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Unpopular waifu thread. She's mine.

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Unpopular waifu thread.
She's mine.
Fuck off Kohaku
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people dislike her because she's a cunt but that's her best feature
She's unpopular.
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The Era of Hisui will soon be upon us.
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everyone seems to hate this show.

i use to have chuuni, i can relate
Everyone I know liked the first season.
I still love the show, but If I do rewatch it, like I do will all shows I like to this degree, im only watching season 1.
Is that the one that you can rape? or is the other one.
Took it like a champ, now that's a keeper.
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Hisui thread?
S2 went full autism, so it turned into shit.
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this is mine..
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It's been an Akiha one from the beginning
Season 1 was a refreshing show with good humor and character design, with characters who were meant to appeal to a large variety of Otaku.

Season 2 was a horrid fucking abortion that wasn't funny at all and made everything bad about the first season fucking worse.

So basically, Minami-Ke or Oreimo.

At least minami ended up getting good seasons afterwards.
what the hell are you on about OP Hisui's the best.
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>No figures
>No dakis
>No scrolls

How am I supposed to express my love?!
With a brand new Epson WorkForce Printer, by Epson.
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download (1).jpg
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How's this for unpopular?
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>tfw there will never be a figure...
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it's good to see best meido getting the attention she deserves
>liking Saber prototype
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don't compare hard-working Hisui to that useless freeloader
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mecha hisui engage.jpg
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How can anyone think she isn't perfect?
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ciel senpai.jpg
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So many fans of the Whore of Babylon, so little Gawain fans.
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Fapping to that one really good doujin of her with the robotic tentacles.
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Ciel a shit but I have to admit her new design makes her less of a shit.
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ai da.jpg
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I wonder if she even has a pussy
Someone post Kotomine's.
If she does it's probably stitched closed and smells horrible.
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Takeuchi pls, go start making the Tsukihime 2 visuals.
File: 1404798031179.webm (418KB, 640x360px)
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I want to fuck your waifu anon.
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Nobody loves her except me.
now that's dedication
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I win.
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Altho in reality its
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Jung-Freud's expy gets all the love, isn't even Soviet
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Ask and you shall receive.
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I like Bunny.
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I have a soft spot for plump girls
>Unpopular favorite girls thread.
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>My waifu is literally known as 'that girl from znt'.
You mean "another Rei clone #3101249418"?
Rei is a Rei clone asshat.
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Surprised she's not more popular considering how perfect she is.
Clannad is a dying story.
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People in /a/ hate her for some reason, and I am not sure why
babby's first tomboy/strong independent wymen
She's popular though? She gets the most fan art out of all the WarioWare girls.
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>Member Favorites: 1808

She's pretty damn popular. My waifu has person listing her as a favorite.
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Member Favorites: 121
^This is what happens when malfags dont read vns
Thread posts: 75
Thread images: 51

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