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Has anyone on /adv/ ever faked an orgasm before? If so, how

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Has anyone on /adv/ ever faked an orgasm before?

If so, how many times?
Did your partner know you were faking?
Have you ever come clean about it?

I know a lot of people have faked their orgasms, and as one of these people, I'm just curious if anyone on /adv/ has ever faked it before?
for 2 years i thought i was enough for my gf.
just found out she fakes it more then half the time.


Hurts alot to find that out and now puts way too much pressure on sex for me.

I can hardly get it up because of performance anxiety.
Not sure it'll ever be the same..
Just because she faked it doesn't mean it's your fault or that you're doing something wrong.

A lot of women just find it really hard to orgasm during sex, it's no ones fault so don't blame yourself (or her).

Look at it this way, now you have a whole new sex life, finding out what really gets her going, what works best for her. You'll probably find new things you didn't know you liked before either. It's like starting the sexual relationship all over again, and it can be fun.

Don't beat yourself up over something like that, look at it as a new opportunity to grow and explore together.
The reason why a lot of them find it hard though is because the men don't take the time and stimulate them enough. They just think it's enough to stick it in but it doesn't work like that.
I fake orgasms regularly. Sometimes i just get exhausted and i dont need my girlfriend telling me shit like "its alright baby". Honestly, i thought she could tell
24m here, have done it a few times during a 4-year relationship. My ex girlfriend came first most of the time and a few times I was just too exhausted and acted like I finished. Only works when using a condom obviously.

Faking orgasms is something reeeaaally stupid, unless it is done very rarely and with no bad feelings whatsoever.
I never knew guys faked it until my bf told me that he'd faked it a few times in the past. Is it common?

I faked my first orgasm after the first few times my bf and I slept together. I just couldn't cum no matter how turned on I was and how comfortable I was, and it definitely wasn't anything to do with his part. He's amazing in bed, hands down the best sex I've ever had, even when I first faked it.

But I just couldn't handle how embarrassed and ashamed I was that I couldn't orgasm, and he was really disappointed/upset with himself, even though it's no one's fault (especially his). So, I faked it, to make him feel better and so he wouldn't hate himself for something neither of us can control.

Then I just kept doing it because he was so happy, the sex kept getting better and better, and faking it turns me on (probably because it turns him on).

I have actually cum quite a few times, and since I told him that I'd been faking it, I haven't needed to fake it once.

I don't handle guilt very well and the burden of I guess lying to him for so long really really weighed down on me, and definitely still does. Obviously I feel like an absolute piece of shit for faking it a fair bit. But I just could not deal with not being good enough and with the shame and embarrassment of not being able to cum.

I regret ever doing it, I really fucking hate myself for it, and I wish I could go back in time and just tell him from the start that I just can't orgasm a lot of the time.

I wish he'd forgive me. I hope one day he does.
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>First time having sex was a drunken hookup with housemate

>Couldnt come no matter what she did, assumed it was the alcohol but was confused because I could get hard as I needed to be, but couldnt come

>Friend next day says to me "Why didnt you fake it?"

>Mfw I realize I didnt even consider that

Made me feel like a bit of an ass desu

As a guy I can imagine you start considering faking it when you hit that point where you're exhausted and just wanna finish up and go to sleep, but cant come.
No. That just seems silly to me.
Why would I ever do that? It's pretty much lying for no reason.
I can't make my gf cumming everytime we're having sex. It's not that I'm not good enough, it's just not the day for her.
I think i would really get hurt if she began to fake it. At first I was disappointed of myself of course, but I learned to deal with it.
Also, sometimes I don't come, but faking it would really hurt my gf. Lying to her for making her confortable is the worse I can actually do.
it was probably the alcohol
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I did 2 times with my gf when she was giving me a hando. She was sleepy and I am a greedy and want to enjoy something for more than 2 minutes but I felt bad that she was so tired even though she didn't do anything those days besides eat with me and watch some movies. I grabbed a sock both times and put it over my dick and didn't say anything. After washing up the first time I didn't tell her until the next morning. The second time she was just constantly asking "How close are you?" after only doing it for a minute And I got mad and just told her that I was done.

I eat her out until she wants to do something else but I can't enjoy a handjob.

Still love her.
Your opinion op
I have once
She was clearly getting bored and frustrated with how long I was taking. Decided to just move on.
Kek OP didn't even give their opinion faggot
Im a dude, I fake it all the time.
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