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How do I stop wanting to die over this >born poor >literally

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How do I stop wanting to die over this

>born poor
>literally the poorest people in america
>live in shitty thin walled house
>can't even go a second without hearing loud as fuck thumping and slamming all over the house from parents
>have had to live in broken down house my whole life
>every Christmas I heard I probably won't get presents
>my house doesn't even have flooring
>floors are just wooden planks with a 30 year old carpet that doesn't even cover the floor
>have no trust fund, inheritance, or money to fall back on
>parents are debt slaves that have $0.00 in their bank at the end of every week
>parents buy food 2 days before paycheck with checks and then once we run out again we starve
>walls are so thin I can hear the washer in the basement from my upstairs
>every girl I talk to says they can only come over here and I'm too embarrassed
>live in poor trash rural area where all the fences are crooked, all the garages are rusted, and every house is broken down
>never been on vacation, never seen a beach, never rode in an airplane, never been in a hotel room

Here's where it gets sad

>go on internet
>candid pics of average suburban house
>they all have glass enclosed fire places and sweet as fuck houses
>born with good looking features
>my poverty made me such a freak I can't relate to pretty girls because they all have money and happiness
>talk to a girl online I really like
>she takes pictures inside her house and it all looks so cozy and nice
>have to hide my chipping paint and cheap walls in pictures
>she's an amazing princess in a prestigious household and I'm just a redneck pleb with inferior brain and genetics
>literally everyone is richer then me
>the neighbors on welfare have better living standards
>the black people in the ghetto seem rich to me
>the stress of poverty ruined my life
>third world life in a first world country
I understand what you mean. I am in a similar situation although not QUITE as bad as you.

The way I look at MY situation personally is:

It comes down to this, some of the most successful people in the world came from having absolutely fucking nothing. And part of the reason they are successful is because they had nothing, and so their desire to have everything was far greater than people who already had something.

One of my greatest inspirations was driving a shitty banged up car he had to push start every morning to get to work. Now he's a champion, earning millions with a whole fleet of cars.

My advice to you?

Don't worry about other people. Stop chasing girls and don't worry about inviting them back to your place.

Get a job, save some money put it towards a car, get a better job work your way up work hard don't give up and eventually, it WILL pay off. You will be able to get your own place and the girls will come on their own.

It's never too late to change your stars.
What? The only way people are rich are when their parents give them a perfect stress free life allowing them to do schoolwork and jobs without being dead tired 24/7 and then giving them thousands of dollars, trust funds, college, and connections.

The only way to become rich as a poorfag is either be a super Asian genius or a rapper musician type deal
Well your life must not be THAT bad if you got time to make blog posts on /adv/
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69KB, 500x750px

Find something that is demand in your community and exploit it.... are people looking to get high? sell weed that you grow yourself..... are there a bunch of old people stuck in their homes.... get a large van and charge them for picking them up and driving them to stores and shit...... if all else fails make a fake diploma and lie on your resume to say you went to college then apply for a salesman job.
And that attitude is exactly why you will never be successful. The fact is, everything was impossible until somebody did it, and if it was easy then you'd see everybody doing it.

It is undeniably clear some people are better off with others. Fucking deal with it, life is unfair, but you CAN turn it around. People have turned it around from worse situations that the one you're in I am sure. You CAN do it. You just don't want it bad enough. That's why you've come to whine about it on an internet forum hoping for an easy way out, and when somebody tells you there isn't one, and that you have to work hard for it you'll just carry on accepting your fate.

Man the fuck up and start working to make your life a better one.
>says I'll never be successful
>tells me all these stupid steps to reaching success

You're not even successful, fag. I don't just want money I want a normal upbringing
Please kill yourself.
OP is easily the most fucking self entitled littlw faggot i have ever met.
>poorest faggots in america
At least you live in something fuckwit there are 10000's of homless in the US.

But nothing matter cause little faggot poor cuck boy over here has a hard tine with life seeing as he is poor... grow the fuck uo go to a 4 year college and get a fucking job. Learn from your shitty parents and save fucking 20% of every paycheck you get (this is what people do to have fucking money). This is all assuming you dont just an hero like you should.
OP is a massive spoiled fucking faggot
Yeah right dude this is bullshit I can't even sleep because of my shitty thin walls and I don't have food

And I can't do college im mentally retarded

What about ear plugs? how old are you? do you have a job? a car?
If it makes you feel any better I grew up upper-middle class and I guarantee I am less happy than you.
sounds pretty similar to my upbringing. same shitty depressing environment, alcoholic then dead dad, surrounded by junkies and domestic abuse.

i eventually moved out and had a pretty hard time for a while as i couldn't really relate to other people cos everything i was used to was so abnormally shit. took a while to realize that what i experienced growing up wasn't the norm.

set yourself goals, improve yourself, work towards being independent. move away as soon as possible, get your own life set up.

NEVER stop improving yourself.

i'm probably ~10 years ahead of you and i'm very happy with my life. same will happen for you if you work for it.
Please kill yourself.

Also learn programming online nuff said... but also kill yourself your family will be better off and actually so will society.
No you aren't because not even Zimbabwe Africans are as sad as me

>poorest person in america
>asks if I have a car

Nigga a car to me is like buying a private island to you
>No you aren't because not even Zimbabwe Africans are as sad as me

You mean Zimbabwe Africans aren't as poor as you - and that's dubious. It's important to not conflate happiness and wealth. They are linked - to an extent - but not directly related.

I am extremely unhappy such that I can't bring myself to talk to other humans. This exchange is the most interaction I've had in basically forever. You don't seem to have that problem.

It does actually help to see people worse off than you. There are many of us, and wealth has little to do with it, even though I won't deny that wealth is a clearly a large problem in your life.
My sister was born with autism and epilepsy. My mother died from cancer and we went bankrupt from medical debt.

I grew up in Alabama, I know what being a poor, white person is like. You get barely any aid, because people are racist and assume you're well off because you are white.

However, I grew the fuck up and made something of myself.

I started working at 13. I've worked about 50+ weeks out of the year for over a decade. I've done everything, from delivering papers, to serving, to fry cook, to veterinarians, to retail.

When I turned 17 I moved out. Was able to because my birthday is in August and there are weird registration guidelines as far as age goes.

I have managed to live on my own, have simple luxuries like internet and smartphone and decent food, even the ample money to save, put into a Roth IRA, and save up for eventually purchasing a house [mortgage + HOA is less than rent in my state].

I have made it with no help and a loving, but poor upbringing. You are no better than a Welfare Queen, whining about a situation you're more than capable of fixing with a bit of effort.
not denying your problems, but this guy won't see you as worse off than him.

i've lived like that - and when you genuinely have nothing, live in a depressing environment, and have to deal with violence/bullshit from people every day, you begin to despise people who look to you as if they have everything but are unhappy.

of course i understand that mental problems are awful to live with, but if you'd have talked to me 10 years ago i'd have had so little sympathy for you, as this guy probably will.

I'm not rich either. I'm far from it. I would be even worse if I didn't join the military to suck me out of the dead end town I lived in. Wasn't worth it but was the only real choice I had because I'm dumb as fuck too and suck at school.

Where abouts do you live? is it metro? or rural?

The problem with self-empowerment rhetoric is that it clearly doesn't work in a large percentage of cases. The impetus to fix the problem needs to come from outside help in these cases. Someone who isn't that person needs to put in the effort to save them.

We don't have those structures present in society so they often fall into obscurity, and we know where that leads.
self empowerment only stops working when you give up. everyone can improve their situation.

in this situation, even a shitty apartment and a dead end job is a huge improvement - and a start.
OP sees no hope and that sucks. I'm 33 currently in debt and have a shit situation. I am starting to think to myself shit. It's not the end of the road. Lots of people turn their life around at my age and in a couple years can end up with a better house and less fucked budget.

You're projecting your own unique personality and genetic make-up as the norm. Stop doing that.

Also, philosophical determinism is the correct position.

So, if you see someone fail - maybe they kill themselves. Are they to blame? Only if you believe in free will. If you believe in determinism - which is clearly correct - a causal chain gave rise to their actions.

It makes no sense to blame someone for their failures and is unhelpful to tell them to fix them. In many cases, this will not be and isn't sufficient. That's why external help is often emphasized in such cases.

Are you 18 or older? Good. Get a job and work from there.

Are you under 18? Underage ban.
to improve their situation people need ambition. ambition comes from within the person, it does not come from 'outside sources'.

if someone needs outside help they will only seek it if they have ambition to improve their situation.

everyone can help themselves to some degree. your rhetoric is not helpful and absolves people of responsibility.

the biggest cause of unhappiness is stagnation.
What? I had no help. I love my father, but he is kind of an ignorant idiot. I had no help for furthering myself in society, that was saved for Affirmative Action and minorities. I liked animals, so when I was 11 I went to a veterinarian and asked if I could help take care of boarders and recovering patients. She said yes, because free child labor. Eventually she hired me at 14 because she wouldn't need to train me.

No one at my schools throughout my growing up [even university] aided me in any way.

>Oh, your mother has cancer? We'll pray for you

That was how the cookie crumbled. When I went to university (my mother cashed in my pre-paid tuition they deposited into with $50 every month since my mother discovered she was pregnant with me), I paid it all on my own. I applied to scholarships, took on student debt. I paid for everything on my own by working in the service and retail industry.

I had no help, and I am glad. I did take advice from any friends that offered it. And I'm glad I took it.

Stop blaming others for your own issues. Yes, your parents caused those issues, but you can escape them!
>literally poorest person in america
>using a computer

stop whining

Motherfucker, I hope to God you aren't posting this without having a job.

Life is HARD. Most people are BARELY getting by in America. Most people in the WORLD are POOR. And I don't mean American system poor, I mean like flies-on-your-face, Central African Republic poor.

Get a job. Figure out how to be doing better in 1 year. Figure out how to be making more money in 5 years(whether it be school, a trade or self-employment). And be happy.

On the contrary, my rhetoric is helpful in that it places the social burden for helping a failed case where it belongs, on the structures (causal agents) that surround and gave rise to that particular case. It isn't helpful nor properly reflective of reality to believe in the free will delusion, because it places inordinate blame on individuals who can't possibly be logically blamed for their actions.

The only argument for free will, self-empowerment rhetoric is that it might have been sufficient application of pressure for the person to change themselves. Usually, however, this simply isn't the case, and you musn't hold that self-empowerment delusion to be "real" in the sense that it is reflective of reality versus a simple, fairly weak method to manipulate behavior.

The vast majority of people need external help. Directing them to sources of external help is infinitely more useful than what you're proposing.

You really need to get to the back of the bus with Joel Olsteen where you belong.

Your personal rags to riches story isn't sociological, personal or psychological insight. It's a bullshit story of minimal relevance to basically anything and I am telling you right now that it isn't helping anything or anyone except for yourself and how good you feel.
ah okay so you're a lefty
got it

help me daddy state
help me

I don't identify with any political positions, I'm someone who succeeded in school and professionally off the back of very frequently coming to correct, innovative conclusions about things.
funny how three separate stories of poor people succeeding have been posted ITT and all you can do is sit there on your middle class perch pontificating about how the state should look after everyone because people can't help themselves

the state nannying people is the exact reason that kids are born into shitty families like OPs

your well-intentioned champagne socialism is unfortunately a major part of the problem

All I can do is assure you that the philosophical basis for your belief (liberalism) is free will, and free will is almost certainly the incorrect position to have. Zero evidence supports it.
you're a god damn communist and i'm listening to no more of it

get out of here marx
listen here trotsky

you can stuff this thread full of your pseudo academic mumbo-jumbo all you like, no one is buying it

free will vs determinism is not a reason why someone can't get a fucking job
Save some money, buy a plane ticket and go to some 3rd world country to have a normal life there. In mostrly south american people tend to love rednecks so you can easily get an 6-7-8/10 girl. I mean, you can't get a worse life right?

The country is split up into far more groups of people than just...

1. those that should get government assistance


2. those that shouldn't so they become more responsible

Some people as responsible as possible get fucked, some people that are not responsible end up with better lives than others.

Some people deserve help, some don't deserve any. Some deserve a little bit, some deserve a lot, some have recieved so much help they ought to reimburse the government.
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2MB, 400x242px
>Whew lad

You asked for how to come out of your rut, and I told you.

Joel Olsteen is a cunt that begs for money. I work for my money. He didn't.

I'm telling you I grew up poor, and was made even more poor because my mother died, my sister was/is unable to talk and has seizures, my father and mother were terrible with budgets, my extended family was on opiates or land rich and money poor, and I grew up in fucking Alabama. I was surrounded by other poor friends that got aid and scholarships beause they were poor and black/brown. I got nothing.

Why is my story so invalid? I'm also female, and in Alabama that means making yourself financially stable without a man's help or federal/state aid means A LOT. The only aid I've EVER had was subsidized Stafford Loans through the Fed.
So sick of this you can turn it around shit

No. You can't. If you're born poor you're too tired and traumatized by adulthood to do anything but get high. You don't win from poverty.
>It makes no sense to blame someone for their failures and is unhelpful to tell them to fix them.

WHAT? Man the fuck up yo. An individual bears the blame for a large amount of their actions.
it's quite simple

1) provide a temporary safety net
2) do not provide a hammock
>has a house
>has Internet
>has computer or phone
>has a dishwasher
>has time to shitpost
Stop bitching, nigga. You are doing fine. Yes America sucks and is a third world shithole but you have the option to improve your already decent life.
dead parent/junkie upbringing solidarity

Free will vs determinism actually undergirds the debate. If you actually read any liberal philosophers, you'd know that their conception of the political and social entity was based off the Christian delusion of free will. This basis is necessary to maintain the erroneous and irresponsible treatment of individuals as actors independent from the causal chain.

>Why is my story so invalid?

Two reasons. First, it suggests an inordinate focus on the self in dealing with other people's problems, which isn't uncommon, but also unhelpful. Using other people as a means to bolster yourself isn't rare, but we shouldn't take it seriously as an interpersonal philosophy.

Second, you have failed to understand why your particular case isn't actually indicative of the philosophy you're professing. You feel as though your successes in the sight of failure justify your self-conception as a free agent in a causal world, but they actually don't. Structures (society, even your DNA) made this conclusion completely determined from the big bang. Once you realize this, your arrogance will dissipate and you will realize that many people actually need to have those causal factors addressed before help can begin, help in the sense being complete realization of the factors that affect their life.
OP you have two choices:

1) listen to the former poor people ITT
- work to improve yourself
- gradually become happy
- earn self respect

2) listen to the middle class armchair communist ITT
- go crying to the state
- receive your weekly cum rations
- live in a house with chipped walls all your life
- help champagne socialists feel good about themselves
listen here lenin

you're talking absolute shit
the state does not exist outside of deterministic causality

>please give me money
>the big bang means i can't get a job
While OP is being a massive faggot, you're not being too bright by trying to apply your story for his case. Yes you had a hard life, yes you did very well to improve it, no, not everybody can do it as well as you.

The obvious choice for him would to get some kind of a job and move the fuck away, study, whatever but he's clearly too much of a faggot and idiot to do it ... hence he will remain in his shitty situation, which isn't too shitty when looking at the conditions most people live in either way.

>unironically calling a capitalist hellhole communistic because of minimal level of state assistance
There is a great board where you can spread your ignorance, why shitposting on /adv/, friend?

Or, you can take my advice and come to the following conclusions:

1. It's not valid to view your successes or failures as being indicative of your supreme merit as a free agent. They are the mere result of a causal chain.

2. This recognition will help you to realize that what you've reaped from society and your own genetics is something that should be sewn. Influencing those structures (or having the illusion of influencing them) is the correct way to bring about the optimal society.

3. People like OP - people who have failed - are not contemptuous because they cannot get on their feet. They are the victims of their environment and genetics. You can change their environment, but you can't change their genetics.

4. Emphasis on the inter-connectedness of society and your environment as it relates to you (Obama: You didn't build that. He was right) will increase social capital and help far more theoretical "OPs" than the one in this thread.

Lesson: Your success is not a result of your merit as a free agent. Applying the rules of the free agent to people who have failed will make you feel above them and feel contempt for their failures. Stop doing this. Apply the rules of the deterministic society to your philosophy and create the nets that would catch and attenuate bad environment and genetics.
holy shit it's like stalin and mao have been resurrected

>i can't get a job because genetics
>ambition is bad
>why bother
You sound like some ignorant philosphy freshman who takes his first year syllabus as law for how the world runs. Read more, listen more.

So my DNA makes me more successful than you? Sounds like a nigger [not a black person, we differentiate in the South]. My grandmother lives in the least populated county in the state [Washinton if you care to check up] and the richest family there is black, the Simpsons. They are millionares, wonderful people, and don't use their color as an excuse.

I'm not using other people as a means to bolster, except you. It is what you asked for, right? How can I improve my situation? I gave you an anecdote of my own situation, a similarly disenfranchised individual who grew up dirt poor and managed to make it out.

Are you trying to say that we all die from the moment we're born, or that there are certain situations we can't help? Of course I agree with this sentiment.

But extreme poverty is not inescapable. I gave my two cents because through the help of no one I escaped. I had to get over self-pity and more hurdles than others richer or of a different skin color/gender did, but I did it. And I realized it was through determination and humility. At one point I told myself I'd never work the food industry, yet I ended up doing so for almost 5 years, because I needed the money.

Also, you're implying I'm near middle class or rich. I'm still kind of poor. I have a 10+ year old car [which I bought myself], I live in a 1 bedroom apartment, and I have very little to save up [$25 per depost going towards your savings can go a long, long way in a year]. Yet I'm doing it, and working towards getting even more money.

Your defeatist, semi-philosophical attitude is really impeding you. Get some world experience.
very respectable person
But I am a woman, therefore my genetics determine I should make less money than OP. Why am I out of poverty through my own hard work and determination since I was 11, rather than lamenting for pity on an imageboard?

Communism usually emphasizes the base/superstructure hypothesis, which is chiefly economic and entirely social. Very few would recognize genetics as important.


You sound like a zeroth year philosophy nothing with zero basis to actually have a conception of reality. Why pretend otherwise? I don't walk around pretending to understand bacterial cell metabolism.

I'm not going to waste my time wading through the morass of your psyche. I'm not your psychologist, friend or even acquaintance. I'm not concerned with what beliefs or ideas are threatening to your self-conception. I'm a guy with an opinion. On the off-chance that people see that my opinion is correct, they will take action in the direction of a more favorable civilization. That's worth it.

De-emphasis of liberal philosophy is very important to re-connecting Americans to society. They've been brainwashed to think they're individuals. They aren't.
> very respectable person
> "not a nigger (we differentiate in the south)"

>wading through the morass of your psyche
lmao this guy

i'm done reading your pseudo intellectual trash, commie pinko scum
didn't like that bit either, but i don't think a single distasteful comment/view is enough to make a person unworthy of respect

she clearly has an inspiring life story and has achieved a lot. her ambition and drive are admirable.

an off-colour comment or opinion is nowhere near enough to destroy that.

"I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend." - Thomas Jefferson
Seems like your ability to read is as bad as your ability to think. Not surprising given the trash you're sprouting.

>re-connecting Americans to society. They've been brainwashed to think they're individuals. They aren't.
Pretty solid point but could be presented better. Way better.

I think white trailer trash is different too. They are just as much niggers as someone black as the night. Nigger is a lifestyle to me, not a race. White, hispanics, even these weird Koreans in Bama that emulate the "gangsta" culture in Montgomery. They are all niggers. Again, lifestyle.

Now the valedictorian of my high school class? She was a woman, whose skin was a different color. The family in my grandmother's county? Wonderful people. My father's best friend? A lovely man with curly hair.

The fuck? Yes I'm one of those "scientisms" you jackasses love to hate. I thrive on logic, I hate conclusions based upon one ranting person who managed to get published.

I didn't believe logicism and sciencism is a thing until I encountered philosophy majors. To me, those two terms mean "common sense" and "the abillity to observe one's surroundings."
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