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I don't know how to act around men anymore

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After being way to long on the Internet it started to get weird for me around men. I read so much hate towards women on the Internet every single day (not just on 4chan), I never get used to it. It's has started to affect me badly, when I see men I can almost feel how much he resents me. It gotten so bad I don't know how to deal with it. All my male friends come to 4chan, and I know they write comments like "dum cunt" and so on. I bet they look at me as potential cheating lying bastard like their ex girlfriends.

How far is the Internet from reality?
Guys aren't really like that right?
Do you really actually hate women are is it more like venting?

Are they just saying what they don't dare to say in person? Meaning people are more "real" when it comes to their opinions and values online than in "real life" ?

Specially all those comments that justify rape makes me freaked out around men. I'm not afraid they are going to rape me, I'm not that nuts. But im afraid they are going to blame me for it regardless of the situation if it did happen.
4chan is the pit that spawned Elliot Roger.

If you think Elliot Roger is the norm, your reality is definitely warped.

Most guys (well adjusted guys) just don't really give a fuck and see women as regular people. There is also a large pocket that see women as sex objects, and a large one that sees em as goddesses. Even as pockets they eclipse the fervent women haters of 4chan.

Percentage wise it probably goes like this:

60% Normal, well adjusted
24% Players
14% Awkward, goddess worshipers
2% woman haters
You got along with them fine before, right? Nothing is different. If they "hated" you before and you didn't mind, you shouldn't mind now.

That said, guys generally don't despise women 24/7, we're just really sick of the few things you do that piss us off because you do them so often.

As for justifying rape, most of the time it's really about justifying not giving a shit when it happens.
Normal healthy minded men don't hate women.

That's a good point. Things just started to mess with my head. A lot actually, specially comments that imply men deserve "the perfect" woman just for being a man. Im worried there are many Elliot Rogers out there, that don't use violence but are just as messed up.

It doesn't help that I am surrounded by slightly misogynistic people in "real life".

1. Dad thinks I can't do math because im a woman. Im pretty good at math, not as good as he is though.

2. One guy at work dislikes if I do something better than him. Not sure if he is that way with guys also, it doesn't really look like it though. He is also late on purpose when we are forced to work togehter. (His mother is crazy)

3. My sisters ex always wanted everything to be 50:50, in the early stages of the relationship they both found that pretty great. Until they finished their education and he wanted her to pay just as much as she did in house loans, he made almost double income. Then he sat up a loan plan for her, meaning she would build up a huge debt to him. She tried to get him to change his mind, but they broke up instead.

4. My father looks down on women that show skin, strip or do porn but still enjoy lalala to them. Maybe he doesn't realize those women are somebody daughter also. Personally I don't mind porn, I just find it hypocritical.

5. PhD friend said that women are less logical than men, then started talking about how the brains is different in men and women. He said it was not my fault for being less logical than him...
it sounds like you care too much about what other people think. just do your own thing, god damn. that's what men do

Good, our lies are working.
Stop going to Tumblr for awhile. I am female, am supporting equality (except if they come to ridiculous things), and against rape-y things but I dislike how majority Feminists antagonize guys for ridiculous reasons. Those words they write are actually really toxic and makes me afraid of guys in society.
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please for the love of some sort of god, dont take everything you read on the internet as gospel. majority is shitposting/venting by men who have been burned by some chick because she put him in the friendzone so everybody else needs to feel as bad as he does... take everything they say with a grain of salt.
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Guys with girlfriends don't spend their free time on the internet calling girls dumb cuts. They're busy living their lives. The internet do absolutely not represent how the average Joe acts or thinks.

Now that i think about it, i'm pretty sure there's a lot of (single) men being mad at this whole feminism thing and the rape culture meme. (those in relationships usually don't give a crap). This creates a shitload of shitty comments from both sides.


1. I'm a 24 male and all of my math helpers in my Uni are girls at my age. They're fucking geniuses. Your dad is a dinosaur. Sorry...

2. He sounds like a weirdo i would never hang out with. I have a female friend from my childhood who owns my ass at ping pong. She even makes fun of me at that, but its all cool.

3. Never been in an economic relationship. Can't comment.

4. Yup, definitely a T-rex

5. "Logical" is such a loose term. It doesn't mean anything. What logic? Gate logic? ProLog? Decision making?

Whether it is true or not i don't know, and honestly don't care. I enjoy differences. Men and women both have pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. Asymmetry is exciting and creates attraction. Relationships are about natural reciprocity, not tit-for-tat score keeping.

Trying to stop caring, but it's not working. Need to buy a book named "how not to give a shit".


Tumblr is pretty bad yeah... that place also messes with my head. They love thigh gaps for some reason and shitposting.

Yeah, it's not that great actually.

Glad to hear it's actually not like this in "real life". It's helping =)
So yeah i went a bit off topic.

The internet is where people go to vent and let out whatever it is. Use the real world as your reference, not the internet.
If it helps, keep in mind they're probably thinking the same about you.
The internet isn't a 1:1 scale microcosm. There is a disproportionate amount of lonely, angry men here, because the men who are good with women are out in the real world living life. That's not to say that normal people don't also use the internet, but the proportions are skewed and lonely men will spend more time here than normies.
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>Are they just saying what they don't dare to say in person? Meaning people are more "real" when it comes to their opinions and values online than in "real life" ?

People in internets, especially 4chan are usually only shitposting for the sake of fun shitposting. Yes people can post honest opinion a lot more freely here, but that can also means people can post their dishonest opinions freely here too.

Like for example in /a/ guys contributing in "I want to do undescribable things to Hestia" threads could be just bored and aren't really that interested in the sexualizing the girl or the anime. A lot of us are just bandwagoning because it's fun to see what people's reaction posts may appear. Hell when I tried to make an argument to defend a hated character that's actually easy to be opposed in /a/, the anons are suddenly post more pics of the character I defend and disliking the popular character. I also once made an experimental hate argument to oppose a meme in a certain fanbase just to see if that argument can work.

tl;dr a lot of us here are just having fun with shitposting
It's not Osomatsu fanbase I was talking btw. It was an older fanbase.
How far is the Internet from reality?
>Not that far, what ppl are like on the internet is what they wish to be like irl but cant muster the courage to be so.
Guys aren't really like that right?
>please don't generalize us. Thanks
Do you really actually hate women are is it more like venting?
>If I need to vent I go to my cottage by myself sit down in the rain with a couple beers and question life. Not hate women.. That's just childish.

Thank you, those are great responses. Things are getting back into prespective now.


Hm I never really hated men, I guess they might think that I do.
I don't hate women, but sometimes i feel they are inferiour to men. Sometimes they seem better.
Normally i don't discriminate, but evidently in some cases you can scrap some sorts of stupidity in classes of a man/woman thing
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 4

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