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Advice on quitting? Which works better, nicotine patches and

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Advice on quitting?
Which works better, nicotine patches and gum, nicorette gum, eating a lot?
Get disciplined, you baby.

>Not doing something is easier than doing something.

Your new motto.
Patches and gum have an extremely high failure rate. Everyone I've ever known who's actually quit just went cold turkey one day.
I've never smoked but I can speak from experience with other bad habits.

You don't replace something with nothing. If you really want to quit then you need something to do when you otherwise would be smoking. Maybe take a book with you and read for a few minutes? I don't know what would work for you but it won't be nothing.
Recent study came out that cold turkey has a higher success rate than other methods, believe it or not.

Anyways, the problem with quitting is you find that the day is littered with opportunities to smoke. 10 minutes early to meet up with your friend? 15 minute break for work? Waiting for the water to boil? Just finished a game of Counter-Strike? Best thing to do is to replace your habit with something else. Chew gum, go on your phone, sit and meditate (since that's what smoking essentially is). Good luck Anon.
I'm am an alcoholic who is trying to quit (and failing).

Here's my take on it.
When I really get the urge to drink is when I'm bored.
That sounds pathetic, but it's true.

Fill your time. Be around people.
When I'm with friends, I never feel the need to drink.
Because I'm already happy, yeah?

Maybe you can do the same?
Fill your time?
i view smokers as people who are weak willed and got into smoking via:
>I want to impress other idiots around me by smoking.
>i want to be part of this circle of people, I will try smoking.
>This dude told me it will be cool.
So chances are you are weak willed and therefore it is imposibru for you to quit.

Of course you can quit, you just need to have a reason to do so. Why do you want to stop smoking anon? Keep that in mind when your hand will tremble after 7 days of abstinence.

Good luck quitting, you gonna need it.
I used to have the same opinion until I had my own addiction.

It's easy to judge when you don't want to do something.
But try fighting something you want to do.

Addiction is when your bottom most layer wants something.
Quitting is when your upper part wants something that your bottom parts don't.
Why is there such a high correlation between autism and being anti-smoker?
>easy to judge
Ok, i take it.

But honestly, tell me how people start smoking. For me it is disgusting and nicotine is a mild poison you need to build up a resistance before you actually like it.

But when i was in school half of class was smoking and they actually tried to pull me in it too. Tell me how else people starts smoking.
Because it makes you feel good.
Like if you ever feel like things are too much, you take a smoke and, yeah, it's ok, you can deal.

You know when you have just a bit to drink and you feel like you can do anything?
It's like that without the stupidity.
It's just the "Aaaah, yeah, it's OK".

That's why you keep doing it.
You described why do you KEEP smoking. And the reason i see there:
> feel like things are too much
so to escape your problems (weak will?)

Now to the part why do you START, please?
lol Just don't buy cigarettes you fucking idiot
not that anon but
Different anon, honestly started because I thought it was cool. I legitimately love smoking.
>have wanted to smoke since I was a kid
>fond memories of an uncle whose office reeked of cigars
>enjoy cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco
>applied for a job at RJ Reynolds (tobacco company) out of college
>have read and own several books about the history of smoking

I love tobacco.
Shameless self plugin. I'm adding extra text so the faggot system doesn't think it's spam or anything. What the hell man I never done anything spammy in my life Jesus fucking hell.

Oh and then here's some more because it can't fucking get it right.
Fuck it it's a gofundme address you know what to do. /favbrtzg

Awww, poor babby afraid of dealing with the truth?

I quit adderall cold turkey faggot if I can do that you can quit smoking
When I quit, I did it cold turkey. Drinking water after every meal to replace the post-meal cig helped. Locking myself up and playing vidya to distract me helped.

However, if I had to do it again, I would try replacing cigarettes with no-nicotine ecigs. I think you should try that if cold turkey doesn't help.
You're a retard. I smoked for 7 years, from 17 to 24. On my 24th birthday, I resolved to drop the habit. I admit I cheated a few times on the weekends, but I'm now 5 years smoke free. Anyone can do it if they want it bad enough and are serious about it.
The truth of what? Is it a startling revelation that smoking causes lung cancer? People who smoke chose to smoke, with full knowledge of its thousands of dangers. I don't see why people like you have to be so butthurt over a decision that doesn't affect you, besides
>ugh a smoker walked by me I probably have lung cancer now, plus it smelled sooo bad omg
I meant the truth about being weak willed. As for disliking it, isn't the fact that it smells like shit, and is poisonous to boot, and is completely pointless, enough? Fucking all three, what a trifecta of absolute shit. How is the poison anthrax illegal but smoking is not? Diesel exhaust and farts smell like shit, but provide energy and gastrointestinal relief; whistling and burping can be annoying (rarely to me, more often for others), and are sort of pointless, but don't have an odor or contain poison.
Everyone who has ever quit proves your stupid hypothesis wrong. In fact, smokers who quit display stronger will than you'll probably ever show in your life.
Addictions aren't just a meme. They're real disorders and it goes beyond just having a weak will. It certainly doesn't help to have one, but you're simplifying it too much.
Dafuq happened to OP anyways? Is this a b8 thread or what?
Smokers are weak willed. People who have QUIT smoking or who never STARTED smoking in the first place are not. That's what I meant, in the clearest terms.
You can't say that until you've quit your addiction.
I'm an alcoholic.
I know my weakness.
I've tried to quit.

However, I don't lack weak will.
You ever have chigger bites?
They're small invisible insects who feed by vomiting acid and sucking up the dissolved flesh.
They itch like mad.
I've had them and I've resisted the urge itch for days.
Because if you itch, you make yourself bleed and it lasts even longer.

I know how to resist bad urges.

But some things, you can't hold back.
Because deep down inside you want it.
If you really want something, you can't fight.

Get an addiction and talk.
Then you'll know what it's like to fight your very own god damned soul.
There's nothing strong willed about neber having started. I didn't start because I was weaked willed, I started because I was a dumb kid who was curious and simply ended up sticking with it. If you've never had or broken an addiction, then you really shouldn't be talking at all. And you certainly shouldn't be condescending over it.
I never said never-starters are strong willed, there's nothing inherently weak willed about never starting though. I am just curious, how do you stick with it after starting? It smells like complete garbage.

>I don't lack weak will
Just messing with you, I know it's just a typo. Anyway, I've had plenty of insect bites and such. I can imagine that a mental addiction is worse than them.
Hey anon.

I'm a 21f and have been smoking 4 cigarettes a day for 2 years (it might not sound like alot but I'm 5'1" and weight 93lbs).

I tried to quit smoking cigarettes a few months ago and have stayed nicotine free for 7 days. I started vaping after the 7th day and have done so until yesterday. I am now retrying to quit nicotine and have been 35hrs without it so far.

Some things that helped me stay away from smoking:
>eating - with an empty stomach, I felt the nicotine cravings a lot more than when I was full
>make sure you don't have any cigarettes laying around the house. I never managed to quit with a pack sitting in my room.
>try to make purchasing cigarettes harder for you. The first time I quit smoking, it was really rainy where I live. All I wanted to do was lay in bed so it was harder for me to go out in the rain to buy cigarettes.
>Go cold turkey

I also meditate regularly, which makes it a lot easier for me to redirect my focus on things other than cigarettes. Being able to distract yourself from your cravings is immensely important. If you don't meditate, keep yourself busy.

Good luck, OP!
>I am just curious, how do you stick with it after starting?
Not sure, it was 12 years ago. At some point it just becomes something you do. Then you start doing it because you like it and crave it. At one point I couldn't really see myself quitting at all.
I had always liked the smell.
just before bed
tear a cigarette open
sift through the contents
look closely
note the bugs and excrement on the leaves
put a spoonful in your mouth
mmmm delicious isn't it?
have a bucket ready
now swallow
wait for it
it will be back up in a second
rinse the nasty shit out of your mouth
and go to sleep
when you wake up you will no longer be addicted to cigarettes.
quitting alcohol is harder than smoking but it's doable. The first step in AA is donuts, coffee, and buckets of sugar.
sugar fills in as a replacement for the alcohol
and then you cut back the sugar after a few weeks
most alcoholics hate sugar, not even birthday cake, because it's a direct conflict with alcohol, so it's barf time but you gotta do it.
Cold turkey and exercise.

You're welcome anon.
Cold Turkey, end of story.
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Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

read the book or watch this video. i watched the video 2 months ago and haven't had trouble resisting any 'urge' to smoke another cigarette. it comes across as dodge self-help type material but the content speaks for itself.

to briefly summarise: the best (and really only) way to cure a nicotine addiction is cold turkey, however cold turkey doesn't have to mean a constant battle of willpower to stay clean. our addicted body will convince us that we want/need a cigarette for a number of different reasons. the trick is in realising that the things we think nicotine is doing for us are mostly illusory.
>had quit for a year and a half
>had a fucking bad month
>started again

I should kill myself
>Being such a dumbass drama whore that you start smoking when you're not even addicted because "muh bad month"

Yes, kill yourself, you pathetic piece of shit.
Basically this. Although maybe somethings wrong with me because the only successful time I have quit I didn't want to and just did it. I told myself I would start again and that kept me cool for a long while. MAYBE next time I wont give in
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Thread images: 3

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