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>be me >no friends >sit in front of computer all the

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>be me
>no friends
>sit in front of computer all the time
>coworkers often ask
>"what are you doing this weekend" and "how was your weekend"
>i say the same response, some combination of "relaxing" or "watch a movie"
how do i do something else? most things require a friend to do them with

except for volunteering. but volunteering is hard, as it's not easy to find a place open on weekends that isn't full

honestly, what i'm doing this weekend:
>sit in front of my computer
>exercise (started lifting and running recently)
and that's it.

what my coworkers usually say:
>hung out with friends or girlfriend (e.g. brunch)
>went to a bar/club
>exercise/sport/other activity
it's not that exciting i suppose. but it at least shows they have friends and are social people.

a long weekend is coming up here, what should i say are my long weekend plans so i don't continue to portray the lonely, socially awkward loser persona to everyone around me?
Join a club team!

Biking (not a team but sure can be with a group)
Etc etc
Just saying sailing will land u girls
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i'm bad at sports, like, i legitimately have no hand-eye coordination, no cardio ability and i'm frail

i don't have the money for sailing. sounds too expensive, boat + storage + lessons
it does sound cool, and i'd do it if i had the cash
And sailing can be a totally solo sport which can be anything from leisure to intense maybe you're the quiet sailor who disappears on the weekends idk it had a certain mystique and poetry to it but I guess I come from a place of bias
Not with that attitude desu
sailing does seem like a wealthy person hobby

i've broken bones playing touch football. could have been a lot worse than it was, sports really aren't for me.
i have tried bouldering before (easy to do alone). i want to get back in to it, but after i improve my core strength and stamina
If you like being by yourself then you don't need to hang out with other people just to make yourself seem cool. Or you could lie to your coworkers or something, nbd.

I am not a social person and all I do in my free time is the same as you, computer and exercise. I have a few friends, but I prefer talking to them online instead to hanging out with them in person. Once in a while is fine irl, but too much is draining.

That's how I am and that's how you are. Believe me, hanging out with people all the time sounds better than it actually is.
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but how do i get a gf in my situation? or a friend at all.

would a girl accept a guy who stays in all the time? especially when she might want to go out.

without friends, who can be there to help if i need a ride somewhere, or need help moving. i'd need to pay someone basically. who would i invite to my own wedding if i didn't have friends
why dont you go to one of your coworkers and ask them if theyd like to grab a drink with you during the weekend? or just ask them if they would like to hang out.

youre trying to make it seem like youre a very social person and youre just shy to ask people to hang out, but im not buying it. if thats the case then just go out by yourself. sometimes i used to hit up bars/clubs by myself and most of the time they ended up being really fun nights where i met new people, make new friends or hooked up. but if youre naturally introverted youll have a hard time pulling it off
op needs to learn the stock market and explain to your friends how to make money from it
sauce ?
>youre trying to make it seem like youre a very social person
i'm not trying this at all, i know i'm extremely shy and socially awkward

i know the basics of the stock market, but not well enough to make money from it. don't know why it would be beneficial to explain it to people i know
What kind of hobbies do you have? What do you do in front of the computer all day? Play LOL? Do you play video games? Join the competitive gaming scene. If your not into any particular game gives some a try. People get together all time for various games and they tend to be really easy to just jump in and make instant friends, even if you are a bit awkward. Some other suggestions are card games such as Magic: the Gathering or Yugioh. I'm a bit in those and the Smash community, I always have something to do if I want to and there's nothing I'd rather do honestly.
no hobbies really

don't game a lot anymore, not good enough for competitive anyways
plz respond
Are you Australian
Sorry I have nothing to contribute to this thread, but I feel as if I've just had an epiphany.

I've just skimmed over a few of the posts as I usually do and I feel as if I've just been hit by a train carrying clarity.

it's literally all about girls, isn't it. That's all it is, it's the only reason we are ever motivated to do anything ever. Just girls. There is no higher purpose, no other driving factor, and any other views to this just seems to be ignoring what seemingly is, the absolute truth.

Holy shit.
Get hobbies. Find people who like shit that is similar to what you do. The people that you are able to emphasize with, talk to easily, and share similar interests and views are the ones that you want to get to know.

Half of the time I don't even make conversation with people because I like them. I do it mostly as a courtesy and just find something interesting about them, the way that they think, or their life.

Maybe people don't approach you because they feel as if you don't have much in common. I constantly seek out new things to pass time, even if it is odd.

You people on this site sure like to make this seem so much more complicated than it is.

>How do I prevent portraying the socially awkward loser persona to everyone around me
Talk more and learn how to socialize with different people. Experiment with different attitudes, and see what gets a conversation going and ask stimulating questions that get people to talk about themselves. You'll hear that people have interesting things to say, and interesting stories to tell.

People used to call me socially awkward back during my freshman year of high school and up until my senior year. Social awkwardness is about trying to act like somebody that you know you're not.

Talk about things you enjoy, whether it be TV shows, movies, things you heard people say, etc.

When you find people that you feel that you can hold a conversation, ask them if they want to hang out sometime. If you want to build a social circle, it has to start with you.

You are obviously unconfident and overly critical of yourself. Ask other people how they see you as a person and if you have concerns about the type of person that you present yourself to other people as.
>I take no pride in what I do
>wat do?

This is not difficult. If you want to do something that requires someone else, join a club or organization. Or use the interwebnets to find people to do it with.
Welcome to the other side. True freedom awaits you now that you have broken the shackles of biological necessity. Imagine how much more time and money you will have now that you are not restrained by your impulses to better yourself for a potential mate. Now you may do as you please. Work on that big project, whatever it is, that you have been putting off for ages. Spend some time doing something that makes YOU happy. The world awaits, my friend.
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Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 4

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