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>Be me >Date girl for a little over 10 months >She's

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>Be me
>Date girl for a little over 10 months
>She's a total bro. Likes same music as you, loves vidya, smart, makes memes, cute, have great sex, very cuddly, and loyal.
>Start developing a fond attachment to a female friend you both know.
>She is also cute, sweet, and smart. Though not as into vidya, or music. Pretty heavy Christian.
>You still love gf in every way, but you can't help but feel that your friend is giving you this one new feeling about yourself that your gf hasn't given you, and don't want to go without.
>tell your gf your thoughts before one year anniversary
>She listens.
>She sarts to feel sad. She tells you to talk to the other girl about how you feel.
>Gf says she still loves you and wants to be with you, but also wants you to be happy even if it means the two of you are not together.
> Tell gf that you'd talk to her after your one year anniversary, because she deserves that year.
>Pussy out, and don't talk to other girl
>It's passed your one year. And you still talk to your gf about the situation.
>She still wants you to talk to her, even though you know it's breaking her heart.
>End up talking about breaking up, after spending the day with her.
>She starts to cry...
>you start to cry...
>She brings up the future that the two of you had planned.
>she tells you she saved the list of baby names you both came up with.
>Both of you cry harder.
>The two of you want to be together soo bad, but she knows that you won't be happy unless you at least try to be with your friend.
>You don't want to leave your gf heartbroken because you know all the shit she's gone through and you don't want to she her fall back into that dark place.
>She is too sweet, too kind.
>Kinda wish you could have the two of them. Keep your gf and bring in your friend.
>But you know it's too weird, and it wouldn't work out.
>The two of you plan a day to be together. Knowing it could be the last day the two of you have sex.
>The day comes, and it goes great. feel warm and fuzzy.
>You start talking again.
>You tell her that she deserves better than you, that she'll move on. The love will fade, and that you'll both be OK.
>Her eyes begin to water.
>So do yours.
>You tell her the two of you will still stay good friends.
>She likes that
>After a while both of you feel good.
>Agreed that if friend says no, or if your attempt with friend goes south; you and gf could get back together again.
>But also tell gf that you might even choose to be alone anyway.
>She understands
>She asks if the two of you could stay together just a bit longer, because she's still not ready to say goodbye yet.
>You agree.

I want to know your thoughts /ADV/ are my gf and I handling this the right way, or is there anyway we can make it better?
Im sorry your a faggot who can't be happy with woman A. Want a cookie dumbass? The hell advice u need? Go post this on /b/ or some forum for bitches and hos.
It depends on who the fuck this friend is? Personally I can't relate.
She's a friend of my gf and I. I met her before I even met my gf.
Soo you want to ruin, a perfectly good relationship, for that 10% chance of happines with the other girl. Sounds legit, go for it, but if you end up making another thread here on /adv/ about how you fucked up, and want your ex back, I will find you and will kick your ass.
Holy shit this was the most cringe worthy story I've read on here in awhile. Fucking fuck, OP. Kill yourself.
You'll regret it. Pretty sure my ex was feeling the same sort of feels, ended up getting used by the guy, we ended up sort of causally getting back together and it wasn't quite the same. If I were you I'd turn back. Before it's too late man
I know I know. Don't expect me back here. Though I can't help but feel like our friend has some sort of feelings for me. She's hard to read, but I can see changes in the way she acts when my gf is around. She seems distant less interested in a conversion when she's near.
I don't know how to go back from this.
I'm sure she'd be estactic if you told her you just had a change of heart and want to at least rethink things.
Dude, read this carefully. You wouldn't bet your money for a 10% chance of getting a jackpot, so why would you do this to a girl, to someone who is obviously so much in love with you that she cries, that she still wants to be friends with you, after telling her that fuckshit. You go back to that angel, the first chance you get, with flowers and apologize, for making her feel like shit, tell her that you didn't knew what went through your dumbass, hug her really tight, and beg for her forgiveness. You should cherish what little happines you get in this life, believe me, you will never see these days again. And that other girl, is nothing but a distraction, get her out of both of your lives. Asap.
>I handling this the right way, or is there anyway we can make it better?

The right way to handle it would have been broken up with her the moment you realized you wanted to be with someone else. That would be the manly thing to do.

Have some decency, dude. You basically agreed to take back a girl you've been with for that long if your baseless venture goes wrong. She's literally a backup plan, now.

Either get back with her now and say you were a stupid fuck or break up for good. The damage is done either way.
She knows how my pessimistic head works, and would want to know why I changed my mind so quickly
She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I know how cringy that sounds. I still don't know how she mangaged to love a shit person like me.
Easy, you tell her that you realised how stupid your dumbass is after you looked into a mirror. You tell her that you saw the word "clown" on your own forehead.
Good you realise, how amazing she is. Now go make a plan on how you're going to apologize. Find a nice spot, make a poem, or atleast write something nice for her. And maintain eye contact through it all. The only real happines you will ever feel at this point in your lige is for the woman you love and for your children and grand children.
I've always known she was amazing.
Well then do what >>16455898 told you, holy fuck. Be thankful that you have a perfect gf.
I feel so sorry for your girlfriend for having to withstand this bullshit. Just man up, go back to her and apologize. That other girl is just a distraction and believe me, if you abandond your gf for her, you WILL regret it
>>16455787 lol wtf did I just read? Are you insane? What happens inside your head?!!!

Babe, don't kek your gf this badly. If I were her I would throw a tantrum the moment you Imply that I would go back to you after you tried your hand on another lane. I mean... Don't even listen to these guys here and just stay out of her life cuz a girl like that is marriage material for another man
I've told my gf she deserves better than me.
Your an ass Op. If this was a girl telling that same story /adv/ would light her ass up.

Stop stringing the poor girl along and clean break this.
I think that you are an horrible faggot and that both girls should have better judgment than to associate with a wishy washy teenager like you

I swear to god kids and their "butterflies in the stomach". Fucking slaves of their own whims.
You're a selfish asshole and you don't deserve your GF. You're like those whores who cheat because it "feels new and exciting".
Yeah that's the excuse you tell her and yourself so you can feel better about being an asshole and so she doesn't blame you because you "already know it". I hope you end up alone your whole life because you obviously don't deserve happiness and prefer being a drama queen
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 2

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