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Kamina's Care Corner RETURNS!

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It's me the great and mighty Kamina here again after many years.

It's been, I wanna say, four years since I've been on here and I suddenly got the inspiration to start these threads back up again!

You know the drill!

Post your problems and I'll do my best to solve them!

It's good to see you all again by the way.
>you know the drill
i get it.
i cant find leipƤjuusto at whole foods
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Holy shit
Guess I'll bump.
I have been trying to change myself for the Better the past couple years, but to no avail. I got a gym membership but stopped going after a couple weeks and also recently been trying to eat better and socialize more. But soon afterwards, I go right back to being my lazy fatass self. I have been trying to break out of this routine, Busty have had no success with it.

How can I truly dedicate myself to being a better man?
I'm no Kamina but your literally just like me, I started to gym a while ago and im trying to get out more, but sometimes lose motivation. What I am doing to keep me going is doing this with a friend at the same time, we push each other to want to go out to the gym and once we get there we push each other to do more, trust me it helps alot. Try and convince a friend to come to the gym with you it helps out ALOT.
Repostin here because no one responded to the thread I made

I'm starting to believe I'm actually stupid and beyond hope /adv/. I'm in college, currently undeclared. I have absolutely zero idea what I want to do with my life, and by extension what major I should do. I have no real dreams aside from being able to live comfortably; no job appeals to me to be honest, and I'm not interested in helping other people, as selfish as that sounds. The only passions I do have aren't really applicable in a way where I can make a living off of them. And I'm not at all intelligent. I study for hours for things and still get grades averaging in the low-mid 80s.
>take econ midterm, get 79
>take second econ midterm later after trying to fix study habits from first time, get 82
I only barely kept up in my com sci fundamentals class and got an 83 on that midterm, and I'm falling behind now. Even in Japanese, which is the only class I'm taking I can say I really like, I end up making stupid mistakes everywhere and getting mid-high Bs on homework and tests. Just recently the advisor for my freshmen seminar course expressed concern about my academics and advised me to talk to my academic advisor (this was via email so nothing specific, I haven't gotten the chance to talk to the latter yet) even though I thought I was doing ok in that one. How the fuck do you do that poorly in a fucking freshmen seminar?

How do I change myself? Even aside from just academics I have a lot of self issues anyway, but I want to focus on the school side here. I'm thinking of traveling the world after graduating, to find out what to do with my life, but that thinking doesn't do anything much for me right now, and I don't want to "waste" my major.
There was this girl in collage that I had a crush on,but she didn't like me back, so I stopped talking to her. She kept coming back and I made it clear this will not work out. I didn't have a problem with being her friend. The thing is she wasn't vulnerable with me. She kept secret, didn't invite me to hang out or at least present me with other friends of her. She just always came back to text me, because I was funny and interesting. I did manage to stop texting her and just concentrate on me. 2 year later, she found me on a anonymous app. I know is her, but she will not tell me. When I confront her, she just make a new account and start talking to me again assuming she's from another country. I want to stop and just delete the app (did 2 times and I came back), but before I leave I want her to admit it's her. Should I keep playing her game or just move on?
Sorry dudes and dudettes. Been crazy busy today. Keep in mind that my advice may come a bit late due to my hectic schedule.

With that said I'll get to responding to a few of you guys!

Gimme a sec to read up and I'll do what I can to help ya!
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Listen up bro! The key to becoming a better man is to work toward a better YOU. Don't worry about society's standards of what a MAN is. You need to define it for yourself!

That being said a bit of exercise never hurt anyone! Try to reward yourself for a job well done. Like little treats here and there for sticking to the program.

Also it helps to come up with a final product. Something that you'd like to work toward. You need to visualize in your mind what you want ultimately and use that as DRIVE to build that man that you wanna be!

Just remember that it's not about what society wants. It's about what YOU want. And if your goal is the ladies just remember one thing (and though it may be a bit corny). Flowers don't go looking for bees bro. Bees hunt for bloomed flowers.

Stay determined.
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This is a tricky situation to weigh in on honestly.

I personally tried going to college but couldn't think of anything to dedicate my major to.

After a semester I decided to drop out and focus on saving money. Got a job, started putting away some cashola.

I only just recently considered going back to school (it's been three years since I dropped the idea).

Honestly bro if you're going in for your associates which I assume you are... I recommend sticking with something broad like communications. You say you're learning japanese. That may be an interesting career later down the road. Translator.

There are more and more routes of communication opening up connecting english and japanese.

An associates in Communications seems like the perfect route for you buddy!

I hope that helps!
Honestly bro she seems to enjoy pullin your strings.

I don't really have any deep and crazy complex advice to offer you here.

But I will say, stop letting her toy with you.

You don't need confirmation that she's the one screwing with you. You just need to perma cut that crazy broad outta yer life!

And trust me on this one, I've had my fill of crazy broads.
If Kamina was real I would bang him until the end of episode 8.
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What? Not into corpses? ;D
Are you posting before or after episode 8? If after that is spooky.
Hey Drillbro.
My issue is I can't seem to feel deeply about other people. It's hard to care about what they have to say or what's going on in their lives. It makes forming genuine friendships hard, let alone dating. Any idea how to flip turn this situation around?
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How do I fuck your bitch and get away with it?
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That's probably one of the craziest situations I've ever heard.


Well friendships don't usually start with caring. More often than not they start with common interests! The caring will generally come with time, and after the fact that you've already found a friend in the person in question.

To answer your question more bluntly. Don't sweat caring about people! Focus on making friends through mutual interests!
This is strangely refreshing to hear.
Thanks mate. I will take this to heart.
She's all yours Alphonse!

If you can handle her that is.
It's what I'm here for broseidon.

Stay strong and forever manly.
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Yoko and leeron littner are the only good parts about this anime.
Kamina I need some advice. Been dating this girl for a month now and she is being complete dick to me and none of my friends. At first I thought it was cute, but now she shits on me for every mistake I make and been somewhat sweet when we're alone. What the deal with her? P.S. She's the third girl I dated that doesn't have a dad in her life, they all seem to have this same trait.
Sounds to me like she's got a domination quirk.

She likes to feel in control of you when around other people. It's not so much a daddy issue thing as much as it is a dominant thing.

It's a nice thing if you're into it but you're clearly not.

Here's what I recommend.

Be open with her. Tell her that you're not into being treated like trash when you're in public and wanna be treated like her boyfriend, not her slave.

If she refuses to listen to you or dismisses your needs and wants then you need to kick her to the curb.

There's no use staying with someone that won't compromise with you.
My gf of 3 years cheated on me and left me for another guy. She's still with him. It's been 3 months now and I still feel pretty broken. I try reading new things, playing video games, going out with friends at least once a week, looking for a job etc.

I just get these slumps all the time. I've tried hooking up with other people and it honestly just makes me feel like shit. I don't think I'm ready to date again. i just want to get over this girl who smashed my heart into pieces. I don't even know why I care for someone who did that to me. It just hurts so much. Is this ever gonna pass?
In many facets of my life, I'm doing much better. Especially as far as school and finances go.

As far as social life goes, I'm probably at the worst point I have been in a while. New area, no close friends irl, and those that I do have are more of acquaintances. Not really sure what to do, since I'm bad at making new connections. I'm going to be trying to force myself into some concerts and events alone, but I'm pretty much at a loss beyond that.
Bro. Lemme be the first to tell you that time heals all wounds.

I had a similar situation five years back.

Girl shattered my heart and left me a wreck, the three years after were a living hell for me.

Drifting on and off the edge of suicide and self harm.

Then on 12/31/2013 there was a new years party. Everything went to shit. Got trashed. Lost my cool.

Then a friend told me. "Dude, you're better than this. She represents 1/40th of your history. Why in the hell are you trying to waste any more of it?"

And that's just it bro.

You don't need to "let it pass". Hell you don't need to do anything! You don't own that portion of your life a single second more of your time!

Place it behind you, where it already is.

Move forward. It's why our eyes are where they are.

Focus on YOU. Don't look for things to fill a hole. Look for THINGS.

Things that you love and enjoy that don't replace the love and enjoyment that she brought to your life.

That hole she left there is a hole in a different space time my friend. A space time that existed three months ago.

Go be you.
Sounds like a good place to start!

I was gonna recommend either searching your local area for things that thrive on your personal interests.

Concerts huh? That's a terrific place to meet new people.

Have a blast anon.
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Kamina! I'm glad you're here - I really could use some help!

Basically, I'm on the fence regarding whether I should split up with my gf. We've been together for five months. We have a good relationship, and we do love one another but I can't shake the feeling that I need to break up with her, that there are other things out there for me.

I've dated plenty of people before, although I had a big awkward phase and lost my virginity late, like a lot of people who frequent this place. At risk of sounding like an asshole: she's boring. Boring and I'm really not that attracted to her. Attracted enough to have an "ok" sex life, but I've had much better looking SO's in the past, and while I thought I grew out of needing a girl who will knock my socks off in the looks department, maybe that isn't the case? In terms of being boring - we have some mutual interests, but we really come from very different backgrounds. She's very conservative and vanilla - I'm very eccentric with wilder, and usually nerdier, or more eclectic tastes.

On the plus side she is very sweet, considerate, and intelligent - which are things that I value. And for being relatively dull she is always up for trying new things, and we do - which says a lot. She's very mature and caring, and I'm sure many guys would consider her marriage material.

This doesn't change the fact her mindset and lifestyle (watching football with her family, church on Sundays, no real hobbies) don't feel very compatable with what I want in a long term partner - let alone sexually.

I'm young, fit, have a great life put together for myself (finally) and I get this sense that there is something better out there for me - not necessarily something hotter or crazier, just something more interesting? Does this make me an asshole? Even thinking about it hurts, I DO love her - but I can't push these thoughts out of my mind.

What do you think?

First let's address the big picture here. You want a looker. Someone who not only looks the part but acts it too.

That's not bad. However I wouldn't say it's very good either.

If you have issues with finding compatibility in your relationship then you need to bring them up with her. If she's as sweet considerate and intelligent as you make her out to be then she'll also be open minded enough to listen to what you have to say.

I can understand being in a relationship with someone who's interests greatly differ from your own, but that does in no way diminish the bond that the two of you (may) share.

My recommendation. Talk to her. Tell her how you're feeling in regards to your future and how you don't really see yourself sitting on a couch watching football when you're in your later years.

I'm sure getting it out in the open will help move things along one way or another.

Best of luck to you anon.
This is great advice.
You're right. I need to speak with her - how much is it worth, what we have, how can it evolve, or is stagnation inevitable? I'm saving this.

Thanks again.
I literally cannot get out of my own head. I feel so fucking lonely and unloved that I feel like it forces me to act like a chippy weirdo. I like to think that I'm a decent, interesting person, but I'm clearly fooling myself.
Hey Kamina. I have trouble making friends. I dont like to get wasted and do wasted stuff, nor do I like to talk about those things or things that I saw on the internet. And it seems to me that these things dominate conversations these days.

I am not even sure what being a friend is supposed to be like.
I don't need advice, i just want to say that I love you, Kamina. Keep doing you, dude.
Kamina, I feel like I do the life wrong.
Praise Kamina! Lord of the weebs.
Thanks for the support guys! I love you too!
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