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Gf doesn't like giving oral

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Short summary:

I'm a very jealous type of guy.

She has only ever had previous sexual encounters with one person other than myself. No sex before me. I'm always going down on her, but there's never any reciprocation. From a previous conversation with her I discovered she used to do it with the previous guy she was seeing to keep him happy and she done it MORE with him. I can't seem to stop fixating on the fact that she used to give the guy she was seeing before me to keep him happy, but basically flat out doesn't do it with me. Have spoken about this, but virtually nothing has changed.
How well do you clean your junk? Are the hedges trimmed?
Are you uncut? Maybe give the bits a quick rinse?
Whatever she did before has nothing to do with you. If you want more oral and it's a dealbreaker, then end it. You should treat this as though you have no idea what she used to do.
Tried all of them, always trying to keep on top of it so that in the event of it actually ever happening I'm clean.

Yeah, suppose I've never really thought about it like that before.
>i'm a very jealous type of guy
stop doing that
being jealous just leads to insecurity and misplaced anger
fuck it, leave her

it bothers you and it will until your emotions spill and you'll end up killin her with a power drill
Happened to me in High School so I got what I wanted from someone else but still got to fuck her. Girls that don't suck dick just won't budge.
Well, you can still try anal bro.
Oral sex is overrated most of the time unless the giver is really good at it.
But unless she completely shit on your dick, anal never disappoint you :p
When you talked to her about it were you very clear that you actually do want head or did you just point out the fact that you don't get any?
Here's a radical new concept for you: sex is supposed to be enjoyable for BOTH parties. If she doesn't like doing X or having you do Y, then X or Y doesn't happen. Period. (Of course you have the same right to veto anything she wants if it's unpleasant for you)

Now, if getting a blowjob is so important to you that it's a deal-breaker, break the deal. It's better to let her go find someone who doesn't demand bjs while you find someone who likes giving them, than to try to force/cajole/guilt her into doing what she doesn't like.
Bolt.Book it.Split.
Bjs end at marriage but if they aint there before you are looking at a feminist or who fucking cares.
Get out of that clown car as fast as you can and run run to the nearest hooters and PAY a waitress to blow you in the bathroom.
Hear me now,believe me later.
What you got is an abomination to god .....,..
And allah.
op a women that did something with another but not you means the comfort between you and her are different than with her and him.

See he brought out the whore in her and you need to do the same play around with sex try new things if she's trying to cover up the this may bring it out if she's trying to only be missionary then dump her and be honest she's a bad lay.

If she's not having fun during sex it's your fault but if your spicing it up and allowing her to do the same and still doesn't then it's still your fault but she's not working with you.

Dump her to that guy she's a great lay to you she's not why stay with a shitty fuck.
She enjoys it dumb ass op got info the issue is she's trying to hide the whore within her.
This is a load of bs.
Who cares.If shes playing good girl she needs to be thrown away cuz you dont wanna be the one dragging the whore out of her.Unless drugs are involved you are looking at years of yanking the sex chain.Shit is tiring.
Bitches i date are leg spread ready.
Tat Whores.To the core and i make no claims i ever give two shits about them.Bjs are on the level of skin being ripped off by the vacuum action.
BJs end at marriage? haha lol, what a sad marriage that would be.
been married almost 10 years and still get a BJ AT LEAST once a week, mostly 2-3 times.
Not only does my wife enjoy giving me head, she also says, if she doesn't do it, I'll find someone else who will.
Women who neglect their mans needs, can't complain about him finding satisfaction elsewhere. Simple as that.
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>refuses to give blowjobs
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 2

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