thought, I just threw it out there anyway

I played Phantasy Star Online

I might get 2 for the Vita
My guy and his best friend played that for a while, but I never really got a chance to play it during it's prime. Said friend had a private server that he hosted with his brother. It was better than I thought it would be.
Idk man, she came onto me.
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She came on to me
it was my best friend at the time's sister
it was fun
I'm glad it's over now though
Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 5

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