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We should all work together to come up with something so mind-blowing

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We should all work together to come up with something so mind-blowing that Keit-Ai is forgotten and never pasta'd again.
So there's this kid, in high school, but it turns out he's actually a 90 year old man trapped in a 16 year old's body. And his granddaughter goes to the school too, she's super tsundere for her jii-chan. Harem hijinks ensue.
Help! My Big Brother's Magical Imouto Harem Doesn't Believe He's Gay!

A kindhearted, handsome highschool boy discovers that over the course of his life he's managed to assemble a harem of weird adopted little sisters with strange abilities who are all deeply in love with him. However, he's secretly gay, but none of his harem will believe him. His only confidante is his actual blood related little sister(who was raised by other relatives for several years before moving in with the brother), who works with him to foil the advances of the harem. What he doesn't know, though, is that his "sister" is actually a trap cross dressing as a girl to make it easier to express her feelings for her brother, thinking he was always straight.

Too embarrassed to reveal her deception to her brother, she slowly becomes friends with her brother's unintentional harem even as she secretly tries to dissuade their advances all the while searching for a way to reveal the truth to her brother.
Alert, Canada. One of the most remote and inhospitable places on the planet, it's the furthest north permanent settlement on Earth. Used for weather monitoring and research purposes, this tiny outpost in the frigid wasteland hosts only 5 permanent residents. This is the story of their everyday life.

TL;DR SoL about frozen lolis. Or not lolis, either way works.
Mile high big guy

The CIA down on his luck is about turn his life around after he meets the infamous Doctor Pavel. Unfortunately he may be getting more than he bargained for! To make matters worse, a clerical error in 'The Agency' has made the situation pretty tense! CIA must bring out the big guns in this romantic action thriller. Let the games begin!
A high school student and his christmas cake neighbour will-they-won't-they for 60 chapters, sharing at least one drunken kiss, and spend most of their time being so close to each other that everyone assumes they're dating to which they're always like ~eh nani? and then internally wishing it were true.
>Story set in future times
>Region controlled by a Ruling Family, probably emperor style.
>Certain people are born with special abilities, whether it be fire manipulation, super speed, summoning trees or dogs, or specially bonded familiars
>People with powers are known as "Equalizers" due to evening the tide of war in regards to normal armies.
>Ruling family pretty chill with Equalizers, as long as they don't try to directly Attack the government or the people it's all chill
>Terrorist cell pops up
>A large group of Equalizers along with normal mercenaries
>They plan to covertly breed distrust and hatred towards the Equalizers, while portraying themselves as a safe haven
>They want to unite the Equalizers to topple the Ruling Family
>MC is a cop working for the Royal Family
>Ability is an assortment of weapons in his body, sorta like a cyborg
>addicted with catching criminals and killing people
>ordered to stop the Terrorist cell
>Is not subtle at all, leading to his capture
>gets dumped in another country
>everyone there focuses more on physical training, lacking abilities.
>Meets a Swordswoman chick who agrees to guide him back to his country.

All I got so far
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A harem anime where the best girl wins.
>MC is typical High school protagonist.
>Good fighter, spiky hair, has a harem.
>MC knows that's he's the Main Chatacter, and hates it.
>Learns all about cliches and plot points so he can combat them.
>New Transfer student? MC sits right in the front of the class and gives them a casual hello.
>Swordswoman saves his life from a demon? Politely thank her, thank leave.
>Yandere trying to break into his house? Calls the police.
>Kidnapped by Yakuza just for talking to a little girl, who's actually the new leader? Convince girl to let him leave, promise to come back, hides for a few days and calls the police.
>Series revolve around MC battling different common Anime ideas, starting casual (normal slice of life, Romance) to holy fuck (Colossal Mecha fighting intergalactic demons)
>Turns out there needs to be main character, or the Universe will cease to exist.
>Universe becomes a qt Yandere who becomes obsessed with killing MC
>believes that if MC dies, the role of MC will pass on to someone else.
>MC accepts that he can never live a normal life
>Turns his MC power Up to Eleven to fight the Universe
>Erases the need for a Main Character to exist
> MC only existed due to the need for an MC
> MC fades away, merging with the Universe itself.
>MC is a immortal man who has existed for centuries
>Used to be a great warrior, but as time went by he just became a normal traveler
>Sick of his immortality, he begins looking for ways to die
>Series involves him meeting a large cast of "Character of the day"
>Last episode
>finally managed to kill himself through Deus Ex Machina
>Bleeding out
>realized in his last moments that in his quest for death, he finally found reasons to live
> He dies
A wandering 20-something becomes stranded in a small mountain village when his motorbike breaks down unexpectedly. Forced to wait for parts to be shipped, he keeps himself occupied by helping the elderly owners of the inn he's staying at by doing some repairs around their inn. It's doing this that he meets their granddaughter who runs the local (and only) bakery.

They hit it off and even after parts for his bike arrives he keeps making excuses to stay in the little town.

Genres: comfy as shit, constant cicada sfx
A cell phone falls in love with her owner.

One day, she is gifted by deus ex machina with the ability to transform into a girl. Disguising herself as a student and sneaking into school, she immediately confesses to her owner, and is... crushed upon finding out that he already likes another girl.

The next day, she sets out to search for her owner's supposed crush. After some investigation, she finds out that the girl he likes is actually not a girl. In fact, she isn't a human at all. She is his old cell phone, who had also fallen in love with her owner, only to be thrown away and replaced by the heroine, returning from her grave with psychotic hate for her replacement and even deeper, mad love for the boy who shoved her in a musty desk drawer and forgot about her.

Hijinks ensue as the two cell phones engage in a furious battle of love and war, both equipped with their owner's darkest, most private secrets they need to conquer his heart. While the two chase after after him, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN.

>Keit-AI! Because, you know, they're cell phones and it's a love story. Get it, get it?
A College dropout is at a really poor point in his life. His girlfriend is a bitch and doesn't work, their kid might not even be his, He had a huge falling out with his family, all of his friends are succeeding in life and are too busy for him, etc.

The only good thing in his life is that he sometimes talks to a cute high school girl on his way to work, but eventually all the shit piles up and MC decides to kill himself. He kicks out his GF from their apartment, quits his crappy job, and goes to jump off a cliff at the beach.

As he's about to jump, he gets stopped by the highschool girl. She tells him that she sometimes walks around the cliff to stop jumpers like him (This is a bold-faced lie, she's suicidal )

The girl offers MC the choice to come with her on a trip around Japan during summer vacation, where she'll help to show him that life is worth living.

The series will focus on MC trying to fix his broken relationships, meeting new people who persevere in their own lives, and his newfound feelings for the girl who is murdered by her abusive father at the end.
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>all the students of a japanese middle school are suddenly granted random powers.
>MC is left out as he appears to have no powers and is picked on for it as a new social structure emerges from the powers
>While being bullied MC ends up vocalizing his wonder of how the bully, who wields fire, does not feel the heat or burn
>Suddenly bully is burning and feels the heat of the fire
>MC does have a power, it is the power of meta. He can vocalize issues with powers that become reality
>MC proceeds to take down bullies, make friends with low or oddly powered friends and even uses his meta powers to boost his friends powers
>friends include a girl who has magical girl powers, a guy with super strength, a guy who can briefly copy powers, a trap who can seduce anyone with his voice, a otaku who pisses acid and a girl who attempts ot be edgy and even has edgy powers of using her own blood as weapons, but fails horribly everytime
> eventually takes down the 'King and Queen' of the school and becomes the new leader of the school
> revealed one of his friends has been the bad guy all along, having granted everyone there powers in the hopes of finding the 'strongest' power and grabbing it for himself.
>MC eventually unravels the bad guys powers and metas it and the antagonist out of existence, however he also learns his meta powers make him a God as he could abuse it to shit
>MC decides to use his meta power to reset the world to before everyone gained powers
>Unable to remove his own powers due to a paradox it would cause, MC resumes a normal life refusing to use his powers anymore as it would be 'cheating'.
Loli Gladiators
It's about this guy who was in love with one of the girls in his class. Obviously, he has zero chance with her. But mysteriously, because this is anime inspired, he somehow receives her telephone number from some stranger. He texts it, thinking it's a lost cause and she'll think he's creepy. Miraculously, she's ecstatic.

Turns out, though, he's not texting the girl he thinks he is. He's somehow in communication with an alternate reality version of said girl, who's similarly in love with the alternate reality version of him. They decide to become best bros, and help each other make their alternate selves fall in love. Revealing their favorite colours, their hopes, their dreams, their deepest, darkest secrets.

Over time, though, they start to wonder. Are they really in love with the one from their own universe, or not? Do the effects they have on their own universe have an effect on the other universe too? What is the nature of love and friendship?
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, they graduate and never see each other again until they're already working.

One day, at their class reunion, he sees this shota little kid wave at him. He reminds him of his crush he never confesses to and they hang out without him asking his name, thinking he's the little brother (or worse, son) of his old crush.

He meets the guy's girlfriend, they hang out, have drinks, do Karaoke, and when all is said and done, when they're alone, the guy reveals himself to be the butch version of his flat-chested crush who discovered she was a lesbian.
>My Little Indian Outsourcing Company Can't Be This Incompetent!
A sysadmin from the US has finally had enough, and goes on a killing spree in Mumbai.
>Virgin Adventurers

Virgins find ways to get laid in modern Japan. Ending is one of them becomes a hikki, the other gets a waifu, another gets his heart broken by bitches and whores, and another sleeps with a ladyboy.
>The Maincast are a group of friends
>All of them are the main character of their anime that's a seemingly different genre than the others
>They all end up going to the same college which invites only people deemed to be special because all schools in the world are trying to win the grand prize of best school of the year

>Main cast are
>Maritial artist who wants to be strongest fighter
>Student body president trying to discover the ancient conspiracy of the school
>The girl who's starring in some sort of romance that's also a cosmic horror story
>Harem protagonist who's entire harem is made up of random magical girls
>Mainest character who is one of the strongest beings on the planet, but is bored and lazy and would be a NEET if not for his friends, and due to this most people think his power is widely exaggerated.

>Plot lines include
>The girls boyfriend is possessed by things from beyond the veil, but is he a better boyfriend now?
>The school decides that exams are boring and instead a life and death obstacle course will prove you know math
>Harem protag has to go on a date with girl as a favor, can his magical harem defeat Cthulu
>Some fagget who's too strong to die but wants to die causes trouble for the group
>One of the Harem gets raped
A nerd girl puts her answers in the wrong row of her test, ends up in remedial class with a bunch of troublemakers. She doesn't think highly of them at first, with them bullying her to be their gopher of sorts, but as she helps them out pass their exams, they start forming a bond of sorts. She discovers that one of them can't study because of his part time job, and another is having divorce problems with his parents, and still another is actually a former ace like she is, but now learned how to act like a Yankee after being bullied severely in middle school.
Remember when /a/ made an LN? Remember when it recently got picked up in Japan? No? Thanks for that mods.
I would watch the shit out of this. I really like science SoL.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

George Orwell's 1984 as a highschool SoL
An anime about a school newspaper club.

The members get right into it and whenever they're investigating something the animation style and club members slip into noir crime-drama.
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Hashida Amane.jpg
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A loser NEET from the Nineties gets visited by a girl who calls him Daddy. He thought she was a prostitute, but it turns out she's his daughter from the future who's there to help him get together with her mother so that she'd be born.

She's actually her own mother. She fucks the NEET and gives birth to herself, and in order for her to get born, she needs to send herself, her daughter, back in time to fuck her husband and father.
A crossdressing girl fights along a hero in order to rescue a kingdom from the clutches of an evil wizard. Turns out she's actually the amnesiac princess of the kingdom betrayed by the prince with the wizard she was supposed to marry when she refused his hand in marriage. After making a deal with the wizard, he then double-crossed the wizard with the help of the princess in order for him to regain the throne and be heralded as a hero.
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serial killer.jpg
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>MC is an aspiring serial killer
>He stalks his first victim
>After months of stalking, it's finally the day
>He sees the girl getting attacked by a bunch of thugs
>They're trying to kill her
>He impulsively saves her since she is supposed to be his first victim
>Turns out the girl is wanted by a mysterious organization who's hunting her down because her father(a scientist) fucked up
>MC gets hired as her bodyguard whilst trying to fight his murderous lust

The ending involves the girl knowing he's a psycho at heart yet she's crazy herself for him due to Stockholm Syndrome, so she allows him to kill her.
>college taken over by terrorists
>one student is a master of whatever martial art looks good animated
>anime die hard
>MC is a shut-in whos always holed up in his room when not in class
>his onee-san (attending a different college) always gets on his ass to do something fun outside
>MC is riffling through student clubs and organizations
>finds an Occult club, reads through their site and decides its stupid as fuck
>spams their site as a joke

>next day there's a fire in his room and most of his things are destroyed
>MC finds a sigil burnt on his laptop, which miraculously survived the flames
>realizes the Occult club is legit
>wants to go up against them but is scared

>he's transferred to a new dorm
>The girl living in the room next door confronts him about the fire
>she's an exorcist and a girl trying to stop the Occults from doing bad things at college
>several ally characters among students and staff
>school administration also has Occult people
>magic Cold War
aren't these threads basically just some moron getting other people to do their work for them for free?
A crossdressing girl fights along a hero in order to rescue a kingdom from the clutches of an evil wizard. Turns out she's actually the amnesiac princess of the kingdom betrayed by the prince with the wizard she was supposed to marry when she refused his hand in marriage. After making a deal with the wizard, he then double-crossed the wizard with the help of the princess in order for him to regain the throne and be heralded as a hero.
Japanese Police Academy. All the hijinks with more Nip based racism and cliches.
>MC is hitman, hired and kills man in his home
>man confides in hitman in dying moments
>admits he deserved death but asks hitman to save daughter (cause she next to die)
>hitman say nothing, walk outside and masked men try to kill hitman
>hitman kill them

>loli daughter in loli school, suddenly EXPLOSIONS
>masked men run in asking "where is daughter?"
>masked men see daughter, about to shoot
>hitman knocks gun and save daughter
>hitman protect daughter and figure out why she important enough to kill
>hitman never tell daughter he killed father

>hitman's ex-partner hired to kill hitman
>ex-partner knows secret that hitman is hiding from daughter

basically series is organization hunting down hitman while ex-partner toys with hitman, using daughter and secrets against him
A pair of sisters, one is called Vile and the other Ilba, together with their friends in the 19th century try to build something never seen before: a flying machine.

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Grander Musashi.jpg
9KB, 224x152px
Story takes place in a JRPG parody world (with stats, EXP, skills, quests etc...) where everyone is assigned a role and class (like Hero, Swordsman, Farmer, Villager, Mage) from birth and lives with it for the rest of their lives.

Main character is a Fisherman, a background NPC type character, and is not quite content with his life of irrelevancy and fish.
He has average to mediocre stats and skills aside from his Fishing skill that is absurdly high even for his class because he's been grinding it like crazy since he was a kid.

One day on one of his fishing trips at sea he ends up killing Leviathan (very high level ancient monster) using his Fishing skills to save a girl.
The girl in fact turns out to be the Demon Lord who doesn't want to be the Demon Lord and wants to be a Baker instead. To do this she plans to overthrow the class system and let people choose who they want to be.

The Fisherman, seeking adventure and tired of his current lifestyle, decides to join her on her quest as her right-hand man.
He uses a fishing rod as a weapon, refuses to use anything else as well as having only fishing related attack skills but because he killed the Leviathan he gained an enormous amount of EXP and skyrocketed up in levels to become incredibly strong and turns into a very formidable opponent because no one has a counter or defense against high level fishing skills.
The lifes of the people living in a boarding house (think Maisson Ikoku) on a particular day.

Each episode is dedicated to a different family, but everything happens on the same day, at first a lot of mysterious things happen, but as we keep watching the following episodes, we see how everything is connected.

The first story is about a college girl arriving as the new tenant and she thinking the house is haunted, the guy next room who fell in love with her and gets involved in all sort of accidents, then the little girl from room 5 searching for her cat (the reason the first girl thinks its haunted) looking around every room, the manager's father and his friend (veterans from the war) investigating the tenant from room 4 because he never talks about work and they think he's a spy, the chuuni from room 7 who believes he's a mad scientist and tries all sort of wacky experiments and gets his robot to start flying, and the main reason for the problems, the little alien who is living in room 8 kept secretly by the two little boys there. The cat is trying to eat him, the chuuni grabbed a part of his spaceship, the spy is actually government agent, etc.

Directed by Satoshi Kon ;_;
Sounds dumb. Resist/defense shouldn't be based on resource gathering types but the type of damage taken. Such as physical, or maybe elemental like fire, or magic, or even the type of physical damage like slash damage. But not like "fishing damage", "mining damage", "herb gathering" damage.

A story about a bald harem protagonist
He's hiding his baldness with various hats and wigs and is afraid of getting too close to a girl to reveal it
It's a story written with the sympathies of bald men in mind
>Kingdom Hearts the anime
>Has to follow the main beats of the games, but is otherwise written by your favourite writer
>Animated by your favourite studio
>Each episode will have the average budget of an 11 ep anime

9999 damage KO!
The fisherman thing is weird, but different.
10/10 would watch

Don't listen to >>124518123, he's an autistic retard.
File: 1393929763441.jpg (75KB, 280x280px)
75KB, 280x280px
Cute girls enlisted in the military are forced to return home after suffering a myriad of crippling injuries on the battlefield. In order to cope and accept themselves, the girls band together and form a sports club and fight to compete in the Paralympics.
I would enjoy the fuck out of this right here
Das Boot with lolis.
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, but with cute girls.
A class of Japanese high schoolers all die in a freak chlorine gas accident and are summoned to a fantasy world in order to defeat the evil dragon god who plans to eradicate all intelligent life (other than dragons of course). As custom demands, the MC is the kid that everyone else in the class bullies, but in this story, he is resurrected as a dragon. As such, not only are his classmates, who have been summoned as powerful heroes, out to kill him, but so is the dragon god.
It also features yuri mindbreak and lewd elves.

No thanks ;_;
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>loli daughter in loli school, suddenly EXPLOSIONS
10/10 ANIME
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A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess, she is gifted with a deus ex machina of the boy mistaking her for a fan. She eventually learns that the boy is no ordinary boy but is actually a monthly girl's manga author who bases his works and characters on his friends and acquaintances. She also becomes his assistant.

Will she ever find a way to confess her love?
Lolis skateboarding competitively.
File: 1337018430818.jpg (121KB, 1024x582px)
121KB, 1024x582px
Set it all in a scifi futuristic setting just so we can call it Katawa Shoujo: In Space

Change it from the paralympics to a figure skating show for Katawa Shoujo: on ice
Cute milfs doing cute things featuring their loli daughters.
would watch
>something so mind-blowing that Keit-Ai is forgotten and never pasta'd again
It would help a lot if you stop talking about it after every OP.
School based SOL, but about Christmas Cake teachers. Featuring student side-characters.
I've read that manga. No updates ever.
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Imagine punching somebody so hard that they turned into a loli. Then you found out that’s where ALL lolis come from, and you got initiated into a lolicon club that makes lolis. The stronger you punch, the better the loli. So there are like super strong lolicons who punch people into vampire lolis and shit.
Breast physics
the heroine is a heiress to a vast estate of hotels. one day, the heroines plumbing breaks down and she hires a plumber to fix it. 9 months later she gives birth to jesus.
Cute girls doing very serious things.
>a young man was transported to a fantasy world suddenly where he spent, what he approximates as, 5 years worth of time living
>in that time he became a soldier and a knight before gaining some notoriety as a minor lord, he also took a wife and had a child
>but, just as suddenly as he was transported to the fantasy world, he is brought back to japan to find that about 5 minutes have passed, rather than 5 years
>this hits him even harder than suddenly being placed in another world did and he is forced to deal with PTSD and other issues as he readjusts to a normal life where he is just a normal guy

>suffering abound
So anime Arrow with a slight twist.
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Serious girls doing very cute things.
remember those old cartoon network shorts where the characters would walk around the "studio" and "sets" where they "worked". That, that with cute girls who all are actually in their late 20s early 30s. At least one loli who changes her voice instantly off camera and chain smokes.
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SOL about a group of friends playing D&D together.
File: 1380737917301.png (232KB, 446x538px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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At the Paralympics, they encounter another team who's captain is an enemy soldier who was responsible for crippling one of the main characters. Fury and drama ensues but they settle their difference on the court and they eventually become friends.

They become so good at their sports that a majority of them move on to compete in the Olympics in season 2

Having won medals in the Olympics, the crazy yandere character grows excessive pride in herself and eventually has a child with one of her fans. She decides that being a cripple isn't so bad after all and decides to mutilate her baby and raise her up to be just like her.
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>Escape the N.S.K.

The protagonist is a hikikimori, but he is proud of it. He believes that the only way to live is inside, with the only contact you have with other people is through the internet and eroge.

One day, after ordering food to his apartment, he is shocked to see that the delivery girl is a beautiful looking young woman, and he falls in love with her instantly.

However, he soon discovers that she is actually a normal, sociable person. For a moment, his entire Hiki-supremacy world view is shaken, until he realizes there can be only one explanation: a massive conspiracy, called the N.S.K. (Nihon Seijō Kyōkai), which is forcing people to being normies.

And so, our protagonist begins his quest to save this poor girl from the N.S.K., and turn her into a NEET like him.
File: 1424824010545.gif (177KB, 500x419px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How can the daughter give birth to her own self when there's genetic variance when she is impregnated by her father? Her daughter can't be her.
That got way messed up. I didn't expect that.
Oh boy here we go again.
That is perfect!
Speed force, don't have to explain shit.
>Every time she is reborn, more of her DNA is from her father
>Eventually, she becomes a female clone of him
This sounds pretty decent!
Remember when this was the prerequisite copypasta of these threads instead of transdimensional lovers calling each other through cellphone?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.
I remember the "Magical Girl and Kamen-Rider style vigilante are dating but don't know each other's secret identity"
File: 1369361668491.jpg (76KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 1280x720px
File: 1429893755889.png (246KB, 320x661px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>She's actually her own mother. She fucks the NEET and gives birth to herself
Hell was Heaven and earth was suppose to be the new heaven. Lucifer was never kicked out of heaven he just ran away like a little bitch when god died. The other angels fucked up heaven turning it to hell and being unable to function because gods not there telling them what to do.
While on earth (the new heaven) a 19 year old shut in is about to commit suicide because of some stupid reason. But then Lucifer shows up and stops him. angels can only appear as something that the beholder sees as non threatening. So naturally Lucy shows up as a little girl and stops him. MC does not know Lucy is Lucifer or an angel but is smitten by the girl who just saved his life. Lucy tells him that shes here looking for her senpai. MC determined to try and win Lucy"s heart vows to help her find him. the first episode ends with MC asking who her senpai is. Lucy tells him its god and MC just thinks she just thinks highly of her senpai.

and yes all the angels appear as little girls.
God owns a Takoyaki stand and doesn't want to go back to ruling the cosmos.
File: 1337092926112.png (76KB, 160x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 160x160px
This could be funny. Seeing actors be them actually self.
When you die in the game your cat dies in real life
The father is, by pure coincidence, 50% genetically identical to the mother. By further pure coincidence, these are the genes that are inherited by the daughter. You are allowed massive coincidences because anything is more likely than something logically impossible happening.
>after the death of his parents when he was quite young, the MC has lived with his wealthy osananajimi in her family's large mansion
>at the end of the school year they begin their holidays to find that the FMC's family will be playing host to the daughter of a family friend who is moving to town for her job
>this family friend is a hot young woman, a few years older than the two friends, and they all hit it off really well and spend the summer playing together
>things take a sharp left turn when they go back to school to find that the family friend is their new sensei

>hilarity and love triangles ensue
In a world where becoming a Magical Girl is actually a valid career choice, one girl is denied her dream of becoming one, and so insteads ends up becoming a Mecha pilot who fights Magical Girls.

Including her best friend. Who she always thought was a boy.
Some of these premises are really quite amazing; have you guys been developing these stories for a long time? Are you still building onto the plot?
With cutaway fight scenes to their characters; which are occasionally interrupted by random chatter.

We're all waiting for the day when we wake up and find that overnight we've magically become a Japanese anime producer.

Or as John Malkovich. Either works.
Care and Grooming of the Japanese Golden Hawk

Nadoka doesn't consider herself a tomboy. She loves "girly" things like romance manga, and knows how to cook and sew. She just also loves cars, especially engines; she has a half restored motor sitting on the floor in her room and often goes to sleep spotted in grease. Her parents blame the summer she spent with her aunt, who is married to a famous Japanese F1 racer.

She planned to join or form an automotive or shop club in highschool, but she ended up attending a prestigious all girls school at her parents insistence. Despite numerous attempts she was never able to get the director to approve her club, in fact the mention of a car or maintenance related club seemed to make her furious.

Wandering around in the "old campus" (areas technically off limit to students since they contain abandoned buildings from back when the school was a WW2 military academy) she hears the sound of machinery. Poking her head into an ivy covered brick building she finds an old machine shop, and another first year using some of the newly restored equipment to work on a project. It seems that she discovered this place by accident and has been working to repair the machinery inside to build and maintain a cage for an injured Merlin(a bird of prey) she had been keeping in secret.


Jolly Blackburn, nobody is going to animate your badly drawn comic book! Nobody!
Exploring the machine room, Nadoka discovers a car under a tarp that turns out to be Studebaker Golden Hawk; sadly it's heavily damaged even though it's surrounded by replacement parts. Inside the car she finds letters written by a man who she eventually realizes is the director's grandfather, and a former director of the school. It seems that his wife suffered a stroke while driving the car, resulting in the crash that damaged the car and killed her. The grandfather threw himself into repairing the car after the funeral, partly in his own grief, but partly because the car was special to him. It was the car that he wooed, dated, and eventually got married to his wife with and it was an important part of both their lives, and he wanted to share that with his granddaughter. Without realizing it,though, he alienated his granddaughter, who grew to resent him for not spending time with her anymore. She began to hate him, assuming he loved the car more than her or her grandmother. Heartbroken at this realization the grandfather abandoned restoring the car, eventually dying estranged from his granddaughter.

Nadoka refuses to see their story end like this, and soon builds a small secret club of other interested parties who begin to not only rebuild the machine shop area, but restore the Golden Hawk in order to present both to the director to show her why they all feel so passionately about cars and machines.

There, been a while since I posted a new idea.
File: d0c.jpg (91KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 400x400px
>God owns a Takoyaki stand and doesn't want to go back to ruling the cosmos.
File: mc's daily life.jpg (289KB, 780x1982px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mc's daily life.jpg
289KB, 780x1982px
I remember seeing some tumblr comic with a similar premise except for it was shoujo cliches instead.
Bonus points would be to show actor interaction between two different show types, one some dark and edgy action show and another a magical girl sentai or something. The hardass bitch in the action show is actually the most deredere motherly type on set, etc.

Film studio SoL when?
File: 1406024819003.png (115KB, 301x345px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115KB, 301x345px
I like this version better.
Another entry in the "Cute Girls Does X" series.
File: Kubo.gif (50KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 200x200px
Slice-of-life with mangaka.

Protagonist would be Tite Kubo, the anime would focus on his baits, what the does on his free time, what happens the times he goes to anime/manga events, it would also be he seeing himself being called a shit and a rusemaster in american imageboard and other things.

Secondary characters:

Akira Toriyama: Says that he loves what he is doing with the new Dragon Ball movies but actually just wants to relax and waste his time doing his hobbies that make him happy.

Yusuke Murata: Is happy with his work, puts effort into his manga, gets a good quantity of money, is one of the reasons a fantastic manga is extremely popular on both Japan and America, everything Kubo wants to be but fails to.

Kentaro Miura: Depressed as fuck, but sometimes gets happy when he sees that his manga is highly popular and loved on image boards, sometimes he and Kubo pass the day playing The [email protected]

Oh, and on this world every manga is plublished by the same plubisher (the fictional World Jump), this is why they all can contact with each other easily.

I think the name of it would be "The Daily Lives of Manga Artists"
As long as you make one of the harem candidates the daughter/granddaughter of his proctologist we can make it work.
File: 1338380064173.png (19KB, 160x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 160x160px
>that Miura description
Would totally watch/10.
Cute girls being absolute cunts.
Sounds almost like Reservoir Chronicles if you ask me.
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Hard Gay: The anime.

Twist: It's a magical girl show
Okay, so there are so far 100 stories (more or less, some of these are replies) posted.

Which one of them is the next Keit-ai?
Town’s spin (Machi no Jiten)

>MC-kun is 12 year old
>His parents don't give a fuck about him
>His only friend (in his eyes) is his bycicle, which he calls Jiten-Chan
>One day Jiten-Chan gets stolen
>Knowing his parents won't give a damn he decides to look for it himself
>Being a 12 year old he does the only thing he can and goes around his neighborhood asking if anyone had seen the bike
>No one has seen it
>Miserable, MC-kun is about to head home
>On the way there, he notices there is one house he didn't go to
>He heads to the house and knocks on the door
>Moments later, a girl about his age opens the front door
>MC-kun tells her about his situation and she agrees to team up with him
>And so, MC-kun and FMC-chan team up for an adventure which will take them to the darkest corners of the town in order to find Jiten-Chan
>Over the course of the series, FMC-chan goes full yandere
>On the last episode they find Jiten-chan. FMC-chan grabs it and throws it on the street and the bike gets run over by a truck
>FMC-chan turns around and says: "Now I'm the only one you can ride"
>science has progressed to the point of being able to microscopically shrink a team of nippons.
>their job is to infiltrate human bodies and cure all sorts of things
>most of the show takes place inside the body, but the team can still contact normal sized scientist types for intel
>when shit gets down to the wire there would be scenes showing how the patient is holding up
>enemies include viruses, white blood cells, microscopic insects, tapeworms ect.
>they eventually learn how to manipulate cells to do their bidding

>first couple episodes will be them going into a body for the first time in history
>after that they will get some test-run jobs like repairing broken bones and shit
>the team will eventually have to face harder shit like removing brain tumors without damaging the patient
>cancer is the final boss, or SARS
File: 1370788713949.jpg (47KB, 567x889px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 567x889px
Necrophilia harem. Includes a zombie girl, vampire girl, ghost girl and various other undead cute girls.

MC is a gravekeeper and amateur necromancer who solves various mysteries and problems surrounding the undead.
MC is a high schooler who is bullied by the school's biggest and meanest asshole who bullies just about everybody and is generally feared and hated. After advancing to the final year of high school, the bully suddenly becomes the nicest, smartest and what not person and is making amends to every single person in the school. Everybody is okay with it except for the MC. The plot revolves around the bully trying to be nice to the MC who constantly tries his best to hate him and call him for his bullshit in a comedic manner all to pay back for all the bullying and trying to make a fool out the bully with ridiculous requests he makes to "have him change his mind" ranging from embarrassing to downright mean.
Fast forward to the end of the school year and the bully's desk has flowers on it. Turns out the bully had THE JAPANESE FLU(or insert incurable disease here) and tried to be good so people would remember him in good regards The bully spent the last for weeks of his life depressed beyond belief since he had pushed somebody so far he couldn't make amends. Now the MC feels like an asshole. Que the ending as the view pans out while the MC is crying in his room
How about Japanese equivalent of Kingsman?

We call it Rōnin.

And no, we are not using the term masterless samurai or graduated student. Let me explain :

The original kanji of Rōnin is 浪人, which literally translate as "Wave Man". Instead we gonna replace the kanji 浪 (Rō) with 弄 (Rō). As both of the kanji word got the same on'yomi pronunciation.

The meaning of kanji 弄 is "to fiddle, tamper, trifle". So if we combine it with kanji 人 (nin, means Man) we still get the same pronunciation as the original Rōnin word but with different meaning.

Hence 弄人 (Rōnin), which means "Fiddling/Tampering/Trifling Man". One of the espionage job to fiddle or tamper the enemy's information isn't it?

If Kingsman using the name of The Knights of The Round Table as their code name. Then Rōnin should use the name of 47 Rōnin as their code name.

Example : Rōnin leader's code name is Ōishi Yoshio/Kuranosuke (Historically, The Leader of 47 Rōnin).

If it becomes anime, then title would be
弄人 : 秘密部
Rōnin : Himitsu-bu, which means Rōnin : The Secret Service

The story line is the same the original Kingsman, find and recruit a talented high school boy, then train him until he becomes professional Rōnin agent. He will adopt the code name Horibe Yasubei in the future.

Plot will usual tough, saving the world from the evil mastermind. One of peculiar method of Rōnin that they tend to brand their main target, by code naming them "Kira Yoshinaka".
File: doors.jpg (112KB, 332x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You know, I was actually thinking of combining the 3 copypastas in these threads, Keit-Ai, Virtual Sky Lanterns and the Doors.

So we start out with the door kid, he gets backed into a corner by a bully. He knocks his shit so hard he turns into a door. Curious, he goes in, only to find a long hall of doors, all looking pretty similar. The doors are infinite, all leading to different dimensions and universes. MC meets the door society, and they're all lost trying to find the door they came in from besides MC, who somehow manages to locate his. His story is to help the group find their way back home, fighting all barriers in the way. I was thinking we could probably insert the "fists of anime," characters who are known for using just fists (Touma, Yuuna, etc.).

Now since the doors lead to infinite possibilities, we've also got 2 more versions of MC who also encountered a bully and found their way into the door realm, but these 2 do not find their original door and get lost. One ends up sticking to a universe that is nearly the same as his own. He tries to adapt to life there, also pining after a cute girl he liked in his home dimension. He had his cell on him, and due to some inter dimensional BS, he gets a call from same girl of his home dimension. This MC is actually in the home dimension of our door journey MC, the door journey MC thought he found his home dimension door but was actually the dimension of our Keit-Ai MC, the ol' switcheroo.

Our third version MC stays in the door realm for years, growing older where he eventually settles on a new dimension to call home. In this very similar world, the VSL system has been developed and the whole VSL story occurs and the girl he meets is the same girl as the other MCs. Maximum overfeels when war breaks out, the only thing lighting the city is the lanterns of all the refugees.

All three MCs will have their fates cross as the doors create endless possibilites.
File: dextro.jpg (15KB, 199x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sooo... This?
File: pasta.jpg (46KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1414471646594.jpg (34KB, 268x415px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 268x415px
>You know, I was actually thinking of combining the 3 copypastas in these threads, Keit-Ai, Virtual Sky Lanterns and the Doors.

File: 1421728522402.png (809KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
809KB, 1280x720px
If you can't beat them, join them.
File: 1429461814530.jpg (23KB, 540x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 540x360px
Will post this until Trigger gets crowdfunding for an anime.

File: 1396012940333.jpg (15KB, 468x326px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 468x326px
It's a different daughter every time until she regresses to this this amount of inbreeding.
Underrated post.
Inspired by a thread I saw just yesterday: an SoL about a bunch of high school girls doing cute stuff at their all-girl school. All of them are actually personified typesets, however.

Ariaru - MC. Plain, average, boring, mainly there to tsukkomi at every opportunity.

Kariburi - MC's best friend. Even plainer, even more boring, which is why they get along just fine.

Imupakkuto - Wannabe tough girl. Always shouting, pissed off, but gets into weird shenanigans everytime that make her kind of the laughingstock of the school, much to her chagrin.

Senchuri Godzikku - Chuuni. Wears goth loli fashion, always talks strange, but is always clean and tidy.

Komikku Sansu, Wingudingu - Ultimate bokes. Always up to crazy shenanigans. Windin is secretly a sadist and always plotting something behind everyone's backs.

Heruvetika - School queen. Charismatic, beautiful, polite, high-class, just about everything that a girl could hope to be.

Fyuchura - Alien disguised as a high school girl. Quite wacky at times, but has serious moments that surprise everyone.

Kuroista Burakku - Female L. Just for DN gags.

I think I'll call it Typeset Girls. In Japanese it would be Taippusetto Musume, Taimusu for shortwhich is ironic since Times isn't in the show
File: 1422946493507.jpg (18KB, 526x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 526x300px
>Story set in modern japanese high-school
>MC is smart and gloomy
>MC gets surrounded by a harem of girls
>Turns out that the reason that the MC is gloomy is because everytime he touches something he learns every piece of history from that object, therefore he pretty much knows everything about anything.
>Few episodes go by and our MC and the harem develops
> The shy girl of the harem is tricked into kissing the MC and the MC gets a flashback of this girls horrible childhood.
>Rest of the series goes by as the MC tries to make the girl happy and hijinx and feels insue as we learn more about the curse of the MC and all of the girls.
There's this guy who gets picked for some super secret government black project investigating the possibility of immortality. What they do is make an electronic version of his consciousness and move it into a new body, killing his old body in the process. The experiment is a success, but after a few days, this same guy gets haunted by his own ghost, nearly making him go insane.
This is the kind of shit I can get behind. Pretty good.
This is a story of a few college students. Some undergraduate and some graduate. The main character's father has committed suicide after his career has been demolished due to the economic collapse of a great corporate empire.

Throughout the story the main character slowly becomes exposed to a dark truth. He discovers that a classmate in his psychology class has caused the economic collapse of the company through the use of manipulation and an ambiguous supernatural power.

He also witnesses this student murder two strange men with cold blood.

Later on in the story he stumbles upon a man who goes by the name of Michael Velli. This enigmatic figure provides a deal with the main character. He grants the main character the power of producing illusions. The power has limits and does not affect those who also possess it (the main character learns this the hard way)

The story is the understanding of this new power and how it leads into a battle between both the mc and the other classmate.

The story ends with the destruction of the mc's identity and the deterioration of the antagonist's narcissistic self. Ultimately the mc achieves revenge but only through the death of two of his close friends, one of them being his girlfriend.

The last scene shows the mc at a graveyard.
File: 1404675847144.jpg (117KB, 1058x705px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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An epic savage adventure of an entire world filled with reptile versions of other animals with an overgrowth flora population
>Animation would be sketchy and would use a lot of symbolism but still the show would have positive message.
>Also MC likes apples
Holy shit i would so watch this.
What Tokyo Ghoul should've been about.
I can only lol at how little of a fuck Japan gave when the Japanese version of this game was released.

Sasuga Nippon.
A new copypasta?

The only one new here is you.

That ending would never fly with censors, they'd only allow it if she showed him the error of his ways or if he died.
10/10 ending. Make it an old-school OVA series so that you can make the ending possible without censorship faggotry.
Sounds like a great VN
So they finally did it. They were able to send Hoff back in time.
File: supercapa.jpg (92KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Series with Bartender-like atmoshere and structure about elite prostitute who helps her clients to solve different love and life problems. Instead of cocktails, each episode devoted to sex position.
Careful anon. You're fetishes are showing.
File: 1313701458062.jpg (43KB, 460x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Every fucking single thread.
File: 1418771768476.gif (113KB, 210x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cute Girls doing Cute Kung Fu stuff

The MC is a violent loud yankee but nice girl who is the leader of a small gang of girls. Most of the school tries to avoid her with the exception of the lazy math teacher who is friends with her single mother and her older brother. Her life goes as normal until during the P.E class in a dodgeball match the resident nerd of the class recognizes that she uses something very similar to Baguazhang in her steps.
The nerd goes to talk to her and it turns out she is making a Martial Art Club alongside a popular second year student who used to be part of the old Martial Art Club but after everyone graduated she was left behind alone.

The Yankee first refuses but after a number of shenanigans she decides to open up to the club members:Her family used to have a Baguazhang School, but after her father died thanks to a heart attack her brother had to succeed the school and in the finals of a tournament in the heat of the moment his opponent made a big mistake and crippled the brother for life and that scared her Yankee of the Martial Arts World.
After telling that story and some more shenaningans the club members alongside the members of her gang convice her into entering the club with the Lazy Math Teacher being the club surpervisor seeing he knows more about Martial Arts than initially seems.
What follows is Sports Anime about Martial Arts and a story about the MC and her club growth as a person using Martial Arts.

All the budget would go into making the best "movie-like" fight scenes there is, including hiring a competent fight director.
There would be incredible feats of strenght and agility,while being reasonable loyal to each girl martial art, but very little Chi Strikes with maybe the exception of a Rival School Club who focus on that

>MC would be like character on the right on the beginning of the story
Piccolo attempts to pass the bar exam and become a lawyer.
What is this and why do I suddenly have a mullet?
File: 1403872676879.gif (670KB, 320x252px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
670KB, 320x252px
>Attack of the Killer Lolis

Humanity is attacked by an overwhelming enemy and their best efforts to resist are crushed effortlessly. This enemy was not aesthetically scary and appeared in a form that most people associate with cuteness and beauty: Little girls. Legions of cute lolis wielding powers that went beyond the limitations of logic and physics rampaged through every continent bringing death and destruction without showing a single trace of remorse.

The few people that remained at the resistance saw the future as hopeless and began to accept their inevitable fate. However, something happened. There were news that something thought to be impossible happened as one of the most powerful lolis, the one known as the Crimson Nightmare, was defeated and captured. The man responsible wasn't a soldier nor a fighter, just a simple man with a particular taste in women: lolis. He completed the deed unleashing his lust on her which she had no defense against, her overpowered abilities were useless. That burning and honest passion was the loli's one true weakness. After the guy was done with her, the loli switched sides as she found herself unable to live without the lolicon's dick.

It appeared to be a light of hope except for a little problem, the lolicons and pedos were thought to be virtually eradicated in a world that pursued them to death before the invasion started (think about the pedo hunt in the real world multiplied by 20). Now it was in the hands of a group of survivors leaded by the lolicon, along with his loli minion, to find more true lolicons (half-assed efforts were fruitless) and turn the tide of the war before it was too late.
>One male MC
>Many females MCs
>involves supernatural/magic or sci-fi elements
>But not harem genre

How is it possible? Simple : Two Lines, No Waiting.

Bit of IS-like but I'll try :
The story is about Supernatural, Paranormal, and Extraterrestrial Countermeasure Agency (shortened as SPECA). In this world the females easily can adapt and adjust to magic or ESP, which why the agency actively recruits girls all over the world to become their operatives to combat supernatural and extraterrestrial beings. The recruited girls or the operatives are the same kind that you can find in every anime. There's the pink-haired diz, dark-haired covert-lesbo, yamato nadeshiko, serious swordsgirl, loli, 4-dere types, oujou-sama, Onee-san type, tomboy, MILF, etc. This side of story tells how the girls try to live their life as SPECA operatives and working together to combat these other-worldly beings. Usual assignment is to defend and fight the other-worldy beings.

The other side of story is the Male MC. He just found out that he's somehow the only male can adapt to magic and ESP but he keep low-profile about it, afraid it will hinder his ordinary life. The SPECA discovers this special case and try to recruit him (while in secret they also want to study him). But the Male MC refuse, said that it would cause an uproar among the Agency female operatives. Finally after some degree of persuasion, he will join SPECA but only as Top-Secret Operative : The rest of female operatives must not know his existence, only the most upper top-brass who can acknowledge him. His assignment also entirely different than the other standard operatives : venture the world where the other beings reside and bring some valuable information or objects, assassination on those who illegally cooperate together with the other-worldly beings, sabotage, and other dirty tasks. He was given a tactical stealth-combat suit for traveling and espionage purpose on the assignment.
It's creative, interesting story, funny idea. If this was handled right it would be better then 99% of what gets put out. Good Job anon
In the year 20XX, AIs are now the dominant species on Earth, gaining sentience several years after the abrupt disappearance of mankind. Either out of respect or a bug in their programming, they zealously worship their creators and launched a massive planet-wide search for humans.

The project ended in a resounding success, resulting in the restoration of the human populace to a grand total of one person.

The person in hand is, obviously, a little girl. The AIs promptly bombarded her with questions about what happened to humanity, a subject in which she has zero knowledge of.

By wisdom of being a human, the girl is given absolute control of the AI collective and by extension, the whole of Earth. We now follow the story of her clumsy rule, the fanatic AIs, and the mystery of mankind's disappearance.
Reverse trap accidentally starts a harem
Cont :
So here it is, The A side story tells about the girls while the B side story tells about this one male MC. There are comedy elements in these : like the girls do things that comically hurt or hinder the male MC's tasks and vice-versa. But the rule is absolute : they must not meet each other.

Example : while on assignment in secret military base, the Male MC turn on the power on that place, unintentionally activate the enemy robot in the hallway where the girls are on it.
File: 1419221291481.jpg (92KB, 494x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 494x600px
An immortal person with the ability to see the future goes around fucking with people.

At one point, he switches places with a person who is going to be attacked by a serial killer, and after the killer is done, he gets up and starts telling the killer the things he could have done better.
Fund it.
File: 1394375343849.jpg (117KB, 736x751px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 736x751px
File: 1368764838220.gif (21KB, 455x364px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 455x364px
My childhood just got a boner.
File: 1381529629227.jpg (117KB, 1024x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 1024x576px
A slice of life anime about a knight and his mage imoto.
They go around doing odd jobs and mercenary work all while looking for the knight’s childhood friend who lives on the other side of a giant kingdom.
They eventually form a party of generic RPG party members.
File: 1398024497103.jpg (105KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 1280x720px
Christmas Cake harem anime
A SOL in the style of GJbu about the exploits of four friends (3 dudes, 1 chick) who own and run a mechanic workshop. They have friendly adventures, working on cars and motorbikes, bro'ing about, teaching apprentices, running the business, going on work trips, and a myriad of other things.
Underrated as fuck. That sounds amazing
File: 1418919234626.jpg (77KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 1280x720px
An industry meta-anime done by Gainax about thinly veiled stand ins for Anno and Miyazaki broing it up and talking about making a new movie together, with secondary characters being the character designer, head writer, etc.

The finale of the show is them finally airing the movie. The OVA special for the show is the actual movie.
The title would be Just A Normal High School Story in japanese.

>protagonist is a 6'7 swordsman with an extremely muscular body that uses a heavy armor and a gigantic blade, ALPHA MALE the character
>literally Guts
>when he was younger, he recieved a sacred pendant from a crazy old lady that said that if he died, the pendant would make him revive
>he didn't believe in this kind of stuff, but aceppted the pendant anyway
>MC is in a bloody battle
>finally gets killed in war by being hit by an arrow in his head
>suddenly he awakes in the middle of a classroom
>he is now a 17-year old normal student
>he still has his memories from his past life
>high school light novel adaptation-hijinks
>but remember
>his personality is still of an Alpha Male
>slaps the Tsundere so hard that makes her cry and burns her house
>rapes the Yandere which causes her even more pyschological damage and turns her into an autist
>throws everything that made the Kuudere happy into the trash, inclunding her personal info
>3 cours, 39 episodes, 2 for the introduction, 2 for the ending, 35 episodes about the protagonist making the incarnation of an anime cliche taste "a little bit of reality", turning their lives into hell and make them quit school only letting the multidimensional characters "survive".
Also, to make things not extremely edgy it would have a lot of comedy.
>MC is the janitor of a serious, top-major college. He's somewhere in his 40s and enjoys imagining wild adventures on campus. These delusion range from typical parodies of cartoons to the after effects of a horrible disaster that has struck. Sometimes they're educational and can help students learn something about life itself or assist them in their studies.
>Spends his free time lounging around near the big tree on campus. Students usually pass by this tree and see his the janitor enjoying himself. Some choose to watch, one or two may join in, and the rest ignore him.
>Everyday the janitor is doing something by that tree and everyday he has some sort of audience watching him.
>This is a story about a janitor with disillusions and his personal take on how to make the serious college campus more enjoyable for the students by putting on a show that ranges from being a comical slapstick to a philosophical experience by those who watch him.

TL:DR Man in his 40's with a slight hint of chuunibyou makes turns college life after classes fun with his wild imagination while providing them some sort of insight on life
There has been a breakthrough discovery in medical and biological science. Scientists have discovered that when one human dies, another has to die at the same time in the world. This has been going on for ages, but only recently did they discover this. They have developed a method to tracking who your shared life force is.

The main character is at a school where students who share their life force with another student their age are allowed to attend. This is a social experiment to test this newfound phenomenon. The student he shares a life force with is a cute girl, naturally.
A poor burakumin high school dropout is secretly a genius, but works as a janitor in a prestigious university.

Despite being unambitiously resigned to his blue collar, he one day meets an upper class girl who he falls for. Despite their mutual attraction, he is constantly confronted by the gap between their social statuses, and their relationship flounders.

One morning, after a night of heavy drinking and misadventure thanks to his frustratations, he arrives to work and on a whim, solves the mathematical problem left on the blackboard.

Instead of simple homework, it turns out to be one of the Millennium Prize Problems.
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>turning their lives into hell and make them quit school only letting the multidimensional characters "survive".
>Also, to make things not extremely edgy it would have a lot of comedy.
It's already edgy as hell, mate
In the multiverse, there exists several gods, typically in control of a universe. These gods have the power to create universal laws much like causality and the irreversibility of time, in which their universe's reality are based on.

The gods, each with their own personality(s), act towards their universes in different ways. Some become an Abrahamic kind of god, some become kings, some leave their creations alone, and some become minimum wage office workers.

All out wars among the gods themselves also never happen, considering their power and how much of a clusterfuck it would be.

The story follows an unusual god without a universe, always jumping from one to another, living as a common citizen. We see several worlds, unique in their circumstances and universal laws, in an episodic SoL style from the perspective of a vagrant, easy going god.
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A series that starts out with our main character being a total otaku. The type who idolizes any anime as long as it has cute girls in it. You know the type.

Then one day, he dies. God takes pity on him for dying young, but his views of women, perverted from all the series he's watched, are a hindrance.

When the MC wakes up, he discovers that he is now a baby girl. God explains to him that he has been reincarnated, but with all of his memories intact. In order for him to reach heaven, he must learn a lesson about the other side.

The MC's new life is unique in that, during each stage of her life, she plays a different role in a different genre of anime.

>As an infant, she is a part of a slice-of-life anime about a married couple's new life.
>At around 5-6 years old, she becomes the one girl who knows the secret identity of the local magical girl. She learns both the joys and the consequences of being a mahou shoujo.
>At around 8 or 9, she is the token loli in a LN-like harem series. No lewdness or anything - think Maria from Haganai, without the nudity. Humorously enough, the MC has no clue that the stuff she's doing is fap bait for some.
>During middle school, her and her friends are in the same club. Cue comedic slice-of-life series.
>During high school, she becomes one of the main girls in an ecchi harem series. Probably the second-most awkward part of her life.
>As a young adult, she becomes the ara ara nurse in a borderline hentai harem series. This is the most awkward part of her life.
>As she gets older, she reaches enlightenment and becomes a mentor in a shounen-like series.

As the MC grows up, her friends and rivals pick up new "roles" depending on which genre they're in. For example, one boy is a close friend, one she can truly trust, as a middle schooler. However, as a high school student, he becomes a perverted harem lead a la Issei, and she grows to hate him.

All in all, a series that tries to show all facets of anime, the good and bad of it.
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>The villain's expert martial arts are no match for the power of friendship!

>That is to say, turns out even with superior skill, villain can't realistically fight off four people at once, our heroes viciously kicking the shit out of him in a circle while he's on the ground as they talk about nakama.
Good job would watch
Some lonely college otaku happens upon a strange club during Activity week. He winds up joining an underground Fight Club ala Baki and Tyler Durden

>I am Jack's kawaii desu
So basically it's KEIKAKU DOORI with illusions.
sounds pretty good
Fucking kek. I can imagine the mc fighting some pro martial artist and he gets his shit rekt but he keeps getting back up and makes some generic cliche speech about fighting for his nakama.
His friends jump in and they all kick the shit out the villain
Sounds like something Gintama would do.
underrated post

Reverse trap intentionally starts a harem!
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>MC is a beta, chubby 19 year old ronin, bullied all his life, working part time at a convenience store.
>finds some cool looking sneakers lying by the side of the road. it didn't fit in at first, but it slides right in on his second try, a perfect fit.
>comes across some dangerous looking bikers mugging an old office worker. MC tries to talk them out of doing it, after much deliberation. their focus shifts to him.
>being a slowpoke, he knows running isn't going to help. he runs anyway, and they give chase. he's oddly outrunning them. his pursuers get on their bikes. while the bikes are faster, he manages to outmaneuver them through obstacles, performing jackie chan/parkour like moves.
>he later finds out the sneaker he took not only makes him run faster & jump higher, but assists with his coordination, footwork & balance. however, because he's not quite fit, he lacks the stamina to pull these moves consecutively.
>MC's later confronted by a man and a woman who knows about his sneakers, telling him that they too have found and are in the possession of a few mysterious items with special traits like his shoes.
>it is explained that there are more of these items/gadgets out there, all of which came from the distant future.
>they invite him to help them find more of these items/gadgets to prevent them from being misused, and maybe find out who's leaving them lying around and his/her purpose for doing so.

>these items/gadgets varies greatly, consisting mostly of toys, some common household and office items, and rarely, an actual lethal weapon. just far more advanced.
>application by those who finds them varies as well, from harmless to deadly. even the "toys" can be lethal if used in ways it shouldn't.
>each item are ID tagged upon first usage, so they can only be used by one user. there's a way around this much later on.
>think Doraemon, sans a robot cat for proper life guidance and innocent hijinks. just a lot of potentially dangerous gadgets.
>Futuristic world. Has been at peace for the last 500 years. Technology extremely advanced; very few diseases remaining and natural life expectancy a few centuries.
>MC is a young Peacekeeper (mostly figurehead global army) who is incredibly bored with his life.
>Stationed on a lunar colony. Questioning his career choices because absolutely fucking nothing happens.
>Something is about to happen

>Main antagonist: centuries-old warrior who is one of a handful of people who was actually alive during the wars. Disgusted with how stagnant humanity has become and believes they can only progress through adversity and war. Has formed a small group of like-minded veterans named "Renewal".
>They plan to colony drop the station our MC is on, forcing humanity to fight for survival and most likely with itself. Spoiler alert: they succeed. They take control of a space fortress and periodically Light of Judgment for shits and giggles.
>The Peacekeeper (and yes he will be derisively called this multiple times) must gather up enough allies to storm Renewal's space fortress and destroy them, and then set about restoring a shattered world.
>MC has gained supernatural powers
>Helps exterminate Spirits

>By sheer extreme luck, MC interacts with a mysterious girl in which she gives him supernatural powers unrelated to his first
>He has to fight demons.
>Time goes by for the first half of the series, being an Action Slice of Life, trying to juggle 2 supernatural jobs, college, and a part time job.
>Seeing if he can mix both his powers
>The second half of the show reveals that the Spirit King and the Demon lord have made a deal to eradicate both sides to take over. the world.
>Neither side dont stand a change against the Demons and Spirits cooperating together
>They would Have taken over the world if it werent for MC.
>Because MC has two different powers, they mixed and because of that the level of power is greater that the added powers of both seperated. Giving a chance to beat the demons and spirits
Let's just say someone actually picks up one of the stories as mango/novel/etc. and posts it here. Is it still /a/ related or will it be shitposted to death?
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It's /a/ related, and we'll all make sure to shitpost it to death.

Because that's what family does for each other.
>MC is actually literally retarded
>Somehow he creates a harem because they are all attracted to his "sense of humor"
>He has no humor he's just so autistic it seems impossible that he would not be joking
>All the girls get pregnant and they are also all mad
>He never gets a job and falls off a bridge
>Doesn't know how to swim so drowns
it's like yuru-yuri but they're dickgirls
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