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I've always had dermatitis on my scalp (severe dandruff

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I've always had dermatitis on my scalp (severe dandruff along light scalp psoriasis), having in the last years both my face and hands get affected as well.

I have in these last months found to have what seems called a "Penile Psoriasis" white/purple spot on my foreskin, just as the picture from Wikipedia shows (NSFW).


I am now treating the other dermatitis by getting enough food and vitamins, since I've always struggled with food by both being an ectomorph and losing weight too much easily, even by eating six meals a day.
I already workout regularry but get too little sunlight.

I don't use any toxic chemicals on my skin, now that I'm trying to detox from what I used until last years and by following Herbalist cures.

What should I do with my genitalia?

P.S: Never had any sexual approach.
Do you see a dermatologist?

I don't see any doctors since they are all scammers.
I've always had a bad experience and sincerely prefer to cure myself at home, since a doctor would just give me some autistic suggestion along a toxic cream which just seems to temporarily work.

Also I wouldn't be here if I was seeing a dermatologist.
The creams rarely work. But they do have a pill now called otezla. I have an appointment in January to get on it. Don't have to do the blood tests like you do with the shots/biologics. You could try a gluten free diet. There is a forum for psoriasis with tons of at home remedies and suggestions. Like nationalpsoriasis something...
Not OP but the creams work for my hands but it never really goes away tho
try triamcinolone acetonide
I've heard this is almost a miracle for a lot of skin issues. it might be expensive but it's worth a shot.
Wow, everyone here, what part of NATURAL cures did you all not get? Seemed pretty clear OP doesn't want medical shit made from toxic contents, considering how much I agree with that.

Good luck.
Pharma solutions are the worst.

Stop feeding that scamming that business, people.
this is just a normal corticosteroid, medium- to strong-potency topical cream.
The stongest corticosteroid is clobatesol propionate, 600 times stronger as hydrocortisone.
Problem is, it will only treat the symptoms.
I've bad eczema on my hands and yes clobatesol does work wonders, but as soon as you stop using it, the eczema comes back.
My eczema was linked to a fragrance allergy but even by taking all the products with fragrance out of my daily routine, the dyshidrosis just does'nt go away.
My advice OP, go to an allergologist. You'll never be able to treat your eczema if you don't know what causes it.

It does indeed NOT work if the problem comes back.

Even water removes some type of dermatitis, which eventually will get back anyway after a few hours.

Using chemical shit makes them return back worse, telling by experience as well.
OH and also OP, if you get the oportunity to go to thermal bath (the kind good for your skin) don't hesitate they are miraculous.
Psoriasis or eczema, you can literally see the results after coming out and for me, the amelioration lasts for 4-5 days.

Edit: If the problem comes back when you stop using it.

OP here.

I'm usually not really into hot baths both because hot water annoys me along the fact for which I've been always used to take cold showers, since they do a lot better and improve circulation and much else as well.

I'm currently trying to get enough vitamins while recovering enough D Vitamin from sunlight and such, since many other natural solutions have worked so far for many other problems of that kind.

Hope it will go well this time.

P.S: The main problem right now is my genital Psoriasis, for which I wouldn't think a hot bath goes so well, even though I might try it anyway if the problem happens to worsen.

Another fact is the one for which I haven't made smegma oils possible for years until now by cleaning myself very well everytime I have to use the bathroom, even though I'm not circumcised.
I should probably let that area untouched for a while as well, even though it seems weird to have anything to do with it.

I should hope it haven't been the new oils I use to shower myself, considering that type of products is safe and without toxic chemicals in it.
Well first of all, you need to take daily warm baths - not cold or hot, but warm - and immerse yourself completely while just leaving the face out to breathe (keep a towel over your face to have moisture). The aim is to gently soak away the flaking skin + return moisture. Use sorbolene cream (or if you don't have anything like that, in a pinch, johnson's baby lotion works) instead of soap to lather up and wash dirt away.

Slap on some sunscreen and aim to get some exposure to the sun, say 2 hours every day. Doctors sell sessions of UV-B therapy to reduce psioriasis, which is essentially slathering on sunscreen and standing in a tanning booth in your underpants.

>doctors are scammers and I want natural remedies
Arsenic is very nice and green and natural. It is also natural to eat your lunch up a tree while it is still twitching. You are living in an artificial habitat wearing and interacting with very artificial products and chemicals, have you ever considered that your skin problems may be a result of such interactions and will require an equally artificial solution to remove it?

I really recommend that you visit an immunologist and get an allergy test to see if you are allergic to anything in particular that causes these problems. They may also take a biopsy (so, a sample) of your skin to see what the cause may be. For all anyone knows, what you really have there is an all over fungal infection, or just a bad case of shingles (a type of herpes) that require antivirals.
also I don't agree on the warm bath (water can be harmful), I think the second part is very relevant.
Why haven't you seen someone about your skin problems yet OP? Is it too expensive where you live?
>I really recommend that you visit an immunologist
This. I stay away from doctors as well because my family has had a bad history with doctors and the medical fields (3 unrelated deaths, all caused by malpractice and negligence from doctors.), but that doesn't mean that they can't tell you exactly WHAT'S wrong with you so you could attempt to treat it better yourself.
Op. Have you tried coconut oil?
>doctors are scammers
>chemicals are toxic
>vitamin D from sunlight
>hot water is bad
>natural stuff only

OP I think your real problem is that you're a fag.
You got psoriasis on your dick, go and see a fucking doctor before it's too late.

Arsenic is indeed natural but TOXIC, so it is TOXIC for us human to eat "twitching" raw food.

I'm sorry to tell you but such argument is really mediocre, conformist and childish to read, since the are many other not toxic and natural solutions to use.

We live in a decaying society in which people support such artificial products, so it's not surprise.

I have been using those products all my life and everything I could get was either new types of sickness or either skin issues.

Herbalist cures and such have fixed most of them, even though many other as scalp dermatitis need more time and attention, since I'm currenyl not able to give them constantly.

I'm really sorry to hear you still believe intoxicating yourself is the right path and sincerely hope you will mature from that.

Everything is natural, that's why I said "Toxic".

Also yes, I will keep saying it since it's the mere truth that the doctors are today 90% scammers and supporters of a damaging pharma productions which makes illusional solutions, having been using that filth for years.

I'm thinking about moving to the countryside as well, far away distant from any "artificial" enviroment using what would cause these things.

I did indeed said doctors are scammers;

I said TOXIC Chemicals, since there are chemical elements which are essential for you;

I don't get out enough, so yes I might need sunlight;

Hot water is not the best, not bad.

NOT TOXIC Natural stuff, since many of the products you surely use have shit in it.

I may think you're the fag who should inform himself instead of talking about the others.

You know what would a doctor tell me, even if I happen to go to a private one as many years ago I used to and pay him an entire paycheck?

"Here, take this useless cream and don't get back, we don't care".

Better to try many different cures for a light psoriasis than to reserve a future cancer giving my attention to some fake phyisician and greedy fucks.
Go rub up against a tree then or roll around in the grass but bottom line psoriasis is an autoimmune disease not a skin rash that needs a topical quick fix remedy. If you want to get control over it and prevent it getting WORSE you are going to need a doctors help. My little brother was allergic to gluten cut it out completely and his skin is totally clear. I tested but wasn't allergic so I still struggle with mine. But when I do nothing about it it just gets worse. Then I stress and tada worse again. Stay on top of it and at least get medical advice even if you want to avoid any medicine that's not all natural.

The only thing I use on my junk is soap made of many essential oils, that's the only think I may quest to an expert in order to get informations about allergies on it.

I will surely not ask the help of anyone, since they wouldn't suggest anything good.

Still weird since I've never been allergic to something.

I will probably try out and see what ingredients of that soap may have allergic properties and such.

If you want I can write them down so you can tell me if there are specifi ones.
What about Stress?
So yes you can be allergic to essential oils, even in their purest and most natural form
Here are the soap ingredients if they may help:

Aqua, disodium, cocoamphodiacetate, cocamidopropyl betaine, aloe, barbadensis leaf juice, PCA glyceryl oleate, calendula officinalis extract, citrus aurantium bergamia oil, lavandula angustifolia oil, glycerin, fucus vesiculosus extract, citric acid, xanthan gum, parfum, sodium chloride, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, linalool, limonene.

Does it help?

That's given, since even pure pollen causes allergic reactions.
linalool is also a common allergen, check it out!

I'll go visit my herbalist merchant and ask him if that may be the cause.
Norizal cures scalp issues. Buy it, use it.


I think I'll pass :)
are you a troll? I'm just not sure anymore...
Do you have an internet intolerance because it's artificial?

You mean Nizoral? What kind of shit do you use?

Are you stupid or just retarded instead?

Intoxicate yourself how much you want, for all I care.
>being a prick on the internet is my only source of self-esteem

Unless you really had to ask that question, in which case fucking lol.

>being a childish retard is my only source of self achievement.

I see what you did there.

Try out taking Nizoral, we will see then ;)

Erectile dysfunction awaits you.
Psoriasis is not caused by a soap you used. I said this earlier but let me just reiterate it is an autoimmune disease. So just because soap is the only thing that's ever touch your cock doesn't mean that must be what caused that patch there.


It's really important you know what psoriasis is because if you keep approaching it like a temporary rash/reaction instead of an autoimmune disease it's not going to get any better.
Stop being a crazy person.

I already knew it was not a rash, surely not acting now as if it is.

But even then how could that magically happen? The only thing I could think about were some kind of response from the soap or either lack of nutritional resources.

I never did something to get it, that's why seems crazy to now discover such a new problem on my skin.

What else could be?

Also as already said it is not a sever psoriasis but rather a white spot as the Wikipedia picture exactly shows.
I can't find this specific type anywhere else but from that picture.
Use the shampoo, it will treat any fungal or inflammatory condition.

I wash my hair with only water.

When I have been using shampoo I would get both severe dandruff along oily hairs and much more else.
When I stopped using any kind of shampoo and just rinse with water my hair got stronger and never oily, along never getting dandruff anymore, until this summer in which the problem returned.
I have seborrheic dermatitis and coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and tea tree oil have all worked out well for me so far

I've used sweet almonds along many other oils and they seem to kinda work, even though I should constatly try rather than neglect the process.

There have been a time these weeks in which my dandruff seemed totaly gone after using both olive oils along lemon juice, even though then reappeared when I didn't eat regularry and stressed the heck out.
I do coconut oil treatments on my head every other day. During the winter it gets a lot worse and I use a mixture of aloe vera and tea tree oil on the worst parts, mixing 1 oz to 20 droplets. immense itch relief and it seems to make them go away better than the steroid creams I was using before. Since I got pregnant I can't use them anymore but my skin got WAY worse because of hormone imbalances, so natural remedies have been my only relief.
I'll say it one more time on the off-chance that you will see reason. Ketoconazole (Nizoral) will quickly treat your condition.

The rest is up to you.

You still have the guts to talk about something like REASON when you're still suggesting useless and poisonous shit?

Holy shit, makes me cry the fact that society is made by such stubborn ignorant sad people.

Give me a call when after taking it you lose your hair along getting erectile problems.

Up to you, bro.
I bet people like you all who are suggesting drugs do indeed support scams like vaccines and useless shit as well, considering how much harm they've done to me as well.

Knowing that people like you run and rule over society makes me really want to just give up and kill myself instead sometimes.

Sucks to be you.
Go to a fucking doctor, you idiot.
used to have really bad psoriasis on my scalp when I was younger, now I have it under control I think. Try nettle shampoo
There's nothing you can really do OP. You just gotta wait and see and accept whatever happens.
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Rest in pieces, OP.
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