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>21 >In first relationship for 2 years >Had a weird

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>In first relationship for 2 years
>Had a weird feeling about things between us recently
>Asked her if she was bored with the relationship
>She said "Honestly? Yes. I feel like I really need something (aka someone) new in my life".
>I fucking snapped because I've sacrificed a lot to be with her
>So I just replied with "Ok, cya", and ignored her texts and calls
>Her friend called me to call me a fuck because my ex gf apparently had a mental breakdown
>Now she is begging to get me back

I lost it man. I do so much for her its insane, way above and beyond the call of duty. I don't know if I should take her back if she was/is bored with me. I do love her, but after the effort I put in to be with her, and for her to tell me she is bored with me, I like snapped.

Take her back or nah?
in my opinion, you deserve someone who would never say that to your face like that. i think you have done the right thing by showing her that she's being extremely disrespectful of your care and love for her, and that what she said was truly unfair and heartbreaking. i don't know what she could possibly do to make this up?
have sex a couple more times but remember how she told you she needs to meet somebody new. i would be so hurt i'd block that person forreal and never talk to them again no matter what they meant to me.
Just because she's bored doesn't mean she really needed a new person in her life or she isn't appreciative of your sacrifices.

Everyone experiences those periods in their relationship where they become accustomed to the precense of their partner and yearn for variety. Its part of being young. She may just wanted a fresh experience, which you could provide.

You should learn how the constructively manage the truth rather than 'snapping'. Dropping her after 2 years shows you have little maturity dealing with the harsh reality, but were probably bored of her too.

You just want her to value your presence more. Deep down you know she may leave you, therefore you left before she did. You were just afraid and instinctively ran away from your problem.

If you want advice, don't ask other people for their opinion on what to do with your life. No one here knows what's best for you, only you do so figure it out yourself.
dump that shit. If I really was your gf and I cared about you I would be polite first of anything.

something that shows you care about the other person like.

"I really don't want to hurt you because you know that I love you but I feel things are monotonus and we should try to do something"

but not like that. she sounds childish and like she doesn't care aobut others. when you talk with anyone respect comes first.

It's called being a person. she took you for granted lad so. do you want to be with someone that takes you for granted?

that's the first step to live the life of a doormat
>>I fucking snapped because I've sacrificed a lot to be with her
But that's the way it is. She's entitled to her opinion. You did everything for her, she's bored (at least to some degree), and you need to figure out, what you're going to do. Do you honestly think things will change for the better? They rarely do. The past is a sunk cost - it should not affect your decision-making.

At some point she will probably realize she blew it with you.

nah. context is key. perhaps if she said 'we need to spice htings up' it would have been okay, i mean you came to her, you asked a question, and she answeredhonestly.

but really only YOU know the way she said it. did it feel like she was talking about fixing the relationship, or leaving you?

you dont really have a right to be mad considering you did ask, but that doesnt mean you have to be wiht her. i dont know what you 'did' for her but even if you did nothing, there is no reason to stay with someone who doesnt want to wokr through the problems they might be having.
Curse Belongs To you know 666
I don't know what to say to you man. It sucks ass.
I know it sounds like bullshit, but you are 21, and you were probably never going to last, and the truth is you'll probably have many relationships until you find the right one and settle.

Take it on the chin and as a learning experience, miss her, remember her, but be happy and go on with your life.

And this is coming from a guy who's really trying to get their ex back.
>"Honestly? Yes. I feel like I need something new in my life."
>lucky for her you'd been taking juggling lessons on the sly for the past 8 months
>whips out 3 oranges
>juggling like a master, tricks here and there
>breaths fire during juggling act
>girlfriend screaming and clapping with excitement, dribbling on herself
>wings sprout from your back and you start flying and flipping around the room
>she starts to cry with joy
>accidentally set her hair on fire with breathing fire trick
>she's screaming in pain but still very excited
>make insane love with her while both slowly burning to death
>most thrilling experience for the both of you since the start of the relationship
>wake up in burns unit together with severe all over 3rd degree burns
>she looks like a burnt sausage
>you look into each other's eyes and smile, a single tear leaving her eye
>happily married 2 months later

Hope this helps
Not everyone knows how to phrase things nicely. I'm more of an honest kind of guy who's outright with his opinion and although I realise the opposite sort of quality is "nice", I would appreciate brutal honesty from my gf more than politeness because it allows me to learn and to be certain whether I'm doing something right or wrong.
I'd dump that bitch permanently.
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