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Help please I'm desperate

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Hello adv.
I'm desperate for help I don't know where else to turn to.

So recently (3 months) my girlfriend and I had our first baby, and ever since she's been an absolute psychopath who just absolutely hates me for anything and everything I do.
She's been to the docs and they've put her on post natal depression pills and I'm trying to be as loving and as calm and I can possibly get considering before the baby we literally NEVER fought.

So is this normal?
I've spoken to other fathers and they've said it'll calm down but I just can't see light at the end of the tunnel..
So am I f**cked? Or will it calm down and it'll be normal eventually?
What are you doing with your life that you can't answer your own questions?
You should be more responsible. Ask yourself and figure it out.
Are you helping with the baby? Changing diapers, feeding bottles, burping? Soothing the baby?
You're a father m8 can't be relying on old anon to solve all of your problems no more. Seek deep reflection.
This is my problem, I have done that. Multiple times.
Yes yes and yes.
It honestly feels like I'm doing majority of the work while im home. Which is why it's puzzling me.
When/how long are you home? If you work a majority of the day, she could just feel very overwhelmed.

PPD is hard to deal with, especially for a woman. There's a lot of pressure on females to have that fairytale-perfect feeling of love for their child and when PPD rears its ugly head, they tend to feel guilty/like a failure for not doing that. She's probably just taking these feelings out on you. That is wrong for her to do, but people make emotional mistakes all the time, especially where depression and hormones come into play.

My advice is to just sit down with her, take her hand in yours and look her in the eye. Tell her that you're always going to be on her side, and that you support her. Tell her that you want to know what you can do to make things better for her. Then tell her that you want her to stop freaking out on you because it's not fair. You're trying your hardest to do right by her. Talk to her calmly. Try to figure out what she wants/needs from you.

If she won't listen, the good news is that this will probably pass with the depression and hormones.
I've tried that literally like 5 times, and it almost has always ended up her telling me to get out of the house and abusing me.

I'm really praying that's its the post natal, everyone is saying it is but I just don't know.

Thank you for your advice.
Also - I work for anywhere around 9-16 hours a day every week day, and never work weekends.

This isn't bad, but honestly, OP, what she really needs is a good hard fuck. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you haven't had good sex in many months. Pregnancy/early motherhood can make women feel very unattractive and undesirable, there's a sense that "my days as a woman are over, now I'm just a MOTHER" and this often contributes to PPD and resentment towards the husband/boyfriend

It's called an "emergency date night" and it's kinda gonna be part of your married life from here on out. Get a sitter for the night or leave the baby with a family member, take her out somewhere nice and have a romantic night like you used to long before the marriage/baby thing. Seduce her again.
PPD can last up to a year, so knuckle down or go to therapy with her. There are therapists that specialize in postnatal couples.

Good luck
So the chances are it's just the PPD? And it'll eventually get better its just gonna be fucked getting there??
Probably yeah. If she's on meds it will most likely get better sooner than later.

try this though
Ironically I've tried that but due to a traumatic birth her vagina still sore even using KY, etc.
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