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I think my friend's boyfriend is using her and shes completely

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I think my friend's boyfriend is using her and shes completely oblivious to it. My friend's boyfriend is, not to be mean, but out of her league and completely different from her. Shes shy, overweight, nerdy and doesn't upkeep her appearance, where as he is very Frat boy esque, with muscles, a good sense of style and was well known for partying and being around a lot of girls. I'm not the only one suspicious by him, so are other mutual friends, and I've talked to some of his friends and they don't seem to know why they're together. I don't want her getting hurt by this guy, shes really getting close to him...

what should I do?
Mind your own fucking business... is what you should do...
Stop acting jealous. Be happy that she's happy.
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Also, maybe quit being a bitch. You're a shitty friend.
I'm not jealous, I just think he might be bad for her... like he'll cheat on her, or hes just using her for something...
I'm concerned for my friend
you think so low of your friend that she couldn't get a guy you consider out of her league?

You think, based on what? Your own opinion that he's too good for her? What puts you in any kind of position to make that decision? (here's a hint: nothing)

Stop being a shitty, controlling "friend". You sound jelly as fuck.
I don't understand, if he's that far out of her league, how would he be using her? If he's that much better than her, what does she have to offer him at all? Or is your logic that just because he's 'better' than her, he MUST have some ulterior motive to be with her?

And like the others have said, stop being such a bitch and a horrible friend. It's not her fault she can land a great guy and you can't.
It just seems fishy, he seems like the kind of guy who would be going after sorority girls, not someone like her. He was the one who picked up on her... and it just seemed, I dunno fishy.
Is she mentally retarded or something? Because unless you can prove she doesn't have the capacity to consent to the relationship, it really isn't any of your business. Maybe if she came to you and she had an issue you could advise caution but this is wildly not your business. Seriously keep your shit stirring out of it. It's the worst kind of self absorbed manipulative crap that there can be. It is her life. AND there is absolutely nothing evidentially wrong with the guy. The only flaw he has is that YOU don't think YOUR supposed friend is good enough for him which makes you the cunt she should be worried about.

Christ, this is some good bait.
Because hes super hot, and has had a history of dating hot women, and she just treats him like a god, like hes the greatest, like she is being honored by dating him. Hes a neanderthal, frat boy, and as I said before I'm not the only one who thinks hes going to hurt her, or hes using her... I just can't figure out what he gets out of it.
I don't know how hes using her, she doesn't have much money and I mostly see him buy her things... I don't think hes using her for sex because he didn't have any problems picking up women before... theres something Me and my friends are missing.
She isn't mentally retarded, shes slow but in a caring sort of way, she always thinks the good in people and gets super devestated when they turn out to be shitty. Shes a very, very sweet girl, naive as fuck, and very easily manipulative and shes already made this guy her world... its shocking actually.
I can see where you'd think that. But let's examine this closer and use some reason!

Now, you're under the impression homeboy here is using your friend for something. Now, what could he be after?

A common one would be sex. Well, if she's overweight and comparably unattractive to girls "in his league", I'd doubt that is the reason, barring fetishism. I also find it unlikely that he'd be engaging her in consistent degrading sexual behavior with malicious intent- the vast majority people aren't that bad.

Money? Well, is she quite well off compared to him? I've seen this happen a time or two, but you've not given any information in that vein, so I dunno.

Do you reckon he's using her for emotionally one-sided, parasitic behavior? I suppose this could happen, but again, this is implying the individual in question is abnormal and malicious. Don't assume that because this fellow is attractive, well-dressed, and highly socially active, he's prone to malice.

Putting my grey matter to the matter (wow im fucking gay), I can't see any likely avenue of one-sided transaction being present in this relationship.

Have you considered that they've made a connection that you don't understand? People often can't seem to comprehend why certain others are together; while those people in question are quite happy with one another.

Why do I always throw walls of text at these silly pseudo-bait questions, fuck me!
Look, you just need to accept that he's with her because she's a good person. Unlike you.


Focus on your own life. If she asks you for help, then help. It isn't your call. I imagine you're terribly jealous. Jealous that she has a boyfriend out of her league. Maybe even jealous specifically that she has him. Jealous that they may actually have a human connection and that he just likes her in spite of what flaws you see in her. So you feel the need to be petty and meddle where you shouldn't. It's pathetic you're obsessing and planning on how to fuck this up.
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