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hey /adv/ I made the acquaintance of some fellow we'll

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hey /adv/

I made the acquaintance of some fellow we'll call Dwayne last year. Dwayne and I had a lot of mutual friends and still do. He was convicted for weapons charges and something else which landed him in prison over a decade.

He's served his time and is free.

I'm not going to give many details but imagine he's recently been causing severe strain on my livelihood. Let's say it can't be settled maturely. Let's also assume I've never wronged this guy. Let's sum it up and say it is 100% unwarranted and he knows what he is doing.

I know he is trafficking Schedule I drugs for a living right now. I also know a nice amount of information about him.

Should I work with the FBI and local police to get him back in prison and remove any threats and uneasiness on my life?

What would you do, /adv/ ?
So you are planning on destroying someone's life... If you seriously think what he is doing is wrong then you might as well work with the police.

>Dwayne and I had a lot of mutual friends and still do.

Be careful.
Assume that his disrupting my livelihood is serious and beyond what constitutes a mere nuisance.

Cmon /adv/, I need advice :(

Do it, but as >>16932340 implied, be very discreet about it.

>So you are planning on destroying someone's life...

I hate this "no-snitching" mindset. The dude made his own choices. He knows perfectly well the risks of the path he chose in life. You don't just let someone walk all over you because you don't want to get them in trouble. Assuming OP has already tried to handle this diplomatically, getting him locked up seems like a fair option
OP here
Thank you. I'm under a lot of stress and I appreciate this response.

no worries dude. I hate that shit, it's like a large-scale version of an abusive relationship. They make it out like it's some kind of honor violation to seek legal solutions when people are causing you trouble. so you're just supposed to take it and say, "oh, but I don't want to be a snitch, that would be shameful." Or better yet, try to solve it violently and just drag yourself right into their stupid-ass life choices. Fuck that. Talk to the cops

HE'S the one fucking YOU, OP. You don't owe him shit. Rat this guy out with all the evidence you can manage without him getting suspicious. Nail the fucker to the wall.
Thank you guys so much. For the past week I've had so much anxiety and I am not the anxious type by any means. I can't talk to any one of my friends or colleagues about this because we're all more or less in the same circuit, sans my co-workers. If you guys knew how this is affecting my spirit positively, you would have smiles on your faces for sharing some of your level-headedness with this anxious guy.
OP here. I'm going to be patient and discreet and acquire some more information in passing and when I have enough evidence gathered I'll hit up law enforcement. Ten years ago I could pass this off as a little bullying, but knowing his past and now that everyone involved are full-fledged adults, he has to be locked up by fair means.

Thanks again to all good responses.

>Ten years ago I could pass this off as a little bullying

Well hang on a second. You said he was causing "severe strain on your livelihood." what exactly is he doing here?

if you're planning on wearing a wire because this guy's been teasing you at work, I retract my earlier advice
calling the police won't get you anywhere
they are too busy meeting their quota writing speeding tickets.
this a drug related so go straight to the DEA
talk to the desk, and he'll set you up with an agent who works your area.
give him all the info you have, and let them do their thing
I watched my wording with that post because I thought someone might misunderstand. No, I mean there's mind games and he has exhibited violent tendencies.

Alright, thank you.

I think you actually need to elaborate on this situation a bit

In your first post it sounded like he was stealing from your business, or fucking things up professionally, or something. Now I'm getting the impression it's more like you both work at Best Buy and he disrespects you and you know he sells a little bit of weed.

I stand by what I said, but I think I was projecting my own experiences and not correctly interpreting yours. Don't try to get the guy locked up unless this is actually serious
39% of guys who just got out of prison are informants. Especially if he got out on parole, and he's approaching everyone trying to start some shit. put the word out that he's a snitch
and let mature take it's course
Assume you were correct. We don't work together. I told you his field of work.

A few people have thought of him as an informant because he stands out like a sore thumb amongst all colleagues in the city circuit. I don't believe he is, as a mutual colleague was doing money laundering some time ago. He's not approaching anyone else other than me, as far as I'm concerned.

You haven't explained how he's "putting a strain on your livelihood."

To me, "livelihood" means "my way of earning money and providing for myself." which is more serious than "a little bullying"

So what did he do to you?
Greentext us OP, we need to know your situation before we can make a call on fucking up this guy's life or not
Thanks for the interest guys, but I just don't feel comfortable giving out too many details. He's killed someone before and he beat his ex-girlfriend. He's manipulative, and he's intelligent. I don't know what I did to get on his bad side. I think he's jealous of my life to be honest (which isnt amazing but compared to his i suppose), but I try to keep to myself. I couldn't make clear to you about the mind games he has been playing the past month but he was upset when I wouldn't do him a favor of helping him selling drugs one day. I assume that is what made him upset in the first place. He makes a lot of other people uncomfortable for the fact that he looks 45 and has been to prison and hangs out with young people. For a time I was the only guy he'd really hang with, but that ended when I got into a relationship, got a job, and had to study for school. One occasion he got very drunk at a gathering and he was staring at me for a very long time. I noticed and looked over and he made a threat on my life. That event is almost unnecessary, though. He's been making vague phonecalls to me, vague text messages, vague emails. He has gotten under my skin and again I don't know I've become a target of his boredom but I'm afraid I can't trust that it is only boredom based on his record.

This guy has nothing to lose.
let's assume that he's taking op's customers

most of whom where originally his customers before he got jammed up.

so he just takin back what's rightfully his, and op butthurt about it, pussy cryin for blackup
OP, if this guy is disrespecting to you and has already been in prison before, put him down.

If it's like you said - unwarranted - then you have a choice to either put up with this guy until things get worse, or get him locked up and live a happy life.

Your choice.

Personally, I'd ring him up for shitting up society.
If a creepy convict is being creepy to you, why endanger yourself?

Listen to this guy. Get some hard info, names, addresses, etc.

Consider yourself fortunate that your problem can be taken away this easily.
>hanging out with a convict
>hanging out with a money launderer

chickens coming home to roost my brother

ruin his life is my advice.
Thread posts: 24
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