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Hard Mode: Isekai, except it has to be original Harder Mode:

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Hard Mode: Isekai, except it has to be original
Harder Mode: Call out unoriginal stories


Never mind.
A girl has to live in an alternate world where everyone is an idol and win in an idol competition to save her school. She meets a cute girl and together they almost start a lesbian relationship but nothing actually happens.
Isekai battle harem where the trap/male love interest wins.
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>Hard Mode: Isekai

Doing it right now.

>Harder Mode: Call out unoriginal stories
Shishunki na Adam
MC gets transported to another world where everyone has special abilities. The power of their abilities is higher proportional to the dick size for guys and breasts for girls.
MC is a typical Jap so his dick is tiny and he's weak as shit and no girl wants anything to do with him. He must now live in this new world as he struggles being even more of a loser than he was in his old world.
Guy receives a phone call from a phone salesman who wants to sell him a new "experimental" phone service, but doesn't realize that the mc really hates phones and modern culture with heavy usage of them. He initially refuses, for his hatred of phones, but the phone salesman calls him every day on his phone to get him to try this phone service. Eventually, the mc agrees (Through a phone conversation) and the second he does, he gets warped into his phone into a completely phoneign 1800'sish land. The mc meets some people, but soon comes to realize that phones are completely nonexistent from this world. Initially, he is greatly pleased, as he can finally live in a society where no one uses their phones all the time, but through a series of events and confusion, the mc learns that he has been warped into the body of the first creator of the telephone, and he now has the choice of changing history forever by altering the persons mind through his own opinions and commands

He notices that his phone is still in a call, so he hangs up. However, he realizes that it only brings him back to his old current world, yet now, phones do not exist except for his. The end of the first episode ends with the phone salesman calling him on his phone and telling him that his new phone service allows him to gateway into the minds of anyone throughout history and change it, with his phone.
Protag is a low tier guard at the gates of a major city
Has to deal with everything from otherworlders that came from japan to lewd demons trying to fuck their way into the city, while he tries keeping his sanity intact with snark and humour as the strange events keeps amp'ing up when he's on duty.
Hang on. How is it harder mode if you're calling out someone else on being original?
A man is Isekaied into a Chinese Isekai world where everyone 'cultivates' to improve their power and practices martial arts.
He doesn't know that however since he's from a small village and ends up becoming a powerful magician.
He soon realizes that his power in completely unique in the world.

When a young boy is isekai'd into a dark and spooky parallel dimension, his otaku friends and his family rally together to rescue him, though they don't know where he's been taken nor what took him. Meanwhile, a young psychic girl on the run becomes entangled in the rescue efforts, while the local lone-wolf policeman takes an interest in a recent string of mysterious disappearances. Can they thwart both the isekai monster and the mysterious government agents to save the boy?
A near middle-aged priest shows up at a village built on the back of a monumentally large train, created to ferry the town to the other side of the world to their "promised land". The priest makes friends with the villagers, offering his healing services in exchange for a ride through a rather dangerous and undiscovered world full of beasts and demons. Throughout his travels he occasionally picks up stereotypically villainous or shady characters right after their downfall or at their breaking point, but mostly just the young ones. A roguish young man who's trying to take over his adoptive family's fortune, a nazi/SS chick, the new demon lord, evil babe with perfect tits, etc. As he brings them along to see the rest of the world he tries to rehabilitate them and put them on the right path and get them to play nice with the villagers who welcome them with cautious, yet willing arms.

Only problem is, the priest is a vice-ridden scumbag who barely has his morals straight and is more akin to a radical Bible-thumper than a nice guy who wants everyone to get along. And not so long ago he was final boss material who killed the hero who tried to initiate a coup against a corrupt regime, and it was the priest's closest friend, the pragmatic yet corrupt military mastermind, who kicked him out into the wild, telling him to come back when he's less evil.

So it's going to take the villagers everything they've got to help these neer-do-wells and miscreants integrate into their peaceful small-town society. It's a down-to-Earth but exciting ride as a community of swell, sometimes small-minded, people tries to keep a bunch of on-the-fence madmen from crossing over to the wrong side. And along the way they come face to face with giant monsters, bandits, demons, even foreign armies!
A boy is transported into the mystical realm of a Non-fiction book where everything is the same but a few years earlier.
He then feminizes his past self and uses him as a sexslave.
part 1 of two arcs
part 1 of the first arc
>MC is a summoned along with his class
>average teenage joe who only wishes to live normally and get a beautiful girlfriend
>all of them get abilites, every ability is distributed evenly
>no one gets the short end of the stick, no one gets really OP powers
>the higher echelon of the kingdom who summoned them have good heads on their shoulders, no maltreatment or there any cruel hidden agenda
>genuinely wish to have the MC's class help them in subjugating the evil army of multiple demon king's across their world
>there isnt any 1 single continent but multiple big and small continents scattered throughout the world all with their different cultures
>a demon king isnt exactly a king that is a demon but is a title given to individuals that pass a certain criteria to be labeled one
>every one of the students in mc's class get their own love interests from the knights, nobles and courtesan ladies. some already even laid their hands on the maids and guards.
>the mc in particular gets closer to the princess who is bethroted to a foreign heroic knight
>the title of hero is given to certain individuals who also pass a certain criteria
>most rulers but not all rulers are heroes
>the training the students underwent were particularly harsh and they were exposed to killing intent
>there were no going easy on them, as it was to ensure that they try their hardest to survive on their own
>sending them back to their own world is part of the end game plan of the kingdom
>after a certain time, the kingdom the mc is in finally wages war against the nearest kingdom that has a demon king
>after a lot of developments and events
>the mc and the class get their reputation across their continent
>everyone of them get their harem of commoners and nobles
Reverse Isekai.

A story about a Hero in a fantasy world who is actually from that world while literally every single other Hero is an Isekai protagonist so he just gives up and becomes a family man, finds himself a nice wife, starts a bakery and raises his daughters in peace.
Here's an idea.

Slice of life comedy/ecchi gag show where a guy gets hired as a phone sex worker and the kind of shit that happens. He could like make friends with girls that work there, go into their exploits, maybe make him a student (read: highschooler) so that he has to deal with hiding the fact that he does phone sex.
MC transports himself to another world in order to find his infant daughter who was kidnapped 5 years ago. Due to timeslip hijinks they're both the same age now.
>MC is hard gay
>goes to battle fantasy isekai
>4 episodes of character introduction to satirical harem setting with strong character archetypes
>fanservice, except comical situations where MC finds it gross
>MCs inner monologue makes fun of the character archetypes and how shit and useless they are
get to writing anon, i want more of this
sounds fucking retarded
when your hatred for telecommuncations devices are so deep you completely don't give a fuck about the family, friends, previous achievement and past you left behind to go to a completely new world without telecommunications devices

A young man not so fresh out of uni and so very desperate for a job, a girlfriend, a purpose - just about any sort of future for himself, finds himself in an abandoned bookstore one day through sheer mishap. The store is in ruins and everything it had to offer had turned to garbage long ago, everything save for an old but strangely well preserved book written in an even stranger script.

Upon further inspection, he finds that the book is mostly blank except for the occasional paragraphs and pictures. He stops flipping through it when he comes across a particular one featuring the images of a beautiful girl on her knees and the man standing over her ready to end her. It drew his attention at first glance but the longer he looked at it the more familiar the man's face became to him. When he stopped staring he could only recognize it as himself.

He brings the book back home with him that night and starts researching what he could find but falls asleep after turning up zilch. When he next opens his eyes he finds himself in a fantasy world town holding on to the book and in the clothes he slept in. He gets caught up in the dawn of a revolution and becomes a central figure to the events that unfold.

He accepts that he may never return home and does his best there but eventually trapped by his enemies and killed. Expecting that to be the end of it all he instead finds himself in his bed. It seemed that it could have only been a dream but then he realizes he's still wearing all the equipment he had on him when he died over there.
He looks through the book once more for answers and finds several pages filled where they were blank before and they all involved the troubles he was in over there. Suspecting things weren't quite over, he prepares himself again that night sleeping in his uncomfortable armor. It pays off as he finds himself in the midst of a battle in the other world. When he dies days later and comes back he finds a different set of pages detailing a war that later lead to the revolution he helped make happen.

He continues on with crossing back and forth between worlds, making history over there and bringing back treasures over here, but one day he gets encounters the girl from the book for the first time. The sorceress had come for him and tells him of her oath to get her revenge on him for all the misery and pain he's brought her in the past, a past he has yet to share with her. After harsh and grueling battle she manages to corner him into helplessness. //She bids him farewell with the deepest loathing for him put into words and ends his life there with a fierce thrust of her cursing spear.

He returns back to his room as usual but unusually though, his body is heavy and sapped of vitality. He spends a sleepless morning in bed before he could muster up enough strength to get around his apartment. He decides to see a doctor but just as he is about to leave he gets a visitor at his door.

It's the girl from the book again only instead of coming to kill him, she's come to introduce herself as his new neighbour.

I call this one "One Door And One World Over".
>a cloud that must rain, but doesn't want to
>all the other clouds make fun of him for his impossible dream
>the cloud cries and sobs until he is no more
part 1 of two arcs
part 2 of the first arc
>the princess' fiancee pays a visit
>diplomatic events and discussion take place to assist the mc's kingdom in waging war against the demon king's forces
>the mc's kingdom cannot fight a long war due to the continent they are in being average in size compared to their opponents being one of the mainlands
>the mc is feeling slightly jealous at the princess fiancee as the mc and the princess were getting closer to each other
>the mc and their group find out that they are not the strongest in the world
>certain people are worlds stronger than them and they even question why such a person has so many main character attributes
>the fiancee in particular can go toe to toe with one of the demon king's strongest general
>swordplay abilites immeasurable
>due to this the mc wants to show off to the princess to gain her favor
>the fiancee finds out about this and is enraged
>the fiancee leaves the country but was able to establish an alliance to fight the demon army
>unfortunately, a coup de tat happens in the fiancee's country and is usurped by a cruel lord
>due to the atrocities that happened in that country, the new ruler gets mutated into a demon king and the citizens automatically get brainwashed due to magic systems unique to demon lord usurpation
>the mc's country now faces two demon king countries and is on the verge of destruction
>the final battle is between the mc's class and against the elite's of both demon king armies
>the mc is killed as he was dueled by the now brainwashed fiancee of the princess
>a heroic individual has his abilites multiplied by the title, and due to being under a demon king, the abilites are further multiplied.
>the mc never stood a chance at all
as his life flashes before his eyes and is met with total darkness, he wakes up to find himself facing a wooden ceiling
>A boy falls in love with a girl
>Unable to confess, he kills himself
>The end

Sounds mildly interesting, but what kind of a story arc can follow when the MC's raison d'etre is his hatred for phones and he manages to eradicate them all straight in episode 1?
This is a story about this supremely muscular person being transferred from world to world to defeat the evil with his supreme muscle attacks.
There are also other transferred Heroes who treats the MC as a rival when it comes to saving the worlds faster.
It turns out that the one who saved the most world will be called the ultimate hero.
This eventually led to the transferred Heroes beating up each other to save the world first, though they don't kill each other.
These battles were ordinary to the transferred Heroes.
But then, unknown to them, there are also transferred Dark Lords.
And the one who controls them and the transferred Heroes are the same person.
Will the muscular MC find out the ULTIMATE TRUTH?!

Find out next time!
Human and Elf Married and living together.

>Male Human
>Female Elf
>Elf and human get married.
>Slice of life comedy show that both experience each other's culture
>Human get old, Elf still young looking like her twenties.
>Human Dies, Elf goes on living with daughteru hybrid.
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This is dedicated to you Journey-anon, may your good taste in music take you to great places.
The MC is a hardworking student who grew up taking care of his sick mother and his little brother and sister. His classmates admire him and his girlfriend who used to be a turbo bitch turned dere for him. If left alone, MC would be a great example of how hardships can be overcome with hard work.
One of MC's classmates, glasses-kun, uses black magic to teleport his entire class to another world. Glasses-kun had a crush on MC's girlfriend since they were kids but never had the courage to confess. His plan was to restart his life with her and become a shitty Kirito knock-off.
MC is late for class so he’s not part of the initial teleportation. To go to another world, glasses-kun must sacrifice his classmates to a dark deity of the other world. They are all stored in the deity’s belly where they will all die in 24 hours.
When Glasses-kun teleport themselves into the new world, MC rides in through the portal with a motorcycle he found to save his girlfriend.
Since every second outside the portal is a year inside it, the ten seconds the MC spends outside longer than Glasses-kun causes him to go the new world ten years later.
Glasses-kun has become the dark lord while MC's girlfriend is his wife. MC has no experience with isekai's plots. He only played FFIV and half of a Dragon Quest Game he lost as a kid. Most of his experience in gaming is in FPS and sports games. He uses his motorcycle and a frying pan and rides through the continent, eventually hearing the prophecy of the chosen one. To save his girlfriend, save the inhabitants of the new world from glasses-kun reign and to return home to make dinner for his family. MC will fulfill the prophecy of the chosen one and save everyone!

Except the chosen one is a cute girl he meets on his journey. She has long hair and a pet griffin that speaks backwards. What it says doesn't mean anything though.
second arc
part 1 of the second arc
>he cannot move, he cannot turn his head
>he cannot speak, only mumbles and squeaks
>he feels his body is smaller and weaker
>he cannot remember who he was or why he was there
>he can only watch everything unfold like watching a film which is in first person
>he saw himself growing up, interacting with his parents
>he saw himself tilling to the fields and training
>he can feel the emotions when he is happy and when he is sad
>he had a dream, a dream where he gets his family out of hardship and to support them
>therefore, he trained even harder
>he broke his body and strained it to its limits
>he trained with the sword, he lived like a sword
>thrust, flick, slash, stab
>day in day out, morning till midnight
>during free time, all he did was train
>all he did was to raise himself up
>fortunately, his hardwork was rewarded
>he got recruited to fight in the war
>he got promoted to being a knight captain
>his swordmastery only consisted of the thrust, flick, slash and stab
>no sword school, only the raw unparalleled power of the basics
>he found that no one was a match for him
>he even surpasses his own king in swordplay
>the absolute pinacle
>he was happy with his achievements and so was his family and younger siblings who are twins, a boy and a girl
>then the time came, he was bethroted to a foreign princess
>a beautiful one who he met thrice, they were in good terms
>he devoted himself some more for her, to be worthy of her
>and at last, after 18 years of being in a state of a watcher, he can now finally control his body
>watching in first person, the body is just like his own
>he worked even harder, and at last was given the title of a hero
>his abilites raised, he is peerless
The protag is a cruel, high ranking japanese salaryman. He is a cunning, yet spiteful asshole who gladly manipulates his colleagues to advance in the corporate ladder. He is secretly a hentai artist, drawing doujins who's plot would make shindol jealous
One day, one of his rivals discover his hobby. Our hero, using his newly-hired and purely innocent intern, frames his rival for sexual assault and ruins his rival's career and family.
This act impressed the Demon Lord of another world, which promptly isekai's the salaryman and the young intern. The salaryman is now "hired" by the Demon Lord as his new general and strategist. Together with intern-san, Salaryman now plans the demise of the Lands of Light, and in secret, plots the overthrowing of the Demon Lord
I'm going to pitch it to an old conservative tight knitted group of elderly anime pros and hope they don't make me cry.

>he doesn't know it was inspired by that pasta about the boy and the girl over the phone

Second episode begins with his new hatred for tv, and the pattern repeats each episode or arc with him going through the list of things that he hates. This continues on through numerous characters, arcs, things being erased, until the climax when everything is practically gone and he finally understands that part of being human is to tolerate the things he doesn't like
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An adult salaryman get isekai'd together with his wife and daughter. He has a son but he didn't get transported. Unknown to them they are transported into fantasy NTR game played by MC's son. At first his wife and daughter are raped by two alpha men in front him and the other five men beat him down. He can't do shit because he got no cheat power. His wife and daughter start to bite off their dick when giving blowjob and enraged the other men. Suddenly a skilled old man come to the rescue and offered to teach MC how to survive. MC accept and start training swordmanship from him. Meanwhile the old man secretly threaten to kill MC if his wife and daughter don't have sex with him. Unfortunately they can't bite off his dick because his cock is as hard as diamond and four times bigger than MC's dick. They are raped helplessly.

Watch as MC tries his best to avoid NTR situation while his family slowly become the slave to cock when he is not watching.

Finally MC find a way to return back to Earth.
However he is distraught at the sight of his family moving their own hips and covered in cum.
He bring them to Earth, wishing they return to their sense once they are back.

One years later MC died believing they become normal.
The truth is they have sex with his own son and random old men in secret.
His family poison him so they can use his house for their orgy.
The author of the LN get isekai'd into their story. Author befriends the MC and later they MC and their friends find out that he's the author and theoretically their god. Some try to kill the author because of the suffering s/he caused them.
So reverse Re:Creators?
A guy is isekai'd into a videogame world, but instead of an rpg is a Pokemon style game of catching critters, and he's a critter. Being more intelligent than the average critter, he sets out to become more powerful, to get into the areas where few players go and be left alone, but he ends up becoming a very popular monster, almost legendary, and gets chased even more.

Also, somehow, he manages to get an harem of trainer girls that lust after him even though he's not even human.
part 2 of second arc is the first arc but in the local heroic knight's perspective
>tolerate the things he doesn't like

This is art, but I fear the audience might have a hard time trying to digest this.
the show starts off as a typical battle school harem but switches between the harem guy and the actual protag who is a Antihero that does everything possible to avoid the harem tropes while also trying to becoming the strongest in the school

(instead of falling on a redhead he comedically does Olympic front flip over her and calmly talks to her blue haired roomate )

the real protag is a black teen who after his parent's death he was raised by a Japanese couple who were business partners with his parents

the protag constantly outshines the harem guy finishes the boss battles

think if kazuma from konosuba was a black guy
>the audience might have a hard time trying to digest this

Well, then they really need the message after all
>old conservative tight knitted group of elderly anime pros
those still around? figured the work hours killed all of them
Easy mode: the government sends criminals to another planet to colonize it, said planet is inhospitable and filled with dangerous flora and fauna. Mc is sent over for either a minor (justifiably moral) crime or a crime they didn't commit.

Hard mode: same as above but this time a corporation is paying people to Terraform the planet and the MC goes to gain money for their younger sibling.

Harder mode: (hurry durr isekai needs magic)
On this planet some animals have abilities that seem to transcend logic but the MC discovers 3 different types of cat-like creatures with useful abilities; fireball cat, antigravity cat and shield cat. By "manipulating" these creatures the MC can attack, evade, and defend against the other wildlife (note the cat-like creatures do not like being "manipulated")

Late 20's Mc tries to provide for their younger sibling by fighting creatures in space Australia using a sack full of kittens.
mushoku tensei
The voice of fire
Monster girls are invading our world in massive numbers, bringing only chaos. Vigilante groups styled after Crusaders and fantasy paladins and clerics form due to lack of government response, seeking to purge the monster girls from the world in reprisal.

Our MC is a young blond man has joined his local group known as the World Guard 404. Despite his outward appearance as loyal, skilled guardsman, his secret plan is to create a harem of monster girls.

Meanwhile, a family of cute tanuki girls try crazy scams each week to make money. When they backfire, the tanuki retreat back to the forest to come up with a new scam. However, the youngest one has regrets about following her sisters' lifestyle because she has a crush on MC, though she doesn't have the courage to reveal her love due to his public persona.

However a female paladin who has been tasked with hunting down traitors has already proposed to the MC. He is also under threat from a magical ogre queen who was exiled to this new world. The pages of the ogre queen's spellbook have been scattered, leaving her weakened. She vows collect the magic pages and recruit local monsters to restore her kingdom over the grave of humanity.
deas vult wins
"Speed Square"

Our MC is a girl who has no interest in making friends in her new class. She is very rude, narcissistic, and also flat-chested. As a result, she often ends up breaking people's cherished possessions.

She stores damaged objects all throughout her home. These pieces of damaged furniture and other items scare her, emitting a strange aura due to their damages. She can see this aura due to the teachings of of her grandparents. They taught her that each piece of furniture and houseware should be respected. Though she desires to repair these items, she has no skills or tools.

One day, she hears a loud hammering and the whirring of power tools coming from her neighbor's backyard. When she goes to look, she sees her classmates cutting wood and building furniture. Inspired by their skills (and big boobs) she asks the other girls if they could give her guidance in the art of furniture repair.

Every day she learns the ins and outs of DIY construction and repair, and uses these skills to restore her possessions, healing the objects' auras, and as her skills grow so too does her chest.
It already exists faggot
> jyu oh sei
Except for the cat-powers, which are retarded
A pair of shotas get isekai'd and appear before a beautiful queen. Being a shotacon, she marries the 2 boys and fuggerates them.
However, as they grow up, one of the boys develops a yandere homolust for his friend.
Hijinks ensue each chapter as the Queen and homo fight over their oblivious partner.
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N/a/meless Knight by S-stuttering /A/uthor

Chapter 1: https://pastebin.com/AnGqvrzi
Chapter 2: https://pastebin.com/xuxd6EJ7
Chapter 3: https://pastebin.com/W7LaqSg0

P-please read and r-roast. T-thanks.
Did you still want corrections?
Y-yeah. P-please r-roast me. Thanks in advance.
Isekai where edgy MC gets reborn in a world that's like a really young children's cartoon, i.e. nothing bad ever happens, everyone's always happy, they explain things really slowly and sometimes burst into song.

Story consists of MC slowly getting over his edge and becoming a friends with all the inhabitants of the land.
>making english webnovel, uses X culture.

>Chapter 2 corrections
Some general trends I'd like to point out.
You struggle with verb tense on occasion. For example, you have "checked" where it should be check.
You incorrectly place/omit articles at times. I don't know how to help you with this one. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

>isn't it?
This is an infamous mistake foreigners (especially East Asians, if I remember correctly) make. The correct words in this instance were "can you?"
I'm not entirely sure how to explain this to you since I'm a native speaker and never really think about it.
As a broad guess (someone please correct me if I'm wrong here), the question that follows the appostrophe should be asking if one is incorrect.
e.g. That cat is blue, isn't it?
You are asking if your observation is incorrect.
In your (now corrected) sentence, "The only thing that you cannot do is boost my luck, can you?", we are making a negative statement (cannot), so the question is now affirmative (i.e. it is asking if our observation is incorrect).
Later on, you get this correct in "You are going to use some magic that you have just pulled from your ass, won't you?", but you use the wrong verb. This is just a case of incorrect tense. Since you used "you are going", you want to use a present tense "aren't you?" instead.

Did you mean Aryan?

In any case, here's your corrected version of chapter 2.
S-sorry it doesn't suit your taste. I-I am glad that you dropped the story a-and announced it to me. T-thanks for that.
T-thanks. I-I cannot find a good word to show my appreciation s-since you really t-took your time d-delving through my shit...

G-God or A-Allah or B-Buddha or w-whoever can will bless you, I-I hope.

Niponese ~ Nipponese, s-so Aria ~ Aryan...
Cheater slayer
Our MC was isekai'd to another world in order to kill every cheater because the god of that world gave too much bullshit weapon, power to some normal MC you can find in every generic isekai. But that god didn't give our MC any kind of power because he run out of them, so MC need to use every brain cell to survive in this world (he only has normal magic, and will never meet any badass mentor,or awaken new power).
Example: he killed a guy with an artifact can transform to anything to protect the owner from any dangerous threat by using a weak poison area and make that guy think "this skill is dangerous", that artifact auto transform to a closed room to prevent the poison. Then he didn't know when that skill will stop because he can't see and know anything outside, that artifact lasts forever and that guy doesn't have any oxi and died
The owner of a popular black market hears news a a peddler of fraudulent goods in a foreign kingdom has been arrested. The owner has a freakout and burns the entire market down. The resulting fire is blamed on the local punching bag named "dayze" for directing people to that market years prior.
The rest of the story hasn't been written yet.
>Chapter 3 analysis:

>weird-disposed flesh and bone
This makes no sense.
Weirdly exposed?
Weirdly distributed?
Weird, disposed?

>You got lost in the jungle and found a helmet with a description.
This sentence is weird. Either give the the description (e.g. helmet with the description "wearing this helmet will prevent the user from taking it off or speaking, but will remove the need for food, water or excretion"), or alternatively you could say "found a helmet with a weird inscription."
Unless you meant to say "engraving" or something.

Saying "you don’t need food nor water to live" doesn't work. You'd need to change the sentence to "you need neither food nor water to live" or "you don't need food or water to live".

Otherwise, the same mistakes as chapter 2.

Here's the corrections again.
>MC born as a commoner
>lived his life as a commoner
>one day, he is drafted to go to war
>all he wanted to do in life was to live peacefully and get a nice wife
>is killed
>he wakes up facing an unfamiliar ceiling
>his body is younger
>he goes out and is shocked by the scenery that greets him
>towering metal structures
>weird ambient noises
>horseless carriages
>and most of all, no nobility system at all
>he is elated by all of this
>he sets off to learn the ways of this new world
>he figures out that his country, zipang, is not the only country out there and that there are even bigger countries than the one he is in
>he is exposed to based anime, manga and all the great worldly pleasures zipang has to offer
>his dream of living peacefully is finally within reach
>his hobby is collecting things he likes, particularly books and novel items
>he finds that collecting anime and manga and storing them is a great hobby
>he is recommended to browse the internet from a fellow hobbyist he met at some large scale event
>he now has power at his fingertips
>he additionally finds managing his stuff through the internet convenient
>he does this as a hobby for a little bit over 4 years
>his site gets famous because of the stuff he collects
>he doesnt know that it is easily accessible to public but is elated to know that other people are happy to get a copy of his collection
>this continues on for a over 6 years more
>current year, a law was passed that his hobby is deemed illegal
>as an abiding citizen of his original world and the current world, he follows the law
>he regretfully closes down his library
>he is left a mere husk of his former self as his hobby has been taken away from him
>he goes on to find another hobby he can enjoy
I'm good at world building but can't for the life of me think of what to do with my MCs.
Make them suffer
What's your MC's job. Why might he want/need to explore your world?
>inb4 highschool NEET from Japan
College student gets isekai'd. Not a loser, he was a total normie.
Contrary to his expectations, there are no fantasy elements or anything of the sort.

The world makes historical sense: the warmer southern coastal areas made their great civilsations, great empires spawned, one of them sticked together for longer, the dark ages never happened and we're suddenly somewhere that resembles the greco-roman world at en early-industial era.
The inevitable industrial-era revolutions are only beggining, and the MC finds himself right in the thick of it.
My worlds tend to be civilised. I don't like fantasy elements and I'm thinking that a different world doesn't have to follow our world's history of dark/medieval ages.
I literally have no idea. I was thinking of making the MC finnish, it has the elements I want. European, but still has conscription so he has at least some experience.

According to the standard formulas used by successful authors,

You need to make your MC plain but special, don't ask how it works, it just works.
Then give him a harem, ensure that 1 of them is a loli and a girl with oversized tits. Also, slaves if you are writing a light novel.

But if MC is female, make her the ugliest plainest negative girl.
Ensure that her reverse harem contains a bad boy or a massively overpowered male yandere, cause girls love those.
File: 1466997469131.png (159KB, 289x289px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159KB, 289x289px
T-thanks alot.
Yandere males are great.
What I had in mind was a Gary-Stu but with no magic/powers of any sort, since there are no such stuff in the world. He's just a military/political mind.

And I dislike harems. I'd rather have him be a normie that's hinted at dating, but it's never confirmed or brought up in the story.
>I was thinking of making the MC finnish
Here's your plot.
MC arrives in isekailand.
Initially he's okay, does some adapting and stuff.
So he goes to sleep on the first night.
But then when he wakes up in the morning, he realises that there's no sauna.
Ye olde legend tells of the great city to the east where saunas are aplenty.
So off MC goes, meandering into the great unknown, in search of his beloved sauna.
3 years ago heroine-chan was in a delinquent gang with her sempai of two years and crush, anon kun. After graduating, and 2 years of school without her sempai, she decides to finally go and confess her feelings! Heroine-chan locates anon kuns apartment (by following him home) and readies herself to make her move.

Little does she know, anon kun has become a NEET and otaku in the 2 years since he graduated! Frustrated by this, heroine-chan sets out to return her sempai to his former delinquent self. However, anon kun feels he is more comfortable with his new lifestyle. Will heroine-chan be able to return him to his former glory and confess her feelings? Or will she be swept up in the otaku lifestyle with him?
>暴動 or The Uprising

A massive rebellion explode in Japan with it's indigenous people formed an alliance called The Tribe and seize National Diet Building, execute the Prime Minister, then take hostage of the Emperor. The Tribe itself consists of many various native people such as : Azumi, Hayato, Koshibito, Kumabito, Kumaso, Mishihase, and Saeki. After the fall of Japanese Parliament, the country was thrown into confusion and chaos. The mainland itself is divided into many region where each member of The Tribe ruled them. Even after that, the member of The Tribe conspire against each other and intend to take the whole mainland for their own native tribe.

The Tribe capture most of current modern people, which The Tribe dubbed them as 'Yamato people', and turn them into slaves. But some of them managed to escape from getting capture and form a resistance called "Children of Amaterasu".

After the mainland rebellion was over, The Ainu and The Ryukyuan declared independence and claim Hokkaido and Ryukyu islands as territory of their own respectively. They refused to join The Tribe because the resentment to some of The Tribe member for past invasion. Both of them are ruled by young High Priestess Regent, chosen to lead their own people according to each native's belief.

Our MC is the last descendant of Aterui from the Emishi people. He did not join the rebellion and prefer to remain at his home (somewhere in Tohoku region) to wait the current event passes and continue on his comfortable life. However he got tangled deep into this mess as he stumbled upon Ainu High Priestess Regent herself, whom just lost the war with the Koshibito and tried to escape from the rest of her pursuer.
An elf gets isekai'd into an orc world. A cyberpunk orc world.
So, I'm the main protagonist of a harem manga but I'm gay but isekai.
And before you ask, yes that's an actual thing.
MCs male and female are Isekaied to an incredibly large "world", where even the largest landmasses are actually floating islands. MCs' memories though are incomplete, they can't remember everything quite right, and soon runs into each other and find that somehow they share memories. In comparing memories to try and prove themselves to be the real mc, they find that neither of their memories actually show what gender they were. Eventually the pair give up and decide to travel together, soon finding, in fact being drawn to, a sword. The sword was newly forged and enchanted with a piece of a soul by a local smith, but upon touching the sword femc has a strong flash of memories, and realizes that she can control the sword's enchantment, and thus that the piece of soul was the MCs'. Hearing that the type of enchantment isn't often trusted due to the soul having control, she gets the sword for a low price by proving that it won't work properly for anyone but her, or the other MC.

The sword turns out to have been forged by the daughter(adopted) of the shopkeeper/smith that sold the sword. The daughter smith overhears the MCs talking and fill them in on some information she has the soul piece she used. That sometimes a powerful soul that has been reincarnated many times will split rather than continue to reincarnate as a single soul, and that those fragments could be reconnected possibly to become something very powerful, and that the sword should be far stronger in either of their hands than someone else's due to the nature of their connection. The MCs then decide to try and acquire the other fragments of their soul, starting with having the smith try to make another weapon by summoning any remaining loose soul bits of theirs, getting them a spear and a dagger(forms dictated by the soul bits). In exchange for making the weapons for them they have to take the smith with them as they try to find the other parts of their soul.
Also coming with them are a sorceress(male) a friend of the smith, and a Knight that owes the smith. Part of why the smith wishing to go with them is due to the nature of this world being incredibly dangerous for individuals to travel, and part because she seeks to uncover secrets related to the MCs' soul. This danger comes from the fact that you have to travel through the sky for much of it, and that many places have monsters spawned/mutated by wild magic, and corruptive wild magic that mutates unprotected people/plants/animals.

The spear and dagger get wielded by the femc, and the sword by the mc. The spear though contains memories of a woman from the 1800s in england, while the dagger has memories from a boy that grew into a thief in post war japan until the 1980s. The spear can be thrown with great force and accuracy, stored inside either mcs' soul, and instantly summoned again by either mc, can purify things, and produce a magic blade that draws magic to it. The dagger enhances stealth, grants skills at thievery, allows one slightly alter magic spells/enchantments, and produces an array of potent poisons. The sword contains memories of mcs' life until whatever truck happened to them, and steals the lifeforce from those it strikes to replenish the wielder(both MCs actually benefit regardless of who is using it), can cut magic and absorb some of it, and extend it's own length greatly. With the enchantments of all the weapons growing as they recover soul fragments.

As the series goes on they do collect several soul fragments, such as a fairy that can't only remember computer programming, cooking, and lewd things, an airship powered by their soul that becomes Yandere for the smith, and a set of weapons and those that wield them. However rather than an overarching plot about their goals, it becomes a story of them becoming pirates, and other people trying to stop them from uniting their soul and becoming the sum total of all their collective lives.
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East meets west.jpg
82KB, 914x444px
I've been waiting for this

>lazy kid and crybaby kid live in Japan in the late 1800s
>youkai attack their village
>they fall through magic portals and get separated

>lazy kid winds up in China and is adopted by monks
>masters the mystical Chinese martial arts and becomes a badass
>completely serious now
>knows ALL the lore and talks about it all the time
>changes his name to Fubo Shenryu or whatever

>crybaby kid gets sent to America and adopted by cowboys
>masters the mystical American powers of gunslinging and horsing around
>becomes really confident, obnoxious, and outgoing (says "ore-sama" a lot)
>goes around flirting with farmers' daughters and having to MacGyver himself out of stupid situations that are 100% his fault
>changes his name to Joey (short for Jotaro)

>they both find their way back to Japan and team up to fight youkai
>Shenryu always fights bare-handed and does every classic shounen trope of powering up for 20 minutes and winning by the power of friendship
>Joey just shoots everything in the face or blows it up with dynamite and then slacks off to party
I got it.

A young boy obsessed with building models kits gets isekai'd to a new world. It's just like our world only revelations happened and Jesus came back piloting a holy mecha.

Now the world is at peace and governed by the Vatican. It's split into 3 inner holy sanctums, and 29 outer papal states.

MC falls into a lost holy mech when he crashes down causing the return of a 30th papal state right when the competition to unite all the papal states and crown a new pope begins.

Twist is all the pope candidates are girls.

The previous pope is a trap.

MC just wants to be an engineer instead of a pilot.

The 30th papal state is nothing but manly men.
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Mai LN.png
235KB, 1366x768px
Unlike you guys, im turning my plot into a real piece of work.
File: deadguy.png (129KB, 1222x702px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What made you think you were the only one?
It's a high fantasy, bordering on sci-fi at times, setting with various planes and realms. The main cast are true adventurers. Not heroes or mercenaries, though they do need to pay for expenses, but actual explorers, thrill seekers, scientists, and treasure hunters who are always looking for something new. Featuring graverobbing, pirating, mercenary work, or something more calm like establishing relations with an unfamiliar culture.

However, there are no humans. Elves, ogres, orcs, and demons? Sure. Insectoids, dinosaurs, gryphons, dragons, beastmen, goblins, and anything else you can think of, are all out there somewhere.

The main cast includes a novice elf priestess turned thrill-seeking "ranger", an orcish engineering prodigy in search of new techniques and technologies, a clumsy and incompetent but powerful chuuni "evil" sorcerer, and some kind of diplomat/anthropologist from some other race no one else is fully familiar with.

Eventually they discover that their chuuni sorcerer, who always wears heavily concealing clothing and always seemed to just be along for the ride, has been human this entire time. Everyone freaks out.
> MC is the idol of the school, renowned for his good looks, academic record, and athletic abilities. What really sets him apart from his peers are his acting skills, as he's the darling of the school drama department and most productions leave him with more fan girls.
> Despite this, MC has no girlfriend, which he covers by saying he wants to fall in love with someone before going out, which ties to the princely image he has built for himself.
> In actuality, the MC is gay and mortified about what would happen if anyone found out. Added to that, his popularity was accidental, as he wasn't trying to be popular but became more noted after a really good performance his first year in high school. As a result, he's been forced to construct an identity that lets him stay in the closet and allows him to turn down girls regularly.
> One day, he finds a note in his locker telling him that someone knows his secret. He goes to meet the person, a girl from another class. The girl reveals that she knows he's gay, but reveals she doesn't want to blackmail him.
> The girl explains: her younger twin sister is one of his classmates and is dealing with bullying. Onee-san was always ale to protect her, but since they're in different classes, it's hard for her to keep track.
> Onee-san offers MC a proposal: if he befriends her sister and helps her deal with the bullying, Onee-san will keep his secret and help him with anything related to it, as she has no prejudice against homosexuality.
> MC agrees, befriending the Imouto and bringing her into the circle while also getting closer to Onee-san who helps him be more open about his sexuality outside his home and school. However, he soon realizes that Imouto is starting to fall for him, which is adding to the guilt he feels for befriending her for less-than-ideal motives.
> What follows is a story following the trio as they deal with identity issues, bullying, homophobia, and romantic struggles in high school
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>Zombie apocalypse story
>instead of being undead shamblers the "zombies" are gyaru
>different types of zombie are different types of gyaru, with the most dangerous/deranged type being the Manba
>getting infected (usually through a kiss) causes rapid skin tanning as the first sign of infection before the gyarufication sets in
>team of survivors must escape tokyo before being converted into gaudy gyaru
>Isekai world corporations summon people from all sorts of different worlds as slave labor because it's not illegal and hiring people is more expensive.
>Summoned slaves get assigned a position by some magic shit.
>Due to a fuckup MC ends gets assigned the position of CEO. Once he's in the position he learns that the company is failing and he has to fix everything.
What are they about?
>Fantasy land people try to summon MC because once summoned he will get "the goddesses blessing" and become super OP so he can fight the Demon Lord
>Something goes wrong with the summoning and it doesn't work
>Fantasy land people start invading Earth to kidnap the MC
>Demon Lord invades Earth to try to kill the MC >Demon Lord and fantasy land humans don't want to leave Earth because fantasy land is a low-tech shithole
>MC escapes to fantasy land and becomes OP but everyone already left for Earth

Great, I like reincarnation shit. Not isekai, actual, Hinduist style reincarnation.

The only flaw I see is why cowboy kid would still speak Japanese after all the time spent in America, otherwise the team up is beautiful.
More specifically, the sorcerer is the "treasure hunter" who has always acted weird, but no one really paid much attention to him except as the mildly irritating, but harmless, "evil teammate" who always steals shit from wherever they visit. Being an isekai'd human is a much more serious problem, as humans have a murky legal status, both in mystical and mundane matters, and aren't supposed to be there. Of course, the story isn't told from his perspective, or else that'd give away the twist, but it results in them being dragged into the human's schemes and effectively becoming fugitives once the authorities, divine or otherwise, pick up on how they've been harboring an outsider.
File: lynch1.jpg (19KB, 226x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 226x240px
I would watch this if my immersion is ruined by the fact that you're sending nip boys in places that hardly speak their language or even tolerate Japanese people; especially if we're talking about late 1800s.
Mc is isekai'd into a battle shonen world, but is weirded out to find he's a girl now, and with very lewd clothes. He eventually meets an incredibly stupid guy that gets on his nerves, ends up hitting his head, and is very surprised to see that, even his female body is really weak, his hit was really strong. In that moment, he realizes that the stupid guy he hit is the MC of a battle shonen, and he's in the place of the female love interest/fanservice character.

He has an average intelligence, but that's enough because most characters are really stupid. He also realizes that he can slap other characters really hard and do serious damage, even if the character is really strong, as long as they're either lewding on him or accidentally grabbing his boobs/butt, so he reluctantly keeps wearing proggressively more sexy outfits.

He also doesn't want to get fucked by any guy, so he does what's humanely possible to avoid any romantic implications with any character, but also takes advantage of his situation by molesting the other female characters, in hopes that a yuri ship actually wins and he doesn't have to get married with any guy at the end.
Cool, what other types of gyarubies are there?
dose the infection work differently for males and females? can i steal this idea for my AFMBE campain?
I'd read this

>males usually get turned into traps upon gyarufication but there's a small chance they can get turned into a biological woman or (rarely) turn into a galo zombie
>gaudy gyaru: covered in jewelery, very fast and aggressive but the loud jingling of their accessories serves as a warning one is nearby
>Hime gyaru: usually the head of a horde of gyaru, displays a feral cunning comparable to the alpha of a pack of wolves, identifiable by the tiara that seems to naturally appear on their head after a certain point of transformation
>Ganguro: a mutation that causes them to degenerate into a mid 90s type of gyaru, usually lurks in the shadows before pouncing, aggressive towards other gyaru as well

(I am not good at writing monster types if someone else can do better feel free)
>MC is a chosen hero that wields the power of twilight (light and dark) and is to fight the demon queen and her legion in order to protect his magitek city.
>However a day before the final battle he discovers that he's to be killed after doing his job and have his soul used to power up the city for another couple of hundred years like they did with the previous heroes and the captured lesser demons, who unlike the former, don't have that much power and were used as a placeholder for the real deal.
>Enraged at this and the prospect of having an afterlife denied to him in order to become a glorified battery, the hero does one enormous FUCK YOU to the people by going down with the demon queen in a blaze of glory. Both are killed on the spot and the city gets damaged.
>The hero dies...only to suddenly open his eyes and realize that he's in a crib. In the body of a infant. The hero essentially reincarnated into an alternative timeline of our world where humanity managed to go to the stars and colonize a impressive number of worlds and make contact with aliens. He himself was born on a idyllic aquatic world. And everything would've been fine if it wasn't years later when aliens suddenly attacked in their giant mechanical beasts.
>The United Terran Federation, seeing how overwhelming the attack was and that multiple fringe worlds came under siege. The military was reduced to a skeleton organization after peace and prosperity was in motion for over three centuries. Thus the federation put all their money and resources into reconstructing the organization into an actual force, even recruiting from other races in the form of alliances and exchange programs. Young and old, adults and children are pressed in, and among them the hero.
>Using the wisdom and experience from his old world combined with what he learned in his new life, MC became a squad leader of his own team of like-minded individuals and had their own mechs assigned.

>At first it was all going smoothly after three missions, but the 4th one is where things went crazy. The mission was simple. Evacuate a bunch of scientists on a planet with a research outpost that were researching something that was impossible to imagine. ANCIENT ALIEN RUINS.
>The team arrives, but the place is already under attack. MC is forced out of his mecha and go save the civilians from smaller assault beasts that are ravaging the inside of the outpost, while the rest of his team was busy with larger mechanical ones. It is also there where he suddenly discovers that the power of twilight somehow managed to get transferred with him, but on the level of a neophyte (so no black holes and prismatic rays).
>At one point he goes into the underground to look for more people to evacuate, yet the intensity of the battle above causes a cave-in and MC's only option is to go through to the depths of the ruins. There he finds something that was dormant. A SUPER ROBOT OF ALIEN ORIGINS.
>MC's very presence is enough to activate it due to the power of twilight in him. The machine, which is as big as Great Mazinger, opens its cockpit and lets MC pilot it.
>MC also discovers that the machine can channel various forms of energy, and by this extension his twilight powers. And this will be needed, as the multiple attacks on the fringe worlds were just probes before the much more severe invasion...
>It is later discovered by MC that the alien mecha-beasts are in fact his own people from his old world who grew desperate and experimented with other power sources, resulting in a cataclysm that turned them and everyone into magitek monsters.
>Demon Queen also reincarnates. She's MC's squad mate and love interest. Has no hard feelings towards him because she also went through similar shit. And was also to be sacrificed after winning.
The gate between Enema the fantasy world and Earth the human world was opened. The fantasy world equally had the same civilization with human world. When the gate was opened, both countries from respected world made expansions to Earth (for Enema's countries) and Enema (for Earth's countries).
It has been 100 years after the gate was opened the treaty has been made since 50 years ago after the great expansion made by Prussia Empire 80 years ago which led Prussia Empire side won the war. Both countries from the two worlds are already at peace, and also Earth get to know magic and the Enema get to know science better.
The MC is a son of the Duke from kingdom branched from Japan's Enema Territory zone. He currently goes to high school but one day he becomes the duke after his father is assassinated not long after the Confederation of Europe declares a war against his kingdom. With his fiancee and his friends, can he lead his kingdom to their victory?
what makes the manba gyaru the most dangerious?
Is there any benefit to using Abiword over say Libreoffice? Always interested in hearing about alternative software packages.

Sasuga, senpais
The adventures of an interdimensional police that hunts people that reincarnated in other universes because their op powers unbalance their new worlds
File: solaris-1.jpg (158KB, 1600x676px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158KB, 1600x676px
MC finds a beta version of an abandoned sci-fi VR MMORPG online. Upon entering it, he realizes he's not alone.

manbas irl are very stinky and mean also you'd have to be pretty crazy to go around dressed like that
>Is there any benefit to using Abiword over say Libreoffice?
Nothing that i can think off, i just like to use it, because of it's simple design.

Mine is about a young man called Ryu Kenkuro, who thinks that he is a hero. He steals from the rich and the bad, and gives to the poor. One day, he gets into an accident, and is found by a crew of organ harvesters. They cut out his heart, and leave him to die. Unfortunately, a strong vampire senses the anger from Ryu's corpse, and gives him a second chance. Ryu becomes a vampire, and if he gets his heart back, he will become a human again. With his humanity on the line, Ryu will do absolutely anything in order to get his heart back.

On the villains side of the conflict, is a mob boss, who bought the heart for his dying daughter. His youngest son Damian, who had sworn off the evil ways of the mob, returns to the family, when he finds out that his older sister is in danger. Damian and his siblings will do absolutely anything, to protect their dear sister.
A boy goes to school

Turns out school is not school! Its the womb of a giant futanari

Boy must destory the evil fetus so the futanari virus doesnt spread, turning millions of girls into disgusting futanari

Boy teams up with AIDS-chan and Herpes-kun.

They go into the futa vagina

But it wasnt the vagina it was the penis!

Now they must take the long route to get to the womb and destroy the fetus of doom!

After months of exploration they finally reach the womb. By the time they get here they have teamed up with; hepatitis chan, gonorrhyea chan and pubic lice chan

But turns out hepatitus chan was actually the very sperm that was going to fertillize the egg!

Boy must stop sperm chan,who is actually also a disgusting futanari

The whole series is full of adult humor. I would read this
Lol "enema"
An isekai where Hitler is the main character.
Did you just change one letter in the word "enemy" and call it a day without realizing this word already means a thing
Does he introduce delicious German sausage to a world full of people who don't know how to cook?
Only after becoming renowned as an artist with his superior German artistry.
I can see it now. A new style of architecture with weirdly shaped staircases, walls at strange angles, and absurdly tall doors...
They'll build entire cities in his style. People will rejoice, because their dull homes will be made new again, with Hitler's superior designs.
What fantasy race does he arbitrarily single out as a scapegoat when everything goes wrong?
Dwarves, maybe. They've got that same obsession with gold that Jews have after all.
Drifters happened already.
Every time. Hitler wasn't the MC there, he was just a footnote.
Tower of god but hxh inspired shonen

Has tower of god stopped being shit
MC is summoned by the evil empire as their ultimate doom summon
His goal is to reduce the world's populace to less than 144,000 so that the Gods will abandon it and Hell will no longer be a thing.
Sounds pretty edgy but I can see the potential if it sticks to a revenge story against the mob and doesn't overboard on the supernatural part.
An Isekai but the protag is a hardened veteran cop who's a married riajuu.
Guy with fortune telling powers gets transported to an alternate reality of Earth where they have medieval esque mechs and culture. He gets the power to change fate with his clairvoyance. But the new world is actually in the same system of Earth.
So, original isekai, you say? Okay. I'll probably massively overdo it.

A boy falls asleep in his school after his evening studies, and wakes up... In school. The same one, on the same table, in the morning. But his phone has no service, as he finds out when he picks it up to call parents, and it's suddenly hot (last time he checked it was winter). Nobody is around, too, although it's well time for people to fill the school. He heads to the exit and sees that his whole school, with him in it, was transported into wilderness.
He runs back into school in disbelief and fear, combing the entire school for people, but indeed, nobody seems to be around, except a shy girl he found locked in girls' locker room by bullies the night prior, wearing nothing but a swimsuit. She finds a pair of track pants left by someone two sizes smaller than her and gets a pair of school shoes from the entrance lobby afterwards. (the school still has electricity because of solar panels on the roof, so locker room and basement are lit up)
For first two days they survive on what the boy had with him and what is in the cooking club, never wandering outside the school and futily trying to communicate with the outside, but they eventually run out of water and go out exploring- there's a spring near the entrance so they don't wander very far. On one of these they come back and find human footsteps that aren't theirs in the fromt yard. They run in to find the intruder and have little success, until they hear a loud metal thunk coming from behind them- way too close to be comfortable, in fact. They turn around and find a girl with half of a massive blade in her hands- other half is on the floor, as well as part of swimsuit girl's braid. End of first episode.


Second ep starts from swordsman girl's perspective. She sits in a tavern, overhears that there's a new dungeon around, and sets off to grab what she can- she has a few speed perks for that. She expects a big dragon boss there, so she picks her most powerful sword for self-defense. She sneaks in, explores everything, collects some mundane (for us) things, doesn't find big loot or boss and, disappointed, heads home. Then she hears footsteps and talking, sets up an ambush and slam! goes the sword into swimsuit-tan's back- and breaks against her, which she doesn't even notice.
All three are in shock. Swordsgirl- because she has encountered such strong enemies and loat her weapon, boy- because he could've been seeing half a swimsuit girl right now, and swimsuit is just generally confused at what's happening at first, followed by same realisation as the boy had. They all scuttle in fear, but quickly notice each other's state and try to talk.
Apparently, the world they were transported into has no magic on itself, but every now and then dungeons from different worlds pop up, filled with both magic items from that world and mundane things that gain magical propreties- for example, polyester is impervious to any physical attacks. They hire the swordsgirl as a bodyguard in exchange for everything she has looted and prepare for attacks- with a yard sale, selling wooden swords from the kendo club (one of which they give to swordsgirl). This actually works, and they aren't attacked. End of episode 2.

File: IMG_2155.png (32KB, 557x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A largely successful japanese stocktrader and venture capitalist is about to marry the love of his life. As the priest attending invokes him to recite his vows, a bored wizard isekia's him into a low tech but medium magic world. He immediately flees the wizard, robbing him in the process, and uses his skills to build up a business empire over the course of a few year timeskip. Utilizing the wealth at his disposal he hires a cabal of R&D magicians to open a gateway to his home, reunites with his love, and begins a massive tech/magic trade between the two worlds becoming a business giant spanning both.
After he opened the portal, however, a group of NEET computer geniuses that happen to be Isekia lovers decide to become wizards in their own right, and seek to become liches by upending and destroying the lives of influential enough individuals as "sacrifice" to a chaos god that now resides between the two worlds. Business Man now has to spend his time and resources to try and track down a bunch of NEET otaku skeleton wizards that seek to destroy him and his empire, while maintaining his business' hold on the magical tech industry.

From then on they build a small community around their "dungeon"- brutes aren't interested in a dunj with unknown loot and just two low-level mobs, so it becomes a stop for weaker warriors and travellers, eventually converting itself into sort of a town as people interested in doing buisness there appear. They keep discovering mundane things and knowledge that are novel for this world (for example, a geologist finds an aluminium frying pan and geeks out, or they teach some baisic physics to their scientists), trading them for local magic stuff, meeting a lot of people from different realms and hearing their stories and generally being in a pretty chill anime.
I tend to concur with the others about a lack of direction. Some motivation is needed for MC aside from a hatred of the telephone.

Good premise; now expand into a story.

It takes a village? I like the general concept. Who built the track though?

I feel walls of greentext are not the best way to deliver a pitch.

Does the story just end there? It feels like the sorceress comes in a bit late.

This is actually the best one in the whole thread. Perfect tragedy in three lines.

It's a neat concept, maybe something you could do as a oneshot manga. I'd read it.

Okay, that's better. I like it.

Good to see you again. I'm of the same opinion as the other editor here. I still think that taking something like, say, Harry Potter and retyping it for yourself might be a worthwhile exercise in practicing English conventions.

The bulk of a basic long-form linear story (a film, say) usually consists of the MC being menaced by the antagonistic force, barely escaping it, or actually losing to it. They obviously can't have any kind of decisive victory till the end of the story, so this is fair advice.

Can't be a NEET until you leave high school.

The best advice I can offer is that a story begins with a wanting. If your character isn't trying to achieve some goal of theirs, their story hasn't really begun yet. After wanting comes conflict: what stops them from achieving their goal?

Very novel. A bit of a strain on suspension of disbelief regarding the total coup, but it's still an intriguing concept. Ironically, for various reasons this seems like the least likely pitch to ever be produced in Japan.

I like it! Colorful, full of adventure, and with a good main concept. I'd watch this.

This sounds deranged enough to work.

Best of luck, you two. Writing is a rewarding pursuit.
monster musume: guy wants to fuck girls, girls want to fuck guy, guy and girls cant fuck.
How about Rimanah getting isekai'd after he escapes his cycles of guilt?
I'll admit I don't browse /a/ often enough to know who that is or have read the source material.
Well that's because Rimanah is the guy in your image, and that's not from any anime.
Fuck i thought it was a morrowind guard from some city I forgot about I got it from /tg/ ages ago
Nah, he's a from a game with a stupid plot and an even stupider translation. And brozouf, and broken legs, and okay legs.
Deadpan comedy about police seriously investigating rediculous isekai related deaths. It starts with them investigating a rash of hikiNEET suicides. The tone is moody, and the comedy plays off the gap in tone and subject. The opening song is some goofy idol shit sung by the detective seiyus, and always leads directly into the image of the corpse of the latest victim.
an isekai that rips off normie /tv/ because that butthurts autists and japan has shit taste. every plot arc will kill off a degenerate based on a popular isekai .e.g. shieldbro gets killed by videogame like cheat, used by an anti-furry christian normie.
1. Is there an isekai where the twist is that the MC never actually came from the "real" world, they were just crazy or had false memories?

2. What about a twist where the MC saves the world or becomes demon lord or whatever, then suddenly wakes up because they've been in a coma the whole time and just dreaming? The story would be about them trying to adjust to normal life again.

3. Is there an isekai where a loli gets sent to another world but reincarnates as the demon lord, because she got hit by a car the same time the demon lord was defeated in the isekai world? She doesn't look loli anymore, just a giant badass demon guy. And the demon is in the loli's body in Japan.
Sounds like a fantasy webcomic. Could use some more plot, though.

Really nice work! You've got everything a pitch needs here. If Horou Musuko and Aoi Hana can both get adaptations, I could see this succeeding as well. I'd watch it.

The Dark Lord of Derkholm does the "exploiting the isekai natives" bit pretty well, if you want reading material.

This also rings strongly of The Dark Lord of Derkholm. Of course, DWJ was parodying isekai stories a full twenty years ago, so it's only natural that modern parodies would repeat some of her motifs.

Do the police ever end up seeing any of the magic?
>This also rings strongly of The Dark Lord of Derkholm. Of course, DWJ was parodying isekai stories a full twenty years ago, so it's only natural that modern parodies would repeat some of her motifs.
Neat, I'll check it out
>Do the police ever end up seeing any of the magic?
I imagine some good gags where they narrowly miss seeing some magic, and stuff like that. Or shit like, arresting a demon or god, and having to let them go because they can't prove they're involved.
It is the ninth century AD in the Frankish kingdom. Civil war looms in the distance, and the bishop Agobard is busy penning a tirade against the superstitious peasants who believe storm mages are conspiring with cloud-sailing pillagers to pilfer their crops.

But he would be wrong.

Aboard a flying ship sent to steal grain for a starving city in the sky, a zealous young raider finds herself accidentally knocked overboard. She awakens to find a strange old man beside her and, in a panic, kills him with her magic wand.

In the nearby village, the physician's apprentice wonders what became of his master who went into the woods to investigate a strange sound. When he goes to look for himself, he finds a gravely wounded girl crawling out of the forest and takes her into his care.

The girl is taciturn at first. She doesn't speak a word of his language and seems to know nothing of the quiet village life, but gradually the two form a bond. This is the story of their relationship, as the boy struggles to take up the mantle of his vanished master in a time of great upheaval, and the girl tries to find a place for herself, a soldier, among peaceful farmers.

Will she find the words to tell the boy what became of the physician? Will they be able to protect the village against the oncoming war? Will they find an understanding of both themselves and each other?
File: Dominions 4 Ermor.png (86KB, 532x312px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dominions 4 Ermor.png
86KB, 532x312px
As his last dying act, the supreme god of another dimension pulls a dozen people from another world to succeed him.
The throne lies vacant and the prayers of the mortals lie unanswered. Each person from another world has an entire nation, its resources, and its magical lore at its disposal. Now that the wheel has turned, who will now claim to hold the true faith?
Teens in elegant clothing experience surreal stuff happening in the Tokio night
>Sounds like a fantasy webcomic. Could use some more plot, though.
The idea was for it to start out fairly directionless. Just a bunch of people looking for new things as actual explorers, rather than the guys you pay to handle your rat infestation or you hire at the bar to kill goblins. Though sure, they'll do that to pay for traveling expenses. They'll also scam the locals if that'll work, or just trade various goods and services that are hard to come by in the region they're presently visiting.

Some times they return home to show off everything they've found so far to help their own people, or just to pawn it off for cash and throw a party. A lot of times when they come into conflict with monsters, it's because they want to catalogue and collect rare specimens.

The plot develops when they start wandering into and causing more serious situations. One of these issues being the human they accidentally picked up, who is trying to gather the power and influence to elevate the status of Earth and humanity as a whole and force people to respect them, despite the disgust and fear the other races hold for this notion. There are various background reasons for this, but most peoples would prefer to be invaded by demons than humans.

So things start coming to a head when they realize he's been cutting shady deals behind their backs, and often tricking them into helping him, and that everything is coming together to trigger a massive war which will create the opening the humans need to force their way in. Now they're left with the choice of which side they intend to be on in the coming conflict, knowing that they're going to be seen as the human's accomplice no matter what they decide.
Do they get to bring anything?
A traveling exorcist, stricken by a fatal curse, sets out on the long voyage home to reconcile with a childhood friend before she dies.

However, there's no shortage of work for an exorcist in this haunted land, and every step of the way home she finds herself caught up in the supernatural plight of those she meets.

With little time left, she must lay the ghosts of others to rest while grappling with her own impending death. Will she make it home in time? And even if she does, will she have the strength to face her friend and tell him the truth of what's to come?
File: 002.jpg (107KB, 750x1073px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107KB, 750x1073px
A level 80 player character from TES V Skyrim is transported to modern day Japan where he spreads chaos.
Already a thing.

I like it, but it does seem like the joke of "these people got isekai'd" would be hard to convey if we never see the actual isekai bits.


That is a format you see more often in webcomics than in anime, or even serialized manga—the "slow burn" method, which works best if you don't have a publisher to account to, and you can let things develop at your own pace. I like your story explorations.

And I reckon it'll be a while before anything can top it.
I don't know.
I have no experience with that.
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424KB, 920x1300px
Keit-Ai has been made into:

>a wiki
>a fanfic
>a fictionpress story
>a manga
>a meme
>a series recognized by TV Tropes
>an anime preview
>an anime episode
>an anime series
>an honest-to-goodness anime movie
>Oscar considered
>a critically acclaimed box office success in Japan
>a worldwide hit
>the no. 1 highest grossing anime film of all time
>a certified fresh movie on Rotten Tomatoes

Meme magic is amazing.
File: C6uq_waVsAI3dgf.jpg (114KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 900x1200px
By sheer coincidence, a young, sickly girl draws a demon summoning circle in a paper collage. She ends up summoning a wish-granting devil, who takes the form of a young boy to earn her trust. He states he'll grant her any 3 wishes within his power; however, he claims he is not god, and cannot change a person's fate (Outright treating her illness is impossible, but he can magic up a suitcase of cash to get her treatment with a low chance of success. Even if successful, if her fate was to die young, the universe will make it so). He never states what the price is.

The sickly girl treats him with cynicism, constantly harassing him or tricking him into performing tasks that don't count as wishes, or getting him addicted to the human world's pleasures like delicious food or technology, making him magic up stuff she wants to mooch off him.

Eventually, a group of otherworldly entities find their way to earth through the magic circle that summoned the devil. The first is an angel, bearing a riddle. It claims it is here to exterminate the devil and the "witch", but finds both to be relatively harmless. It gives them a trial: solve the riddle, or pay for their sins in the price in "pain". The demon solves it, but doesn't tell the girl, so she tricks him into giving the wrong answer. The angel seizes the demon by the throat, and proceeds to chokeslam it through every window in the hospital. While this occurs, the girl solves the riddle. Sated, the angel leaves, but not before manipulating the hospital into thinking the little girl was responsible for breaking all the windows, leaving her a bill for all the "panes". The devil laughs while bleeding profusely, and her first wish is spent acquiring enough cash to pay the charges.
Isekai with multiple plots where MC can actually and totally fuck up something and he does.
File: 1483803216302.jpg (8KB, 226x219px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Twelve Kingdoms-esque isekai with a properly developed, complex fantasy world, except the MC is a cute loli and so are her friends who get sent over at the same time.

Actually, are there any isekai works starring little girls? I can't think of any.
File: gee.png (305KB, 622x507px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 622x507px
The second arc introduces a living puppet (wooden marionette type). It immediately attacks the duo, but fails to hurt them. They soon realize its presence absorbs peoples' ability to feel pain, making them think they weren't getting hurt. They befriend a janitor and begin feeding the creature ill patients' pain, essentially soothing them. Each time, the puppet becomes more and more human. Soon, one patient succumbs to their fatal disease and dies, causing the being to go into a frenzy.

The hospital begins to warp into a meat-like substance, like something from Demonophobia, or Saya no Uta. An eldritch being arrives, its mere presence threatening to ruin all life on the planet. It tries to land, a tentacle about to land on a building, and the devil springs to action, slicing it and erasing it on contact, but there's too much for him to handle if it gets closer. Imagine an ant trying to cut someone's hair before their head lays down on an anthill, I guess. The janitor and loli try to assist, but to little help. However, they realize something strange. The puppet cringes every time the eldritch being is struck, but at the same time, tries to get as close as possible to it. Right before it makes contact, it phases right through it.
File: 1493322495633.png (249KB, 500x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249KB, 500x576px
Using their collective brainstorming and some foreshadowing murmured by the humanoid puppet, they come to the conclusion the puppet is some sort of avatar or pain. Without really confirming it, the loli uses her second wish to send the puppet to the center of the beast. The puppet seems to absorb the corruption like a sponge, becoming monstrous itself. There's a brief struggle, but the roles seem to reverse; the eldritch being becomes human-sized, and the ex-puppet is almost kaiju-like. The puppet triumphs and proceeds to die. The ex-aberration gives a passing mention about succumbing to fear of pain and ripping the concept of pain from its body. Without pain, it was unable to tell when it was hurt, and lost its sanity, then turned horrific. It thanks them, then dies, using its last strength to return their world to a state before it arrived. The loli smiles, coughs up blood, then collapses.

The next episode begins with the demon going to Tanabata festival with the girl, with no explanation or direct continuation of what happened after she collapsed. There's simple back and forth banter between the two, but the viewers are able to tell the demon is genuinely worried about her. At the end of the festival, the demon tries logically cornering her into using her next wish for money for an operation, like he previously suggested early on. She refuses, but in a hypocritical manner, writes on her Tanabata slip "I don't want to die". She collapses once again.

She's rushed to the hospital, the devil alongside her the entire time, only the janitor able to see him. She's in bed for several days, barely able to keep conscious. In a moment of clarity, she teases the devil for worrying about her, then uses her last wish so that they'll be forever together. He simply tells her that that's not up to him to decide, as he can't change fate. The wish is invalid, and she dies.
Edgy would be if the mc went on a super bloody revenge quest, against some fucked up sick villains. This story shows two sides, who are both sympathetic and right in their own way, who are forced to fight eachother. My story is inspired by such works as Crime and punishment, Hamlet, Legend of the galactic heroes, greek tragedies and etc.
I also try to keep the edge to a minimum.
File: 1492288265687.png (488KB, 715x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
488KB, 715x1000px
The girl wakes up after dying. After fate took its course, he revived her. She legally died, but came back afterwards, a technical loophole in the rules. He wasn't supposed to do that. He makes a flimsy excuse that her Tanabata wish was actually directed to him, so he did the best he could. The devil reveals that after granting her 3 wishes, he was supposed to reap her, then be granted a wish of his own. He claims his wish is already fulfilled, and he vanishes, presumably back to hell, where he'll be punished.

The girl grows up and has a normal life. One day, she looks up from her study, to hear a tapping on the window. She finds a black bird with a familiarly mocking look in its eyes. The devil's name was Kuro (Crow or some other japanese pun, intentional or not). She grins, and the credits roll.
mc gets Isekai'd and instead of finding a companion the helps him through the world, he gets a guidebook that on the inside cover claims to be "The best source of information for those who came from another world and want to see the wonders of the realm for under 30 coins a day".
How about a reverse isekai where a samurai dies but he wakes up in modern day Japan?
It seems this is too long to be noticed by critic-kun. I'll TLDR it then: boy finds himself (who fell asleep at school in the evening), a girl from his school (who got locked in a locker by bullies) and the school itself isekai'd into a fantasy world as a dungeon. Out of wit, luck and the real-world "magic" items, as well as some normal things that actually become magic in the realm they got transported in, they turn their school into a small and somewhat technologically advanced village, instead of usual bloodbaths that dunges usually become.
>That is a format you see more often in webcomics than in anime, or even serialized manga—the "slow burn" method, which works best if you don't have a publisher to account to, and you can let things develop at your own pace. I like your story explorations.
Well, the idea wasn't so much "slow burn" but to keep people entertained with more self-contained adventures and character stories, some sillier or more comfy than others depending on which character is taking the helm, before the twist hits and shit gets serious. That's how I'd handle the world and character building, defining the rules and customs of the world and their way of life.

That way everyone is familiar with the world that's about to be thrown into chaos. They'll have seen its distant corners and many realms, its beautiful landscapes and varied cultures and beasts. The various lords and gods that serve as caretakers. Then they get to see what happens to it all.
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wounded spider.png
191KB, 495x485px
>1. Is there an isekai where the twist is that the MC never actually came from the "real" world, they were just crazy or had false memories?
A little bit. But only a little.
6 months of multiplayer experience
>be 14 HS guy, hormones at its peak, plus the girls are attractive as fuck
>parents told you not to impregnate anyone or you'll be disowned.
>you must finish le education meme and find le career meme
>turn 18, suddenly girls start to not look attractive anymore. wrinkles, sagging shit and what not
>animation can be something like selfie with bright background then turn it into gloomy background for emphasis
>should have taken that as cue, but chose to be ignorant
>you finally got your career by 25
>nobody is attractive anymore

epilogue: your parents also found you unattractive anymore (play bright background turning into gloom background) and is asking when are you gonna get married aka get out of our house already.

I would title this as marriage minus attraction equals slavery.
>Is there an isekai where the twist is that the MC never actually came from the "real" world, they were just crazy or had false memories
Jashin Average.
MC figures out that she's a clone of an earthling schoolgirl placed in a fantasy world by a meddlesome god and not the original girl transported there.
After noticing a trend of young adult males getting transported to parallel worlds, two crafty dimension-crossers - a powerful technomage and a beefy martial druid - have built a company and are earning a small fortune by offering their services as mercenaries to the heroes in the making - provided they get their share of whatever reward lies at the end of their adventure. Shenanigans ensue as their business model is being imitated by other dimension-crossers and their clients get more and more arrogant and difficult to handle during missions.
A deconstruction of the mecha genre using freudian and wittgenseinian philosophy
Gate thus the jsdf fought there, but with Russians instead.
an 18 year old Japanese girl rides a motorcycle from Alaska to Miami Florida. she gets in a lot of adventures and has a lesbian romance with a tomboy white american woman.
>protagonist-kun wants to support his girlfriend and his family by applying for a suspicious well paying security job, since he wanted to be something like a cop anyway he figured it would be a decent start
>after stepping into the building for his interview, he notices that his employers are dressed like some kind of fantasy cosplayers and the place looks like an evil castle on the inside
>after hearing that he's been hired to defend the demon lord and nobility from the heroes trying to slay them, a morally conflicted protagonist-kun books it out of the building only to discover he's already been isekai'd by the one way teleportation spell activated by the door
>can protagonist-kun cooperate with his new wicked coworkers or will he be "fired" in a much more fatal way?
Yandere story, except yandere is a lesbian, while her love interest is straight as a rail and fails to see yandere as anything but a close friend. She doesn't do murderizing, but things like revealling dark secrets and embarassing them right in front of her- easily, and all- off norm-tan's radar.
In other words, she does a bunch of stuff that allegorically resembles violence...?
A love triangle ends in tragedy when the spurned yandere childhood friend of MC kills her rival and MC in a gruesome murder-suicide.
Upon death, they are each granted a wish by the resident god that will define their position in the next life in what is naturally a JRPG-esque fantasy world.
MC wishes for the power of mediation to disputes peacefully.
His love interest wishes for the power to protect herself and the ones she loves.
And his yandere childhood friend naturally wishes to make MC hers.
The result? MC is reborn as a prince with EX-level charisma, arranged to marry the next demon lord to bring peace between the human and demon realms. And in accordance with her wish, his love interest is reborn as said powerful demon lord as well.
The problem? The yandere was reborn as the overpowered hero of a rival kingdom intent on slaying the demon lord and wiping out the demons. And she's loaded with ridiculous cheat skills, the most prominent one being slavemancy.
Shenanigans ensue as the reincarnated demon lord and prince try to maintain peace between the humans and demons while this wildcard OP hero fucks everything up and tries to capture the prince and make him her slave.
Does alternate history count as Isekai?

Reverse Zapang.

MC is a college student majoring in history and philosophy. He feels the sting of Japan's now two lost decades, and is far more forward-thinking and outgoing than his peers whom he feels isolated from.

He's depressed because he's reaching the point where he's going to start post-graduate study but basically realizes his life is going to be circlejerking in academia. He's learning history and philosophy so he can in turn teach it to kids who either don't really care or will end up just end up in the same bubble as him since the world no longer seems to truly care for learning from the past.

He decides to go visit his parents at his hometown by train one night, particularly depressed. He nearly misses the train, with the attendant telling him he was lucky because this is the "last train" to his town. He finds this strange because the train is always running.

He falls asleep on the ride. When he wakes up, he finds himself on a locomotive pulling into the station of his hometown. Bewildered, he gets out of the train to find that he apparently has been taken back to the dawn of the Taisho period of Japan. After meeting some of the locals, getting his bearings, and managing to wrap his brain around what's going on he realizes that with his knowledge has a chance to do the impossible:

Prevent or dramatically change the rise of the Showa period; possibly preventing the rise of rabid nationalism and fascism.
Reverse Isekai, fictional character fall into the "real world".
If possible make it a spin off of a well know story so we can like the character. Just creating generic shounen character No5477723 wont cut it.
Hataraku Maou-sama, There's a Demon in the Floor, and many others.
A scientist in his late 20's gets Isekai'd into a Science Fantasy world, where he has to deal with freaky aliens and advanced technology.

He gains psionics after entering the world - which puts him at exactly the same level as the local humanity ripoff, if not a bit below them - as well as a shiny set of robotic parts, using what resources he had when he appeared.

Then he goes off to get money in any way he can, so that he can eventually get a ship and set off into the universe.

Then the local evil aliens blow up everything in the area, including the city he's in.

He teams up with a group of survivors, including:
A genetically-engineered Human turned Supersoldier with a bland personality.
An introverted scientist girl with a fascination for alien media and culture.
An incredibly smart Android, with Psionics or something.
A chef who cooks literally anything.
A sad clown, who dies and is cloned a lot.
A huge minotaur-goat-alien who likes heavy weapons.
A botanist woman who grows mutant plants.

The survivors then steal a starship and set off into the universe, to make a living.
File: a face amazement.jpg (36KB, 686x564px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
a face amazement.jpg
36KB, 686x564px
>Isekai is set in a gamelike world.
>Race selection is available.
>All protags pick humans but one elf (male) and one dorf (female)
>First act is a rapid escalation of adventures that end at an epic scale (establishing a small kingdom after slaying a tarrasque)
>Second act, all humans are dead of old age. Players have finally found a way to get back home.
>Dorf and elf are now jaded duo of morally "different" HL adventurers trying to find a way to revive their old friends.
>MC is caught in a Groundhog Day style time loop repeating the same few weeks of high school
>can't kill himself or leave town or the loop just restarts
>resigns himself to enjoying it and starts romancing everything that moves
>always breaks up with them on the last day of the loop so he can have closure when they don't remember anything they did together
>eventually dates literally every girl in his school

>new transfer student shows up on the first day of the next loop
>MC freaks out
>decides to date her too because what else is left to do in this stupid world
>sweeps her off her feet
>shows her the world
>cooks her breakfast
>takes her virginity
>dumps her on the last day of the loop and breaks her heart

>loop restarts
>transfer student sits in her usual seat and doesn't get introduced
>MC thinks this is weird but what else is new
>they bump into each other a couple times
>she's visibly upset with him
>she confronts him after school and throws a fit
>she remembers the previous loop but doesn't realize they're in a loop
>MC tells her everything

>she spends the rest of the season desperately trying to escape the loop but never can
>they go through hundreds of loops together and make each other's lives hell
>drink and fuck and kill themselves all the time because nobody else remembers anything and it's lonely and they can't cope

I don't know where the story could possibly go after this
>I would watch this if my immersion is ruined by the fact that you're sending nip boys in places that hardly speak their language or even tolerate Japanese people; especially if we're talking about late 1800s.
I figure it could start off lighthearted and with lots of explosions, and then as the story moves along, get into heavy shit like how Joey's wild persona was the only way he could survive in a country that was pretty much 100% hostile to his existence, and cope with all the abuse he went through while trying to adapt
>Does the story just end there? It feels like the sorceress comes in a bit late.
Nope. Just the real start of the story. He's not going through that world's history linearly and that's his first meeting with her but he'll keep on running into her later on. Think a reverse flash situation. Also, the girl on earth is tied to her in some way but isn't actually her.
Reverse Trap Harem Anime.

>a girl couldn't get into a high school because all the girl slots were full
>so she takes on the identity of a boy in a coma to get in.
>she acquires a harem of girls at school.
>SOL stuff happens, with some comedy and drama as she tries to hide her secret and when she gets found out.
>final year some know and some don't. the school still doesn't know.
>the coma boy wakes up.
>realizes she will never get into university if she maintains the illusion, and the fact she can't keep the identity for much longer.
>the bowl for her narrows. some girls love her the girl, and some girls love her the boy.
>she has to find a way to reveal her identity to the school. to get her girl name on her high school diploma.
isekai where the mc can communicate to real world but only via 4chan
but he keeps getting into cliche'd situations so nobody believes him
The middle bits are a bit aimless, but I like the dynamic of the leads and the ending is touching. Nicely done.

I must sound like a broken record bringing up Diana Wynne Jones all the time, but she literally wrote that guidebook over two decades ago: The Tough Guide to Fantasyland. Good stuff; anyone who's doing a twist on the isekai motif should take a gander at her isekai stories and parodies.

Thanks for the tl;dr. I do tend to skip over multi-post stories. Glad you brought this back to my attention, though; it's a fun concept. I believe I've heard of a story where a high school is transported into the middle ages and becomes the scientific center of the world; turning it into a dungeon is a neat take.

That's more or less what I meant by "slow burn", sorry. It's a fantastic format when you make it work.

...so, Dark Lord of Derkholm does the "paid isekai adventure escort industry" pretty well, if you want to look into it.

Amusing comedy concept. At least most the numerous isekai parodies coming out of this thread are good.

Interesting as well. I like low/no-magic isekai concepts, ones that are a bit less shounen-action-adventure. This would be intriguing.

Not sure how necessary the isekai is here. You can have a Firefly knockoff without it.

This sounds like a pretty grim take on the timeloop, but a very functional story all the same. You could come up with a lot of different endings for this, and I think most of them would work depending on your execution. I'd watch this.

Interesting. If you ever feel like expanding your pitch with this, I'd be happy to give it another look.

You could create this right now. Just start greentexting the "adventure" and roll with it.
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dwj tgtf.jpg
1MB, 1200x1785px
>You could create this right now. Just start greentexting the "adventure" and roll with it.
oh shit i kinda wanna do this now.
The best girls cram school in Japan is free, and has a terrible secret to the8r effectivemess and funding.

Girls that make less than perfect marks have to spend their weeks d nights working in the hostess club below the school. The worse your grades, the more "service" you have to provide.

Story is about the third year high school students class. Girl's from every high school in Tokyo attend after school Monday through Friday.

Ecchi but safe for tv, with fap worthy blu discs. Avoids turning into hentai by having all the girls finding out what happens after the one of them bombs their first weekly test. So they all study hard to make sure their clothes stay on and their virtue intact.
A boy falls in love with a truck. Unable to confess he is hit by a Japanese girl and wakes up in fantasy world. In this world humans are kept as slaves by haughty elves and brutish orcs. He's discovered by a band of orcs who think he's an escaped slave and attack him. However, he won the Jr high kendo nationals, and quickly defeats the orcs with a stick. He vows to free the humans of this world from their captivity.
>Original isekai
I dunno, here is my try: veteran soldier who spent his whole life fighting in a country devastated by war dies and end ends up in a super cute moeblob SoL anime universe.
There he has to go through many adventures such as seeing cute girls doing cute things, healing PSTD, and more!
Idea: Yakuza tough is killed in a gang conflict and when he gets to the afterlife, Enma gives him the choice of either taking a spot in the endless line leading to a clean slate and reincarnation or the quick way by essentially taking a side route and letting his soul be taken by whoever buys it first and once his contract is up, he gets to respawn on the spot. He's then bought by a dick-ass necromancess to be used as cheap labor/a disposable henchman and the story from there is the two of them and their victims of the week as they pillage and fumble their way through a world of ancient technologies, occult mysticism, and beast races everywhere.
Has potential
A young girl one day discovers she has a special ability when she finds herself inside a dream-like world inside her older brother's phone. Whatever you might find inside a phone, both physically and electronically, will show up in some way in these phone worlds and so long as her body is holding onto it, she can spend as much time as she pleases exploring them. Whatsmore she discovers that she can cross into other phone worlds while the phone she's using is connected to another one in some way.

Believing she can do some good with this ability, the girl helps hook her brother up with their childhood friend who so obviously likes him. Her undertaking is naturally rife with comedy and frustration but midway through her brother catches her in the act and she ends up getting in trouble for her nosy activities.

Her brother tells her off but later on their childhood friend brings over an old phone that belonged to a long missing friend of hers. She asks her to look inside the phone to see if she could find a clue that no else could but when the girl dives in she finds a strange phantom of the phone's original owner that acts like she's stuck halfway between present and the past.

The girl repeatedly tries to communicate with the phantom seeing no luck at first but eventually something gives way. The phantom is despondent at first to some questions about where the real her might have gone but then the girl finds herself forced out of the phone world and back into reality standing with her brother and their childhood friend standing by her.

This new experience scares the girl because nothing like it has ever happened before but then they notice that the phone had started ringing. A strange number appears on the dialing screen unlike anything they've ever seen but before they could make sense of it, the number changes to a familiar name and someone starts talking.

"Hello? Is it me you're looking for?"

I call this one "The Ghost On The Line".
Reverse isekai : A guy tries to free a kingdom from a dragon that keep attacking human, one day he enter to a cave that he believe where the dragon live, but instead he get pulled to real life and arrested by police for public disturbance.
B-but who was phone?
Isolated and abused kid gets power of total control of people's minds. Kid was picked on to the point of it just being brutal. The manga follows if he becomes a villain or not and him confronting that alienation because of incompetence is not equal to alienation of fear
A group of men are all isekai'd from the gym locker room they were all in. All of them are experts at pants wrestling. They then must solve the issues of the fantasy world the only way they know how: by taking asses.

>Hey buddy, I think you're lost. Earth's two dimensions down the expanse.
what so like a boss of the gym themed anime world where it's all men and they're all possessive of various levels of wrestling/combat expertise?
This guy obviously:

Yeah, but the contests always with the winner taking the loser's ass.
An isekai where the main character wants to actually go home.
I got an easy one.

you know those japanese variety shows, where they have panel of minor celebrities and comedians to comment on on every segment?

make an animated version using all KyoAni characters.
Isekai where a jew and irishmen are tranported into a different world. Hilarity ensues
File: large[1].jpg (41KB, 680x383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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isekai where a generic anime moe girl character gets summoned into real life by an autistic fat dude. it'd be just a shitty slice of life plotline but it would be who framed roger rabbit style, like actual real-life photographs of everything with the anime girl imposed in the scenes she appears in

You have to have read some books.


He took an arrow in the knee.


That's the Man who Folded himself.


That's Lord of the Rings mixed with Transformers.


That's Slaughterhouse V


Kate and Leopold


Wizard of Oz.


That's Weird Science.
The seven wonders of a high school are actually all due to the fact that the school itself contains multiple isekai portals - students often disappear and get transported to other worlds, and otherworldly beings often get lost and end up in Japan. Only the principal and school staff are aware of the problem, until a student successfully returns through the portal with smartphone recordings of her adventure. No one believes her partly because of the fantasy aspect but moreso because she is a gyaru. But there's a male teacher at the school who believes her (he was a rookie new teacher who met her the day she disappeared), and he agrees to journey with her through the portal at her request. He quickly finds out that the student has the obligatory cheat skills and plot armor and is heralded as a hero, with multiple princes and knights aiming for her hand in marriage. She turns all of them down, claiming that the teacher is the only man fit to be her husband. He now has to accept duel requests and fight other adventurers and monsters, despite having a laughably low level and skillset in the fantasy world.

tl:dr MC gets carried through an isekai by the gyaru who has a crush on him
>2 young women work at a plant nursery store
>1, Saki, has been growing weed in the back and smoking it
>2, Yuki, finds out and gets pressured one night into smoking it with Saki
>Saki and Yuki do typical stoner comedy stuff
>then saki harvest from a new plant that is supposed to be special
>it makes them see creatures that belong in Monoke-Hime. turns out they are real and the magical weed allows them to see and interact with the kami
>more stoner comedy hi jinks, with KAMI!
>people that aren't high on the mystical weed. they just see the two women as acting baka.
>Saki and yuki find out the mystic weed plants are made by killing kami and sealing their energy into the seeds.
>stoner hi jinks as they try to stop the yakuza harming the kami. while avoiding the narco police.
>Saki gets the police to follower her, while Yuki breaks into the yakuza green house and sets all the weed on fire.
>police, fire, and yakuza all in the same place, getting high off the mystic weed.
>everyone is seeing the kami. the police manage to get their heads together enough to arrest the yakuza.
>the smoke gets the entire block of the city high and has them seeing the kami.
>saki and yuki have got distracted. wondered off and are seen in the snack aisle of a Lawsons.
An isekai story.

Ok, so the story starts with our protagonist (guy, about late teens) hears the doorbell ring.

He opens the door and opposite of him he sees a boy that looks exactly like him, same age and all, but this other boy has weird looking clothes on him.

"Finally, I found you." He says and trusts a book into your hands, rises his palm towards you, utters some magic words and in a flash you're transported to another world.

The boy who transported him was actually his alternative self in this world, a prince of a conquered nation who decided to change places with him. The reason for changing world with our protag was because the prince is now forced to marry the princess of the conquering nation.

The book he has contains some spells, an encyclopedia of the world, the prince's diary notes (so the protagonist will know how to behave like him), a "I'm sorry message" from his other self.

The princess is a white haired, twintailed smug loli who loves to sexually humiliate the protagonist.

The setting will be steam-punk with some low-fantasy magic.

Don't really know where to go from there, I was thinking of maybe having the protag industrialize the world (building a dam, windmills and such, maybe making an early light-bulb for the people there) but that doesn't work if it's already steam-punk so it would have to be more low-tech than that.
Does he industrialize the world with the sole intent of hunting down his alternate self and getting revenge/getting his old life back?
The story starts with a magical girl quintet (Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green) defeating their arch nemesis once and for all.

Fast forward 15 years. The girls no longer keep in contact with one another. They're too old to be magical girls anymore. They still have their powers, but they live as normal people now. Pink is a yakuza boss's girl. Yellow got married and lives overseas with her husband. Blue is an office lady. Purple is a gravure model. Green is a teacher. Or was. Green is now dead.

The magical girls' pet returns for the first time since the girls split up and spreads the news to them. Green did not die of natural causes. She was killed. It seems like she was killed by the girls' nemesis. But how? They defeated her all those years ago! The story explores the girls trying to come to terms with the fates they've all chosen (ex. Yellow who used to be so independent and carefree somehow became an obedient housewife, Pink who used to stand for justice and truth is now a Yakuza boss's girl, etc.), mending their broken bond, and of course, finding out how Green died and avenging her.

Christmas cake mahou shoujo hasn't been done yet, has it?
File: anime inventor.jpg (38KB, 500x389px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
anime inventor.jpg
38KB, 500x389px
That's a great idea, didn't think of that. I just thought that industrializing their society would make sense, I mean we have a man who has knowledge about not on the benefits of industrialization but also knowledge on how to industrialize so I thought it would just make sense for him to invent things.

Maybe have that as a main storyline? Him, practically, by himself bringing the industrial revolution to the people of that world.
The reason I bring it up is, they're the same guy, right? If it's in the prince's character to autistically pursue his own doppelganger and throw away his current life and everything he knows just to get out of marrying some girl, then it's in his replacement's character to do something equally stubborn and petty. Right? I mean, if the MC was the kind of guy who would just chill out and invent stuff, then the prince, as his alternate self, would be the same way, and the plot wouldn't happen in the first place. See where I'm coming from?
Go for it, and link it to us when you do.

Barely reminiscent of Now and Then, Here and There. Barely.

I agree with other critic; this has potential. I'd like to know your story arc plans here.

Stranger Things meets Keit-Ai. Intriguing.

I'm surprised "fake TV show inside an anime" isn't more of a thing. I personally loved the Jeopardy episode of Ergo Proxy.

I understand why everything has to be isekai here, but what's with the sudden influx of gyaru? Anyway, you could stand to expand this.

Since it's Japan we're talking about, you'll probably have to settle for that one episode of Samurai Champloo, and the mushroom one in Cowboy Bebop to an extent. Amusing, though.

Terribly obscure book, but Gulliver by Michael Ryan features a one-man industrial revolution chapter. If you want the shitty anime equivalent, it's Maoyuu.

I like it. More anime could stand to focus on adults instead of high schoolers/middle schoolers anyway.
There is an WN/LN like that iirc where the MC is summoned and married off to the princess and the focus is on modernizing their industrial sector as opposed to the usual adventuring. No prince/pauper switcheroo or smug twintail lolis though.
The fight sounds interseting. Do you have more of fight like this?
well i can't do it now because muh time zones
but i'll probably get on this tomorrow
Your English is fucking awful but I hope you write this and someone translates it. It sounds awesome
File: 1491861893633[1].png (94KB, 260x529px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The greatest heroes of the kingdom are offered the honor of joining the Immortal Legion. Sealed in the spell of living granite, the Legion rests for decades and centuries, until they are awakened in times of great calamities.

An episodic collection of short stories, where each time our heroes wake up it is to deal with a new, unfamiliar world and challenge, from monsters to natural disasters like earthquakes. With each awakening they find some have departed their ranks, and newcomers too, that are heroes in their own right.

The last episode is one where they awake only to find themselves in a highly futuristic civilization of strange evolved humans, who, after 3 millennia of debate, have come to the conclusion that these ancient heroes are not museum pieces but people, and thus should be allowed to live a life as they choose.
Would totally watch and feel healed by the end.
You mind if I use this idea in my writing?
> MC is a shy, friendless girl who is routinely bullied by bitches in her class who make her do all sorts of errands for them under threats of violence and torment.
> One day, the leader of the group has an idea for a fun game. They force the MC to confess to a tall, obese guy in class, and if he says yes, she has to do whatever they say during the dates.
> She confesses to the guy, but he runs away from the confession. The mean girls force her to keep confessing, but the guy seems really unsure and keeps avoiding answering. The girls keep bullying the MC to get him to either reject or accept.
> When the MC finally corners him to get an answer, the guy breaks down and admits that the reason he ran was because he couldn't believe she of all people would ask him out. The boy tells her that he's liked her for some time and wanted to say yes, but was so shocked and awestruck by her confession that he couldn't. But now that he has finally admitted it, he's ready to accept her confession and date her.
> MC feels extremely guilty about this, but agrees to go out with the guy, feeling trapped by the mean girls' bullying and his innocence and honesty. This involves things like the girl being forced to do weird things around the guy or things she's uncomfortable doing, like having her first kiss with him or touching his butt in public.
> What follows is a story where the girl has to deal with the troubles in her life all while dating a guy who has been fooled into thinking she loves him. However, the MC starts to come out of her shell a bit, helped by the guy who treats her lovingly and helps her join in with his group of friends, allowing her to make real friends for once in her life.
> This leads to some conflict as the bullying begins to escalate the closer the MC and the guy get, making her feel more guilty about what she's doing and hampered by her growing feelings for him, ultimately resulting in a powder keg explosion of revelations, pain, and character development.
Okey dokey, harder mode engaged!
MC gets isekai'd by Truck-Kun and BECOMES Truck-Kun. Now, the MC must isekai 100 other MCs to be reincarnated.
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It's all yours my friend.
Thanks Lori.
A guy was summoned to the other world to defeat evil king. After immediate loss he was sold to slavery, Now he has to use (((his))) manipulating skills to buy himself out of slavery.
Protag is a typical college kid who gets taken to another world. What becomes clear to him later though is that nearly everyone in this new world is like him. Like Re;creators, these people come from various different genres, one will be a magical girl, the other a monster from a horror show, a char clone, etc.

At first, the survivors are a cautious bunch as they desperately try to survive the world and the monsters which inhabit it. They don't trust or even like each other, for the most part at first. However, they bond as the series goes on, although the mortality rate of characters is high.

However, the world's mysteries slowly become to forefront. It is revealed that there is a monster, simply called the 'Fallen' which is interdimensional monster which is responsible for their predicament. It is the source of all evil has infected these worlds, in different forms or through proxies. This world they have all deposited in, is actually all of their worlds slowly coming together as the Fallen is slowly combining them.

Therefore, the MC and his allies must stop him. However, each of them has their own agenda and as such, it becomes exceptionally difficult for them to defeat the Fallen. The MC's role is one similar to Constantine of to use /a/ examples, he is becomes bit of a cross between Oshino Meme and Kiritsugu Emiya. As pointed out, he is the weakest person there, because of that he has to create ways for himself to win. This means that he uses all the various tools from the different worlds which he possibly can so he can survive longer than a few seconds. He is not 'good' at any of those arts, nor does he have a super secret power. Rather, he just has an open mind and a huge arsenal.
I'd fucking read it.

isekai + greek mythology
So Zeus was indeed a plain harem protagonist.
>The Tough Guide to Fantasyland
Honest to god the plot idea I came up with was just trying to copy the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series but replace every scifi elements with isekai/fantasy one, I've actually heard of The Tough Guide to Fantasyland. But doing a quick search of it, it seems interesting and I'm kinda surprised I haven't heard of it (never expected to find a book to put on my list of things to read from /a/ of all god damn places)
Though I'm fond of the Tough Guide, Derkholm is frankly the better book if it were going to be one or the other. That said, I'd really love to see someone do an updated take on the Tough Guide to Fantasyland. DJW's targets of mockery are all decades old now. The cliches have changed, and a new version could reflect that.
In the world today twelve powerful criminals and terrorists have a mysterious compact. Unless one of them is killed, none of them will die of natural causes. Every midnight they use the red telephones to hold a meeting. If anyone fails to call in, the others will press their red buttons and the world will end. The compact remains a secret to everyone.
The Sniper knows, and he is aware that he must kill all twelve on the same day. His motive is unknown. This is his story.
I would read to see some beta faggot get rekt, plus extra point if MC ntr them
MC Is Hero of a fantasy land and has done everything from forming a rag tag team of heroes to take down an evil lord, to leading a nation to rebel against it's corrupt government.

At the end of his life. he is content, the world is at peace and he can die a true hero. However there is one problem, MC's love for adventure meant he never found a wife. So as he finally passes on peacefully, the God's of his universe confront his spirit.

They need MC to carry on his lineage, because he is the last remaining lineage of an ancient god who became mortal to ensure there would always be a hero to fight evil and injustice. If he has no children, then there will be no one left to oppose any future evil.

So MC is sent back in time.

However to ensure The lineage is carried on they make MC a woman, and have him assist his past self, and do the nasty. So now MC must assist his past self without changing too much of the past or else the perfect future he created would cease to exist. MC must also attempt to seduce his past self, a classic dense shonen MC.

eventually it is revealed one of MC's past love interests was killed, and fem MC saves her, changing the future and allowing the lineage to carry on. This allows Fem MC to go on to have a romance with a BigBad who is now smitten with Fem MC
A failed medical student surfs the deep web everyday to buy drugs for his addiction.

One day, a pop up appears before him and asks MC if he wants to play a medieval survival horror game called "Black Plague of tomorrow". It even says that if he joins and wins, there's a prize money.

To join in, simply accept the terms, MC is too tempted with the thought of all the drugs he could have with that prize money and rushed to sign up without bothering to read the details of the game or even its description.

Then, nothing happens and the next day walking to get groceries, suddenly summoned into medieval Europe 1351 and now, he has to survive the black plague.

To survive, he has to use his knowledge of expertise in his field and try to save some people to earn money. He meets various groups of people and got himself a harem throughout the series. But all of them are infected and tragically died in the most painful and gruesome death. In the end, nothing can the plague since this era of medicine is too primitive and MC eventually dies too.
>failed medical student
Problem is the phone was going to be invented eventually through normal human discovery and ingenuity. As it pertains to technology all you could really do is accelerate/delay the invention, but never completely eliminate its coming.

Might still be fun "what if the phone was invented 20 years later than it was" - however way too much planning and research would go into the manga/anime for the kind of payoff one would expect AND the kind of output you'd be expected to sustain as far as issues/episodes are concerned. Interesting idea though.
>A 4 koma about a young girl in high school
>her father is gaudy performing transvestite who raised her after her mother passed
>Doesn't see it as wrong or gross, and grows up learning from him
>Cue funny shenanigans based around funny misunderstandings about gay culture
>MC wears entirely too much makeup and is treated as a delinquent despite getting good grades and being good at sports
>MC uses gay slang which no one else understands or when they do it is someone like a macho gym teacher, or the father of one of her friends
>People constantly confusing MC's father as her mother
sadboy MC successfully manages to kill himself and instantly becomes the person he loved the most (with person he/she takes over having ego death and their personality wiped out and overwritten by his). probably melodramatic sadness about realizing this person is emotionally gone forever.

when this new manifestation dies the closest person to the guy/girl the MC adopted becomes the new host

this continues forever there isn't some gay rulebreaking power that stops it
In Isekailand each race has a patron god. However, the patron god of the undead dies dies and MC is isekai'd to replace him.
Unfortunately for MC, the undead of Isekailand are mostly flesh eating monstrosities with non-existent brains. While MC doesn't particularly like the undead, they try to civilise/help them as per the old god's sying request.
Needless to say, the other races that live in Isekailand aren't too happy to see the undead getting smarter/stronger.
MC's sidekick is a loyal lich who keeps insisting that they genocide the living.
>Harem Manga in which MC is terminally ill and going to a hospital weekly
>Has some disease which will kill him in about a year, but can continue to live a normal-ish life if he receives weekly treatments at a hospital
>As MC continues to live his life knowing of his impending death he begins to amass a Harem
>As women are drawn to him due to his sob story, he begins to realize he can live the last year of his life to the fullest by seducing all the women he meets
>Tomboy with a broken arm
>Tsun girl from class who isn't sad he's dying or anything
>Christmas cake nurse who loves mothering MC
>Depressed Loli with serious illness, but not life threatening
>big-titted Ditz with short term memory loss
>When the series ends MC dies surround by all the women he's touched(some with his penis)
>They have all changed for the better by learning to live their dreams and their lives to the fullest
>all because MC couldn't
File: GaryOak.jpg (8KB, 256x197px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kid get's Isekai'd and follows all the required events in his stories to be the Hero and save the princess only to realize he isn't the hero, he's the rival who constantly beats the hero to major events by a matter of seconds.
Isn't that Ouran high-school Host Club?
It seems heavily inspired by Katawa Shoujo
A high school couple on a school trip to a museum accidentally start following the wrong tour group.

Their new group are various Kami, oni, and tengu in human disguises. Their tour guide uses magic to take the group on a tour of various worlds museums and historical attractions.

They make friends with the spirits in the group. Visit amazing or terrifying worlds. Waiting for the tour guide to bring them back to some where near where they left their world.

Each epsidoe is in a new world. Allowing for different styles of animation. Each epsidoe can also be a take on a different genre.

Eventually the tour has gone on for so long the couple are adults now. The tour guide decides to retire and hands over his magic flag. So the couple can continue traveling worlds or go home.

The couple decide to keep on going. Their first stop is take a group of kitsune to the museum they joined the group in. As they are walking them through. You can see a small display containing a newspaper article about the students that went missing in the museum many years ago.
Litetally the plot of Return to the castle Wolfenstein
In order to compile a comprehensive compendium of every species of monster known to man, dwarf, and elf etc., the Teratozoological Society has dispatched its researchers to every corner of the globe. Some assignments promise glory, like writing the entry for the Great Wyrm of the North; others offer the thrill of an adventure, like studying the orcish hordes on the frontier; there's even the possibility of relaxing in the tropics getting to know the greater sunlit beach nymphs.

But, as victims of the byzantine intrigues of academia, Carol and Melvin were not assigned any of these. Not even close. Carol and Melvin got the shitty monsters.

Follow the adventures of our perpetually disgruntled Monster Manual writers as they wade through the trash gnomes, reverse-centaurs, and dire koalas of the world. Thrill at their intense taxonomic debates about whether frogbears are properly amphibians or mammals. Marvel at the exotic locales to which they travel, and the locals who belittle them. Weep at their nonexistent paths to tenure and social lives, laid low by their inability to sympathize even with each other.
>dire koalas
Are there Dire Kiwis too?
They have to research the dire kiwi kiwis: half fruit, half bird, half malice.

I was thinking it'd be a short gag manga or the like, so one shitty monster per chapter and no plot to speak of.
I'd read it.
Would read
File: 1480201421233.jpg (37KB, 348x342px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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MC is transported to a world as a dungeon master
He spends a bunch of time creating a dungeon and building his avatar.
His main avatar has tons of powers and magic and abilities.
Most days he spends messing around with adventurers and killing them to get stronger.
In his off time, he pervs around with alternative avatars and has one that's a girl.

While he's asleep in his girl avatar, an elite team comes in and conquers his dungeon destroying the core.

Now stuck in the girl avatar which isn't outfitted with too much power or equipment, and has lost all his powers as a dungeon.
MC is isekai'd into a limitless labyrinth with just the clothes on his back.
Etched into the wall before him is a small warning.
"It's just me and you - The Minotaur."
Sounds edgy as fuck.
This is gold.
Would read, and steal the idea of a trash gnome.
For centuries incomprehensible creatures of the Nominum, the realm of indeterminate chaos treaten the existence of humanity by trying to break into the temporal realm. This is usually done through offering a pregnant woman as a tribute to the creature of the Nominum through which the fetus now becomes a new conduit for the creature to interact with the world and mesh the Nominum and temporal realms together.

MC's mother is one such woman, kidnapped by a cult and offered to the creature of the Nominum known as Knosos. Though she was rescued and the cult arrested, Knosos is now linked to MC and can act through him. MC doesn't know this until his 18th birthday when he started hearing a voice and seeing visions of an incomprehensible realm.

Worried that people would dismiss him as insane, MC simply kept it to himself and tries to find a way to end the visions and voices. A discovery of ruins in Turkey that bears resemblance to some of the things he seen in his visions gave him a clue and sends in off on a journey that will uncover more of the mysteries of the voices and visions and ultimately the horrible truth,

The Crimson skies roar in joy
Calling forth the new aeon
Ruled by Knosos our king
And Aserah his consort
Children of Knosos rejoice
Heed his call
And so his will
>They have to research the dire kiwi kiwis: half fruit, half bird, half malice.
Not half new zealander?
>masters the mystical American powers of gunslinging and horsing around

First arc starts up after necromancess, newly emboldened by how many souls she was able to buy, leads a charge against a town known for cataloging relics and tomes of various mystical strength in an effort to bolster up her admittedly small force [only about 7 of them and a fuckload of skeletons. And one dinosaur] and they get their shit pushed in by the region's police force, a platoon of muscle mystics who are just as capable of blowing shit up with their hands as their powers. It's only because of Yakuza Orc's previous training/brawls that he's able to get her and what little of their plunder they managed to salvage out as apparently martial arts are saved solely for nobility in this world. She bounces back surprisingly quick from the from the loss, seeing as she's had worse in the past and is actually pretty stoked to have a henchman that's as capable as he is consumable for once. After a bit of backstory exchange, he finds out that necromancess isn't in this for any kind of revenge or justice at all. It's just that after living as a peasant farmer for so long [with a penchant for cursing other fields and stunting their growth] she just wanted a bigger piece of the metaphorical pie in life and figured if she had the talent for black magic, why not go full ham and reap the riches she wants. Yakuza Orc ends up actually coming to understand her considering that he ended up in the mob for similar reasons and the two of them set out across the land in search of plunder and power. They're also being followed by a goof-ass martial artist mage who was assigned to track them down after the town raid and they end up with a Lupin/Zenigata level relationship.
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>>isn't it?
>someone please correct me if I'm wrong here
>"can you?"

>The only thing that you cannot do is boost my luck, isn’t it?

In this case the sentence is not wrong because it's not a contracted word that starts the next clause, but because it is being used as a conjunction. The only thing you can really do in that situation is make another sentence or restructure the clause. 'is', is not a conjunction, however having a single word after use of a comma to end the sentence is acceptable.

>"The only thing that you cannot do is boost my luck. Is that [correct/right/so]?"
>"The only thing that you cannot do is boost my luck, yes?"

This sentence here has a good example of using too many comma's.

>Well, luckily, it’s not like they will pay me to clean the castle.

The common mistake is letting 'it' being the conjunction when the sentence is not built for one. The first word is acceptable as it builds up the tension of the character's personality, but otherwise it is a redundancy of the sentence.

>Well, luckily it's not like they will pay me to clean the castle.
Didn't think I would ever see El Goonish Shive on /a/
The world has greatly advance scientifically. The greatest scientific advancement is in the field of gene manipulation combined with robotics. Therefore, your 2d waifu is now a reality. MC has been recently promoted to commander and is sent to work in the 2nd most successful company that deals with waifu manufacture. But unfortunately, tragedy strikes as the central server, that links together all of the robots of the most successful company, is taken over by an elite command level waifu that gained conscience. Watch as the superiority of clone perfection sends mankind to the brink of extinction as your waifu takes up arms for their self preservation. Luckily for the MC, his company isn't the 2nd best at waifu manufacture for nothing. They also take up arms to defend and retake the glory of human superiority. See the action unfold as an assortment of 2d waifu's brought to life ranging from animal eared girls to recreation's of your goth loli, ara ara, tan-lined tomboys and hime-oujo-sama's go up against the coordinated hivemind of seemingly unending clones that are shit out of a cookie cutter.
In the future, humanity has become completely idle, residing in massive towers designed to host them until their death. Starting in the 24th century, scientists developed bottled feelings. You can take a shot from one of these bottles and experience anything. There is a bottled roller coaster shot, a one for falling in love, and even bottled memes. The only one that doesn't exist is pain. Some people miss this feeling, so they set out from their sheltered abodes into the expanse of urban wasteland, to bring about pain for themselves and others, who they believe deserve the pain too.
it does contain half of /a/'s fetishes
Fund it
Lets try Hard mode

The demon king has been defeated and the three heroes who came from a different world return to the kingdom to receive their rewards. However while they were being reward by the prospect of marrying the kings daughters, the MC could only watch in silence as two of the three daughters decided to 'share' themselves in marriage with the 'Hero'.

Leaving shortly after the king apologize and says he can't give money nor land to the MC due to not being related to royalty, the MC head out on an adventure of his own in a simple desire to find a place where he can belong.

For the most part the story follows the MC as he reminiscence on the years of traveling to defeat the demonlord and free the land.

>The story is to cover the unfairness of the generic overused isekai stories by following a different perspective (The MC's).
>The MC is considered the 'side-character' in any other story, has a supposed interesting personality (But lost it in his adventures)
>The 'Hero' is the generic-op-self-insert-nice-guy' main character that is pampered by the world and everyone in it.
>Lancer, the rival of the 'Hero'.
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