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I'm thinking about just dumping my gf altogether

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I'll try to bullet point this
> known for 1 year, dating 6 months
> emotionally unstable, she's vibrant and happy and then doom and gloom within the hour
> constantly tells me I'm emotionally unavailable, that I don't do anything for her, she's the only one trying
> asserts that I should know how to treat her, that I'm selfish just for being who I am
> threatens to disappear and never talk to me again, a lot
> also she's 24 and a virgin

We actually had a split on December 18th where she dumped a bunch of Facebook messages on me, saying she can't do this, this is too much, etc. She blocked me on everything, then on the 24th she messaged me, all angry that I didn't come chasing her.

We talked some after that and we're hashing out plans to hang out tomorrow. I'm having mad second thoughts though, even just now she's telling me
> every other guy knows how to treat women, what's wrong with you
> you don't appreciate me, you half love me
> I went on a date and the guy actually made me feel appreciated, why can't you?
> I deserve better
> I give so much
> instead of talking to me you're always getting mad
And she actually said
> I expect twice as much from you if I'm giving you another chance

She has lots of shit going on, she was a victim of sexual assault almost two years ago and it's really got her messed up, and her parents are getting divorced at the moment. She's got me convinced that I am a selfish dick and that I should be "doing better," but whenever I try to adjust my behavior it doesn't seem to matter to her.

I'm probably just going to drop this one completely, but any advice? What can I change about myself?

She... went on a date? The fuck are you even contemplating here, anon?

Dump and run. I'm not a cuckmemer, just she sounds like an emotional well that isn't ever going to fill up.
Are you willing to stop being yourself and become her bitch?.
Time to get out my man
At that age she really shouldn't be playing those kinds of high school games. Don't waste your time with her.
Sorry bro, but you're just looking for confirmation on what you know if inevitable. You make her sound insufferable.

But please, please, when you do break up for good: DO make it be for good! Ask her not to contact you, don't lead her on and NO getting back together!
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what the fuck.png
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Op here, this is what I'm talking about. There's twice as much fresh material because this shit keeps rolling in as I'm putting the picture together

To top it off, the part where I asked if her parents would be mad; she admitted to me that she went to her parents about me being "emotionally abusive"

I reeeeally thought I could make it work but uh, I miss being single now
Run. Run as far and as fast as you can.
End it now.

Don't tell her to contact you or else she will. Don't say anything.
Why stay with her? I don't see the point
Your woman is the barometer I use to verify that my woman is only normal woman crazy.

That's like full on voices in her head crazy. She sounds like King Leoric, the Skeleton king from Diablo 3.

Dump her. Literally right now. As soon as you see this post, pick up the phone, call her and tell her it's over.
She sounds like me when I dated an asperger.

But if you are not autistic then yes, run.
Op again. Kek, I tried calling her and kept getting sent to voicemail. So I told her I was done over Facebook (which she was blowing up) and just had to block her mid fucking rant

Then she started texting my phone again. Fuck if she was this determined when we were ACTUALLY together she wouldn't be a virgin

So she dumped you for a week and went on a date with another guy and is now saying said guy made her feel better than you?

This is a no brainer. Dump her and forget about her. I was in this exact position about a year and a half ago with some girl who had very high expectations of me and wanted to be treated like a princess.

>Her parents are having problems
>she was a victim of sexual assault

We might have been dating the same girl cause she was going through these same things and she had some remarkably bad mommy issues, and for the most part I didn't want to break up with her cause that'd be an extra thing for her to cry about. She liked crying a lot.

My only regret was I didn't do it sooner and she ended up breaking things off first after I'd bent myself out of shape doing unreasonable things just to make her happy. Found out later that she'd been cheating on me for 2+ years.

Break up with her OP. You're clearly not happy and you definitely never will be. Not with someone like her.
That's my biggest concern, wasting time trying to "fix" someone who just wants an emotional whipping boy

Hopefully some anon learns from this and dumps their crazy gf
she is mentally ill. google "borderline personality disorder" and then run like hell
What did she says?
>also she's 24 and a virgin

And he actually believed her. Poor guy
So you dated her for 6 months with no sex?

Universal rule:

Do not stick your in crazy.

Dump her and remember this when you meet another girl
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