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So what did you guys think of the new JoJolion chapter? I thought

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So what did you guys think of the new JoJolion chapter? I thought it was really good, one of the most action packed chapters in years and Urban Guerilla and Doremifasolati Do seem really cool. Urban was also pretty intimidating despite looking silly as fuck. I really like where this arc is going.
>So what did you guys think of the new JoJolion chapter?
Made me think about to lots of things. Made me appreciate Blue Hawaii as an excuse to get Yasuho ready/back in and start introducing the less human Rock humans. Feels like it follows n nice.
Doggy Style feels much better now it's being used, I also like how it is used like Stone Free but much more different. Thinks ike being able to "soft" peel his face to grab the berry then hard peeling his entire arm to spider man.
I've seen the "JJL hasn't gone anywhere" comment but the sliding scale of Rock humans from Yotsuyu -> Damo -> Dolomite -> Urban makes me feel there is still a sense of progression.
>Urban was also pretty intimidating despite looking silly as fuck.
Araki removing his shirt/straps and changing Doremy' hands to be less human is kinda disappointing. I liked it a bit more when he looked like a bizarre abomination.
The new goggle strap looks a little bit odd but makes more sense than giant early 2000s steampunk glasses super glued to his face.
Also his headlights in his mouth are fucking huge now. I don't approve of all the design changes but he made them work at least.
It was pretty nice. Appreciate some Rai action and more cute interactions of Gappy and Yasuho. But not digging enemy designs that much.
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upside down.png
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>So what did you guys think of the new JoJolion chapter?
Araki does it again!
How can one man create such unique and amazing characters with every new chapter?
Gappy was being creative with his powers once again and those were some heartwarming panels when he and Yasuho clenched hands.

Rai will probably NOT die since the Rockmen need him alive for the branch.
And I really hope to see the whole gang head to the Stadium after this arc so that we know more about the Rockmen.
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I've only just flicked through it but the better blacks in v2 of TPA4 make both of them look really fucking good.
He's also gained a nose, or at least a more prominent one.
>Some heartwarming panels when he and Yasuho clenched hands.
Araki's close ups with major charachters have been on point throughout JJL. The Kira/Josefumi page or when Gappy was looking at Yasuho through the bars.
>Rai will probably NOT die since the Rockmen need him alive for the branch.
I thought this too. Seems odd to me.

Hey there.
What kind of animal was Doremifasolati Do before it's transformations?
At first I thought it was something like a Japanese badger, but it's most likely something else.

I would love to discuss more about JoJolion, but I need to pass out.
It should be easier too because of the new sticky.
Rock Animals don't necessarily have to be actual animals turned into Rock monsters, they could be heavily mutated Rock Humans who are no longer considered human, or something along those lines. Doremi is pretty human looking when you ignore the tank treads, and the whole 'new form' thing might be a hint to him once have been a normal Rock Human. Where that leaves Iwasuke though I don't know. Maybe they do start as animals but take on more humanlike characteristics as well as rock like characteristics as they age? Maybe Iwasuke is slowly going to grow stone spider legs or an exhaust pipe or something? Maybe Jobin will create Rock Animals out of his beetles and we'll get an Araki Chimera Ant arc?
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>Doremifasollati Do
What kind of fucking name is that?
It's from The Sound of Music, though this particular name is a reference to the Hawkwind Album 'Doremi Fasol Latido', Araki just says 'fuck it' when it comes to getting the spaces right. Interestingly, Urban Guerilla and Brainstorm are both songs in that album, and Urban Guerilla literally goes inside Doremifasolati Do and Brainstorm goes inside Urban Guerilla. True pottery.
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>What kind of animal was Doremifasolati Do before it's transformations?
Malayan tapir,
>Doremi is pretty human looking when you ignore the tank treads,
Araki seems undecided about this. He has human hands/feet at one point but in things like OP's image they seem to be some sort of decor like the "hand" hpes on his treads.
>Where that leaves Iwasuke though I don't know.
I had a horrifying thought just now thinking about Araki's dogs that when Rai goes to burn Urban, Iwasuke will jump in, save him and get Danny'd.
I think we are gonna get a lore dump for sure either now or later.
I've seen some dogs named Do Re Mi or just Doremi. Not the full length though
>Who names their kid vanilla ice.
Will appraiser-kun die?
Not in the next chapter.
Read the new sticky, mods are buckling down on enforcing rules with a special focus on generals, since they're all just hives of shitposting regardless of series and break tons of rules. Provided you make a thread with an actual topic and without a generic title like 'JoJo Thread' then it's not a general and is fair game. Look at this OP for example. Nothing to indicate to shitposters that it's a general other than the subject being JJBA related and there's an actual topic proposed for discussion, not something like 'Hol Horse is best boy' or 'What's Koichi thinking about?'. As long as you follow the rules your threads won't be deleted.
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JJL Paisley Park.png
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Gappy made the right choice
this guy's expressions are sass
File: IMG_20170819_141509.png (145KB, 375x615px)Image search: [Google]
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It's probably a testament to Araki that someone with most of their face covered can still be very expressive.
His poses, the angry close ups, the hello to Yasuho.
I like his way of talking though. I'm glad Araki didn't make him a full blown mong.
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So what advantages does doggystyle have over stone free? To me, it just seems like a more specified and nerfed stone free
The ability to pick up objects like knives I guess
It's more balanced compared to Stone Free.
Is Doremi essentially a rock doggo?
It pretty much is a nerfed Stone Free.
Why compare it to Stone Free? Stone Free is infinitely better, there's no need to try and figure out what Doggystyle does that Stone Free can't. The only real thing Doggystyle has over Stone Free is long-range control and precision.

not that it matters now that he's going to melt next chapter
Rai cannot die, plot armor needs him to find the Rokakaka. He also went to the seventh pole for a reason, it may just be coincidence that Urban went on that pole just so he can attack him. At worst, he'll be incapacitated and make Gappy go through a guilt trip.
Is Joubin really gonna be the main villain of Jojolion? To me he feels more like a 'Diego' rival archetype, but it would be a bit strange to introduce the main baddie only this far in. What do you think?
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This might've been pointed out already but Oh God

Okay, so you know how all the recent enemies are all Hawkwind references, right?

You know what other song Hawkwind made?


To be honest, Speed King is still probably named after the Deep Purple song, but now it's possible it could've been a Hawkwind reference all along. Alternatively the new group could've been named in reference to it. Or it's all just a wacky coincidence.
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Most Anons have said everything but there is one thing, it's less risky.
Rai only needs to peel his face to pick things like the strawberry, if he someone would randomly come along and snipe it, he'd only lose a small chunk and a minor couple layers of skin. He has to peel a heck of a lot to start taking his body fully apart (Like how long was peeled just to take off his finger tips.).
>Doggystyle is Araki's skin peeling fetish in a stand.
The thing with the Cliffhanger-at-the-end-of-a-chapter that bugs me is you can hope for a million different scenarios like what happened with Yasuho/Jobin it always ends up being resolved quickly.
What if JJL just doesn't?
It has it's goals of Getting the branch then saving Holly and finally fixing the curse.
There's hurdles in the way,and many different forces at play. We have Joubin/Kaato, Norisuke's hidden interests, the shipping group of Damo and co, now we have these new rockmen that don't have the mountain aliases and depending whether the Doctor/King things plays out then them too.
Every goal so far has had a "Final boss" like moment. Gappy finding out who he is, Kira/Josefumi and the Rokakaka all culminated in the Vitamin C fight, a fight that felt more than just a another guy of of the month and closed off that part of the story.
Now when Gappy gets the branch or helps holoday there will be another giant ass showdown that will do something.
We have a world of rockmen that Araki is taking us through at all the different levels we are learning with Gappy
So maybe there's not a "main villain" Araki always says he wants to try something different like the erotica part.
Jobin sent them or had something to do with it? Or with Rai's "King" comments, the mountain naming convention, will the group be named after Hawkwind references?
Maybe it's Mitsuba's stand.
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We haven't seen that bitch in lightyears, Araki probably forgot about her existence to the point where he has to remind himself about her in the tankobons.

What does her bio even say in the tankobons, just that she's Jobin's wife?
I like to think she was the girl that tattled on Jobin's bully and was almost the victim of a house fire because of it.

Clearly she was manipulating Jobin all along so he'd be in her debt and help her and her family smuggle Rokaka.
Araki's rich enough, can't he hire some who can actually draw? Everyone looks like they have some kind of deformation going on, and he can't draw motion for shit. He should also stop pasting the same fucking face closeup in every other page.
I think his assistants are the ones who copy/paste actually.
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Is this secretly the new jojo general?
File: 171.jpg (28KB, 279x466px)Image search: [Google]
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You can make threads about specific Parts. It doesn't qualify as a general then.
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How are we going to do our mosaic now if everyone is spread across /a/?
I don't have it with me so I can't check but I think it just mentions that she's Jobin's wife. Yoshiteru got more lines than her.
I liked the first part.
I kinda wish she got something or some sort of meaning even if she stays in the background. If we get another Jobin flashback to how they met or something like that so if something does happen to Jobin it would hit other than just Tsurugi.
I really don't know how to feel about Jobin, he comes off an asshole, but I like his charisma mode and I feel like we understanding why he's so secretive.
Not gonna lie, I like having a little Jojolion thread.
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1MB, 500x500px
Was already discussed in a different thread. tl;dr nobody knows. Mosaicfag could go to /trash/ or /bant/, or just organize a thread on /a/ to do it if the god mods are willing. The new rules fucked the Jojo threads but we can't do anything but accept that this is how it is now.
Hey crazy crack-pot JoJolion theory:

Araki named Urban Guerilla's Stand Brainstorm because he's the one that messed up Holly's brain. Brainstorm burrows holes into people, so it kinda matches up with what's happening to her.

Also if that's the case and Josuke finds out, I can't imagine how badly Urban Guerrilla is gonna go out. He's gonna be BTFO worse than Damo.
>Cioccolata/GDO call backs in their first appearance.

File: 1490928015358.jpg (31KB, 310x308px)Image search: [Google]
31KB, 310x308px
>the entire chapter is just all ORAs

Leaker anon already said that Guerilla's stand name would have something to do with Holly's condition and that was before the chapter officially came out
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What is happening to this board.
Generals always turn into cancer and the JoJo general certainly was already, even if it wasn't the worst. Check the other JoJo threads and the meta thread instead of discussing this further here.
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Any chance there will be more of these in JoJoFes or at some other point to celebrate the 30th anniversary?
File: DDM9YQEXUAIo7ud.jpg (843KB, 1431x1959px)Image search: [Google]
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I want this
but I'd also be very mad.
Maybe if Araki doesn't take a full hiatus in November and only does a half chapter off it then that I'd be chill with that.
I think that was just his personal opinion/thoughts.
/Trash/ seems a good idea and would allow for maybe some nsfw content. But then you are going to have the cross-board link spammed/bumping Jojo threads.
I hope so. There's some sort of hisotricial manga going on in Ultra Jump I like looking at the art off. I'd like to see who does that do some Jojo art. As well as Hagiwara.
I hpe we get some weird character choices like the Polpol and Ghiaccio art before.
Some photoshop anon please edit this poster with the new chapter
Yes but the comedy of the mosaics will probably deteriorate because most people on /trash/ don't understand the source material, might as well just edit in unrelated bants. Loud House, furry shit, the like. I'm not saying it'll all go down, but at the same time it won't really hold the same context.
No one seems motivated to make a thread on /trash/ tho.
Who would want to admit they've been moved to /trash/?
As if he couldn't reject shitty /trash/ contributions
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I buggered the shit up of Rai's leg but I hope this is okay.
File: edit 2.png (231KB, 748x257px)Image search: [Google]
edit 2.png
231KB, 748x257px
He takes everything regardless of quality. I don't recall a single time it was rejected because of bad quality.
then should it be taken to /bant/?
>Wanting to share a board filled almost entirely with furry generals and fetish generals
I wouldn't but it's either that or bant,which is still just as bad
Hey! that's great anon
No /jojo/ was less cancer, more Pickledad.
/bant/ is a usually comfy place from my experiences, a thread there could work but at the same time any bant-exclusive contributors if they even do contribute may or may not know the source material. It's definitely safer I believe, but really with the loss of generals, the mosaic doesn't have a home to really flourish as much as it did before.
Stop being in denial, anon
We should try both places to see how it works out
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>for generals which have long since exhausted all fresh discussion.
I knew the monthly release would fuck us.
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Doc usually pumps out news, so that counts as fresh r-right? Speaking of Doc where he is among this mess?
On Facebook probably. Fuck him, we don't need him.
lemme help you with that
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