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Why can't I accept this ending when it was as simple as

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Why can't I accept this ending when it was as simple as a stick in retrospect?
Why does it still ask,when the anwser was already given?
It's not the kind of thing you can forget. What troubles you in particular?
you got meme'd by op who abandoned this thread 15 mins ago.
It all seemed pointless in the end
Yeah, I watched Eva 10 years ago and I remember next to nothing of it but such bad dialogue can only be a quote form it.
That's the point.
In reality, everything anyone has ever done or fought for is completely pointless in the end.
Did we have the same conversation yesterday? When you said that you never want to experience anything similar to it?
I've been feeling the same way lately. As much as I desire change, the world will not change around me, and no one will be waiting for me at the place that isn't there.

That is what you got out of it?

Shinji rejects Instrumentality and a world where people cannot hurt each other. It's the hedgehog's dilemma. Shinji opts for a world where people are again individuals. We can never truely understand each other, and we routinely hurt each other. But it is worth it for the good times. Just running away from interpersonal relationships is not the answer.
We did.
What's more to say? Should we just move on and forget about Evangelion? Or remember it for those few moments of real passion and meaning?
I will try to make a note on paper.
Shelf that and rethink the whole thing again in 6 months.
Weird how it keeps me occupied.
>leave a boy and a girl to repopulate humanity
>boy is gay
The thing is if you can't accept this ending, then you see Evangelion in a wrong way, the way Anno doesn't want you to see it. Sure, there are characters that are so human it's terrifying, but they are just characters. Evangelion is an anti-escapist anime, where girls aren't sweet and MC isn't Tomino-tier hero. You are not supposed to attach to them fanatically, you are supposed to relate to them emotionally. And seeing how Shinji and Asuka find their inner strenght to accept the World that brought them only pain and suffering is certainly inspiring. They will be alright anon, they grew up and moved on. But will you do it? You should accept the ending the way you accept life in general. Sure, it's hard and painful, but it doesn't mean there's no good in it.
Not the OP, but yesterday I read a scientific article saying that hikikomori are more self-aware and more aware of reality than the general population.
These people are often shunned because of their awareness, not the other way around. Imagine a person that doesn't want to engage in any form of escapism. A person who doesn't want to talk about games, sport or any sort of entertainment, but can go on for hours about life, death, love and what it all really means. A person who has a cold shower ready any time someone starts fantasizing or being unrealistic. You would probably make sure to avoid that person as much as you could.
Not sure what you mean by "accept." Like you think the ending should have been different, or the same but handled differently? Or you just flat out dont like it?
>any of those characters
>attaching to them fanatically
No way.Everyone was fucking mad.

And about not accepting the ending I can only say it's really weird.
"Is that it?" comes to mind.
I accept the things that happened but I don't see the "why?"
Maybe it's more about the journey than the destination.
But the destination feels important too.
It keeps me wondering too much.
When I'm not doing anything my mind shifts to it.
It was an ending all right.
And it's not like I know any better way to handle it.
I guess its up to personal preference, but thats a perfect ending for me. Something that you can still look back on years later and still change your mind about what it means to you.
I don't mid thinking about it.
But I do mind that it makes me melancholic a bit.
It gets better.
I never said it didn't have any positive impacts.
I don't want to jerk off anymore for example.
Nothing can stop me from that. Not even Anno. Although I stoped obsessing over how other people see me because of Eva.
I'm too embarrassed to say that an anime influenced me.
It's just unusual that something has an impact this big on me.
Same. I'd never admit such a thing. Even my sister doesn't know about Evangelion.
It's nice to have secrets.
>anon,you look kind of shocked
>Is everything all right?

It's not like I could discuss this with anyone.

(I once approached the local animeheads and then I found out that they only watch Naruto and One Piece with translated subtitles.
>translation of a translation)
I've had the same experience when I tried socialising with the local anime fans. Although it was interesting as an experiment. There were also some highlights that are hilarious when I look back, but secrets are good.
Unironically saying desu broke the camel's back
You were lucky. I either get accused of being like Shinji (or being Shinji), or I have to listen to people talking about games endlessly, while I stare off into space. Sometimes it's better to just go out by yourself and think things over than spend time with weeaboos. Beer is beer.
Aren't we all weeaboos for being here?
>I either get accused of being like Shinji (or being Shinji)

It went somewhat like this
>What is the longest anime you saw anon
>Oh it was LoGH it was pretty nice!
>Never heard of it anon.

I don't talk to these people anymore.
They are short,ugly and dumb.
I got the same reaction for mentioning Escaflowne, Lodoss, and Silent Mobius. What are those?
I do know one other person that likes LoGH, but most of them are into groupthink, escapism, and bad hygene.
My goal is to be nothing. When you're a weeaboo, you've got an internal and external label. I'm just human.
Thread posts: 32
Thread images: 2

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