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Why can't I stick to my own plans? I have a goal, and

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Why can't I stick to my own plans?

I have a goal, and I know *exactly* how to reach it. The stuff I have to do isn't particularly hard and I enjoy a lot of it. But it does require that I make better use of my time. I don't need to be a commando, but right now I wake up late and take forever to get ready and meals take forever, etc. I *can* get up early and I *can* stick to a schedule for a couple days, but I never maintain it for long. I really can't find the problem? Why is it so hard to change my habits?

I really admire soldiers and military lately, just because they "do". Get up at 5 and be UP, and getting something done, even if it's moving sandbags while they feel like shit. If only I could achieve that kind of discipline with my studies.
My god, I feel you so much. I am the exact same way, except without the goal part. And that's precisely due to eveything else you just said.
Halp plz
holy shit family

did i post this unconsciously or something?
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OP here. Also, was prescribed Adderall for some years. That stuff helped me get over a lot of things, and helped a lot in the short term for 'just do it'. I didn't waste time on meals because I was so fucking excited to get the next thing done.

That said though, it never really did anything for the overarching problem of waking up late. If I could spend 3 hours a day 5 days of the week, I'd really be somewhere with it. Adderall did nothing to change my decision making on committing to a longer-term goal.

I'm in a position in life right now where this is VERY possible, comfortable, and optimal. I have lots of free time and I can't get a job because of medical stuff. But I can work on skills that will be useful when I get a job. Or I can invest my time into regularly reading classic books, which I really love to do.

I think I've boiled it down to the moment I before I decide to take any 'action-task', or often continue any 'action-task'.

For example, I finish eating and decide to jerk off before starting studies and whoops there goes an hour. Or now, I'm deciding to stay up and post even though I know I probably won't find insight. I recognize that I need to make the decision I know is right, and do so EVERY TIME, not just sometimes like I do now.
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I've boiled this problem down to the minutiae of my fucking conscious existence- I need to recognize when I am presented with a decision on what I should be doing, and always pick the one I know is 'right'. It'll be hard at first so I need to build the habit over time, sure. But I just can't think of a practical exercise for this. It's pretty much "just do it" and I manage that for a few days at a time and then fall back into my bad habits.

I figured that I could start by waking up at the same time every day and going to bed at the same time. Then going to exercise every day, and so on. Slowly I'd build self-control and momentary decision making. But I've failed this. I've gotten started and failed over. and over. and over.

halp. I don't want to give up my dreams, but even though they're very reasonable, I just don't seem to put in the effort. It's not that I cant, I just don't. Why not?
i was on adderall for a minute but dropped it cold turkey cause it was detrimental, it did nothing but hurt me

i lost weight and i associated it with masturbation

it made my addiction to porn even worse

i am going to go through life as i am instead relying on some speed
This isn't going to be the answer you want:

The easiest way is to trick your brain into doing one small task related to your goal every single day.

For example: if you want to get into shape but feel lazy to workout, tell yourself to do just one pushup. That's so insanely simple that it's hard to not do it. Once you get on the ground and finish that pushup, youll probably want to do more and maybe even a full workout.

Pursue your goals in this way.
you're welcome
ritalin made me sit on a couch and stare at a wall for four hours without any kind of constructive thought
Wow that sounds like a good idea. I may apply this to my drinking problem. Hopefully that will help
Op here. I do this already to get started, but on everything but exercise it fails as described before i get momentum.

Exercise is the only place I've seen any success; i always manage to get at least 10 laps in the pool everyday. Maybe its just because my gym has a hotub i use too though.
Thread posts: 11
Thread images: 3

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