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Boruto -Naruto the Movie- Film's Boruto, Sarada Cast Confirmed

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This year's 20th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is confirming on Monday that Yuko Sanpei will star as Boruto Uzumaki and Kokoro Kikuchi will star as Sarada Uchiha in the upcoming Boruto -Naruto the Movie- film.

The issue is also revealing that theaters across Japan will begin showing a teaser for the film on April 18.

The Japanese website Cinema Today had posted a full poster (pictured below) for the film on Monday that had listed the same main cast members, but the website changed the image soon after so that the cast credits were omitted.

Kikuchi previously played the young Boruto in The Last -Naruto the Movie-.

Original Naruto manga creator Masashi Kishimoto is credited with the original work, script, character design, and as the chief production supervisor for the film. Hiroyuki Yamashita (Naruto Shippūden episode director, Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie animation director) will direct the film and Ukyō Kodachi (Chaos Dragon, Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road) is collaborating with Kishimoto on the script.


>Bolt's VA is qt as fuck while Sarada's VA looks like fucking shit
Tobirama was right
Why the fuck is burrito a carbon copy of his dad. Why couldnt they have made him more chilled out that would be cool. Also why does that fucking faggot act up anyway. He has a whole family and is son of ninja jesus. It made sense why nardo used to do that shit for attention. This shit is gonna be dragonball gt all over again
well i think that shit is temporary since there was some drawings that boruto going to have some smacking that his face gets covered in blood
>This shit is gonna be dragonball gt all over again

More like Post-Cell DBZ, if this shit goes long enough I have no doubt Naruto will end up becoming the MC again.

>Naruto = Goku
>Sasuke =Vegeta
>Bolt = Gohan/Goten
>Salad = Trunks/Videl
>Kakashi = Piccolo
>Everyone else = irrelevant
File: Himawari cheeks.jpg (116KB, 494x479px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Himawari cheeks.jpg
116KB, 494x479px
But where's Himawari?
I like how Naruto didn't change shit if they still use child soldiers to fight in petty shit between villages. what a fucking hypocrite.
either he became traditionalist or someone prevents him from stopping it
Why did everyone end up sending their kids to ninja school too?

The only one who was still doing any ninja related work in 700 was Sasuke.
File: himawari and boruto.jpg (685KB, 1024x1623px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
himawari and boruto.jpg
685KB, 1024x1623px
hiding because people are sexualizing her like in this:
File: Himawari kurama.png (133KB, 386x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Himawari kurama.png
133KB, 386x600px
>sexualizing the sunflower

>we will never get doujins of Bolt getting gang raped.
Why could he be a cute girl?

This could have been yuri.
File: best maid.jpg (104KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
best maid.jpg
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gang raped by whom?
if its by 1010, Sarada, and Hanabi and other Hyuuga wimmin im down
By I rather preferred it was by a mob of faceless men.
>mob of faceless men.
cmon anon, you can be more creative!
>Bolt sleeps with all his dad's friends like the typical attention whore with daddy issues

Why isn't the fucking doujin yet? This shit writes itself.
Kishi is pretty conservative man
he didnt even let Nardo and Hinata to kiss till they are 19
Why the fuck is the word Naruto in English? Shouldn't it be in Japanese since it originated from nipland?
because its more popular on broad rather than nipland
File: 1416691873331.jpg (58KB, 548x523px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 548x523px
>boruto accidently trips over RtN universe
>Bitchnata fugs him thinking he is menma
id read it
What's this movie even going to be about? Bolt and Salad going on a ninja mission just the two of them while whining about their dads?
File: 7th hokage.gif (512KB, 540x237px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7th hokage.gif
512KB, 540x237px
probably + zabuza arc reloaded

maybe ninja kids in his new era only do boring shit like he was forced to do when he first became a ninja like chasing down runaway cats and gardening and then bolt just chooses to be a wiseass with his team and disobey orders?
I'm looking forward to it.

the third member of the boruto sarada ??? team seems to be a girl we haven't seen yet.
loanwords and moon->english transliterations have been common in nipland ever since the US raped them in '45, you retards.

even as far back at Tezuka english->moon transliterations like ブラック・ジャック/Black Jack have been used.

The list of top 10 manga by jap sales of all time, in their native titles:

> ドラゴンボール (Dragonball, usually has english name more prominant like pic for ants related)
> NARUTO -ナルト- (official name actually repeats in both alphabets)
> ゴルゴ13 (Golgo 13)
> ブラック・ジャック / BLACK JACK (used both ways)
> こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所 ("This is the police station in front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward")
> 名探偵コナン (Great Detective Conan = Case Closed)
> 美味しんぼ (Oishinbo)
> 鉄腕アトム (Astro Boy)

The majority of these title have some ties to english, so I'm puzzled how anyone could be confused about the trend.
File: DB_Tankōbon.png (102KB, 191x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 191x300px
actually remembering pic related
At least there will be a break. Kishimoto wants to do somthing else at least for awhile. Pray that it works out so he doesn't have to go back to Naruto.
How the hell will some random keep up with the genetic monstrosities that are Bolt and Sarada?
Do we have a picture of their third teammate?
> implying 1/2 Pink Shit salad has strong genes

even sauce was a grade-A jobber who limped along from borrowed power to borrowed power upgrade.
> cursed seal
> implanted MS hacks
> EMS from stale eyeballs
> rinnegan from Sot6P dream or whatever
Then who has strong genes? 90% of Naruto's power comes from the fox with unlimited chakra stuck up his ass.
File: sadfrograin.jpg (997KB, 3072x2304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
997KB, 3072x2304px
>still haven't seen the last
>the only link was some guy with a shaky cam is now its broke
blurry shit so far
how long will the adventures of bort go on for
what's next for kishimoto
i can upload for you anon if you want
File: 49370706_p1.jpg (651KB, 600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
651KB, 600x1200px
wake up
File: 49370706_p2.jpg (654KB, 600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
654KB, 600x1200px
and se this
Kishi already had plan for a non Nurutu related manga for next year. He said it`s gonna a monthly short manga.
File: 49370706_p3.jpg (437KB, 600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
437KB, 600x1200px
wat do?
File: 49370706_p4.jpg (429KB, 600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
429KB, 600x1200px
I'm eagerly awaiting for the Boruto series and the movie. But in reality I just want to see more Sunflower. I will propably be dissapponted.
dont get your hopes up and you wont be dissapointed anon
i did same shit on MGR and look how turned out

TL /a/non are you here?
File: 49018805_p29.png (93KB, 800x1025px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93KB, 800x1025px
those are wise words
I think it'll end with the movie unless they are really desperate to keep milking this.
>Naruto becoming the mc again
Elaborate on this if you can what is your reason for this i just want to know.
SP and CC2 doesnt look forward for milking this but they can once they run out shekels
Kaguya needed an army and we still dont know why.
Alien invasion soon and Bolt cant do shit about it.
I've done this one. It's super cute. I'll copy my translation here.
>Naruto: zzz
>Voice: Naruto-kun
>Naruto: Mm.
>Voice: Naruto-kun
>Naruto: Nnah, sorry, Hinata, lemme sleep a little more...
>Voice: Naruto-kun
>sfx: pechi pechi (slap slap)
>Voice: Naruto-kun!
>sfx: pechi pechi pechi
>Naruto: All right, all right! I get it! (Ow ow!)
>Himawari: Naruto-kun
>Wake up.
>Naruto: ............
>... 'Kay.
>Himawari: Mama's preparing breakfast!
>Come quickly, okay?
>Naruto: .... 'Scuse... me...?
>Hinata: Good morning, Himawari.
>? You're in a good mood, aren't-
>sfx: zudadadazu (Naruto sprinting)
>Naruto: G'morning!
>Hinata: -you?
>Bolt: Dad?
>Hinata: G-good morning. (?)
>Naruto: J-just now, Hina - Hima -
>Kun - doh!?
>(She was super cute?!!)
>Naruto: There was an angel!!
>Hinata: ??? C-calm down, Naruto-kun
>Bolt (Weird dad)
>sfx: gui gui (Himawari tugging at Bolt's collar)
>Bolt: ?
>Himawari: Big brother,
>Pranks are
>Super fun!
>Bolt/Hima: Riiight?
>Bolt: Heheh, I see, I see
>Himawari: Papa called mama's name!
>Naruto: I thought without a doubt it was you!
>Nooope, I was completely duped!
>Hinata: I-I understand. Why don't you come wash your face? Okay?
You have a point plus i guess it woudnt be to hard to imagine naruto becoming mc again.
File: 4634.34634.634.jpg (116KB, 816x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 816x1280px
Thanks a bunch.

Any chance someone is willing to typeset that?
File: 1416379487307.jpg (415KB, 663x1249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
415KB, 663x1249px
damn thats kawaii
I want to fuck Bolt's VA.
I guess because that's what happened when they tried to make Gohan the MC in DB, Gokufags whined until he got the spot back again.

I doubt that would happen here because short series and because Bolt might as well be a Naruto shadow clone, only with better fashion sense.
Yeah Toei is the one who does milking. We give SP a lot of flac but they are no Toei.
We only know his next manga will be monthly. The Boruto manga will be (relatively) short. I'm guessing most of his manga after this will be short.
Have you never read Naruto before? The whole series is about how generations repeat itself. Here I guess his son acts out because he wants to get his father's attention, who is probably really busy and doesn't spend much time with him.
glad im not the only one
btw both VAs worked on Precure
guess they know each other well
Well he is hokage now, at least he has excuse to not to become MC in boruto
File: hn_family_bath.png (880KB, 700x2100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
880KB, 700x2100px
TL anon, new request?
>Gokufags whined until he got the spot back again
Nice headcanon.
>Interviewer: And then the Cell arc ended. Did you think that everyone felt you would put Gohan into the leading role?
>Akira Toriyama: I intended to put Gohan into the leading role. It didn’t work out. I felt that compared to Goku, he was ultimately not suited for the part.
>We only know his next manga will be monthly
I though it was weekly?
He is talking about a new manga Kishi is planning to do not the mini series.
Boruto will be weekly for a few months, but it's been at least rumored that his next big series (mafia story "Mario"?) will be monthly
Boruto will be weekly. I am talking about after that. He said in the interview he doesn't have the stamina anymore to do another weekly series for an extended period of time.
>Because you let Neji die
They literally only take small jobs considering Ninja can now become fat.
Sarada doesn't have Sasuke's powers since apparently Sakura fucked a clone of Sasuke and not the real one.
That's a theory concocted by NaruSasu fans, anon, not actually what happened.
Also not really a clone but someone who used Polyjuice potion to transform into Sasuke.
Isn't it still the same DNA?

Besides, the main comment about her design is "her cold eyes", she's getting an eye hax.
>Beliving NScucks bullshit.
OD is traslating the novel if you have a doubt
>Bolt: I'm dad's imitation!
>Naruto: You... Bolt
>You'll catch a cold, so quickly dry off and get dressed!!
>Bolt: No way!! 'Cause I'm the Hokage.
>Naruto: Grr.
>Idiot! In what world is there a streaking Hokage?!
>Bolt: Gyahahaha! Streaking!!!
>I'm gonna show mom!
>Naruto: Ah-
>Bolt: Streaking!!
>Naruto: Oi-
>Is that your method of streaking?!
>Bolt: Mom, mom!
>Look! It's the Hokage!
>Hinata: Well...
>Bolt: Hey, do I look like dad?
>Hinata: Indeed.
>You're the spitting image of your father.
>And you're just as cool as your father.
>Naruto: Booooolt!
>Hey you, isn't that my towel?!
>Even dad's going to catch a cold!
>Hinata: Na... Naruto-kun
>Bolt: Dad...
>Himawari: Abuh?
>Bolt: There was a streaking Hokage, wasn't there?!
>Naruto: Whose fault is that?!
>Hey, Hinata, don't laugh!!
>Hinata: I'm... I'm not laughing...
>[The end]
>Bolt:why wont you die?
>1010:chakramachines son
>i have dream bolt
>just think, every ninja act for himself
>weak will be purged and strongest will thrive like in the good ol days
>fuck all these limpdick jonins and chickenshit chuunins, fuck 7/24 5 kage spew order bullshit, fuck all of it!
>so bolt, whaddaya say?
File: poolisclosed.jpg (129KB, 757x1055px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129KB, 757x1055px
Origin of best family unit revealed!

>“Everyone’s at their prime, right? But aside from Shikamaru, isn’t Chouji still the same? As expected, he’s still putting his appetite before romance, right?”

>Sakura tried to ask her.

>“No, no…That’s not really (the case at all)” Ino replied.

>Ino’s (facial expression) indicated that it was still confidential information. Ino then continued.

>“It’s Karui-san from Kumogakure”

>“You’re lying!”

>That was unexpected.

>“Well, how should I say it…. Is it someone that he has intense feelings for?”

>“That’s right. Somehow, Chouji has recently and excessively (been finding) reasons to go to Kumogakure. Because he anxiously wants to go there. He’s been working out the details while thinking in between meals. And then he said――『Really, that’s how it is… I promised Karui-san to meet up for a meal』. He said so while he was fidgeting.
>Final Battle vs 1010
>this theme plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcpGIVbPYrI
File: image.jpg (15KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 200x200px
God do I want this series to fuckin end already. Its already turned to shit and bringing in Burrito who's a shitty spoiled brat makes everything even more shit. The fact Burrito wasn't given any unique characteristics and is just a carbon copy of Naruto just shows how shitty this is gonna be. Just let this series end before making it even more shit than what it already is.
>You will never have Himawari as your daughter.
File: kohaku_hyuuga.jpg (567KB, 1080x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
567KB, 1080x1080px
Just according to keikaku.
Keep telling that to yourselves. We all know the real Sasuke wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole. So it only makes sense that she would rape his clone.
I don't get the joke, why did you make her hair red?
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