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>}adv thread{ >just give life adv in general >}going

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>}adv thread{
>just give life adv in general
>}going out to life {
>starting college
>Growing up
Best thread on this board.
come on guys just grnrtal life advice
well some details on what kind of bloke you are might help but here is the basic rant:
Realize that for most people college is the first and maybe last time they are at the same time free AND capable to do what ever they want.

Time and money are your only boundaries.
Do not waste them on the following:
Being a snowflake.
People who do not care about you.

Body and mind go a long way, are easy to maintain once you get started and have virtually no downside:
Health / Fitness makes you feel great all day, and gets you laid trice as much.
Education lets you enjoy and appreciate your daily life, opens up the job market and gets you laid twice as much.

Whatever you do, do no not be excessive.
Here are some nice postcard slogans on this topic:
Disregard dogma or iron principles.
Be dependable not predictable.
"Know something about everything and everything about something".

Do not worry about your destiny or calling or goal in life.
Just be well prepared on neutral, solid ground.
If everything fails acquire money and collect experience.

by the way I dig your non-whiny attitude ;)
sorry for the sermon.
Thank you Anon, you had some good montras
sorry for preaching cheesy platitudes.

Who are you?
Are you already popular?
what kind of life lies ahead beside college?
do you have ANY idea yet what you want to be?
what are heavy deficits?
any mental luggage?

I think I should elaborate on "people who do not care about you".
Ask yourself who you yourself care about on a daily basis and why.
Most people are just a means to an end and that is ok. Some are fun to be with some are interesting and some do not mind you sticking your dick in their ass or vice versa.
But hardly anyone is all that at the same time.
Therefor if you are a decent guy or girl you will likely be something to everyone but not everything to many.
Everybody is busy with their own confusing life and life is not always fair.
just don't be cunt about it and use your time productively.

tl;dr fuck people, acquire money.
yeah but were is OP at ?
Another pIanet according to his post.
stop drop and roll doesn't work with grease fires. when someones pouring gasoline on you your best bet is to run.
if somebody who loves you warns you about a person, don't ignore it. quitting/never smoking tobacco is very easy and will improve your overall health and give you a sense of accomplishment. don't take a thing for granted, especially someone who gives a single shit about you. you can sleep in your car but you can't drive an apartment. male or female, pepper spray/a knife will come in handy. put responsibility and morals above pleasure always.

you'll reach the point where you realize your hobbies and interests means nothing compared to family and friends. on reflection of your life, objects and hobbies are just things, and relationships mean everything.

the first two to three years of a relationship serve as a honeymoon phase, one in which no one can act how they truly will 5 and 10 years down the road. in order to understand people in this phase of the relationship, and people as a whole, reflecting on their actions is the only way to understand who they are. almost every has great intentions, yet it is very easy for us to overestimate ourselves and people we care about. this inevitably happens all the time, and deserves no guilt. the only way to counter this is by determining where you and others are at by how their actions express their development. if you want to understand how mature you or others are, you solely look at actions. this is a good way to see if you're trying to be a good person and take on more than you've yet to figure out you aren't capable of. there's no need for judgment in this process or any stage of life, and viewing one's situation from a third-person perspective without an intention to judge is the only way to overcome naivety. and letting go of judment is the only way to forgive others, heal, and grow as a person.

there is no such thing as pure anger. in time, i came to realize that any anger i felt was a coping mechanism to sadness that was too overwhelming to face.

you can throw an endless amount of things into the void but until you address the root problem of an issue (such as depression) that void will never close.
okay OP is off
>you can sleep in your car but you can't drive an apartment
sounds deep what does it mean?
if you have to cut expenses, don't necessarily opt for an apartment before a car. that can get you to work and interviews, an apartment cant. it serves as a box to live in, but a car can too. i've always thought if i couldnt make ends meet and didnt have my pets i'd get a vehicle big enough to stretch out in and deal with that. (p.s. i didnt say the quote)
based on your pic, I'd say this... just don't drink. I know you probably will, but that alone will really do a lot to make your mental health better.

otherwise, don't drink hard liquor and only drink with friends. if you do set those two rules, you probably won't ever have a problem with it.

also, the earlier you get realistic about the job market, the better off you are. doesn't mean you have to give up on your dreams, but it's just the truth.
come on let's continue this
>just don't drink. I know you probably will, but that alone will really do a lot to make your mental health better.
but do not judge people who engage in alcohol, tobacco or weed. or any other substance.
Know them as what they are:
If one beer helps you loosen up it can safe your whole evening.
If your weekend joint helps you coping with a job that would otherwise burn you out thats fine I gues.

Also there is a social aspect involved:
I noticed people will open up to you quicker if you take an offered cigarette or glass of wine.
Does not mean you have to inhale or drink up.
Just do not act superior.

All that being said; YOU DO NOT NEED DRUGS.

yeah let´s ! !
Two general rules
1) You hardly need anything.
When you look at what people in other times and places put up with you see that most things are merely convenient or interesting not necessary.
Talking and reading about history and different cultures helps in than.
2) Reading is key.
You are probably in a situation where virtually every major book is in reach.
That allows you to suck up the best adv/ of the last 4000 years.
Much of what I know of life I got from old men long dead.
Ask lit/ about it.
>Time and money are your only boundaries.
>Do not waste them on the following:
>Being a snowflake.
>People who do not care about you.
I would add material goods to the list.
It is true people recognize your style and taste and bond over it. But you do not have to own a huge house or car to appreciate design, architecture or technology.

Same goes for consumables.
It is nice to know your single malt or pinot noir but I suggest you rather invest in high quality staple foods.
If you have to eat / drink out order something you can not have at home for half the money.
Like I love beer from the tab but 4 bucks for a bottle of Becks is just retarded.

Well made clothes pay off in the long run.
Includes underwear; women know that.
Tiny things like a good toothbrush and shower gel make your day.

Also learn to cook, man !!!

damn OP say something

Family is everything. There's a reason that every religious catechism, every ancient philosopher and, more practically, virtually every truly successful person has a family. We are, literally, made to desire and value family.
Modern culture often denigrates it or dismisses it as unnecessary, but the genetic imperative is a big part of growth and change as we become the adults and build the lives we wish to live.
There comes a point where the things that we loved as young people no longer nourish our desires and dreams. This is inevitable, just as it was when you were a toddler. When you truly look at the high and mighty cost of establishing a family, it may not seem like a plausible choice to find happiness, yet in hindsight, for those who chose a mate well, we will look on those who didn't make those same choices with some pity, as there is no equal to the happiness and joy of being part of something greater than ourselves when the foundation is built on love.
There are people who will drown in the shallow end of a pool, because they fear trying to reach down with a foot and not find anything. Building a life, a career, and a family requires you to have faith, but of those things, family is the only part that inspires faith from outside yourself.
>Building a life, a career, and a family requires you to have faith, but of those things, family is the only part that inspires faith from outside yourself.

but first you must not be foreveralone.jpg
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Well, yes. But first you must lay the foundation. Build a life you can be proud of, make yourself the best person you can be, including physically, within your means, and you'll get what you want.

I've never been called particularly handsome, and I've always had a gut, even when it wasn't a beer gut. I married a beautiful woman because I brought the full package to the table- some wealth, close ties and devotion to faith, family and loved ones, education and sense of fun. Doing oddball shit like raising orchids and making wine used to be a liability for me. I found my equal, who, it happens, is proportionally far more attractive than I am, but that doesn't negate the good things I brought to the table, and the few failed relationships I had, that shit was just practice anyhow.

Happiest couple that I know personally, he's a physicist, works at MIT, she's a hairdresser. They've got 3 kids. He looks like Steven Hawking without the wheelchair, she looks like Taylor Swift but with bigger cans and no resting bitchface.
If you don't want to be forever alone, bring good shit to the table, and pull your loved ones into a circle around you, and keep them well.
If you're just not good at dealing with people, hang out alone at shitty bars with a book. Everyone will eventually want to talk to you about it, and you'll learn how to enjoy people from all social strata. If you make it a habit to have 2, 3 or 10 beers a couple of times a week at a bar with yor book, you'll be surprised at how long it takes you to finish the book.
If you want to spend your free time in something try spending it in something productive (music, sport, painting...) and if you know a friend who does this kind of stuff try to collaborate or join in the hobby. Share the result with people and try to improve.
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 3

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