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ITT: Characters that are literally you. Me? I'm Karen.

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ITT: Characters that are literally you.

Me? I'm Karen. Intelligent, nihilistic, and a wicked sense of humor.
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Do you make the chiiii sound when you peer around a corner?
Yes, but everyone looks at me funny when I do.
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I'm literally Inferno Cop
Intelligent, nihilistic, and I fart a lot.
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Basically me.jpg
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If I'm going to be serious for a second this dude is so me it's scary.
For me it's Yahari. Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked sense of Humour.
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
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Puck. Intelligent, Nihilistic with a wicked sense of humor
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I'm literally Nico
>really poor family
>father died when I was young
>mom was not home very much
>had to take care of my two imoutos way too much in middle-school
>feels like I fail at everything I try
>resent those who succeed
>I tend to pull all the weight alone and really trust nobody
>telling myself "some day I make it and others will finally look up to me" is the only thing keeping me going
>keeping up appearances of typical middle-class and letting only very few people if any to know how it really is
Are you a grill
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literally me.png
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Karen is pic related though
Miya-chii is just like me. Stupid, religious, with a backwards sense of humor.
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I am EXACTLY koito.
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I just want to have the best theme
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For me it's Beatrice. Intelligent, nihilistic, an atheist and proud of it.
>an atheist
Thats what nhilistic means
not exclusively
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Congrats, you're an idiot.
File: 1416273283054.png (96KB, 481x491px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No it's not.
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Intelligent, Nihilistic, and I have weird fetishes
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Just looked it up. My bad. The post was still redundant and my point stands, however.
Delete this shit Reddit thread.
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>I'm wrong but my point still stands wrong
Good for you.
Why are you so shit? you ruined the whole thread.
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>rejecting all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless.
>green frog
Haha very nice
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Me irl
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I can see myself in Hei.
No character has been so similar to me like Hei is.
He is of chinese origin.
He lies.
He is antisocial.
He prefers to be alone.
He gazes the stars.
He wanders around at night.
His future is a dead end road.
Facial structure, body structure and hair is similar too.

Inbefore fag.
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Literraly me
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me minus military.jpg
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Youji might be the nearest possible character with the same personality as I am. Both of us just work to support our hobbies, highly value morals and justice and never flaunt our achievements.
This is a truly boring meme if you only use the
>Intelligent, nihilistic, and a wicked sense of humor.
all the time.
Im a twenty year old little girl
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Here is anon.jpg
626KB, 1366x768px
That me and everybody else that on /a/
im extremely smart and with a strong but unorthodox sense of morals.
>Me? I'm Karen. Intelligent, nihilistic, and a wicked sense of humor.
It works better if you come up with something original you stupid fucker
Me with ponytail at last row by the window.
A guardian who calmly watches over all those silly humans doing their silly things.
I think I would be Origami
>Makes no sense most of the time
>Concentration goes skyrocket if needed
File: hazazaza.png (150KB, 296x394px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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right down to the hair.
Can i fuck you?
File: koito_disgust.png (541KB, 702x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who do you think you are?
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Excuse me, why is this allowed, /a/? I once got banned for avatarfagging without reasonable excuse.
New around here, eh?
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I'm extremely gay for my twink friend.
File: Shinji_ikari.jpg (147KB, 400x603px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's me. Sadly.
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Yeah, Madoka threads are over. Kevin-kun was right.
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I just love swords so much.
According to a friend of mine, I'm just like Taichi from Kokoro Connect. Not that I'm gonna complain though, for Inaban is my waifu.

Aww, we should meet?
I'd honestly do the exact same thing as him.
Even got the same glasses.
Just not attractive and male.
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The only one anyone on /a/ should be posting
>NEET since 18
>no girlfriend
>no income
>spend most of my time on the computer
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I feel terrible now.
So you're just autistic?
I pretty much have the exact same thought process as The Juice, no other character comes close in similarity
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Thread posts: 64
Thread images: 46

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