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what's your current status /a/?

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what's your current status /a/?
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More or less.
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something like this but i don't feel like doing something
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This. Also watching Gintama and listening Machine Head
Nobody cares, faggot. Go tell your blog. Post cute girl reaction images.
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great I wish ;_;
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I wanna fap. But that'll take time and I'll become to sleepy to work anymore.
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Got into a fight today.
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on /a/
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Today was a long day.
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Go hit up a feels thread in /b/ and keep that out of /a/.
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Been pumping burds all week lads, fucking dick is about to fall of.
I'll probably pump the 5th one tonite, hoping she'll let me stuff her arse.
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i am sad because of this shit

why did i watch a series with depressing death flags starting from the first 4 episodes
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Truly disgusting people.
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I don't think that's even a human language
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britbong romance 1.jpg
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Don't be hating m8
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Did you win?
>tfw an almost too good to be believable job offer out of nowhere
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I wanna taste a dick~
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Fuck retail forever.

no jpg to convey this status
posting on /a/ the worst place
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I'm finally sick of being unemployed after getting laid off. I've really put myself into the job hunt and am trying to be more proactive about things I want to get done.
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nervously waiting for my med school interview
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No, it was 3 vs1 (though 1 only kicked me on the ground).
But as shit was heating up I took the initiative and got 2 of them good before they could do anything.
I am honestly pretty fucked right now.
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I'll start that paper later. I have until Friday morning.
What did you fight over
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just got paid
I think i got a girlfriend. We were kinda into eachother but she had a boyfriend, and then today she told me there were no more reasons to be worried. So i gues she broke up.
Enjoy your worn-out used goods normie.
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Good luck. I remember mine 4 years ago. Total spaghettifest. My test admission scoring and grades were more than enough to warrant entrance, though.
1 week before a writing contest ends for the current quarter, and I don't have shit beyond the premise. I know I should be giving more backstory to my characters, but I'm not familiar with pre-Biblical culture that would make the story pieces gel together.
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Just random strangers thinking they could have fun screwing with me and I wasn't taking it like a little bitch.

Enough with the blogging
they called my waifu shit
Its alright. She was in a long distance relationship
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Need any help? What kinda story you wanna tell
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Choco Banana time
I'm still refining it, but I don't mind opinions on this at the moment:
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That chair feels cozy.
Either way, don't let shit like that get you down. Instead, find a solution for your problems or die trying.
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Do you want to tell how the scientists lived up there or do you want to tell a story about the people who saw the body and the monocle?
Don't pretend it wasn't worth the ride.
>>not [Screams Geometrically]
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Trying to figure out how to deal with how horny I am.
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Spend most of my time alone doing solitary activities
Generally never speak unless spoken to.
No friends, but part of a few clubs. Don't talk to people outside of the club rooms.

Typical uni life.
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Thread images: 55

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