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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! !!!!! Terra formars Seas

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Terra formars Season 2 PV Hype train is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7UM0oI2kLI
It's been so long. Who are the blonde girl to the zappy man?

All I remember from the manga was that Russian guy was a crab and the German guy could shoot lightning.
since when were there cute girls in japans favorite Zyklon Ben anime?
She wanted his dick.
Got his powers after he died.
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Took them fucking long enough.
Why did they change all the staff?
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With how badly they fucked shit up in the first season, it's a good thing.
>the entire trailer is literally UUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
What fucking idiot thought this was a good idea?
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So from what I can gather is that it's going to be probably 12 or 13 episodes and they might do another cour later, there was no scenes past chapter 110 and no showing of jesus johj's.

I guess one of the best things is that Joseph is definitely being a thing this season and as well we CAN FUCK LIBERAL ARTS!
So the cliffhanger will be three ships are heading to Mars. That's not a bad place to end it.
You can't be blaming censorship policies (instated by the TV stations for fuck's sake) on the staff. That's retarded.
>You can't blame the staff
Did the TV station suddenly change policies on them? Were they promised that there wouldn't be any censorship before this aired? Of course not. The staff knew exactly what they were getting into and yet someone on their team let it happen.
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Man thats annoying, there's quite alot of hate for the Chinese arc and I bet AMN are going to have a field day complaining about how xenophobic that Japanese are being towards the Chinese.

But hell stagbro gets to be the biggest fucking bro ever so I guess that's a positive spin on it.

So the here is the basic process for censoring as far as I know;

>Animating studio finishes episode
>TV station screens episode and reviews it
>List parts that need to be censored
>Sometimes due to time constraints they mightn't be able to hand it back and they do it or the animation studio mightn't actually make it look decent due to time constraints.

You can blame the Japanese protective moms with the

>My kid watched a bad show, now its the reason why he fails maths.
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Here's an interview with another anime director, talking explicitly about the censorship.
>Q: “Terra Formars” uses a lot of heavy dark censors. This technique has sparked a lot of conversation on the internet.
>Itou: I think everyone’s blowing it a bit out of proportion. In any case, the problem lies with the TV station’s own discretion. If the work was broadcasted on Japanese TV at midnight, then there probably wouldn’t be any censors. Isn’t this channel also broadcasting “Parasyte”?

I'm gonna wager that it's the production company/committee who purchased that specific time slot from the TV station who are more at fault for the censorship, rather than the staff. Also, I'm pretty sure the people in charge of the censoring presided over the smoking/cigarette censorship during JoJo in the season prior.
Not sure if it's known yet but will s2 air at a later time slot to make it, you know, watchable? This seems ideal for one of those midnight-2am slots considering the gore.
Looks like shit.
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Yeah I don't think there's any info on that. We'll probably have to wait and see.

I'm not too hopeful either, but with TYO helping Liden out maybe the show will look a bit more consistent--even if the visuals themselves look a lot more conventional this time around.

I'm a bit puzzled that they kept the CG roaches (while deciding to apply some kind of weird effect to them). The roaches in the key visual looked kinda different too.
Pupa aired at midnight-3am and it still censored.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 7

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