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I'm afraid of taking the first step. I'm in a rough

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I'm afraid of taking the first step.

I'm in a rough situation but I'm am lucky enough to have the resources to get myself out of it.
But I'm afraid of failing again like the last time I tried to fix my life, it took an enormous amount of effort and I had to try again and again.
I'd need to go back to school to get a degree, I don't know what to pick, I'm afraid of making the wrong choice, and I'm afraid I won't be up to the task.
I need to cut out the toxic people in my life, my father wich is leeching off of me and simply putting me down, as long as I'm near him I won't accomplish anything.
But how do I do that? he's my family, and there's no other way to solve this by removing him defintely and permanently.
I would like to go live on my own but there's nothing I can afford with the jobs I'm able to get.

Maybe I could live off my savings for a year or two as long as I get a job and I manage to complete my education,
but I'm afraid of making the wrong choice, what's the first thing I should do?
If I fail this time there's nothing to fall back to because I'm willingly removing that safety net, because I'm stuck into it.

How long would it take then?
side from the education aspect, how long will it take to find a stable job? how long till I muster the courage to leave my house?
Should I rent a camera or an appartment?

I feel lost but I need to take a step in the right direction.
Can you please give me some advice?
How old OP? My first idea was go move to a university and take a loan out until you finish. Get a degree in something you are decent at. Once you invest in a loan you will force yourself to finish

stupidest fucking advice in the world

are you american or some shit?


learn a fucking trade or even better a skill and start a low cost business and make more money than 99% of all the college cunts.
Who the fuck knows why people want to make money for other people these days.
25 next year.

I wish, I still need 2 years to get my hs degree.
And I think I should have enough savings to survive on them for a year or two if I can get a low income job.
I don't really want to get a loan because I'm already afraid in the future I might have to burden myself with those my father is already taking.

He has something like 5-6 loans with different banks and he's paying something like 600€ a month, and when I say "he" I mean "I".
It's one of the reason I REALLY need to cut him out of my life.

>learn a trade
Wouldn't know how to use this option really,
most trades here require a very long apprenticeship.
Also starting a buisness is very risky considering I live in one of the euro states that has the highest tax rate, I see most buisnesses failing in the first year for bankruptcy.

I don't think it's stupid advice tough, any suggestion is welcome.
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if you have at least 1k in savings i would suggest nursing, register with your state board as nar then do the class to get certified as a cna, my cna class took a month and cost 800 bucks (tuition, books, supplies, everything except the gas to get there and back and the absurd amount of energy drinks i require to not hate myself while learning) on the dad thing, its possibly one of the hardest choices you will ever make in your life to cut senpai. but if your dad is truely parasitic then you need to do it, you will hate doing it you will hate yourself for doing it for a very long time but you will be much better off for doing so. (easy to say hard to do) i do not know whether you are in a relationship or rent prices in your area. my house is paid for and so are my cars so a 40 hour work week at 11/hr is more than enough for me to pay bills and still have some money for savings, i realize you gave decent info but we'd probably need more info to give proper whole advice ( i would still suggest nursing as from cna you can go to LPN(2 year equiv) , RN(4year equiv) nurse practitioner(masters degree equiv) all of which generally come with bumps in expected pay and a huge sense of personal achievement
on a side note pic totally related
I've got a decent amount of saving that eventually I would have used to buy myself a house, it's not nearly enough for that but I think I can use 10k € to support myself long enough to get my shit straight.

In my area rent are around 500-700€ for a small appartment, not sure if expensens are included or not, I'm not sure I'd be able to find a job locally so that might be the first thing to consider and then try to find an appartment near the workplace.

I'm not sure about the technicalities of becoming a nurse in europe,
I've had a little experience nursing my mother when she had cancer, it wasn't pleasant, but you had me thinking.
My first option would be going back to school to try finish my diploma in telecomunications (about 2 years) and find a job in the field (wich is a big ?) and I would also need to find a job to support myself in the meantime.
Bump again
Im in bed right now and cant sleep bexause i cant stop thinking how much i hate him and how much id lke to bash his face.
Im losing my mind and right now the only thing i want to do is just fuckkng get up and kill him.
10/10 pic
Well I would suggest an accountability partner. Currently I am also looking for one. You talk regularly about your problems and create plans together to improve you lives. I know I tend to ruin the plans I lay for myself. I just can't stick to anything. An accountability partner reminds us of our goals and how far we have come already.

If you are interested I set up the email below. Completely as private as you want to be.

Also, I recently went through something very similar with a family member. Feeling guilted into giving large unreturned loans and then feeling manipulated into forgiving them was something they did all the time... But I have control of that now.
Thread posts: 11
Thread images: 2

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