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I'm thinking seriously about getting in to teaching and/or

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I'm thinking seriously about getting in to teaching and/or educational work for children. Part of the reason is because I like kids and I've had some good experiences with volunteer work and part-time jobs along those lines in the past. The other part though is that I feel like it might very well be the best (only, even) way for an introverted weirdo like me to meet the kind of woman I'd consider (and who might possibly consider me) long term relationship or even marriage material: smart, compassionate, gentle, intellectual, nerdy.

Is that an unrealistic hope? Is my head stuck in the clouds? Do a lot of people meet (or make) significant others doing this kind of work?
I'd say yeah. I'm currently going to uni to become a teacher, and there is a good amount of ladies in my classes. Some aren't really nerdy at least not the kind of nerdy I am, but generally they are nice. Sure some are bitches, but you run into those everywhere.
Teacher here

B-but anon working with kids makes me feel like I'm not a parasitic piece of shit
I'm a teacher too. Recently we got one of those young male teacher. It's p obvious that he's after the young female teachers and it's rather cringy. They are all in ltr's and not interested...
If there's any reason to be teaching, you do it for the kids' future. You can bestow your wisdom upon them (or mentally fuck with them).

I feel like you're using "meeting women" along with "introverted" as an excuse to push yourself one step closer to deciding to become a teacher. You'd probably find your type of women in libraries, bookstores, or practically anyone who is reading a book outdoors.

Just remember, your students may also eventually realize that you're an introverted weirdo.
I'm playing up the "meeting women" aspect because this is /adv/, but obviously it's not really the main reason I want to do this. I've always been better with kids than adults. I took last year off from school after becoming suicidally depressed the year prior, and worked at a local afterschool program run by the YMCA for underprivileged kids in my neighborhood. It was a really challenging and worthwhile experience and it made me feel like I was worth something.

I felt like I was actually able to make some sort of a connection with some of the more troubled boys there - something I was able to relate to - and a lot of them seemed to like me a lot. It felt really rewarding gradually getting to know them all individually and figure out over the course of the year what each one needed in terms of motivation, guidance, etc. What made me really start to think seriously about it as a job was when this one kid - one of the most unruly and misbehaved in the class, who I was later told may have come from a broken home - who I had all but given up on came up to me on the very last day of the program and, apropos of nothing, told me I was a good teacher and started apologizing for a laundry list of incidents I barely even remembered. When I left to finish up school and get my degree, I felt for a while like I had lost a purpose in life.

So yeah, it goes deeper than I'm making it out to be. But it is also true that I'm secretly hoping I could meet someone by pursuing that path. I only really open up around kids and I'm hoping maybe that might make visible a side of me that I'm not always good at displaying otherwise. And I wasn't kidding about the qualities that most excite me in women: intellect, caring, creativity, etc.
Teaching has to be a kind of calling, almost like the priesthood.

The working-with-kids part is fulfilling, but there is so much other crap involved (paperwork, politics, parents) that you should NEVER consider it as just a job.

Only teach if it is truly the thing you feel you were born to do.
Well, I'm about to get my degree and teaching - or some kind of youth work - seems like something I could actually see myself doing for the next couple of years at least. I studied film & writing but I've come to feel like I'd rather pursue those things at my own pace and find a day job that makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile for other people.

I like kids, I like reaching out to them, and I have vivid memories of being an unhappy kid myself. Kids seem to like me too - much better than adults.

So... I don't know. I'm a space cadet, I'm a flake, I've already failed at menial retail jobs and academic work. Working with kids is the only thing I seem to be any good at.
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