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Hey /adv/, so I just got back from a party weekend, and I have

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Hey /adv/, so I just got back from a party weekend, and I have the most awkward, strangest, most confusing sexual encounter story ever. It fuses women, video games (weirdly), horrible timing, and very promiscuous girls all in one. Pull up a chair if you want. Everything I’m about to tell you is 100% genuine, I couldn’t make this shit up… I also need help on what to do next...

>Be me, 22
>About 7/10 in my own opinion, not ugly but not gorgeous
>Also, I’m usually horrible at reading signs of when women like me
>Joining Fraternity for weekend party at hotel
>Rent out entire hotel, just us and our dates
>Leave Friday morning, come back earlier tonight (Sunday)
>Friday morning bus arrives, everyone drinks on the party bus there
>Nothing interesting happens until later that night
>Also my date is really stingy, mostly took her because she's a friend to the fraternity
>Later that night, I’m chilling on the second floor balcony, and decide to sit next to her and two other girls sitting nearby
>Well call these girls Girl A and Girl B
>They’re both integral to this story
>They’re listening to Frank Sinatra and chatting
>I sit down and Girl A immediately looks interested
>They introduce themselves and we talk about finishing college and such
>Eventually, Girl B and my date leave, and its just Girl A and I
>We talk about random things until I mention a book I was reading called The Darwin Awards
>She sounds interested but is really just making an excuse to come into my room alone
>We head to my room
>My roommate and his date and my date are nowhere to be found
>Were sitting at the edge of the bed

To be continued….
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>I’m a bit nervous
>Just got out of a 2 year relationship with a strict gf who hates alcohol (and fun)
>Were still chatting and I soon mention I have a masseuse license
>She immediately takes her shirt of and lies down on the bed
>I straddle her so I can massage her back easier
>The SECOND I straddle her my date comes in
>I’m in half chub at this point and don't want to make things obvious
>I accidentally say “Oh shit” really loud and she rolls her eyes at me
>”I was just getting my sweater, its cold as fuck outside”
>She leaves
>We both shrug it off and I start to massage her
>by the way, you seal the deal on a woman, learn to be a masseuse, its gold
>I finish up and lie down next to her
>She immediately grabs my face and starts kissing me
>Before we get to the sex I need to mention this girl and her hobbies
>She is a part of the Rocky Horror Picture show stuff
>Has nearly every conceivable piercing except nipples
>Loves classic rock
>Blonde hair, short body, but amazing boobs and butt
>Later on I learn she's into BDSM shit
>Anyways, we start making out
>I’m immediately uncomfortable
>Shes beyond aggressive
>Bites my shoulder so hard I’m bleeding
>Claws at my back
>The only thing that made me not kick her out was she gave me one hell of a blowjob
>After the blowjob she rips her clothes off and wants to have sex
>No condom? Fuck it whatever
>Shes still super aggressive but easier to handle with my dick in her
>Shes also loud as a howler monkey
>I’m afraid people are going to think I’m fucking weird and I just try to kiss her to shut her the fuck up
>It’s also important to know one of my brothers brought Super Smash Brothers Melee because its just our game we do
>While we’re fucking my best friend, well call Mason, comes in without knocking and asks me “Hey Bro, wanna smash?”
>I start laughing hysterically
>He didn’t realize what was going on because we covered ourselves
>I tell him “Uhhh…. later Mason”
>He says okay in a joyous tone
>After he shuts the door, I hear a muffled “Oh shit!” outside
>Everything is so fucking weird
>I can’t cum because I’m so taken back
>After a bit I bullshit to her and say “I’m so tired”
>She agrees and kisses me goodnight
>She turns around
>”Tomorrow night?”
>I nod but in my head I’m thinking “Fucking kill me”
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>Girl A is also a 7/10 btw
>Not stunning but still definitely fuckable
>Fastforward to tomorrow morning
>I wake up and my roommates and my date and I be basic and go to Starbucks for breakfast
>After we get back the partys on
>I’m playing Kings Cup with Girl B, her friend, and one of my brothers
>I ran out of alcohol because my bitch date took it all
>Girl B looks at me and invites me to drink her alcohol instead
>Why not?
>Kings Cup goes well and Girl B’s friend and my brother leave
>Girl B and I chat in the Jacuzzi alone and we have a deep drunken conversation
>Philosophy, existentialism, all the sorts
>She is a 9.5/10 btw
>I never thought I’d be caught dead with a girl like this
>She looks at me and smiles
>She says that “I’m sexy, like intelligent sexy, and you know, just sexy in general”
>On the outside I thank her and compliment her back
>On the inside I’m fucking parading around
>Before anything starts, Girl B’s friend comes in and joins us
>Girl B backs off for now but were together taking care of her drunk friend
I'm not reading your novel, and you'll be lucky if anyone does. Provide a TL;DR or don't whine if you get no replies.
>Afterwards I party as normal until night
>It starts to rain so I head back to my room
>Surprisingly Girl B is in my room with my roommates and my date’s friend
>I sit down and start talking to her and after a literal minute Girl A shows up with my friend, well call Joel
>We sit down further away from the other people
>I’m in my chair and Girl A plants herself on me, and Joel is sitting across from me with Girl B on his lap
>I’m jealous as fuck
>We start talking but as were talking Girl A is grabbing my hands and trying to rub her ass on me
>Its not very effective
>I’m not feeling her because of how rough she is so I’m not reciprocating anything she throws
>We both switch positions
>I’m sitting on Girl A’s lap and Joel is sitting on Girl B’s lap
>As were talking, Girl A starts biting my back
>Girl B notices and smiles at me
>I give her a worried face and she laughs
>I’m so fucking done with Girl A she's a psycho
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>Joel leaves and Girl B is sitting by herself and Girl A is now back on me
>The conversation goes into the sexual realm
>We’re talking about BDSM and how Girl A supports it
>Girl B is talking about her nipple piercings
>How the fuck have I gotten myself here with these people
>I’m not some buff jock
>I’m skinny but muscular and am kinda attractive
>Still, they keep chatting and I chime in every now and again
>As were talking, Girl A is reaching from behind me and is putting her hands down my pants
>Shes trying to jerk me off as were conversing
>Girl B notices and bites her lip
>I can’t help but get an erection and stand up and tell Girl A my legs hurt and I need to stand
>Girl B’s drunk friend comes thru the door and asks for her help getting dinner
>I want to go get dinner too
>Not with Girl B in particular I’m just fucking hungry
>I try to leave but Girl A grabs me and tries making out with me in the corner of the room
>I push her away and look back as my roommate and his girlfriend/date are staring at us
>Girl A is stupidly horny at this point

heres your reply, what the fuck are you on 4chan for if you don't wanna read.
>She gets upset and drags me into the bathroom
>We start making out despite my resistance
>She pulls down my pants and starts sucking
>I grab my phone and take a picture for proof
>She doesn’t notice
>I’m trying to be really quiet but the walls are so thin
>After she's done I just want her gone
>She’s annoying as hell and too aggressive
>I try opening the door and she says “Oh no… were fucking right now”
>She pulls her pants off and bends over in front of me
>My only thought is “Okay, if I fuck her, it’ll get her out of here faster”>We fuck and she's loud as fuck again so I shove my sweatshirt in her mouth
>We finish up and I say I’m hungry so I leave her and get the fuck some food
>After food I play smash with Mason and were laughing about everything
>It gets late and I haven’t seen Girl B in a while
>I don’t really care though its not like were dating or anything, we just met
>I head back upstairs at about midnight
>Girl A is waiting outside my door
>She hugs me and immediately puts her hand down my pants
>She grabs my dick and asks if we can go inside
>We go inside and again my roommate and his date/gf are hanging out
>Thank god because I won’t have sex while they're there and I’m not doing the bathroom again
Don't say you weren't warned.
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Almost there...

>I talk with the other people in the room and try to ignore Girl A as much as possible
>She doesn’t get the message
>I S.O.S text Mason to come up to my room and help me out
>Mason shows up and prevents her from trying to pull me away
>As I’m trying to casually chat with my friends, she tries jerking me off again underneath the pajama bottoms I put on
>Everyone notices and I mouth to them “Please kick her out”
>They know she's crazy and just shake their heads back and forth
>I’ve finally had enough
>I practically drag her to the door and bullshit to her that I have work and I need good sleep
>Plus my friends are in the fucking room
>She says whatever and pulls me outside the door
>She looks me in the eyes and tells me she loves me and hasn’t felt like this about anyone in a long time
>Oh fuck, please let this bitch out of my life
>I tell her I’m not looking for a relationship but she doesn’t get it and kisses me goodnight
>I go to sleep
>I wake up next morning
>I go outside and Girl B is sitting outside
>I say good morning and she says she's sad that the party weekend is ending
>But then she smiles at me and says her birthday is on Tuesday and I can come with her, Mason and a couple of other people to her beach house Monday (tomorrow) till Wednesday
>I tell her fuck yes if I can get work off
>Long story short I get work off and tell her
>She hugs me and says she's excited to have me come so we can be alone at last for a little while
>Girl A arrives and I try my best to ignore her
>The busses come and take us back home
>Neither Girl A or B are on my bus so I’m free to chill
>I end up talking to Girl C who wants to hang out with me but I’m too caught up about what happened
>As we’re leaving Girl A sends me a text

“Have fun at work tomorrow. If you need any help, think of how I want to get you alone, not at a function like this (like the party weekend), so you can tie me up and dominate me.”

>I’m genuinely frightened at this point
>I get home from work and begin writing this
>Girl B texts me

“Hey, I’m so excited to go to the beach house with you (Heart faces)”

I’m in the middle of this story right now. So tell me, what do you all think? What do I do about Girl A?

Thanks. I wrote this for fun. I needed to write it down anyways, so why not share it. Personally I thought it might be intriguing to at least one person.
Tell A in a polite way that you're not interested.
Go for B.
Girl B got looks and brains. You win.
Unless you're into BDSM

While at college, FWB would occasionally crash at my dorm and suggest being tied up. I was awk.
Keep fucking and ignoring her
hi girl opinion here
Firstly you need to cut off girl A more severely. She's like the female version of a beta orbiter. You're keeping her around because she's an ok bootycall when you're horny but at this point it sounds like she's interfering more than she's contributing. Cut her out completally like 100% ignore her. The "right" thing to do would be to have a direct conversation with her to tell her that you don't like her at all and that she should move on, but if you don't think you're capable of that, just ignore 100%.

Then proceed with girl B, she sounds cute.

Also damn like don't let girls just grab ur dick if you're not ok with it.
If girl is sufficiently attractive guys are passive
Stay the fuck away from her. She's a walking red flag.
what if... you say got in a accident then left you horribly disfigured..what if these girls no longer wanted anything to do with you anymore? pick and choose while you can but oneday it may turn to bite you in the ass.
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Will you report back after the beach house?
How about you send girl A in my direction and I distract her while you get it going with girl B
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Are you telling me I just read this entire story and there's no ending yet? Fuck you op.

Girl A is your own fault just don't fuck her. Say no I'm not into you if she's not taking the hint.
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