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Mods are asleep, write an anime plot. Hard mode: Write your

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Mods are asleep, write an anime plot.

Hard mode: Write your episode titles as well.
>Mods are asleep

Wait, these threads are bannable too? Mods are going too far.
Same opinion. These threads are great to innovate new forms of autism, even if most of time we end up posting Keitai again
Alright I've been working on this for some time.

In 2116, it is revealed that a black hole is headed towards Earth, and will destroy the entire planet in 10 years time. Due to a viral outbreak that occured 10 years ago which killed everyone over the age of 30 and rendered everyone below 30 immortal, infertile, and unable to age. Due to the one world government being made up secretly of "the old ones" (who are actually the last elderly people on earth) who are discontent with the world and wish to see it die, they do not inform the populace of the approaching black hole. However, that does not the protagonist, who's name is only given as "the blackheart", a 17 year old orphan who witnessed his parents death at the hands of a kryptoid (a zombie demon who feeds on human hearts and who is the result of an immortal that is exposed to deadly gas (these guys are basically secret soldiers for the one world government)). It is revealed that the reason his parents were killed because they were "minders" a result of the immortal virus going haywire due to solar eclipse radiation causing psychic powers. Because psychics are given omniscient powers starting at puberty, the one world government sets out to kill him (the leader is actually a psychic himself, and also the MC's brother, though, he doesn't know that), the rest of the story is the MC killing the government and the ending is him using his psychic powers to launch himself into space and destroy himself and the black hole, which causes the virus to die and humanity to return to normal.
An idea of mine I had for a book but whatever.
Title: The Civilian Stories: The Legend of Four Women
Summary: The year is 1945 and the Japanese Empire is on the defensive. Yoshiko, Emi, Setsuna, and Asuka are four unmarried women that want to serve their country. In June, they are conscripted into the newly-made Volunteer Combat Corp. As the American invasion of Japan draws nearer, they grow nervous and eventually have to face their fears as women and as Japanese citizens when the enemy comes knocking on the door of Tokyo.
1. My name is Yoshiko Hirasaka
2. Who are You?
3. A Journey to the Sticks
4. News from the Front
5. I Worry About You
6. Renovating the School!
7. Who is the Lieutenant?
8. I Love Watching the Stars
9. Keeping Promises
10. Just Following Orders
11. Getting Ready
12. What Makes a Soldier?
13. Regret
14. Anxiety
15. Fear
16. Sadness
17. Doubt
18. Frustration
19. Conviction
20. Happiness
21. Hope
22. Courage
23. Loss
24. Death

Series ends with Tokyo in ruins and the main characters dead, their bodies trampled by American soldiers.
A bunch of japanese child soldiers fighting a soviet invasion of hokkaido but ridiculously upbeat and stupid.
Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

Local boy has a dream that "God" blessed him with all of their cool abilities. Doesn't think too much of the dream until he gets to school and shenanigans ensue. Day dreaming makes him warp reality for short periods of time. Running during PE momentarily lets him float. Thinking private thoughts lets everyone else hear them. So he comes home from an exhausting day for being embarrassed and confused and here comes Morgan Goddamn Freeman to be his life coach through all of this.
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1. Numbers/Confessions
2. Confusion/Revelations
3. Separation/Plans
4. Secrets/Hesitance
5. Birthdays/Apologies
6. Build-up/Stagnation
7. Rejection
8. Action/Support
9. First Date/Jealousy
10. Falling/Catching
11. Confessions
12. Distant/Love
>EP 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_rz1bluG_k [Embed]
>EP 13: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLUjMWRCzic [Embed]

Yes, but what are the episode titles?
>1. Numbers/Confessions
>(going with #12 instead of 13) 13. Distant/Love
Has anyone ever tried doing a battle shounen in one of these threads? Or are all they just deconstruction/subversion crap?
>13. Redial
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Gonna repost this because I would still like to get some feedback

>"My Imouto Is The Onee-san?!"

>The basic pitch is similar to that of Himouto! Umaru-chan but reversed.
>You have a high-school boy living with his (mainly absent) workaholic father and his middle-school sister.
>She is a sweet, demure middle-schooler out in public, with a petite figure, but when she gets home that all changes.
>Like Umaru-chan she transforms but instead of becoming a chibi she becomes a big, busty onee-san.
>She changes into clothes appropriate for a college girl and becomes the woman of the house.
>We find out later that the reason for this metamorphosis is trauma suffered when their good-for-nothing mother ran out on them and the sister decided that she would have to take care of the family.
>Her mature attitude allows her to easily handle her brother and she runs things from finances to cooking to shopping. (Though she changes back when she goes out which means she needs her oni-chan's help with the shopping.)
>And speaking if her oni-chan, she is determined to help him become a great adult so she does everything she can to help raise him right, much to his annoyance.

Some things that I'd like to get feedback on:

Does the sister physically transform into a grown woman who's taller than the brother (kind of the opposite of what Umaru does), or does she simply dress in a way that emphasizes her maturity?
Does she become a sweet, gentle, "ara-ara" onee-san who gives out hugs? Or does she become a sharp, ball-busting onee-san who enforces discipline?
What would the tone of the show be? I picture it being a comedy, but should it be absurd? Dark? Slice-of-life? Ecchi?
>Does the sister physically transform into a grown woman who's taller than the brother
If its going for a more artistic way to emphasize her maturity sure. If the show is aiming for a less cartoonish angle then I would just say an attitude/wardrobe change would be enough.
>Does she become a sweet, gentle, "ara-ara" onee-san who gives out hugs? Or does she become a sharp, ball-busting onee-san who enforces discipline?
Sounds like a stricter onee-chan works better with a softer onee-chan side when she gets embarrassed or whatever.
> I picture it being a comedy
I think comedy works fine. My personal vote is for a more dramatic angle that incorporates comedy into it to balance it out. That way the backstory doesn't come off as too out of the way or whatever.
That might just be the perfect response image.
Good job.

Could be interesting. Reminds me of those SoL shows from the 80' where the main character just happens to have psychic abilities, but really that's just background to the character development.
Like Kimagure Orange Road.

That would be pretty hard to do and not come off as insultingly absurd. Then again, it IS anime.

Yeesh. You'd have to play it very delicately to justify 26 episodes only to have a Grave of Firefly's/Barefoot Gen ending.

But the concept itself is interesting, if only because I don't think a lot of Americans know what the Japanese citizens where thinking and feeling as their leaders screwed them over and then we carpet bombed them.

That... is a LOT of stuff to cram together into a single story.
It's 24 but I get your point. The idea was to split it into 2 parts. The first part being character development/SoL antics and the second part being a dark war story. The main appeal would be nationalist Japanese women becoming soldiers in WWII.
>If its going for a more artistic way to emphasize her maturity sure.

Well, that's kind of what I was thinking. I mean, Umaru-chan doesn't literally turn into a super tiny chibi loli. It's just a representation of her immature nature.
And the fact that her chibi form is so goofy conveys that.
I'm afraid that going the other way from a girl to a grown college looking woman probably wouldn't read the same to the audience.
Of course if the change was really over the top, then maybe...

Then again, just having her change clothes and attitude might be enough, even for a comedy.

>Sounds like a stricter onee-chan works better with a softer onee-chan side when she gets embarrassed or whatever.

It would certainly be easier to do comedy with a stricter onee-san.

>My personal vote is for a more dramatic angle that incorporates comedy into it to balance it out. That way the backstory doesn't come off as too out of the way or whatever.

Dramatic angle. You mean exploring their motivations more? Or just more dramatic situations that reveal their character?

Thanks for the feedback.
>I'm afraid that going the other way from a girl to a grown college looking woman probably wouldn't read the same to the audience.
Nah I think it would read just fine. A cartoonish transformation is all that's really needed.
> You mean exploring their motivations more?
More like exploration the onee-chan's backstory and the reprecussions of having such an upbringing. Play up the family drama angle. Not dark per-say, but just more serious.
The thing is, the Volunteer Fighting Corps never actually saw combat within Japan so if they die it would most likely be because of bombing, which is why I compared it to Grave of Firefly's/Barefoot Gen.
I honestly think that your story would be better served by having at least some of them around at the end. They could represent the feelings of the Japanese people after the war ends.
But it depends on what kind of story you want to tell.
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screencapped my favorite from a few threads ago
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Yeah, I could see that working.

She changes clothes and lets her hair down. All in close up so we don't see what she looks like.
So we're just expecting to just see a middle schooler dressed up a bit.
The older brother says he knows that girls can look more mature with clothes and makeup.
"But This Is Too Much!" he screams and we see the girl, now a mature onee-san, all transformed.

>Play up the family drama angle.

Interludes were they start actually start taking things seriously, but then get interrupted by something crazy or comedic.
I'd try not to get too Rumiko Takahashi with it but that might work.
> the Volunteer Fighting Corps never actually saw combat within Japan
That's because there was never a land invasion of Japan. In this version of history there would be a land invasion on Japanese soil (the reason being that the atomic bomb was never invented)
>I honestly think that your story would be better served by having at least some of them around at the end.
I like that idea. I was planning on having the MC have a friend that was her childhood friend so maybe the two of them could survive at the end.
>They could represent the feelings of the Japanese people after the war ends.
The theme of preservation could be played up in this way, I agree.
The basic idea is interesting, but I feel that you'd have to go deeper with it than that or it would end up feeling unsatisfying.

>In this version of history there would be a land invasion on Japanese soil (the reason being that the atomic bomb was never invented)

Ah, now see, that is an important point you left out. A land invasion of the Japanese home islands would get real bad real quick.
Man, having studied WWII for years and knowing some vets who served in the Pacific theater I don't even want to think about that scenario.

But it would be dramatic.
>Does the sister physically transform into a grown woman who's taller than the brother
I feel like this would play up the effect more, and make the transformation seem more genuine.
>Does she become a sweet, gentle, "ara-ara" onee-san who gives out hugs?
I prefer this. I'd like to see her attempt to emulate the emotional support that was nonexistent thanks to the mother's absence. She should teach discipline, but in general, she should be more focused on mitigating the trauma from the loss of their mother.
>What would the tone of the show be?
Comedy, but keep it a bit down-to-earth. Also, include drama with the emphasis on character development, with a bit of psychological introspection.
3 Part OVA
Ep1: I've become my onii-chan's ochin-chin?!
Ep2: He does what when mom and dad are gone?!
Ep3: There's no way I can let my onii-chan use me on a girl like that!!
The commies would have been the most likely to have invaded by land, but it wouldn't have been worse than the Berlin invasion, except with more suicides
A 90 year old woman becomes a magical girl.
She has to balance fighting magical crime and her life in the rest home.
So, according to American war plans, the USN would attack Kyushu and Tokyo and so I was imagining they would hear news of the war effort on the southern islands 3/4ths through the first cour before the the American's main force arrives on the Japanese doorstep in the second cour. Urban warfare and suffering ensues.
>Class of students who are all slightly-above-average looking.
>Each episode they fight each other for the right to be the main character.
>Every episode follows the main character, which keeps changing as the students steal the main character status.
>Episode 1: Everyone fights for 'that seat'.
Please tell me each one is from a different genre (ie battle shounen, romcom, magical high school LN, shoujo, eroge/hentai, ect...)
Of course, that's the point of the changing viewpoint.
I think your first two answers definitely fit together.

If I made her an "ara-ara" onee-san then I think she would have to physically transform into a big, nurturing figure. Otherwise it just wouldn't work.

But if she were bigger then a lot of the comedy would work, I think. And you could have quiet interludes.

Hmn... decisions, decisions.

I feel like depending on which type I choose to go with will give me two different stories.
Of course, if you really wanted to sell this, then you need the animation style to change depending on the "genre".
Just curious, what are the "two different stories" you would tell?
I Won't Let You Ignore These Damn Worms


A socially inept college student takes on the role of "MAD SCIENTIST" as he pieces together the puzzle of the Plague of the Information Age; worms, eleven meters in diameter, as thin as a shoe string that feed off of people and cause mental illness.

This boy believes that with further research that he can cure the disease which plagues the modern world. But can he get what he truly needs to succeed, in this place that believes he himself to be crazy? Will the Monsters living inside himself allow him to succeed in the first place?

I actually already wrote a four page one-off, if anyone wants to tell me how shit I am at writing.
MC travels back in time and tries to change his past, but nothing seems to be going his way

then it's revealed that everyone else is a time traveler and they're just fucking with him

Well, if the younger sister turns into a kind, "ara-ara" onee-san then I would have her transform into a big, nurturing figure. There would be less physical comedy and more of her using various whiles to get him to do what she wants him to. Not outright manipulation, but she could give him the "I'm very disappointed" look and things like that.

Also, I might actually have others outside the family occasionally see her as the older sister and wonder who the heck she is.
But aside from her physical transformation there wouldn't be nearly as big a jump in her personality. Basically she would just get more motherly and sure of herself when she becomes the onee-san.

On the other hand, if she bacame the cool, strict onee-san then I would have her personality do a complete 180. Shy and reserved in public, but at home a real ball-buster. No one outside the family would see her in that state. Her physical size change wouldn't have to be nearly as drastic (although it could be). It would be much more implied that her queen-bitch image is just how her family perceives her.

And there would be a lot more physical comedy. Real Ranman 1/2 type stuff. But occasionally she would show a softer side. This would be brief though.

But in both cases you would have slower, serious moments where they try to work through some issues.

Those are just my initial thoughts.
Episode 1: A boy falls in love with a girl
Episode 2: My crush's cell phone number is on my phone?!
Episode 3: My crush loves me back! Then why is she denying it in public?
Episode 4: My phone is calling another universe?!
Episode 5: Plans to conquer the hearts of our counterparts
Episode 6: Armed with her darkest secrets
Episode 7: She thinks I'm blackmailing her
Episode 8: My crush isn't anything like the girl on the phone
Episode 9: Why can't my crush in this world be like the girl on my phone?
Episode 10: I think I'm falling in love with my phone crush
Episode 11: What is the NATURE OF LOVE?
Episode 12: I can't bear to be apart from her
Episode 13: Together ALONE.
I think you could have her be strict while not having her come off as an overbearing bitch. I also think the change from imouto to onee-chan could be done easier if she was a more stricter onee-chan instead of an ara ara one but that's just my opinion.
A young man from a fantasy world gets transported to real world Tokyo and has to learn how to live in our world. Some harem and slice of life elements included.
That's certainly true. She doesn't have to be a bitch. It would just be easier, comedy-wise.
(Of course that doesn't mean it would be better.)

And yeah, the strict oneesan would be easier to do.
So...Hataraku Maou-sama?
A bunch of moe anime girls do a bunch of moe anime things.

>literally print money
Anime about a Chalcolithic tribe of farmer-herders. Basically, King of Dragon Pass, only make the Orlanthi more like Mycenaean Greeks, Vedic Aryans, kingdom-era Rome and Germanic tribes before the Voelkerwanderung.
MC wakes up and discoveres he's transformed into his last game character from a popular MMO. A system message informs him he must slay an apocalyptic beast, who is about to destroy the world.

The problem is, the MC's last character was a tiny, weak little healer loli and has absolutely useless offensive magic, and his healing has its limits too.

The MC's dream of becoming an action hero crushed, he must now find a party that he can carry to killing the beast. Grouping with random adventurers, he has to go through all the woes of a MMO healer, watching parties wipe because of dumb mistakes, overeager sword heroes who don't know dungeon mechanics, and strangers who don't speak the same language.
Mc who grew up in Egypt surrounded by constant violence and war comes to hate religion and violence altogether. He later studies abroad in Japan and becomes a top notch psychiatrist. He then gets asked by the World Health Organization to investigate a case of mass hysteria in Egypt. He reluctantly accepts and returns to notice that a lot more violence has consumed his home town. Most if not all the inhabitants are involved in some way shape or form. Mc investigates and notices that many events which are unfolding are reflective of the plagues which have fallen upon Egpyt by moses over a 1000 years ago. He realizes that much of the violence is done over the interpretation that god is angry and that somebody has done something wrong. Mc decides to ignore it and calls it a coincidence and decides to simply follow orders and treat the citizens with the aid of any other existing hospitals nearby. The deaths and number of injured decrease significantly over the following weeks. One day, Mc receives a patient. Patient claims that Mc is problematic to his cause and that he must be killed. Mc thinks of him as another religious extremist and handles him like any other psychotic patient from the training he's received working in an asylum in Japan. Mc looks up his medical records but nothing is found. Blood tests reveal him to not be human and Mc begins to interrogate via electric chair. Patient reveals himself to be an alien sent to destroy the human race. Claims he and many others are the ones behind the "plagues" in Egypt. Mc has many questions but doesn't have the chance to ask as assistant nurse walks in and executes the patient. Nurse explains that she is also an alien but on the human's side. She explains that Earth was originally created by aliens for aliens. She explains that the aliens went through similar struggles like Earth is going through right now (climate change, loss of resources etc). And that Earth was originally created for housing life for the aliens(1/?)
my grammar might be fucked up and if theres any questions please be free to ask.

Humans were created for testing to see if life is sustainable on earth. yay success. Aliens prepare for takeover but aliens begin to fight over whether or not it is right to take the lives of the humans and their homes even if they did create us. arguments happen and aliens finally decide to leave earth alone. Nurse further explains that all christian doctrine was made up by humans as aliens did various tests on Earth. Aliens, many years from a political group later at present time come to earth to mess with the weather conditions so that the humans kill each other for religious purposes. Alien political group plans to retake earth. Mc comes to hate the aliens. Nurse claims she knows how to drive the aliens back using the same devices used to manipulate the weather. When one device is used to appropriately, it can be used as a "Jammer" so that the milky way is undetectable on maps throughout the universe. Rest of the anime revolves around Mc and nurse trying to get their hand on the jammer and getting rid of the other invaders. long story short, they eventually get it and hide Earths presence saving humanity.
I call it "They came from Planet Earth"
this needs to happen
Ultra Heaven but adapted. Done.weirdest anime ever.
01. Unknown Caller
02. Unassigned Area Code
03. Simplex
04. Handshake
05. Connection Lost
06. Worst Hour of the Year
07. Packet Sniffer
08. Mixed Signals
09. Protocol
10. Collect Call
11. Over and Out
12. Redial
In the future, all of the criminals in the world get sent to a different dimension. There are now guards in that dimension, no women, no law. It is a place inhabited by the scum of humanity. The prison dimension looks like a desert wasteland. There are about 18 regions that each have a major city. Every city is either a mining city, a power station or some other kind of industrial town. Every city is ruled by a gang and every gang is ruled by the strongest member who are called warlords and who rule from their castles. The people who get teleported there eiher join a gang of their own race, religion or nationality or get raped and turned into slaves.
One day, a young man gets sent to the prison dimension for a petty crime. The boys martial arts teacher who everybody calls 'sensei' commits a crime and goes to that dimension for his pupil who he has raised as his son for a good ten years. Once he arrives there, he does something that nobody has ever done before. He shows kindness for the weak and protects them using his top tier martial arts. He soon gets a group of young and weak followers and even some stronger criminals who either have a code of honour or were falsely accused, join him in his quest. Soon he has a small army, which he uses to attack different cities in oreder to overthrow the warlord of that city, free the oppressed and gain new members into his growing army. Unlike most of the criminals, sensei is smart and has read alot about history and strategy. He uses his vast knowledge of warfare to his advantage in oreder to win every batlle. His army starts out as a small band of rebels, taking over towns by using great plans, but soon it grows into a huge army that is strong enough to face and overwhealm other armies. Sensei becomes a warlord himself, albeit a just warlord as he continues his quest to free that land of oppression. This is a war story about the lesser of two evils, the weak and the righteous taking a stand against oppression.
A young man is in his first year of high school with his girlfriend (a long time friend). She decides to finally go all the way. He is very nervous, she holds his hand and guides him the entire way while they both do it.

A few months pass and during summer break from high school. She lets out a big secret to him, "I'm pregnant" and his life flips upside down.

Dealing with her parents, his parents, his friends, the social stigma, and having the carefully planned life come to a halt. The man and his girlfriend now deal with the awkward and difficult situation of a young teenage couple. The parents didn't approve of their relationship, friends are supportive but gossiping (is it really his? No way it is, etc). Teachers don't take you seriously, and your girlfriend gains a reputation.

This is a story about survival when going against the established force. A young man becomes an awkward father and a young woman tries to find it in her heart to deal with everything being thrown at her. Though the question remains now that their highschool life has come to an abrupt halt...

"Can we ever be happy again?"
Anime about a dystopian society where the government controls people through hidden surveillance and monitoring equipment required in every communication device. Any dissent is considered treason and traitors are summarily punished. The MC, a high school student fed up with the regime, happens to discover his phone's surveillance chip is defective and that the phone is untraceable by the government. Upon this discovery, he slowly organizes a resistance force of like-minded students who are determined to change the system.

1.Killing Machines
2.Extracurricular Activities
5.An Opportunity Arises
6.In Control
7.Fighting the President
8.In Dire Straits
9.No Mercy
10.Death is the only Escape
12.After all the Bloodshed
13.Winners and Losers
14.A Sign of Things to Come
15.You only have but one life to give for your country

Title of the anime is the first letter of each episode
Let's do one adapted from a shitty LN

Title:I have to get married so I can get into Tokyo U but my sister is only one available?

>Due to declining birth rates the government passes a law were only marred people can enter higher education.
>Cue lots of high school students getting marred to their high school sweethearts as soon as they graduate so they can get into university
>Our MC wants to get into Tokyo U to fufill a childhood promise he made to a girl he can't remember.
>However he is such a loser and an otaku that he never found a cute girl to marry.
>Unless he gets marred within a year, he will be forced to spend the rest of his life working in his uncles nasty smelling fish cannery.
>decides to get dating tips from his hot blood-related otaku sister.
>MC dates several strange woman including a girl who genuinely thinks she's catgirl, a goth Loli and a Yandare.
>All these dates fall apart for some reason.
>It's revealed that the hot blood-related otaku sister has been sabotaging all his dates so the MC will be forced to marry her.
>Due to the birth rate declining further a new law is passed saying that blood siblings can marry.
>MC decides to marry the hot blood-related otaku sibling.
>It turns out that the MC made his childhood promise to his hot blood-related otaku sister.
>Everyone's happy!
First parts are good, the other two thirds are shit.
It'd be bad anyway.
Anime about an alternate world with a twist.

Same basic premise: there's a twenty-something-year-old NEET obsessed with isekai series, and desperately wants to be the hero. And there's actually an alternate world full of swords and sorcery out there which needs a hero.

But the NEET isn't the one who is transported there. Instead, it's his crotchety salaryman father.

Episodes focus on the father, who has no idea what fantasy series are like, trying to survive in this new world and ultimately find his was back. The B-plot is the NEET having to get a job and provide for the family, now that the primary source of income is gone. The plots are interconnected each episode - for example, an episode where the father fights a massive dragon has a B-plot where the son must go for a job interview run by a ruthless executive. An episode where the father starts to unintentionally build a harem has a B-plot of the son trying to ask one of his coworkers out.

Ultimately, the two plots converge in the final episode. The father, now a seasoned veteran warrior, finds his way home and discovers that his son is now a confident, charismatic office executive. The two trade stories of their new lives, and give something of value to each other that represents the world they wished they were in (the son gets a little fairy companion, the father gets his wife's wedding ring) before the father triumphantly returns to his new world.
Just curious, have any of you here ever actually wrote something?
Isekai series where the MC is reincarnated in an alternate world.

As an NPC.

With no fighting skills, no magic, and not even the ability to leave their home village, the MC must deal with a world in which they are only a minor character.

It's a slice of life disguised as an isekai.
I tried my hand in writing a draft of

I've only gotten a few chapters in and it's really difficult to keep writing. It's especially difficult because I always look at my previous work and wonder what the fuck I was thinking.

At the very least, I can compare myself to web novels. My writing's much better than that, at the very least.
all of these plots are really stale and lame, cmon /a/ you can do better than that
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