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Kotori is the best love live character and I'll debate anyone.

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Kotori is the best love live character and I'll debate anyone.

1. She is the cutest. This is evident
2. She is the most talented. Can sing the best with her voice and expert at making clothes and a fashion genius
3. She is adorable. Her pillow and her green bow are adorable.
4. Her eyes are the most pretty and she has the prettiest hair
5. She has a burd and is a meme

If you think anyone is better, than youre truly a faggot and I'm sorry
Fuck off already
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I want to do this with all the raibus
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you want to make them all cry?
Only one of the girls is good enough to be Sonic's girl... If Rin is my Waifu Sonic's Waifu, then she is my waifu too, RIP my Laifu
>Not wanting to tease a raibu
Just imagine brah, something like Umi being teased like this and then you will have to do 100 sit ups, squats and push ups in order to make her forgive you.

>Ahhh mouu!!
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Rin is best.
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Man, dunno why but that artist makes me fall in love with a raibu. I even have a waifu already but god damn my primal instincts of a harem.

Like that combo with cute dress and feminine expressions makes me want to have a raibu as a qt gf.
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Another Rin fan!!! UWU
No idea why people keep posting about Girs und Pnazer on this love live thread, but since i'm already here, i came to fight. Hana Isuzu is obvi best girl. The nicest hair, the nicest body, the most compelling back story. Her cunt mom disowns her, because she likes big black guns, but she does it anyway. She could fire my main gun anytime. Peace
Wow, there are a lot more retards on this board than I thought
I hate tarot cards in anime so much I dropped Love Live the second this bitch showed up
Kotori Fan is triggerred.... All she does is go oooooh,and not follow her dreams, cause some idiot honked at her
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i like when she goes ooooooh

honoka a shitty friend
Fuck off daily circlejerk
Slow down bro, it's not ok to jerk off to the love live girls, They're all minors you know... That would make you a criminal man, and this board is just full of cheese pizza
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Presenting exhibit A and B as a counter. Debate that.

You cant cuz you have a birdbrain
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too bad youre beta and lost her to whatever this thing is
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cucked by a girl anon
Maki is for Normie wankers who think liking a semi realistic character makes them less of a weeb, but you gotta go all the way. Go down that hole lose you humanity, forget that anime isn't real, and forget that your life is real. Life is shit, that's why i watch anime. God i'm lonely. In short, Fuck Maki
I bet Nicko smells like the inside of a mexicans car.
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Don't forget about the MIlfs of love live! Rawr
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>In short, Fuck Maki
Yes, basically thats what I want to do. You understand me so much better than my parents!
why cat maki when you can a rin
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she smells like cigarettes, tequila, and cum
Sorry Rin, but you aren't the only one who can play a cat. That won't make up for your lack of personality, weak shit
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A harem is the only way to make them all happy.
Can't argue with those facts, OP.

Was expecting him to pull apart her pigtails.
Indeed but it's illegal to have a waifu h/a/rem here, unless we have a Mormon/Muslim admin desu and the harem threads on Wednesday are just for rating and are the same fucking people every time.

>It's okay to love loli, muscular men, traps and all kinds of things in /a/
>But it's not okay to have more than one waifu
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Nobody can't fight against Nico Ni, the real character.
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her voice is annoying
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1000 nico nico nii.png
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Have you practiced your Nico-Nico Nii today?
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Happy Birthday Hanayo.

Also belated calendar.
January 1st- Dia Kurosawa’s Birthday
January 5th- Normal Girls Election begins
January 7th- Aqours Sega Staff Image Girl Election begins
January 13th- Worldwide Poster Girl Result Announced
-Aqours 1st Live General Ticket Results announced.
January 15th- SIF National Competition Preliminary round ends 3pm JST
-4pm JST onwards, Application period begins. Register for the Tournament with your highest score https://event.bushiroad.com/registration
January 17th- Hanayo Koizumi’s Birthday
January 20th- Normal Girl Electionresults announced
-3pm JST, SIF National Competition Application Period ends at 5pm JST
January 29th- Aqours Sega Staff Image Girl Election ends
January 30th- SIF National Comp, Successful Applicants invited to Round 2.
January 31st- Normal Girls Election Results announced
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 24

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