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> Me and ex meet up after months of not talking at all >

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> Me and ex meet up after months of not talking at all
> Catch up over smokes, got a bottle of Peach Svedka and food
> Head to the mountains, park somewhere and sit outside talking
> Start drinking, start talking more about life
> He won't talk about how he got his car, his life himself
> He starts breaking down, crying in the backseat with me
> "Have you ever done something, thinking it was for the better and you had nothing but good intentions but it ends up like you did everything wrong?"
> Start telling him my common perspective about it from past experiences
> "Thank you for understanding."
> Start talking, joking around some more
> Decide to either fuck or just keep talking
> Start fucking in the back seat
> Mind blowing sex
> I start crying after because I've missed him so much
> Reassures me
> Round 2
> Cuddling, get dressed, sort of sober
> Drive home is calming
> Message him hours later
How are you feeling?
> I don't feel like talking
I feared.
> I dont feel good
Why? I know that's not a hangover.
> I just dont
How can I help?
> I just dont want to talk to anybody

What gives /adv/isors?
I'm trying to help him but he pushed me away.
He hasn't talked to me after that night.
He gave me terms and conditions about this, that I can't be emotionally attached, He doesn't need me to know about what he has been doing, etc.
I need help.
Start by describing the relationship, its nature and the reason you have broken up.
Maybe this is because you broke up for a good reason.
Long story but we were on and off for 5 years. Reason he stopped talking to me is because I kept talking to my other ex who got with my former best friend that this ex got with in high school while I was with him. This all subsided now. I gave up that poison and we both agreed that we don't want any conflict upon each other, that we're trying to stay out of it. I was told my ex described above is manipulative but I don't see why since he is being sincere about no conflict. He has always cared about me and we've always came back to each other in some way just to be in peace with each other and then abandon me. Same cycle over and over again.
Maybe he can't commit and feels very ashamed about it, yet still tries for other people's sake?
I was thinking he feels ashamed. He's told me before that if he ever saw me, he would just walk away from me. I hate the fact that he won't accept my help. He's so fucking stubborn.
Maybe he was cheating on someone with you that night? It would explain why he doesn't want to talk about his life, and maybe why he was crying.
He initiated sex. I mean, if he really was with someone, he wouldn't have mentioned fucking at all and if I would have initiated it, he would have stopped me.
Perhaps, but to be honest he doesn't sound like the most responsible or committed person ever. Particularly if you were on and off for 5 years.

I mean, are you sure he isn't just stringing you along to satisfy his needs when he has had an argument or something?

Whether the truth is as sinister as that or not, the answer is still the same. If you aren't official after 5 years, you never will be.
It does sound possible that maybe he was seeing another women and feels bad about getting back with you. Clearly he is still emotionally and sexually attracted to you. However something to realize about Men, (I cant speak for all but myself personally), I find generally we dont express that emotional side. So for example, in this situation he wont tell you whats wrong. Also heres a HUGE problem ive had.. Im not saying this is it but..

>Have Ex, who cheated on me
>Will never date her ever again
>she contacts me often and wants to get back together
>She gets flirty and sexual
>I think with my dick instead of my head
>We hook up
>IMMEDIATELY after I realize I dont want her at all and I just got caught up in the moment
I can vouch for this as well.
>get brutally dumped
>people tell me to just get over it and "meet other people" about a week afterwards
>End up flirting/sleeping with anyone who would let me
>wake up and feel awful that they like me and I have no interest in them at all
It was a pretty dark part of my short life, because I always aspired to having long term relationships with someone I love and now I'd thrown that way just because I was a bit sour about a break up.
He did say this way before we met up
> I just feel like talking.
Sounds interesting.
> chatter box doesn't leave much to the imagination.
Need to let off some steam?
> Need to punch someone on the face.
Sheesh. So hostile. Punch a wall, a pillow. Something.
> Been in control for too long lol. not my way of doing things lol.
Ah I see. I guess you need a little excitement.
> No, I need a little bit of anarchy.
Hahahaha, Rebellious much?
> When the world spins and nothing is right, you gotta flow with it.
Yeah it does sound like he is making excuses for his infidelity.
We were official for about 2 years and then we were on and off for the rest. He knows that I still have feelings for him and he asked me to be there for him whenever he needed me.
I can tell he has been doing good for himself, considering that he has a new car and he's been keeping his appearance up. I mean, I am jealous that he's probably found someone else who makes him happy. Should I tell him something about this whole thing? Have another meetup minus the fucking?
I can say the same thing. It's just temporary happiness, that feeling of someone giving you that attention you craved from your previous relationships.
No, just cut him off. He sounds like the manipulating kind and you'll just find yourself back in the same position this time next year.

I'm very sorry it didn't work out for you, but the man's taking more than his fair share which is unfair to you and a guy who really wants you.
>with ex for five years
>operated under the assumption we would last, she was the one, and so on
>she ends it in a terrible fashion
>recent contact in which she admits she misses me, and is obviously still in love
>have been a shell of myself, more so, and she would have to initiate anything further

I can only imagine how devastating doing something that intimate would be, OP, if there is still a strong connection there. If he has anything in common with my situation, and that was a one time thing... His need for space is obvious.

It sounds like he is trying to emotionally distance himself, while trying to keep you in his life. Once again, this could be devastating.

No Contact. Let him have some space.
I've never let him go emotionally. He's always been in the back of my head to be together again or at least have him in my life somehow. It just sucks that I'm stuck in this predicament and he won't tell me anything. It's like he won't understand that I'm trying to help him but considering the fact that I've hurt him so much in the past he doesn't trust me.
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Je. Sus. Christ.

Either this entire thread is OP samefagging, or pic related.

Op, you're being regarded. You fell for the "bad boy" because he's "dark", "mysterious" and "misunderstood".

>"I need a little bit of anarchy"

For fuckS sake this is right out of an edgy teen angst drama. I can't even tell what your problem is. You ducked and now you think that means you're back together? What sort of over-romanticized bullshit did you learn growing up?
>he doesn't trust me.
He has no reason to. And if he can't trust you, then you will never be anything more than a shoulder to cry on or an easy lay.
No samefagging here. My whole entire problem is why he's avoiding me after this whole talk. He pushed me away. I'm taking all this advice I'm getting into consideration.
We're trying to use finesse you cunt. If you talk to OP that way it just sounds like you're against them and when they think that, why should they listen to your advice.

Talking about edgy, I really hate you "tough love works through the internet" guys. Prat.
No tough love, just wondering why everyone is spending time with long explanations when it can be put into one sentence.

He doesn't love you or care about you, he just knows how to manipulate dumb girls into having sex with him. End.
I feel sorry for you if you think people are so simple that a single sentence can help them.
You can't help people who don't want your help, anon.
It's a harsh reality I have to accept.
Wow so you fuck him when he's crying and vulnerable? Keep it classy OP
No. Fucking came after our long talk and everything was settled.
Sounds like you took advantage of his vulnerable state of mind. You raped him.
No no no this is where you have everything wrong. I did not rape him. I didn't do anything wrong. It was consensual. He initiated it. We both agreed upon it.
Wow can't believe you would rape a guy while he's down
What's prat mean?
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Thread images: 2

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