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>see Fairy Tail hype >watch first episode >main character

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>see Fairy Tail hype
>watch first episode
>main character is a "punch wizard"

Fucking bland, rehashed shit. I want my wizards to be wizards, not fucking karate mages.
The worst part is they don't explain how the magic works. And friendship wins over everything else
Perhaps you should watch more than the first episode.
Maybe the ones where you find out that Lucy is a fucking summoner?
The manga is fun.

I couldn't really get into the anime.
>People on this board getting hyped for anything out of Fairy Tail.
Fuck off to r/anime, you battle shounen faggots are a cancer that ruins everything.

Facebook please leave.
>doesn't know that hype is a word

Retard please leave.
Maybe you should read the manga. You act as if most of the characters are something other than shitty karate wizards.
>start second episode
>wizard fist fight brawl is the opening scene

This is shit.
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All these fags ITT hating on good old fisticuffs
It's like you don't want to punch so hard you cause people to explode.
Never watched Fairy Tail just can't stand idle when people talk shit about muscle wizardry
Well if it bothers you then you probably shouldn't fucking watch it. Also, noone outside Tumblr och Facebook has ever hyper Fairy Tail som maybe you should head back there.
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Look, retard, no one ITT is asking for Fairy Tail to be the Citizen Kane of anime.

It just needs a decent plot to serve as a proper framework for the events that take place.

If it doesn't even have that proper framework, why bother? I might as well just watch some youtube clips of fights.

and I've seen enough of Fairy Tail to know that it's awful. What made me drop it was that they seriously recycled the setup to a previous arc 40 episodes into it. Main characters have some celebration or happy event, bad guys come in and wreck shit in an attempt to give the show a "how will the heros overcome these odds?" feeling, then the heros overcome the odds with friendship. It managed to get more stale than Dragon Ball GT in much less time.
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Calm down senpai.
I don't care about plot in fact no one was talking about plot until you posted, all I know was that people were talking about wizards using fists like it was a bad thing
>"how can we spice up this wizard show to be not like the others?"

Trash idea is trash.
I'm on volume 12ish, when does the art get better? By better I mean better fanservice
The problem with Fairy Tail is that it's lazy with the execution of every single thing that it does.

Wizards? Just this setting's resident super powered martial artists. Don't expect anything particularly wizard-like from them, either. You could replace "magic" with "chi" and not a damn thing would change.
Fights? Nakama power bullshit.
Character development? A flashback automatically makes them well developed, regardless of the contents of said flashback!
World building? Almost non-existent.
Story arcs? "Villains want macguffin, good guys need to stop them."

It's made especially frustrating by the fact that there's always groundwork laid for something interesting to happen, it's just that nothing ever does.
>Look at OP's pic
>Shitty One Piece-esque art style

Immediately fucking dropped like an unwanted redheaded child, holy fucking shit get it away from me.
Probably around Nirvana or Edoras. Nirvana starts chapter 131, or late vol 16. Don't skip forward though, the arc in vols 13-16 is a fan favorite.
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