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Alright /adv/ I'm done feeling sorry for myself, I want

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Alright /adv/

I'm done feeling sorry for myself, I want to come back stronger than ever and rebuild my life. But I need a fucking reason. It's like my eyes were just opened and the world is dark...so fucking dark. I feel hopeless and helpless

To sum up the past few weeks or so:

I was given a 2 weeks notice last week, last day of work will be Dec 3. My degree is in Computer Engineering and I moved to SF just for this job, but I'm finding that I hate object oriented coding...like all parts of it. So fuck, wrong 4 year investment in my life

My dad lost his job and was counting on the money I sent monthly to pay off the bills. I won't be able to do that without my job. I feel like I let my family down

I had a trip to Europe planned for Dec 10 to 20, but now money is gonna short so I wonder if I should just bite the bullet with refunding fees and get my 3k back.

Finally to solidify the fact that the Universe hates me, I found out yesterday this 1 girl I've been dating the past 6 months (she wanted to take it slow), became officially bf/gf with some retail clerk 2 months ago. I got played...hard....I talked to her and wanted to cut her off, but she started crying about how I was the best friend she ever met and wants to stay friends...she didn't tell me since she didn't want to lose me or some crazy shit...I like hanging out with her but fuck... too much on my mind right now.

Honestly, I figure why even try.... the only reason I found to not kill myself was because other people will feel bad. It seems that society is just full of selfish pricks, everyone I know seems like they want to help me just so they can get something, or feel better about themselves.

Why did everything collapse at the same time? I was an honest hard working man that wanted to help his family and work on improving himself...

help me /adv/
Someday you will see the day when you are success, rich, and your families are smiling because of you.
The day will only come if you keep trying for the sake of it.
Do it to see that fucking day.
But how...where do I start?
Were you terminated with or without cause?
>universe hates me
Don't think you're so important that the universe takes you into account in any way.

Anyways. Your problems don't seem too bad. One lost job isn't the end of the world. people get fired or laid off and continue to live every day, and you're no different. You have a good degree, you may not like the work, but come on-- this is work. It is impossible to 'love' work. Even in your dream job, there are going to be many days you dont want to go but have to and you'll get resentful and bitter. The greatest folly of our modern world is the idea that work should be both financially and spiritually fulfilling, and it leaves so many people totally disillusioned and searching for 'more' where they should be satisfied.

Start looking for another job in your field, or perhaps info a different branch of your field. You have a duty yourself to be the best man you can be, and part of that is being productive. You have parents who need you--are you going to let them suffer just because you don't like the line of work you chose for yourself? Utterly selfish. Unmanly. Sacrifice for others, and take pride in your giving. In your free time you can develop a new skill set to transition into, but for now you need to take care of yourself and those who depend on you.

Get those refunds, as you'll need that money.

Forget the girl, you need to focus on yourself right now. Treat her like that one chick in Quest For Fire-- when the man is raping her and the enemies are coming so he throws her down to escape to safety himself. That's what you need to do, metaphorically.

This is it. Facing struggle and figuring out a way to triumph is what being a man is all about. I was jobless and homeless once, and it was the most thrilling time of my life. I almost miss those days, when i wad so focused, so clear minded, on the hustle to make things work any way I could. You're going to look back on this time of your life with pride at how well you handled it
It's the challenges in life that define you as a person...

Start looking for a job (possible near family or most $$)
Understand why you got fired from last job so you can work on improving.
I would probably cancel the Europe trip, but it depends on how quickly you think you can get a job or if you have any savings.

I agree with what the others say on here. If you need any help, feel free to ask.
>Universe hates me
Thats actually contraire. Your'e going through a rough patch. Read The Secret
OP here, Thanks /adv/ am in tears with what you wrote. Am pretty drunk right now though...

With cause, some jackass in mobile app development department wanted an engineering R&D job and took advantage of what I said to him about how the projects will be scrapped when the bubble pops

Kudos on your ability to surpass that sociatal barrier. After reading "The Way of Men" by Jack Donoval, I do believe that struggling is hard coded in men's genes. I am willing to suffer for my family...but is focus and determination enough to overcome this challenge? I've been applying to 3 jobs a day as my daily goal, no jobs so far...and it's really discouraging being a 2 year experienced computer engineer in the outer rims of Silicon Valley....

Already started(3 a day is the current goal). I got fired due to lack of experience. (They hired a bunch of MIT frat boys vs me, an inexperienced new grad). I have about 10k saved up (pre tax), and a 1.2k rent in SF so I put myself in about 4 months before going into debt... I do need help, but I don't know what help to ask.....any recommendations on what to do next??

Read the wiki, positive thinking leads to positive things...Believe me, I was in a positive mindset before all thing broke loose
>Implying you will be impervious to shit out of your control just because you have a positive mindset.

Welcome to Hell week, soldier
what do I do sir? My Fucking legs are broken and I can't crawl, and I can't find someone to carry me.....
Use your chin
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