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I know I'm slow, but I just finished watching it. What

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I know I'm slow, but I just finished watching it.

What was /a/ opinion on SAO?
Best girl?
Worst girl?
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Don't any of you fucking dare.
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S1 was okay
S2 is a pile of steaming shit, with Sinon as only redeeming quality.
I liked it.
Best girl was imouto.
Worst girl was dead clan girl.
>with Sinon's butt as only redeeming quality.
>S1 was okay

No it wasn't
Why did nobody listen to you?
I really enjoyed the shitty Bear copy in S1.
>Fanbase are normies
>Fanbase is annoying
>It's too popular/mainstream
>too much praise
>lots of sales
>I've seen better
>It didn't went as i want

Reminder that those points have nothing to do with the quality of the show, and if you judge them them as valid reasons to hate it you are most likely mentally retarded or autistic.
Season 1 started really well and it had some really good episodes, but it turned to shit pretty quickly after protag and his grill's relationship became the main focus of the show and slice of life adventures in a vaguely interesting world were shoved into a dark corner.

Blacksmith best girl.
Yes it was. Dying in a game = Dying IRL was a fresh concept at that time.
You're the only person bringing up those arguments. Sounds like you have a knack for identifying with the autistic and mentally ill.
In all honesty I liked it till halfway through the first season, I was ok with everything upto them waking up in reality. Happy ending right there. Then we were shown the true colours of the series and I couldn't deal with it after that. It lost its gimmick and the story didn't have anywhere to go after that if I'm honest.

If you like it OP, that's fine. Each to their own. But for me it ended with Aincrad and the loss of the deathgame.
see >>134140594
They had a fishing contest didn't they?
I liked that.
>Once in a decade MC is not an indecisive faggot, and actually picks a girl in the middle of the series.
>Hating it

I mean, really? I don't even like SAO that much, but you have a wrong point to hate it.
Setting: Great
Story: Dogshit
Romance: Wet Garbage
Main Characters: Worst in a decade
Side Characters: Pretty good
Soundtrack: Forgettable
Action: Mediocre
Completely agree. First few episodes introduced all this interesting stuff and I wanted to see what they did with it, a bunch of characters, a bunch of places and concepts, a bunch of factions and complex politics, and then they did literally nothing with any of it. Some of the characters got cameos later on, but that really served only to rub salt in the wound.

I didn't hate it directly because of the relationship, I hated it because of the direction the show went after the relationship became a thing.

All the daily life stuff was really chill. Introducing the reason they were trapped in the world, and the big villain and all his stupid shit, pretty much marked the end of everything remotely decent about the show.
>Main Characters: Worst in a decade
Care to elaborate? "bawww Kirito didn't picked the girl I like" doesn't count.
They are not that good, but definitely not the worst either.
Wins any and all fights by pulling retarded shit out of his ass, only characterization is him winning every fights and never losing. Only loss was his low level mates getting wrecked because he was an asshole who didn't tell them how strong he was, but the moment he drew a weapon he won the fight anyway. Somehow he's a special snowflake who gets to dual wield for no explained reason. I still don't understand how he beat the final boss in S1, it was some serious bullshit. The only positive trait he had socially was that he actually chose a girlfriend and stuck with it, and no I don't approve of his choice, because any fucking retard that would choose a tsundere deserves the death penalty.

None of the comedy in the show came from Kirito, it was all the side cast. The only purpose he served was to win fights and be Asunas personal cutting board, they might have well taken away all of his lines.

Asuna was fucking terrible. Started off strong - good fighter, uses a rapier which is cool as shit, officer in her guild - then fell off so fucking quick it's ridiculous. Overly emotional at all times over the dumbest shit, she's fucking tsundere which might as well mean she's Hitler, and what happens with her in the latter half of the season? She gets to be Princess Peach.
I couldn't stand anything after the SAO portion.
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>Sinon as only redeeming quality.
This, my small SAO folder consists of 99% Sinon images. The other 1% is trap Kirito.
But that's some tasty looking bait.
Why sugu is the best girl
GunGale Sinon > IRL Sugu > IRL Sinon
People say the second arc of S1 is shit, but I think it's one of the best anime comedies to date.
Mine is half Sinon, half Suguha.
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The anime missed out on adapting a portion of the arc where Kirito is torn between his love for his waifu and his love for phat lewtz.
10/10 anime
NEET fags just want something to cry about

S2 was ok imo because of the action in first part and sadness in second part

S1 was great at first, fairy dance arc was dissapointing imo
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Thread images: 7

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