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I don't know if I still love my gf

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I need to know if I don't love my gf anymore or if i'm just going through a bad phase.

So here are the details:
>I really loved her in middle school (we were 15)

>made a move, got friendzoned.

>5 years after that, had two girlfriends, just after breaking up with the last one, made another move on school crush, succeed.

>our 5 years anniversary will be this February, so it's 10 years since we first met.

>Really loved her with a passion in the beginning, but some of it seems to have wear out

>she's noticing cuz one time she cried and said she was afraid of losing me.

>she's totally in love with me, like, totally. She'd say she loves my everyday, even buy me stuff.

>sex has been so-so lately.

>I like being around her, cuddling, playing videogames together, etc. But she doesn't quite turn me on as much anymore.

>I don't really like anyone else atm, but there's a girl in college who turns me on a fucking lot.

>my gf is friends with her too and probably noticed cuz she said she was jealous, maybe it's the way i talked to her? stopped talking more than necessary with the girl to avoid problems.

>don't want to hurt her or myself, so I have to be sure before I do anything.

How do I save this relationship or make sure I need to break up?
op here, forgot an important bit:

>i've been dealing with slight depression lately (college too hard, no money, parents annoying, etc), so maybe it's that?
5 years is way too much time
Very likely
It's kinda hard to explain. I like spending time with her and i normally feel a little better when i'm with her. But sometimes i notice i'm looking at her and not feeling the some things i used to, and that makes me feel even sadder with everything.

Don't get me wrong i'm not sad all the time and i know i could do a lot worse. But it's a difficult time as you all probably know.
Honestly, it sounds like you should break up with her. It could be a mistake but that's something you can potentially fix after you realize you shouldn't have left her. However, if you say nothing and things don't get better and you wind up breaking up with her because you met someone else, that will hurt her a lot, and that can't be fixed so easily.
Thanks for the advice.

Breaking up would hurt her very much no matter what.
Maybe it would be best to break up only if/when i start liking someone else? Since hurting her will be inevitable that way i at least will know i won't be making a mistake.

desu, that's just me thinking on a way to avoid hurting myself.
Op here, guys. I'm not saying I won't break up if I need to. I just want to know if there's something I should say/do or look for in order to make sure if I still love her or not. Is there a way I can be certain? Because I'm kind of confused right now.
think about what your life would be like without her? think what it would be like if you could never hug, kiss or fuck her, if you could never talk to her or do the things you do together, how do those thoughts make you feel? What do you see your future like with her or without her? I think maybe what you're feeling is just boredom of being with the same person for so long, it's normal. I don't think you should break up with her just yet.
When you get older you move past the hormone crazed love of the young. You get to a comfortable familial love. Just because you feel different doesn't mean you don't love her anymore. You're just upgrading to a new stage
This might help:

Thanks guys, I still have a lot to think about, but you guys helped a lot already
good luck man i hope everything works out well
I got to this stage and then got dumped lol.

It feels like garbage because we're still compatible as fuck (on all levels) but he wanted a "chase" again.

He started to feel like home and I guess that was boring for him.
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