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ITT: Write your own anime plot. A few weeks ago I shared a

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ITT: Write your own anime plot.

A few weeks ago I shared a sketch of an idea I wanted to work and I got a good feedback. Well here's a new sketch. Basically it's about a high school girl that joins an all boys baseball team and she's become their star pitcher.

So throw in your original plot!
Karl Marx (in this universe a gray haired Loli) awakes after a drunken night in victorian London to find herself in the exotic scenary of First Century Palestine, everyone around her is Calling her Jesus of Nazareth, and her mother is pestering her to become a priest. At first, Marx scoffs at such religious Nonsense, but then realizes she can use her new identity to reshape world history by turning the soon to be largest religion in the world into a force for revolutionary communism. Hillarity ensue as Marx uses his spouts anachronistic communist axioms like "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" and "The Meek shall Inherit the earth" and "sell your possessions and give to the poor". Lots of hijinks like Marx going through tobacco withdrawal tries opium, and in a soporific haze starts flipping tables at the temple, a few Yuri scenes with Mary Magdalene, an episode about redistributing fish and loaves. Eventually her firery rhetoric and future knowledge enabled "miracles" attracts a great number of followers, to the dismay of a Shekel loving Rabbi and a hooknosed roman (also lolis) who conspire to stop him.
sounds interesting I don't think that anime is a good medium for it though
meant for >>157180567
how so? i mainly wanna focus on her struggles in pitching, and also becoming a good batter. she encounters other pitchers from different schools that out do her. well i guess not anime, but maybe a manga.
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I wrote an overly long anime plot based on the Ancient Aliens guy years ago in one of these threads but the text file I think I saved has been long since lost

>girl pitcher joins boys baseball team


SJW network TV shit that got canned after 10 episodes
Never heard of it. Lol
>ITT: Write your own anime plot.
An SAO styled death game anime that's set after everyone gets home, when they have to come to terms with all of the murder and backstabbing that they did in Japan's "no therapy ever" society, and find a way to reintegrate into society despite having functionally been in a coma for two years.
Could be actually good if you control your loli fetish a bit and add more subtlety.

Also bump. I love these threads and they tend to be slightly better than the circlejerk at /lit/.
Very nice! I'm glad to see you're sticking with it.

It's a premise, but too broad to judge. What sorts of characters will be involved?

There's usually a lot of good work in these threads, though there's still something of a circlejerk here when it comes to rehashing anime tropes. Nonetheless, these are my favorite threads on /a/.
A cliche harem protagonist has a cliche harem. The girls bicker and detest each other, but the object of their affections is so clueless and undersexed that they shared an unspoken truce... Until now.

Our heroine, the one girl who didn't know the harem was a thing, has somehow bypassed it completely and gotten into the harem guy's pants. Now the entire harem is out for blood. Armed only with a little bit of cleverness, the heroine faces deadly serious threats on her life from the student council president, a star softball player, an ojou-sama with a yakuza butler, a yandere who masturbates with knife handles, a miko with a talent for arson... And probably a bunch of other people. Honestly, she lost count. Anyway, she has no idea where to run or who to trust so she's just gonna wing it.
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Mirror Mirror 鏡よ鏡 (Kagami yo Kagami)

MC-kun is your average high schooler about to start his last year, with one fatal flaw: he loves himself far too much! His "mature" and predictable lifestyle takes a turn when he finds himself stalked and blackmailed by an unusual girl, who reveals to him an incredible secret: she is his alternate self from another dimension. Now forced to live with an eccentric and exceedingly familiar roommate, MC-kun watches as his rose-colored life spirals in a very different direction.

-MC-kun fancies himself to be very mature and mostly uninterested in other people, leading him to have very few friends (if any) in school as he is comfortable keeping to himself. An egoist who thinks he is hot shit and wants to become a businessman, with dreams of being a smooth talking secret agent who knows what everyone is going to say
-MC-san is very very similar to him, but has given up on dreams of business due to Japan’s very male-centric business culture so instead has become a smooth talking and crafty woman (making MC-kun jealous). Blackmails MC-kun into letting her stay at his dorm as she now has no room or money
-Barista girl who is very familiar with MC-kun as he regularly comes to drink coffee. Slightly attracted to him (in looks only as she does not know what he’s actually like) and becomes intrigued when MC-san appears with him regularly. lets the gang use the backroom of the cafe
-Delinquent girl who was MC-san’s partner in crime in her dimension (where he was a guy): MC-san tells MC-kun his odd hobbies in order to get him to help her: namely funk dancing
-Solitary guy who MC-kun mistakenly thinks is similar to himself but is actually lonesome and depressed. Has killed (her)self in MC-san’s dimension, so tells MC-kun to make friends with him

>MC-kun and MC-san have a bond/bond villain theme and aesthetic

posted this a few times and its garnered some interest, let me know what you guys think
I remember you said that MC-san can never go back to her own reality, but I don't remember why. Is that a spoiler for later?
Sort of, he and she spend a lot of time fantasizing about a lot of things regarding that, but in the end it was just one strange occurrence in an otherwise ordinary world and she has to accept that she's stuck in this reality forever

after that her character shifts pretty drastically as she has to decide what she wants to do for the rest of her life in a universe where she doesn't exist
Sounds lame.
Murrica. Two groups of students, independently and unknowingly to the other, plan a school shooting. By chance they pick the same day, so they end up fighting each other for the spotlight. Hilarity ensues.
Oh yeah, you have a really good art style OP! Do you have an email I could contact?
i do but... find me on hangouts, just dont wannacry me ok. [email protected]
a war anime where it follows a squad of lolis going through the real horrors of war as they resort to more and more extreme measures as they start to lose the war. only to find out at the end that them and all loli soldiers they fight with are just factory bred machines of war that their nation was trying to use to psychologically fuck up their enemies (they are normal adults)
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How did she get there in the first place? By truck?
>making more cute tomboys
Always a good thing, OP. I'm rooting for you
As of right now she just used a crosswalk and ended up in another reality

they play it up to be a lot more conspiratorial than it actually is. they grew up enjoying movies and fictional people more than real people so they like to entertain ridiculous concepts and ideas more than usual
My idea is that her dad had a big influence on the whole liking the sport of baseball and one day he dies in a car accident. she keeps loving the sport in memory of her late father.
what if you add the plot twist that it was a man with gyno all along!
.... no
But will there be a beach episode?
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Two questing knights are looking for the holy grail, on one of their adventures one of them gets cursed by a witch and becomes a woman. It would be dark fantasy setting
Someone's been reading too much hatsukoi zombie
always, mc has two best friends. one with a good lookin upper body
Do they fuck?
do not add that they somehow have sex. that shit is weird
In response to an attempt by 31 crack North Korean commandos to assault and kill the president of South Korea the ROK recruits 31 civilians, either petty criminals or unemployed youths under the promise of money and jobs if they succeed in their mission.

Their mission has only one objective: neutralize Kim Il-Song.
File: 1417500832511.png (176KB, 357x231px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No, but tension for sure It would explore the idea of "what would happen if your childhood friend suddenly become some one you could fuck?".
About half way through when he (she) realizes she has romantic feeling for the friend he dies gruesomely to some demons.
File: 1494005520137.jpg (155KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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An anime all about tomboys falling in love with boys
File: 1478916814659.jpg (42KB, 465x511px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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that's plain retard m8. Just make it an adventure to find the witch and rape her until she turns her into a man. Then raper her til dead
Hitchhiker's Guide to Isieaki totally not ripping off Douglass Adams
Nah, that's ripping off Diana Wynne Jones.
K-on with boys. Interpret that however you wish
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has anybody who has came up with a story here, shared it, and was good enough in both drawing and story, accomplished anything?

what's the point if this.
Brainstorming and getting feedback on story ideas, mostly. There are plenty of folks working on their concepts here.
What is Katawa Shoujo?
Not originally derived from a Write an Anime thread.
>katawa shoujo
>anime plot thread
nigga you wot

I meant, from these threads. I lurk every now and then when I see these threads, but still can't see anything come out.
I figured that "here" was in a more general sense
There was Keit-Ai at one point. I'm sure in a year or two someone else will have something to show.
Nova is a star. One day she gets bored with her life. All she can do is hang up there in the sky and shine. So she decides to become a black hole. That way she doesn't need to keep still in the same place. However, being a black hole makes her extremely hungry. She wants to have it all, absorb it all. So she starts to devour entire planets. However, one day a hero of light appears and fight with her in order to stop her. She is made of darkness so she is vulnerable to light. She loses but somehow survives, now much much weaker than before. Nova wants to take revenge. However, that's impossible in her current state. She must wait some time before she can recover her power and attack again.
She decides to live on Earth until then. In order to do that, she adopts human form. She discovers human music and falls in love with it. She gets a guitar and learns to play it and sing. One day a talent scout discovers her and proposes her to become an idol. She accepts because she needs money to survive. Nova quickly becomes very popular thanks to her voice and her looks.
Some time passes and Nova recovers her energy. She is almost ready to devour the Earth. However, during one of her concerts, she sees the hero of light. She goes to meet him and ask for a rematch. He accepts but the fight must be done in a remote place, because he doesn't want to harm the planet. So they go to a pretty deserted place of the universe and fight.
It was a pretty long fight, it lasted weeks, neither of them wanted to give up. However, during the course of the battle, they fall in love with each other. They stop the battle and decide to live together as a couple. But in order to do that, she must become a star again. She wants to do that but she doesn't want to stay still again. The hero tells her that light attracts light, so as long as she stays with him, she can go wherever she wants. She becomes a star once again and goes with him. The end.
what was the porpuse of music? just some hobby to kill time ( besides earning money)?
Did she learn anything from living in Earth?
Why not make them stay humans and live together as gooks?
It’s just in the concepts phase, so much that some part are undefined.
It’s an isekai story that takes place in the mc’s childhood and only in two location: the polis she lives in and the underground ruins of a city where she actually sleeps along with her older sister after their family home is destroyed by the upper class in their crazy 4d political chess.
Anyway the sister gets sick from the underground and the mc ends up starting a gang with children from around the city and raises money to help save her sister.
I’m actually in the middle of worldbuilding right now. Like literally what sort of architecture is the city in and how does their political system work, and how it ties into the plot.
I have other characters as just archetypes and stand-ins so I’ll also need to flesh them out and figure out how the mc can convince them to follow her.
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5 delinquent kids are forced to study abroad in Japan's delinquent school. 1) Jamal-kun an athletic black kid that demands respek. Becomes the captain of schools basketball team 2) Alberto-san a cholo that is a bit of a perv. Learns Japanese to hit on the ladies 3) Albert-chan loves cars and steals car parts. Is a very good driver and loves to race. 4) Johnny-kun a pothead with an anger problem. Is secretly a weeaboo. 5) Luis will argue with and fight anyone. A true American knuckle head. Never holds a grudge so he can easily make friends
A girl, beset by apocalyptic visions, comes to believe her nightmares are prophecies and sets out to warn the world of the end. She is joined by MC, a man who acts as her preacher and protector, but secretly believes none of it. He's a traveling con, and this is just another scam to him, or so he thinks.

However, as their journey progresses, MC and the prophet find themselves at the center of a growing movement, and at odds with both the religious and secular powers of the land. What seemed at first like an easy hustle becomes something much larger than MC or even the prophet, and increasingly dangerous.

With violence imminent, MC faces a choice: stay with the prophet and the others he now calls friends, abandon them, or something he wishes he hadn't considered—betray them. Can an aging con find belief in something other than himself?
>what was the porpuse of music? just some hobby to kill time ( besides earning money)?
Yeah, kinda. I got the idea from Kaworu. It is also supposed to be ironic. Nova doesn't want to be a star but she becomes a pop star.
>Did she learn anything from living in Earth?
She develops some human emotions.
>Why not make them stay humans and live together as gooks?
I wanted them to explore the universe, but staying on Earth is a possibility too.
is it going to be like comedy romance or something similar?
I think it's missing that touch, wouldn't follow it, but still a good idea. Keep adding some nice details but not a lot, I guess. good luck m9
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A couple of highschool students interview a local musician who was in a semi-major band back in the 80's for their school newspaper project. The show focuses on each members of the band and their past, dealing with teenage angst, drugs, drama, and music.
Thanks, Anon.
MC is your normal high school student, but suddenly he is wanted by the police, the yakuza, every organization is after him. This is because his face was used as the template for reconstructive surgery in the underworld.
Bump it up bump it up
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>He can draw his ideas
>He is skilled

I am very jealous.
You are living my dream.
> Magic.
> The calling of power from the Plane of Existance, the center place of all creation.
> To call upon the attributes of creation: light, fire, water, earth, air and darkness.
> To bring forth power from the plane, one must recite a prayer while possessing a Grimoire, a book that acts as communicator to ask for power from Plane.
> To prevent the most powerful of spells from being conjured from the Plane, translation and copies of such high level Grimoire was restricted from the world from the beginning of it
> Alchemy.
> Apart from magic, which is the act of faith and praying for creation, Alchemy is the act of creation itself using pre-existance.
> Using pre-existing materials, one can use the act of alchemy to create a material of higher value or deconstruct material into their base materials.
> It is said to also have the ability to go beyond physical pre-existance, but it has not yet been found.
> One should best understand the structure and composition of a material in order to alchemize, otherwise, there will be a failure or backlash.
> However, the act of alchemy is considered a blasphemy against the Plane of Existance.
> Such taboo against the Plane for playing with the hands of creation will excommunicate those who even attempt the art of alchemy.
> Therefore, in exchange for losing the ability to "pray", alchemists essentially lose the ability to use magic.
> People feared such a thing as an act of heresy and the art of alchemy became an esoteric field.
> One relies on faith in creation, and one relies on knowledge in creation.
> Our protagonist is a young alchemist that goes on a journey to search the reason for his master's estrangement and defection by going into an enemy country and fighting in a war.
> What will he find beyond the truth of alchemy from the man who taught him and as many people's faith gets tested on the battlefield?
> The secrets within the Plane of Existance begin to unravel.
What do you guys think?
what would you do in my situation then?
not the same artist btw
You know, there was an anon dumping his manga premise and a little bit of art to probably submit it a while back, are you that same anon?
Ok here's how we ACTUALLY make an anime plot. Take op's idea: make the main character a male otaku, and make the baseball team an all girls team. $$$?
A dude gets isekai'd to an early-industrial age setting.
With no way to make money, the army that recruits literally anyone for the musket lines no questions asked, seems the best bet.
He gets sent to the 'new world' and tries not to get hit by round shot, musket ball, or torn to shreds by cannister, or lose a foot to skin rot, die to food poisoning or any of that stuff.
As he bonds with his fellow soldiers and learns more of the world, he starts to rise through the ranks, untill his battallion is called back to put down this world's version of the french revolution.
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Since I am a pathetic ideas guy, I already have a couple of fleshed out ideas, so the next step for me would be to make a webcomic.

But first I'd have to get a little exposure through NSFW art, fanart and requests, make a name for myself in drawfag threads and outside.

Then I would finish the first chapter of my webcomic, post it on my sites and sites specialized on promoting webcomics, and let people judge my work.
And I would pump out more and more chapters as time goes on, and I guess that if my story/art is good enough, then I would become at least mildly popular.

I mean, if shit like Rwby could do it, what says that people with actual good ideas can't?

Maybe in time I could collaborate with another artist on an even bigger project, go multimedia and release/commission a videogame, that sorta thing.

Is this mental scenario too unrealistic?
>Is this mental scenario too unrealistic?
No, it's very possible. Even if it's shit I could see people gaining a following just by being consistent.
I feel like if someone were able to consistently shit out 20 pages every few weeks they'd have a decent following no matter what.
>truck driver-kun gets isekai'd
>all the isekai'd heroes immediately ignore the demon king and go after him
>rough redneck truck driver-kun's adventures as he's the most wanted man in the whole world, with an army of cheat-level former NEET retards after him
Posted a different thread but I'd like critique in the off chance I follow through (writing the story anyway, I know I sure as shit couldn't animate it)

>takes place in not-so-near future, maybe 100 years into the future
>many scientific advancements, but nothing too absurd. Maybe slightly less /cyber/ than minority report
>main character is a normalish guy but he's not quite like everyone else
>he can't quite place his finger on why he feels like he's different
>despite many medical advancements, he's still afflicted with common ailments that range from annoyances to causing moderate distress, but never anything so drastic that it could threaten his life or cause him physical inability to enjoy life, only mental anguish
>at first he attributes his estrangement from what he feels ought to be a normal life to his health problems
>as the series goes on, explores his inner contentions with societal disillusionment, sorrow, envy, narcissism, and ultimately revolves around him coming to peace with his place in the world, in a metaphysical sense
>uses the sci-fi setting as a backdrop because 1) aesthetic appeal, the allowance of things like holographic blue skies juxtaposed with a slightly wistful tone make a beautiful scene 2) it allows some creativity so it doesn't become a brooding edgy wankfest on why humanity sucks. This is ultimately meant to be a positive, uplifting story

It's seinen/josei just because I hate shounenshit, I know the description I just gave invites edgy 14 year old Catcher in the Rye style misanthropy but as long as I'm aware of that, I think I can avoid it and focus on making the narrative compelling
A guy joins a whaling ship. 10 episodes detailing whaling. 10 episodes slice of life and philosophy. 4 of actual whaling
guaranteed pro-whaling propaganda vehicle if this were actually an anime
Moby Dick can become a rad anything, but you've gotta turn at least some of the characters into girls.
>5 high school students come across a mystery about a ghost sighting in their school. Story starts out lighthearted with SoL shit and comedy(not important enough to flesh out). The real plot comes in a bit later.
>The MC was best friends with the ghost but forcibly made himself forget about it because of the trauma of seeing his friend die.
>MC's sister is an android replica of a beautiful woman in a picture he saw and feels strongly attached to.
>MC's new best friend is actually the one to kill MC's old best friend and he is twice MC's age; he is also very gay for MC's dad and killed MC's mother(who is the sister of MC's old friend and the picture of the beautiful woman he saw; basically, he will wipe out the whole family of MC's mom including MC, but not after making him very miserable).
>The 2 other highschoolers/nakama aren't actually important, they are just there for comic relief(one is a Shinjuku-loving fujoshit and another is just the typical strict/cool Student Council president which is also into kendo. One or both may die later on.)
>MC looks like a giant loser nerd but he is dumb as shit, but very handsome when he cleans up, he just lacks any sort of confidence because of the trauma.
>MC's new best friend is also a lady killer(figuratively and literally).
>MC's dad pretends to be his mom instead and dresses like a lady all the time(also looks prettier than MC's mom; he does it to hide from MC's new best friend, and it actually works).
>One of the teachers is MC's uncle but they both don't know they are related. He feels a deep dislike for MC though but he doesn't know why(it's misplaced anyway, he realizes it right before MC's best friend kills him)
>They catch the guy in the end but not before some Junji Ito level of body horror experiences transpire.

I have no idea what I was smoking when I wrote this shit up. I've had it in my head since I was in 2nd year highschool and I'm a college graduate now.

May or may not make a drawing of it.
That's some confusing shit, bro
Thread posts: 73
Thread images: 13

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