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>have crush on best friend's sister >been flirting

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>have crush on best friend's sister
>been flirting with her when i see her for at least 6 years
>post thread here a few days ago about situation
>helps me muster up courage to ask her out
>night before i go back to school from thanksgiving break
>both of us are drunk
>i ask her out
>she says yes
>apparently she's been waiting for this for 3 years
>i feel like a fucking champ for the first time ever
>can't actually take her on a date because i'm back at school right now
>don't want to lose momentum, because i like her a lot and clearly she feels the same way
>don't want to come across as desperate by trying to contact her too much before we've even gone out

Putting this into words was painful, but what's an appropriate, effective way for me to long-distance date this girl before I'm actually able to take her to dinner in person?

Thanks. It'll be my first time going on a date, so please be excited for me /adv/
She's been waiting three years, I'm sure she can wait a couple of months longer. If anything, I'm sure knowing you like her more will make it more likely she waits for you
Why'd you wait til the end of break to ask her?
It wasn't by design or anything. I just didn't get to see her until the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Even if I did get to see her earlier than that, I had so much going on that weekend that I don't think I'd have had time to take her out
Yeah I think so too, but I want to know what I should do between then and now
just keep in touch and call her once in a while to catch up. don't do too much text messenger or stuff like that.
I am in a very very similar sitation op. Only that i'm the girl. Unfortunately i have to go to work now. I really hope this tread is still up later as i would like to talk to somebody on the opposite side of this situation.
Still have a few minutes. We are 3 dates in, but sometimes we don't see each other for 3 weeks. The texting feels too superficial, but i couldn't bring myselfe to call him out of fear of awkward silences... Despite the fact that we have awesome conversatiobs when together
maybe suggest that he calls you? if you fear awkward silences, you'll never talk. silence happens, it's human.
OP here. I doubt that he'd feel too self-conscious about awkward silence over the phone. If you two have just started dating then it's only natural for you have somewhat bumpy conversations I think. That's how it usually goes with any new friends/coworkers I've ever met anyway.

I'm glad that you replied to the thread though. What are you trying to figure out or, rather, what's making the situation so daunting for you? Maybe we can help each other become less retarded. I'm around for the next 6 hours or so
Hey op! Just got off work. I'll have some time in about 1h. I'd love to share our opposite viewpoints.
Op, you still lurking?
Still here studying for my organic chem test
Oh good!

So, how long will it be until you'll be able to see her? Have you had any contact yet?

Well, in my case, the main thing that i feel a bit bothering is that we have such long times between seeing each other. We keep contact, but it's just smalltalk. After we have met, everything's just perfect, but you can tell that we have lost momentum after a few days. I guess that's because we aren't close enough/know each other good enough yet.
I'm gonna be back home in about 3 weeks. We've sent a few snapchats back and forth, but that's it really

Yeah, I know what you mean. I guess I'm a little more fortunate in that area, because I happen to know this girl pretty well already. Did you meet him through work or mutual friends or something reasonably important to you like that? That could probably be a good way to get meatier conversations going with him while you can't spend time together. When I was first getting to know the girl I'm taking out, we'd kind of just talk about her group of friends that I knew, her brother (my best friend), and our group of friends, because there was (and still is) a lot of overlap in our lives in subjects like that
I just don't know how being flirty comes into play when you haven't really established a relationship yet. Like, I think it'd be kind of weird to move things along in that direction if we haven't even kissed or anything yet. Trying to establish some romantic momentum for when I get back home is more what I was trying to ask you guys about
He's a good friend of my best friends (female) brother. We would have a lot of topics to talk about, but the situation mostly just allows us to text very infrequently and with up to 24h inbetween texts, so it's just draining to try having a real conversation like that.

Well, i know him since about 3 years, we met on a few occasions and always clicked pretty well, talking came easy. But we are both pretty shy and reserved, so it took us a kick in our asses to get things startet. It was my birthday and my friend suggested going for a drink. To my surprise she showed up with her brother and his whole squad. Well, the evening was a lot of fun and everybody had a drink too much. I was talking with said guy almost nonstop. Then we went to crash on "friends brothers" place and watched a movie. One after another went home or to bed until only the two uf us were still awake. We have been sitting next to each other and already getting a tiny bit touchy so after we were alone, it was just natural that we started to kiss. We had already exchanged numbers and startet making plans to meet up as soon as we were at home again.

What was the most daring/romantical thing that has already happened between you and your girl? Any suggestive texts or the like?
You could start off with a honest and innocent compliment. So she doesn't forget that you aren't just interested in her as a friend, but also as a woman. Aka you noticed her looks
Wow, I didn't think our situations would have actually been that similar lol.

The most daring thing that's happened between us happened either this past summer or the one before it. We were both drinking pretty heavily at a 4th of July party or something at her house, and when everybody but me, some of her friends, and my friend were gone, I put my hand on her bare thigh just to see how she would react. She definitely felt it, and she didn't do/say anything about it, but I didn't do it for too long, because my friend was right there and I didn't want to be a douche lol

Otherwise, she sent me a snapchat of her coming out of the shower pretty recently. It was completely out of nowhere, but I took it as my green light to step things up, because I could see lots of her boob over the top of her towel

The compliment is a good idea though. Maybe if she sends me a cute snapchat I'll say something to her
They really are!

Yeah, that means you definitely got green lights. She has sent you an after-shower-snap? Wow, you are so in. You could also tell her to send you one because you can't get enough of her pretty smile or something along the lines.

What do you have in mind for your first date?
Good job, OP.

>Some girl approaches me at the end of the semester
>Didn't care for her at first glance
>FF 2 weeks, feel like I want to have something with her, since those last 2 weeks have been a blast
>Tell her if she'd like to go out
>She says yes
>Wait a couple of days
>Greet her
>Get ignored

It's over.
It's really nice to get some female perspective on this lmao. I told my two roommates as soon as this happened, and they both had the same reaction:

>fuck man i dunno
>i want to say yeah but i can't tell

Ahhhh, I wish that I felt ballsy enough to ask for something like that from her, but like I said, I don't want to seem creepy or too forward at this point, just because we haven't done anything sexual before. Do you think that'd turn you off if you got that from your guy, or is that what you're looking for from him?

I wish I could borrow a woman's brain to sort through things like this with the opposite sex. It's like having a goddamn game shark
Fuck, I'm sorry to hear that man. Do you have any idea why she would have changed her mind after saying that she wanted to go out with you?
She was ok with you hand on her bare leg. She has said yes to a date. She had somehow told you that she has been waiting for this for a long time. She sends you revealing pics. There's absolutely no doubt from a female point of view. And i don't think you could say or do anything that's creepy to her at this point ( besides asking her to marry you or carry your babies ofc). He sends me cute stuff like that all the time, but we already got physical, so there's that... How frequent is the contact? And do you mind typing out how the "asking her out" went down? Might be a good way to see whete she stands.

Yeah, that would be awesome. I would give a lot to be able to read his mind from time to time...
Yeah fuck it, I'm gonna give it a shot once I'm done with my test tonight

It's kind of a strange development, lol. Years ago, we wouldn't text each other at all. At that point, I think we both had feelings for each other, but we were uncomfortable going out of our ways to see one another. That's how I felt at least. I just didn't want to make things weird for my friend. Eventually, we got flirty, and I'd kind of talk to his sister when we went to his house and I saw her in person. I don't even remember when I got her number, it was something pretty innocuous iirc

Eventually, I told my friend that I liked her, and since then he's kind of "arranged" for us to see each other when the two of us are chilling out at his house. Like, we'd drink and stuff together, either as just the three of us, or some combination of the three of us plus any other friends who wanted to come along.

As of this year, we'd have something like a short conversation about whatever happened the night before, but between seeing each other, there was little contact. I might hear from her every two weeks or something
This is what happened when I asked her out:
>i was at her house with her, two of her friends, and her brother
>we're hanging out in the kitchen eating wings that one of her friends picked up
>we're all pretty drunk at this point, about 1AM
>my brother is out front to pick me up
>i hug everybody and say good-bye

I get a text from her when I'm about to go to sleep, character for character:

>your not gonna text me when your gone :(
I have before >:|
I just always thought that I was bothering you
>No your not annoying
>You are far from annoying

I think everybody that was still at the house was in on this conversation, because then I got a text from my friend that said something like, "Dude, if you're gonna ask her out just do it now," so I just decided that it was worth it to just ask

When I get back from school, we should grab dinner or something
>yeah definitely that would be great :)
ok cool :) night suzy
>night anon :)
Do it! And report back with the results.

I know exactly what you mean. I would have never had the guts to do something with him all alone. It really needed that "drunk makeout sesh".

It still feels a bit weird. All our friends know that we have been on a few dates. And on the end of december we will have a gathering with all of them, including the two of us. I feel like we somehow need to know were this is heading until then or things will be rather awkward...

Yeah, my friend was absolutely working as a matchmaker too. Sneaky

But have you actually asked her for a date? Or what did you talk about last time you saw her?
That's sooo cute! She's definitely all over you. What was the next time you two had any contact?
We've got totally reciprocal perceptions of each other's situations, lol. It sounds like you're pretty set with this guy if you've already gone on a few successful dates with him. Maybe you should try taking your own advice with me. Be a little forward with him about what you've got and see what happens

No, I still haven't made specific plans with her, but I was thinking that maybe we should go to the city to see the tree or something (we live on Long Island). I always have a good time walking around and talking in the city. I was gonna ask about the specific thing/day when I got closer to being home again

I sure hope so lol. I'm terrible at gauging this sort of thing. We talked yesterday, but it was small-talk, probably like what you mentioned you had going with your guy
Eerie. If it wasn't for the small details it could have very well be that you are him. Lol

Yeah, we are already pretty deep in. We are texting everyday since a month and had 3 dates. Last time we have slept together for the first time. A bit fast, but you know, heat of the moment and stuff. Oh well.

Our texts are mostly banter, flirting and talking about our day. I would just like to get to know him even better and that's a bit stalled because we only see each other so "rarely".

I'm lile you, i like to make plans specific close to the date. But maybe in your case it would help to show her that you're serious about wanting to see her?

Good idea! Our first date was pretty spontaneous (we had a date planned the next day but couldn't wait, lol) and just a walk in the woods. Couldn't have been more perfect. Walking is good, do that!

What do you mean with being a little forward with what i got?
That's true too. I should really make sure that this is going to happen so that I don't end up like poor >>16521607

>what you've got
as in, what you and your guy have between you right now. It sounds like you're both pretty into each other, so you may as well try to talk to him about some more serious things to show that you're serious about the relationship. Like, you could bring up something that's bothering you that he could realistically sympathize with. It'd probably be a bad idea to bring up something related to people or situations that he wouldn't be familiar with, just because he won't be able to really discuss the problem with you. It'll let him know that you trust him, and you can both share experiences about things that are sometimes more difficult to talk about.

Congrats on getting laid btw, lol
Exactly. Gurls are weird sometimes (guys too for that matter...). She might feel like you aren't as interested as she thought if you don't make a definife move iow set a date

Thanks. I guess that's exactly what is lacking. I just feel weird telling him stuff like that. Not because i don't trust him, but because it would take a lot more conrext for him to truly understand and that's just not possible yet. And i really don't have that much everyday problems i could "rant" about. I can't think of anything that would fit those criterias. Do you have any specifiy scenarios in yoir mind?

Lol. Thanks. I can't wait to do it again. It was awesome
You could probably talk about something work-related in a way that he could definitely empathize with

>fuck my boss
>fuck that bitch at the front desk
>fuck school

As long as you do it in a way that doesn't make you seem like a downer, usually people are happy to talk about things they dislike. It's a good way to bond
That's what i mean. I like my boss/coworkers. There's nothing to complain about, lol. And i really dislike complaining in general. But i get the idea. I'll tell him if i have a bad day sometime.
I think that's a much better thing to have than to have a conversation starter given to you by an anonymous retard on /adv/
It's still nice to hear what would make others in similar situations feel closer.
And i feel like that was spot on.
I've gotta go take my test now, so I'm going to head out for awhile. Thanks for all of the advice :D I've been lurking this board for like 2 years. I really wish that more threads were engaging in this sort of way rather than archiving almost immediately. I guess the two of us just lucked out because of our similar situations

If this doesn't archive and you wanna talk some more, I'll probably check back later.

Good luck anon
Good luck on your test!

I'm going to bed now.

Maybe we catch each other again another time. I'm sure i'll be making some treads in the future.

Take care and i hope everything works out even better than your wildest dreams with your girl.
>long-distance relationship

Doesn't exist. She'll be sucking dicks in the meanwhile and so should you.
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