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I'm a pretty good music writer but how do I into production

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I'm a pretty good music writer but how do I into production and shit?
by producing? record your own music with any digital audio workstation (DAW) and practise, practise practise.

offer friends to produce their music when you feel firm in your abilities.
DAW is helpful, I hope you have an interface or mixer to plug your stuff into OP. What instruments do you primarily write with / what are you planning on recording? if you're plugging a guitar or bass directly into a mixer / interface be sure to use high impedance for those specific inputs, but don't use that for anything else. use balanced connections whenever possible (e.g. XLR, TRS), avoid RCA connections completely. and if you don't own any mics you probably want to look into finding a decent cardioid condenser to start, condensers use phantom power but you don't want to use phantom with other types of mics, they can blow out ribbons for example (guessing you don't own one of those though).

obviously there's a lot of different factors that come into play but definitely record as much as you can if you want to become better at it.
I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 that I use to record acoustic guitar and vocals. My microphone is a Shure 58 Usually sounds really rough because I record in my bedroom.

I compose a lot of video game music on FL studio but I'm getting tired of using the presets, haven't figured out how to tweak the VSTs either.
>My microphone is a Shure 58
this isnt a recording mic though i use it myself for recording at home. for proper recordings (even semi professional ones with less money invested) you would go for something better (dont get me wrong the sm58 is really nice).

read about recording mics for starters
>this isnt a recording mic though
oh and btw you specifically asked for "how to get into producing" but i guess you meant "recording, producing and anything related" right? this is how i took it^^
Recording and producing are two very large fields that require literally years of knowledge and thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of equipment.
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you mean an SM58? pretty good moving coil mic but much better for louder / live sound than recording acoustic guitar, not the best frequency response either which is why I recommend a condenser. the SM27 is pretty good from what I hear but I have no personal experience with it, more sensitive to sound and flatter frequency response (i.e. more accurate representation of the sound you're recording). if you have some boom stands at your disposal, try crafting a blanket fort ISO booth (pic related, hope the shitty diagram reads), a concave formation will help focus the sound to one point and you can place the mic(s) where that point is and get a better recording that way. I personally have never used FL studio but should be good if you can record audio without having to resort to a sampler (like older versions of Reason). as far as production is concerned I'd look up some youtube vids on EQ and compression, those will give you a pretty good idea of how to tweak your sound to your liking but it's also important to keep in mind that no amount of production can make a shitty recording sound good.

also try to keep the mic like a foot away, having it too close to the source can cause distortion in low end and make it sound real shitty
Ah! My friend and I tried to make a blanket fort for our metal demo. Never actually used to because of the hassle of bringing a computer into my basement. I hadn't thought about trying it out for my acoustic shit. I've also been putting the mic right up against my guitar to get enough volume, but apparently I should be amplifying it later lol

yea that's basically all you can do if you're recording acoustic in an open-spaced room, but as said the proximity effect will adversely affect the frequency response and make it sound muddy. the purpose of the "iso booth" is to make it so you don't have to amplify your sound so much, mic outputs are very low in the first place so you'll always need a preamp but over-amplifying can cause distortion and generally pick up other ambient sounds you don't want in a recording. unplug / get rid of all the noisy shit in your live room you can and that'll make a noticeable difference in your recordings too. experiment as much as you can with different mic placements though, acoustic science is can be more intuitive than a science sometimes and in the end it's a matter of what sounds best. easier to figure that out with some points of reference, yadidimean?
also neat trick (learned about it in a lecture few weeks ago, no idea if this is actually applicable) is to place the mic right at the surface of some sort of obstacle (anything that reflects sound) as the acoustic pressure is twice as big right at the surface due to constructive interference (so less amplification needed)

interesting, I imagine this would work well with a bidirectional mic for picking up direct sound and reflections, but all depends on the sound you're going for I suppose
youtube that VST shit man.
boring as hell to watch tons of seamlessr videos, but they really help in the long run; they are packed with tons of information.
grasp the basics of a favorite vst, then listen to some of your favorite songs and try to recreate what you hear.

this is what worked for me, hope it helps
Will definitely do this. Hopefully I'll be able to make something professional sounding in FL studio eventually.
Thread posts: 15
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